Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 16


Hello Frnds..M Bak wid da Nxt Part..M Sorry Cudnt Post Yesterday..Was Bzy..Hope U all Understand…N As U all Wanted to see Sanskaar in Full Action Packed Commisioner Avatar..So Here it is..This Trck is Dedicated to All My Fams n Well Wishers n Readers Who wanted Sanskaar in Commisioner Avatar..Hope U will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked the New Trck :).

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Recap : SwaSan n Kids Scns…Aryaan Innocence Embarrassed Swara n A Call Shocking Sanskaar..


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 16

The Part Vegins wid Sanskaar getting A Biggest Shock of His Life seeing da News n Breaking Down frm the Core making His Team Mates too Shocked n Numb..

*********TV News*********

The City Hospital, located in central east of Kolkata has been HIJACKED. The Terrorists have captured the people in the building. From sources we have came to know that these people were in and around Hospital from a long time waiting for the correct time to execute their plan. Till now there’s no demand from these Terrorists and it looks like they have some Personal Enimity with Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, The Comissioner of Kolkata Police as their Main Target are seem to be His Wife Mrs. Swara Maheshwari n His Kids..Mrs Maheshwari who was recently Admitted in the Hospital fr Her Delivery.. and Her Two Kids were the First one to be Armed Downed by them. Now Lets see Wat will Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari do to Save His Family n Other Innocent People Presnt in Hospital..Let Me Remid U All Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari..The Commisioner of Kolkata has Bever been Defeated and Is One of the Bravest Among His Team..Nw Dekhna Dilchasab ( Interesting ) Hoga will Sanskaar Maheshwari be able to Save His Wife and Kids n Other Innocent People this will Become His First Deafeat of Career. We will Keep You Updated Further, Stay Tune…

News Dialogue Credit goes to #Shubhi..Thnks Yaar :)..

*********TV News*********

Hearing da News Sanskaar was all Shocked n Shattered..Tears Rolled frm His Eyes Non Stop Making Him Blank n Numb..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Shattered ) No ..This cnt Happen…My Swara…My Kids.. ( Blank ) No.. ( To Rahul ) Hw cn they do this Rahul ?? Hw cn they HIJACK da Hospital? ? They had their Enmity wid Me na den Y did they Target My Family n Other Innocent People.. ( Cries Bitterly ) God Knws Hw r they Treating Swara n My Kids..Rahul We need to do something..Come Lets Go.. ( Shivering in Fear ) Do One thing..U Prepare A Team of Honest n Capable Staff n Instruct them..Okay ?? ( Worried )

Rahul : ( Calms Sanskaar Down ) Ok Sanskaar..Relax.I will Prepare the Team..U dnt Worry…( Keeps Hands on Sanskaar’s Shoulder Assuringly ) will do something..n Will Save Bhabhi n Kids n others Too..Bt fr that U need to think Calmly…So Relax..( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Frustrated ) What Relax Rahul ?? Thr My Family n Other People r in Danger n U r telling Me to Relax.. ( To Hell wid Ur Relax n Calmness ( Hits His Fists on da Table in Anger bt Composes Himself ) I cnt Jst Sit Here Simply Like this..I need to do something.. ( Sweating )

Rahul : ( Consoles ) Sanskaar..Relax Yaar…Dekho agr tum iss Tarrah React karoge toh kaise chalega..U need to be Calm n Think Smartly
They r really Clever n Dangerous too..If U Keep Reacting in this way toh U cnt Save Ur Family n Others. ..R u getting My Point ?? ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Composes ) Ya ( Guilty n Teary Eyes ) Sorry Yaar..I Over Reacted n Pata nhi kya kya bolgaya..I was jst ( Intrerupted )

Rahul : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Yaar..I Understand..Ur Situation is like thst Only..Np..Nw come Lets nt Waste Time any more n Lets Plan..

Sanskaar : ( Determined ) Haa..Chalo..

Soon Sanskaar n Rahul Composes themselves n Left n Made their Plan n Set Off to the Hospital to Save Mny Innocent Lives wid a Determined Face n Hope..


On da Way

As Sanskaar n Team were on da Way all Tensed n Worried,Sanskaar Yet Agn Received A Call frm da Unknown Number making Him More Tensed..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Sees da Number ) Rahul..Its frm an Unknown Number..Maybe its of dem.. (.Sweating )

Rahul : Sanskaar..Relax..Jst Calm Down n Pick Up da Call n dnt Let them knw ki We r on da them Smartly..Warna U knw na wat wjll Happen..

