Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 15


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Recap : SwaSan Baby Introduction…Swara Slaps Ragini…Past Revealed…SwaSan n Aryaan Moments..


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 15

4 Dayz Later

Time Passed n its been 4 Dayz since Swara Delivered Her Baby n Ragini got Arrested..As Time Passed Swara’s Health was Improving n Sanskaar n Aryaan along wid Other Family Members used to Visit Swara Daily Making Swara feel Good n Happy..

AP : ( Comes to Meet Swara ) Hello Beta..Hw r u ?? N Hwz Our Lil Princess Haa ?? ( Smiles n Caresses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly ) Feeling Better ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Yes Maa..Feeling Much Better. N Our Lil Princess isn also Fine Taking Rest.. ( Searches some one Secretly )

AP : ( Smiles n Teases ) Fikar mat karo..Sanskaar n Aryaan r Outside Buying some Flowers fr Our Lil Princess..They will be coming in sometime ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Blushes n Crimson Red ) Maa..nhi..aisa kuch nhi hai.. ( Tries to Divert ) main toh bas yeh dekh rahi thi ki Papa aaye ya nhi ( Tensed )

AP : ( Laughs n Hits Swara’s Head Lightly ) Pagaal..bas kar..No need to Lie..i knw Ur Eyes r Searching fr Sanskaar n Aryaan..I cn see it in ur Eyes.. ( Fake Anger )

Swara : ( Blushes ) Maa..Plzz..

AP : ( Laughs ) Accha Ok..Fine..Wont Tease U..Nw Chalo Have ur Lunch ( Arranges Lunch on Bed Table ) See I Brought Tomato Soup n A Fresh Salad ( Feeds Swara )

Swara : ( Makes Faces ) Yeeww..Maa..Plzz nt these Agn..Since Past 4 Dyz m Eating same Things.. ( Pleads ) Plzz I wanna Eat something Spicy Like Chicken Curry ( Imagines Tasty Food wid Watery Mouth ) Yumm then Spicy Chilli.. ( Keeps on Telling Tssty Food Items Innocently )

AP : ( Fake Anger ) Swara..Bas karo..U knw na u cnt Eat such Items nw..Did u see urself ??.Hw Weak n Pale U r Looking ?? Delivery hoge 1 Week nhi hua n U r asking Oily n Spicy Stuffs..Doctor Strictly Warned U frm Avoiding such still u r Arguing like a Small Kid.. ( Scolds like a Mother ) Very Bad..I knew u wont Eat such things made by Hospital dats Y i thot to Make such things fr U wid Home Made still U r Behaving like Kids..Nw Be Quite n Have watevr i made fr U..No More Arguements ( Strictly )

Swara : ( Defends ) Bt Maa.Plzz I cnt Eat the Same Boring Food Every Day..Plzz na Maa..Order something Yummy na fr Today..Plzz ( Pleads like a Kid )

AP : ( Angry ) Swara…Suna nhi tumne ?? ( Stares Angrily )

Swara : ( Angry too ) Ok Fine..If m nt Allowed to Eat Food of My Choice den ( Makes Faces Angrily ) Dont wanna Eat anything.. ( Angry Pout )

As Swara n AP were having An Argument on Food,Sanskaar n Aryaan who was Watching it Bursted Out Laughing n Teased Swara seeing Her Childishness making Swara More Angry n Irritated..

Aryaan : ( Laughs Childishly n Goes towards Swara ) Mumma..Wat Happened to U Today ?? Nw r u Understanding Y i Trouble Dadi while Drinking Milk Every Day ( Giggles)..I too dnt Like Drinking Milk Every Day ( Makes Faces )

Swara : ( Pout Face ) Haa Mera Baccha..nw i Understand.. ( Sees Sanskaar Pleadingly ) Plzz na Sanskaar..tell Maa i dnt wanna Eat this Food Today..Today I wanna Eat something Different..Pakka Promise Kal i will Eat watever Maa Today Plzz ( Puppy Face )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Melts ) Accha Fine ( To AP ) Maa..Let Swara Eat watever She wants Today..frm Tomorrow I Myself will make Her Eat wat Doctor Tells ( Pleads Assuringly )

AP : ( Confused ) Bt Beta.. ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Maa..Kaha na..Dnt Worry..I will Myself take care of Swara..U dnt Worry.. ( Assures )

AP : ( Sighs ) Ok Fine..Tumhari Biwi Hai..Tum hi jaano..Nw i shud Leave ur Papa n Laksh r Alone at Home..They mmyt be Hungry as well..Bye..Take Care ( Leaves )

Soon as AP Leaves ds Room after Agreeing,Swara who was all Sad n Angry till nw was Happy n Over Excited thinking abt Her Lunch making Both Sanskaar n Aryaan Laugh agn n Enjoy Swara’s Childishness..