Sanskaar : ( Understands n Composes Himself ) Haa..Dnt Worry.. ( Picks da Call n Fumbles ) Hheelloo.

Unknown Person : ( Smirks Winningly ) Hello Commisioner Sanskaar Maheshwari Ji..Ummeed Hai U got the News.. ( Laughs Winningly )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) What The Hell U want ?? Tumhari Dushmanj Mujhse Hai.nt wid My Family n Others..den Y did U made them As ur Target haa ?? Himmat Hai toh Fight wid Me na..Wat r u Trying to Prove by Hijacking da Entire Hospital n Innocent People ?? ( Fumes in Anger )

Unknown Person : ( Stern Voice ) Oh Jst Shut Up U Sanskaar Maheshwari..U Very Well Knw wat We want..Jab tak U wont Listen to Us..We wont Leave ur Ur Family n Others..n Rahi Tumhari ( Smirks Evilly ) Biwi n Bacchoon ki Baath toh Dnt Worry they all Fine bt Missing U Badly n Crying fr U..bas Thodi si Chot lagi hai Tumhari Biwi ko while ( Angry ) agr tumne nhi Sunni meri baath toh Along wid Ur Family baaki naa jaane kitne Innocent Families Barbaad hojayege..Toh Behtar issi main hai ki U Listen to Our Demands asap n get ur Family others Free frm Us..Samjhe ? ( Angry n Cuts da Call )

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Realizes da Call is Hanged ) Hello..Hello.. ( Cuts da Call too in Tension ) Damn.. ( Frustrated )

Rahul : ( Worried ) Kya kaha Sanskaar usne ?

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Aur kya kahega Rahul woh ? U Very Well knw wat He wants..

Rahul : Bt Sanskaar jo woh Mangraha hai We Take a Risk fr it..U Also Very Knw ki Agr We did want They want then Later Our Whole Country myt in Danger..n We cnt Take that Risk Sanskaar.. ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Worried too ) Haa Rahul..U r Right..We cn Release dat ADHARSH n Hand Him to Them..If We Release Him n Hand Him to them as Adharsh is A ( Intrerupted )

Rahul : As He is A SCIENTIST..n A Member of those Terrorist..If We Release this Adharsh den they Will Plan A Nuclear Bomb n will Distroy Our Country n Uss Waqt Pata nhi kitne Lakhoon logo ki Jaan jaaye..N we cnt Risk it.. ( Tensed )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Haa Rahul..U r Right..We cnt Accept their Demands No Matter What..Aaj fr Few People We cn Stake Millions of People’s Life in Danger..We need to Save them at any Cost widout Accepting their Demands.. ( Determined )

Rahul : Haa..n We will do it..Dnt Worry ( Determined too )( To Constable ).Hurry Up Shyam..Speed Up da Car..We need to Reach the Hospital asap..

Sanskaar : N Dnt On da Siren warna they will get Alert wid da Siren Sound..

Shyam : Yes Sir..

Soon da Police Jeep tok da Speed da Rushed towards da Hospital as soon as possible wid Full Tension n Fear on their Faces bt wid A Determination too to Save the People Trapped inside Hospital..


City Hospital

1 Hour Later

Time Passed n its been 1 Hour since Sanskaar n Team Entered da Hospital Secretly through Store Room wid da Help of a Hospital Staff Present Outside.As They Entered da Main Hall Secretly widout being Noticed by anyone,They were Shocked n Numb seeing da Scenario infront of them.Some People were Lying Unconscious on da Floor due to Fear while Some were Shivering in Fear wid Pale n Feared Faces Hugging their Loved Ones Tightly fr Protection..Soon Sanskaar Composed Himself n Explained n Instructed the Plan Once Agn to His Team Members Slowly n Encouraged them fr the Success..

Sanskaar : Rahul..U knw na wat to do ??

Rahul : ( Assures ) Haa..Dnt Worry Sanskaar..I knw My Wrk..

Sanskaar : ( Proud ) Good..den Hurry Up..Go to ur Place n Strt ur Wrk..All The Best ( Wishes )

Rahul : Haa..Ok.All The Best to u too..n Haa Dnt Panick seeing Bhabhi n Kids..U need to Control ur Emotions..Warna it myt be ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Assures ) Haa Dnt Worry Baba..I will Control My Emotions..I knw My Duty n Responsibilities Very Well..M A Police officer Right nw along wid a Husband n A Father..n being in Police its My First Duty to Save My County n Its People..Dnt Worry I will Try My Best to Fullfill both The Responsibility of being A Police n as well as of Being A Husband ( Assures )

Rahul : ( Smiles ) Thats Like My Boss ( Giggles ).. ( Serious ).Accha..Jokes Apart..Lets Nt Waste Anymore Time nw..n Lets get Strtd wid Our Mission “Mission Hospital Bajao”..

Sanskaar : ( Determined ) Haa..Come.. ( Determined )

Soon Sanskaar n Rahul Both Left fr their Respective Places wid their Respective Team Members,Sanskaar who was Moving Secretly towards His Place was All Shocked n Shattered n Helpless as A Police seeing da Scenario infornt of Him wid Full Tears Rolling frm His Eyes Non Stop making His More Tensed n Restless.

Aryaan : ( Crying in Fear ) Mummaa ( Hugs Swara Tightly )

Swara : ( Shivering in Fear ) Haa..Mera Baccha..Bolo ( Hugs Aryaan Bak Protectively ) Kya hua ?? ( Weeping n Hugging Aryaan n Princess Protectively )

Aryaan : ( Fumbles ) Pyaas Lagi Hai Mujhe ( Sees A Man Fearfully ) Kaho na Ppaanii Chahiye ( Crying )

Swara : ( Shocked n Fear ) Haa..Mers Baccha..Aabbhhii Puucchhti hu ( Scared bt Composed Herself ) Sssunniiyee Bbbaaii Ssaahaabb.. ( Shivering )

Ajay ( Terrorist 1 ) : ( Rudely ) Haa..Kya Hai ??

Swara : ( Scared ) Wwoohh Ppaannii Chahiye..Mere Bacche ko Paanni Chahiye ( Requests Fearfully ) Ppllzzz Ppannii ddedi jjiyyye ( Fumbles )

Ajay : ( Angry ) Shut Up..Hum yaha Pani Wani Serve karne nhi Baithe Hai..Samjhi.. ( Shows Water Dispenser Dangerously ) Waha Rakha hai Pani..Jaake lelo..

Hearing The Terrorist giving Permission fr Water,Swara Immediately n Happily got Up frm Her Place n Strtd Walking fr the Water Making da Terrorist Smirk Evilly..

Swara : ( Happy n Hugs Aryaan Lovingly ) U Stay Here Aryaan..Mumma abhi Pani lekar aai..n ( Keeps Princess on Bed ) Princess ka Khayal rakhna ha..

Aryaan : ( Still Sonning ) Okkk Mummaa..bbtt Jaldi aannaa..Daarr ( Aees Ajay ) lagraha haj mujhe ( Hugs Swara Tightly )

Swara : ( Crying too bt Composes n Release da Hug ) Naah..Baccha ( Wipes Aryaan’s Tears ) Rote nhi..Mumma abhi gayi n abhi aayi..Ok ?? ( Scared too )

Aryaan : ( Nods Cryingly ) Ookm Mumma..

Soon as Swara Strtd Walking fr the Water wid Difficulty due to Weakness n Pain,Sanskaar who was seeing this Felt Helpless n Felt Shattered frm Inside seeing His Family in this State while da Terrorists Smirked n Enjoyed to see Sanskaar’s Family in Pain..

Vicky ( Terrorist 2 ) : ( Stops Swara Making Her Shocked ) Rukiye Commisioner Sahab ki Biwi Ji ( Smirks Evilly )( To Ajay ) Bhai..appne itni Aasaani se Paani dediya ?? Nt Soo Good..Lets Give them in Our Style na ( Smirks Evilly ) Kyoun hai na ??

Ajay : ( Smirks Evilly too ) Haa Chote..Ryt..( To Swara ) Toh Bhabhi Ji ( Moves Towards Swara Making Her Feel More Scared ) Pani Chahiye ??

Swara : ( Shivering ) Hhaaa..

Ajay : ( Smirks Evilly ) Toh Ek Kaam karna Padega..Jst Like Exchange Offer..Pani chahiye toh in Return U have to Do Wat We say to U..So R U Ready ?? ( Smirks Evilly seeing Swara’s Scaredness )

Swara : ( Shocked n Fear ) Mmaattlaabb..Kya karna hoga ??

Vicky : ( Smirks Evilly n Comes Near Swara too ) Nthing Much..Bas U have to BEG US fr da Water..

Ajay : ( Smirks too ) n dat too By Touching Our Legs n by Rubbing Ur Nose on Our Shoes..So will U do it Bhabhi Ji ( Laighs Evilly )

As da Terrorists Demands their Wish in Return of Water,Swara n Sanskaar who Heard it frm their Respective Places were Shocked n Numb Tears Rolled frm their Eyes Continously making da Terrorists to Enjoy Swara’s Helplessness..