Swara : ( Happy n Exicted ) Ohh Wowow..Thnk U Sanskaar..U r da Best Husband in da World.. ( Kisses Sanskaar’sCheeks Happily ) Love U..Muwwaah..

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Accha Ok..Stop ur Childishness Nw Swara..Aryaan is Looking at Us..We cn do all these wen U r Bak Home Alone in Our Room ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Shocked n Jerks Sanskaar Immediately ) Ahmm Woh..Haa ( Blushes ) Sorry.. ( Eyes Down )

Aryaan : ( Giggles ) Its Ok Mumma..I dnt Mind if U Kiss Papa infront of Me..Coz m Grown Up dnt do it infornt of My Lil Sister..She is jst Born Baby ( Laughs Teasingly )

Hearing Aryaan,both Swara n Sanskaar Felt Embarrassment n Avoided Eachother’s Eye Contact n Diverted da Topic making Aryaan Bzy in Other Things Cleverly..

Sanskaar : ( Diverts the Topic ) Accha Champ..Come Lets Go n Bring Our Lil Princess..Milna hai nai usse ?

Swara : ( Smiles n Understands ) Haa Ok Beta..Bring Ur Lil Sister wid ur Papa..Uske Doodh ( Milk ) peene ka bhi Time hogaya hai..

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Haa Chaliye Papa..I really wanna Meet My Princess.. ( Excited )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Haa Chalo Chanp ( To Swara ) Take Care Haa..I will Bring Our Princess in Some time..Ok ?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa ok..

Soon Both Sanskaar n Aryaan Leaves to Bring their New Life..As Sanskaar n Aryaan,Swara Smiled n Admired the Father Son Bonding n their Excitement to Bring New Member Bringing Tears of Happiness in Her Eyes..As Swara was being Emotional Sanskaar n Aryaan Entered da Room wid their Princess Happily while Playing Making Swara Happy n Overwhelmed seeing their Bond..

Aryaan: ( Happy n goes to Swara Happily ) Mumma..Mumma..Our Princess is Really soo Cute ( Pulls Swara’s Cheeks ) Same Like U Mumma..Shoo Chweett.. ( Giggles )

Swara : Aww.. ( Hugd Aryaan ) Mers Baccha Thnk nt more than U na..Nt Even Our Princess ( Kisses Aryaan’s Cheeks ( To Sanskaar ) Hai na Sabskaar.

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) No Swara…My ( Sees da Baby Lovingly ) Lik Princess is soo Cute..n No One Else…Understand…( Kisses Baby’s Forehead Lovingly ) Hai na My Lil Princess..

Baby Laughs Making SwaSan n Aryaan Happy..

Aryaan : Aww Mumma See Princess is Laughing..It means She cn Understand Us.. ( Exicted )

Swara : ( Laughs ) No Mere Baccha..Princess is really Small na..She is jst 4 Dys Old..She cnt Understand Us or Respond Us..She myt be Feeling Hungry so dats Y She made da Noise in Hunger..

Aryaan : ( Innocently ) Ohh..Toh Feed Her this ( Takes Biscuit frm His Pocket ) Biscuit to Princess..She is Hungry na ( Innocently )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Hands Baby to Swara ) No Champ..Princess cnt Eat Solid Things fr 1 Yr..She will only Drink Milk ( Caresses Aryaan’s Hairs ) Samjhe Champ ?

Aryaan : ( Innocently ) Ohh..( To Swara ) Toh Mumma Feed na.. ( Unknowingly )

Hearing Aryaan Innocent Talks Both Swara n Sanskaar Looked Eachother Embrassingly n Swara Signalled Sanskaar Something making Sanskaar to Understand n Feel Swara’s Uncomfortableness..

Sanskaar : ( Understands n Assures through Eyes ) Champ ( Goes Near Aryaan ) Come Champ lets go..We will Buy something fr Princess n Mumma..Ok ?

Aryaan : ( Innocently ) Bt Papa..We cn Buy Later na..Nw I wanna see He Mumma Feeds Princess..She is Soo Small so jst Excited to see hw Princess Eats ( Curious )

Sanskaar : ( Blank n Sees Swara’s Expressions n Goes to Aryaan ) No Champ..Come wid Me..I will Buy Chocolates fr U.. U Like Chocolates na ??