Ajay : ( Waves His Hands infront of Swara ) Kya hua Bhabhi Ji ?? Pani nhi Chahiye ?? ( Points towards Crying Aryaan ) See ur Child..He is Carving fr A Drop of Water..Dnt U Want to give Him Water ??

Swara : ( Sees Aryaan n Nods Yes ) Haa..Chahiye ( Teary Eyes )

Vicky : ( Shouts Angrily ) Then Wat R U WATING FR ?? Come on ( Shows Their Shoes ) Bend n Beg Us by Rubbing ur Nose om Our Shoes ..

Ajay : Haa Come On Fast..We dnt Have Much Time ( Laughs Winningly )

Hearing da Terrorists Shout in Anger,Swara Shivered more n was Taken Aback due to Fear wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously bt soon Composed Herself n Saw Her Son Aryaan Carving fr Water n wid No Option wid Her Swara Bended n Bowes Herself infront of da Terrorists n Begged fr da Water While Crying Bitterly making both Sanskaar n Aryaan Feel Bad n Helpless..

Swara : ( Cries n Bends n Begs ) Pplzz Paani. Dedo..Mere Bbacchhee ko Ppannii Chahiye..Pllzz ( Rubs Her Nose on their Shoes )

Vicky : ( Smirks Winningly ) Wah Bhai..Maaza aagaya..Good to see Sanskaar’s Wife Begging fr Water to Us..( Gritted His Teeth in Anger ) Woh Commisioner Sanskaar Maheshwari ko toh hum yeh nhi larsakte bt aaj uski Biwi ko iss tarrah dekhkar m feeling soo Relaxed..( Takes a Relieved Sigh )

Ajay : ( Happy too ) Haa Chote..U r Right..Uss Sanskaar ko toh Hum nhi karpaye aaj uski Biwi aur Bacchoon ko Tadpake M also feeling Relieved n Enjoying it..n M sure thr Sanskaar myt be going Mad Thinking abt His Wife n Kids.. ( Laughs Winningly )

Vicky : Laughs Madly too ) Haa Bhai..U r Bhai lets Give them Water nw..We need to keep dem Alive fr Torturing dat Sanskaar..

Ajay : ( Agrees ) Haa..Right Chote..Go n Bring da Water..

Vicky : Ha Bhai.. abhi laaya ( Leaves )

Ajay : ( To Swara ) Go n Sit wid Ur Kids..Pani aajayega tumhare Pass Rudely n Leaves )

Soon Both da Terrorists Left frm thr n Swara went towards Aryaan n Princess n Hugged them Tightly while Crying Miserably Thinking abt Sanskaar n their Happy Moments together whereas Sanskaar Felt Helpless n Shattered seeing His Wife n Kids in Such State wid Tears of Helplessness Flowing frm His Eyes Non Stop making Him Feel More Helpless n Numb..

Aryaan : ( Crying ) Sorry Mumma..Coz of Me.M Very Bad.M nt a Good Son.. ( Fumbles ) Ccozz of Mmee dat Bbaadd Uunccllee Treated u Badly..Ii Promised Papa ki I will Take Care of Here’s I Myself Only ( Crying bt Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Overwhelmed n Hugs Aryaan Tightly ) No Beta…Aisa kuch nhi hai.. ( Releaseda Hug b Cups n Caresses Aryaan’s Face Lovingly ) U r My Brave Baccha na..n Who said U r Bad n nt a Good Son..U r My Brave Son..Jst Like ur Papa..n I knw U will Protect Ur Mumma n Ur Lil Sister wen u Grow Up n Nw also U do Beta..Dnt U remember da Dayz wen Ur Lil Sister was inside Me..Hw much Care U took of Me n Ur Sis..Infact More dan Papa U took Care of Me..toh hue na aap mere Brave n Strong Son..n Beta Khabrao mat.. dekhna Ur Papa will Come n Save all of Us..n will Rescue all of Us frm Here..bas Thoda Patience Ok na Mera Baccha..( Hugs Aryaan Tightly while Crying bt Silently )

As Swara was Consoling Aryaan n taking Care of Her Kids,Sanskaar who was Watching a these was even more Broken n Shattered seeing His Kids n Wife in this State n Tears Rolled frm His Eyes Continously making Him Feel More Helpless n Shattered bt soon Composed Himself n Strtd His Plan Unnoticed by Terrorists n Their Gang..


Precap : Sanskaar Plan in Action..n Swara n Kids in Pain..


Phew …

Finally Done wid da Most Imp Part of the Trck..Hope U all Liked it..n Reached ur Expections..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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