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Haa.Papa..I LOVE Chocolates..Come Lets go ( Excitedly )( To Swara ) Mumma m going wid Papa U Feed Princess Haa.. ( Kisses Swara’s Cheeks Lovingly ) Bye Mumma.. ( Kisses Baby’s Forehead Lovingly ) Bye Princess.. ( Runs to Sanskaar ) Chale Papa..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Come ( Smiles Assuringly to Swara )

Soon Sanskaar takes Aryaan wid Him Making Swara Relieved n Happy seeing Sanskaar’s Care n Understanding Towards Her n Baby..


Next Day

Another Beautiful Morning n Another Day of Sanskaar n Aryaan in Hospital wid Swara n Lil Princess..As Usual like other Dyz SwaSan along with their 2 Kids were Having Fun n were Enjoyung a Good Family Time together Happily..

Swara : ( Pout Face ) Sanskaar..Aur kitne din i have to Stay in Hospital? ? I want to go Home asap..its soo Boring n Tiring here..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Jst 3 more Dyz Princess..den U n Our Lil Princess cn go Home..n have watever u want..

Swara : ( Sad ) Bt..2 more Dayz..Hw cn i Manage these 2 More Dyz here.. ( Teary Eyes ) I m Missing U n Aryaan Sanskaar..In some time U n Aryaan will go bak n Our Lil Princess will also be taken bak to Incubator..n then i will be Left all alone in this Room agn..Kya karungi main yaha iss Boring se Room maon.. ( Pleads ) Plzz na Sanskaar Talk to Doctor na n Take Me Home Nw Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Cups Swara’s Face ) No Princess..I cnt..Dekho i knw u myt be feeling Bored n Lonely here bt its all fr Ur Good Health na..Pregnancy main U Suffered alot wich Took all yr Strength n Energy n on that Ragini’s Attempt to Murder U n Our Lil Princess has also Effected to alot..n to Re-Cover all that U need to Stay in Hospital fr 2 More Dyz.. ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) I Promise Once U r Discharged na that Second itself I will take U frm till den U have No Other Option Princess..Ok ?? ( Hugs Swara Lovingly ) Nw Come on Plzz Stop Crying..Warna wat will Aryaan n Our Lil Princess will tell ki Papa alwyz Makes Their Mumma Cry ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Chuckes n Dugs Her Face Protectively n Affectionately in Sanskaar’s Hug ) Haa toh..they r Right..Unke Papa alwyz makes Me Cry..( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Released da Hug ) Haww..Jhoothi..When did I Make U Cry ?? Its U who alwyz makes Me Cry.. ( Fake Anger )

Swara : ( Angry ) Me ?? I make U Cry ?? Such a Big Lier.. U make Me Cry..See Who Makes Food fr U Every Day ?? Hmm..Jst Answer Me ??

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) U wats da Connection b/w Crying n Food ??

Swara : Jst Answer My Questions den U will get ur Answer ( Controls Her Laugh )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Ok Fine.. ( Makes Faces ) Ask..

Swara : Ok den Who Cuts Onions to Make Yr Food ??

Sanskaar : ( Irritated ) Obiviously U..Coz I Only Like Ur Hand Made Food n Ur Hand Cutted Vegetables..

Swara : ( Smirks Winningly ) So if Onions r Cut by Me fr Ur Food so Aansu kiske Eyes main jaayege ? Tell Me .. ( Giggles Secretly )

Sabskaar : ( Frustrated ) Huh..Obiviously U na..If u r Cutting da Onions den Aansu bhi tumhare Eyes main se hi jaayege na ( Unknowingly ) wat a Rubbish Question Swara..Huh..

Swara : Toh it means ki agr Main Cut karrahi hu Onions fr Ur Food den Aansu bhi mere Eyes main Tumhre khaane pakate Waqt aayege hai na ? Toh iss Naate mere Eyes main Aansu bhi Tumhare Wajeh se aaye na ( Chuckes )

Sanskaar : ( Unknowingly ) Haa.. ( Realized n Shocked ) Wait a Min..Kya tumne Swara ( Angry ) Huh..U r soo Bad..If U feel like Crying while making My Food den dnt make na..who is Forcing U haa.. ( Angry n Turns His Face )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Hehehe..Sorry..Sorry..I was jst Kidding..( Tries to Make Him Face to Her ) Sorry..I was jst Joking Sanskaar..i did nt Mean in da Way U took..( Sabskaar Frees His Face n Turns Agn Angrily ) Accha Baba.. ( Holds Her Ears ) Dekho..M Holding My Ears..Sorry.. ( Puppy Face ) Plzz Maaf kardo.. ( Pleads Innocently )..

Sanskaar : ( Melts bt still Angry ) Accha..Theek hai..Maaf kiya..( Adamant ) bt iska matlab yeh nhi hai ki I will Talk to U..m Still Upset wid Ur Talk.. ( Sees da Time ) Accha I heed to go nw..Police Station main I have some Wrk..n Maa Papa n Laksh r going Out fr Some Wrk..Toh Ghar pe koi nhi M Leaving Aryaan Here wid U..While Going Home i will Pick Him Up..Ok ?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Ok Plzz Dil se Maaf karke jao na..Plzz ( LSad )

Sanskaar : ( Still Angry ) Mujhe Late horaha hai..M going..Take Care..Hmm ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly n Leaves wid Anger )

As soon as Sanskaar Left wid Anger Leaving Swara Alone,Swara felt Pain in Her Heart seeing Sanskaar Angry wid Her n Tears Strtd Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously making Her Feel Restless n Worried Unknowingly..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Sorry na Sanskaar..Itna bhi kya Ghussa..I was jst Joking..Pata nhi Y m feeling something Bad is going to Happen..Y m i Feeling Restless Thinking U did nt Forgive Me.. ( Restless ) Plzz Bhagwaan Sanskaar n Mere Parivaar ki Rakhsha karna ( Prays ) Mere ander jo darr achanak aaya hai usse durr karna plzz ( Teary Eyes n Restless )

While Swara was Praying wid Restlessness,Sujata n Shomi who were wid Aryaan n Lil Princess comes in n Hands both Aryaan n Baby to Swara n Leaves fr their Respective Homes Happily After Blessing Swara n Kids Leaving Swara Restless n wid Unknown Fear Taking Place in Her Heart..


2 Hours Later

Police Station

Time Passed n its been 2 Hours since Sanskaar was Bzy in His Wrk Discussing Imp Case wid His Team Members wen A Phone Call Disturbed Him n Shocked Him Badly making His Whole World Go Up n Down in A Second..Tears Strtd Rolling frm His Eyes Non Stop making His Team Members Worried n Confused at Sanskaar’s Sudden Change of Behaviour..

Sanskaar : ( Picks da Phone ) Hello..

Unknown Person : ( Stern Voice ) Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari..Commisioner of Kolkata Police ?

Sanskaar : ( Feels Strange ) Yes..its Sanskaar Maheshwari..Commisioner of Who r U ? ( Suspicious )

Unknown Person : ( Rough Voice ) Main Kaun hu isse koi Fark nhi padta Commisioner…wat matter is Ur Wife n Ur Kids..So Stop Doubting n On da TV n Chk da News..U will get all yr Answers ( Smirks Evilly )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Swara ?? Bacche ?? ( Worried ) Hheelloo..Speak Up Damn it..Kaun Ho tum ?? ( Sweating ) n Kya hua Swara aur Bacchoon ko ?? ( Tensed )

Unknown Person : Stop Arguing Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari n On the TV n see da News..Bahut Hoshiyaar samjhte ho na apne aapko..Nw Prove ur Cleverness to Us by Solving da Prblm Waiting fr U..n Dnt Worry Ur Wife n Kids r with Us Kab tak ( Smirks Evilly ) I cnt Say.. ( Laughs Evilly n Cuts da Call Making Sanskaar More Shocked n Horrified )

Sanskaar : ( Horrified ) Hheellloo..I said Kaun ho tum ?? N wat is.. ( Realized Phone Hanged ) Damn it ( Sweating )( To Rahul ) Rahul..Plzz jst Switch on da TV..n Put any News Channel asap..Hurry Up ( Restless )

Rahul One of Sanskaar’s Team Member on Sensing Sanskaar’s Restlessness Enquired Him Worriedly making Sanskaar More Worried n Tensed ..

Rahul : ( Worried ) Kya hua Sanskaar ?? Y r U Soo Restless ?? n Kiska Call tha ?? N Kya kaha usne ?? ( Shakes Sanskaar ) Bol kya Hua ??

Sanskaar : ( Sweating n Angry ) Rahul..jst On da TV ryt nw Damn it..mujhe khud nhi pata kya hua..Bas u jst on the TV n Put any News Channel asap..Plzz ( Worried n Sweating Badly )

Rahul : Accha..Accha..Fine..Relax Dude..I will On ( To Constable ) Shinde..jst on the TV asap..

Soon da TV was On Switched On n Sanskaar who was Really Worried n Tensed abt Swara n His Kids was More Shocked n Horrified seeing da News on TV making His Members too Shocked n Surprised wid Tears Rolling frm Sanskaar’s Eyes Non Stop making Him More Tensed n Restless..


Precap : Swara n Kids Winces in Pain…


Finally Done wid da Nxt Part..I hope u Liked it..I knw its Boring bt still Hoping fr the Response..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part. .


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