Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 14


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Recap : Sanskaar’s n Aryaan’s Hatred towards Ragini..Shomi n Shekhar Slaps Ragini…Swara Delivery..


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 14

The Part Strts wid Swara getting Unconscious after the Delivery Operation while Both Doctor n Sanskaar getting Shocked seeing da Result of the Operation wid A Numb n Unbelievable Looks on their Faces..As Sanskaar was still in Shock,Doctor Smiled n took a Relaxed Sigh Hearing A Cute n A Small Crying Voice of A Baby making Sanskaar more Shocked n Surprised..

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Congratulations Mr Maheshwari…Finally U r A Proud Father of A BABY GIRL…Ladki hui hai Mr Maheshwari aapko..Mubarak ho.. ( Forwards da Baby to Sanskaar ) See its Ur Daughter..Finally..

Sanskaar : ( Still Shocked ) Rrr Uu Sseeriouss Doctor.. ( Touches da Baby ) Is Sshee is Mmyy Ddauuggttheerr ( Doctor Nods Yes ).. ( Teary Eyes n Kisses Baby’s Forehead Lovingly ) My Lil Prrinnccess..( To Doctor wid Teary Eyes ) Thnk U Soo Much Doctor..Thnks alot..Widout U ( Sees Unconscious Swara ) Meri Swara n ( Sees Baby ) Meri Bacchi wudnt be Here wid Me Today..Thnks alot ( Teary Eyes )

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Ur Most Welcome Mr Maheshwari..Its My Duty..n Dnt Worry..Mrs Maheshwari n Ur Baby both r Absolutely Fine..Bas Mrs Maheshwari is Really Tired n Exhausted wid da Stress n Tension She gone through n uske wajeh se She is Unconscious…With in 1 Hour She will Gain Her Senses..Dnt Worry.. ( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) N Baby ?? ( Points da Baby ) i mean wen cn I Show the Baby to My Family Waiting Outside ?? ( Excited )

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Dnt Worry Baby is too Fine..bas We r taking Her wid Us to Clean Her n to Make Her Fresh..n As She is A Pre Matured Delivery..We need to Keep Her in Incubator fr 1 Week..Nthing Much..n Haa U cn Show ur Baby to Yr Family Outside widin 1 Hour..Dnt Worry..till den U Stay wid Mrs Maheshwari coz She Needs U ..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok Doctor..N Thnks Once Agn.. ( Shakes Hands wid Doctor )

Doctor : ( Smiles ) My Pleasure ( Shake Hands Bak n Leaves )

Soon Doctor Leaves da Nurse n SwaSan’s Baby Leaving Happy n Emotional Sanskaar wid Unconscious Swara..


1 Hour Later

Time Passed n its been 1 Hour since Swara’s Delivery n Everyone Waiting Outside OT were still Unaware abt the Fact n were seen Really Tensed n Restless Thinking abt Swara’s Health n State..

AP : ( Worried )( To DP ) Ji..Jst Enquire na kya horaha hai Ander ?? Its been 1 Hour n abhi tak No News..Mujhe Bahut Tension horahi hai ( Teary Eyes )

Sujata : ( Teary Eyes Too ) Haa Bhai Sahab..Annapurna Ji is Right..Pura 1 Ghanta hogaya Swara ki Cheeckh ( Scream ) sunke n till nw No News..Plzz Kuch kariye aaplog ( Cries More )

Laksh : ( Consoles ) Aunty..Dnt Worry..Sab theek hojayega..Bhai hai na Bhabhi ke saath..Toh Dekhlena..Bhabhi n Unka Baccha dono theek hoge . Doctor ne kaha na Bhabhi ka Case is Critical so Shayad iske wajeh se Its taking Time..Dnt Worry ( Consoles wid Teary Eyes )

As Everyone were Tensed n Consoling Eachother wid Teary Eyes,Ragini who was Listening to their Talks was Smirking Winningly n Celebrated Her Win wid Her Taunts n Talks Making Everyone more Tensed n Shocked n Felt Disgusted seeing Ragini n Her Evilness..

Ragini : ( Smirks Winningly ) Kaha tha maine…Swara n Uska Baccha nhi Bachega..n See its been 1 Hour U all r Waiting here fr the Good News bt till nw No News at all..So it means its A Baa ( Stops n Shocked )

While Ragini was Celebrating Her Win,Sanskaar Comes Out of OT Empty Handed making Everyone Shocked n Numb..

Laksh : ( Shocked ) Bhai!! ( Goes Near Sanskaar ) Bhai..kya hua ?? Hw is Bhabhi ?? N ( Fumbles in Fear ) Hhww is Bbabbyy ?? ( Tensed ) Tell na Bhai..

AP : ( Worried Too ) Haa Sanskaar..Plzz Tell..Hw is Swara ?? N Baccha theek toh hai na ?? ( Shakes Sanskaar ) Bol na..Chup kyoun hai ?? Jaan nikal rahi hai Meri.. ( Cries )

Ragini : ( Smirks Victoriously ) Ohh Come On Maa..Sanskaar Bechare kya kehege..It must be Difficult fr Him na to Tell A Bad News abt His Fav Wife n Kid frm His Own Mouth.. ( To Sanskaar in a Taunting Way ) Kyoun Hai na Mere Pyaari Pati Dev ( Smirks Winningly )

Shomi : ( Angry ) Bas kar Ragini..Sharam kar kuch toh..Here Ur Best Frnd is Suffering frm such A Complicated n Tough Time n Instead of Supporting or Consoling Her U r Taunting n taking A Revnge.. Chii.. ( Feels Disgusted )

As Ragini was Taunting Sanskaar,Nurse along wid SwaSan’s Baby Comes Out Happily making Ragini n others Shocked while Sanskaar Smiled seeing da Baby..

Nurse : ( Smiles ) Mr Maheshwari ( Hands da Baby to Sanskaar ) Here is Ur Baby..She is Absolutely Fine nw..N U cn Introduce Her to Ur Family Members too. .

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Takes da Baby Carefully ) Thnk U Sister..n wat abt Swara ?? I mean Cn We ( Intrerupted )

Nurse : ( Smiles ) Ya..Ya..Dnt Worry..Mrs Maheshwari has been Shifted to Her Ward Room..n She is Perfectly Fine too..U all cn Meet Her in some time.. ( Smiles n Leaves )

As soon as Nurse Leaves,Sanskaar Turns n Introduces His New Born Child to All Happily making Ragini Shocked n Anger..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Yeh lijiye ( To AP ) Maa.. ( To Sujata ) Aunty aur ( To Shomi ) Maa..( Hands the Baby to Trio ) Aap Teeno ki Pooti aur Naatin..See its A Baby Girl..The New Princess of Our Family n Mine n Swara’s OWN BABY ( Happy )

AP : ( Overwhelmed n Takes da Baby ) Shukar Hai Bhagwaan ka.. ( To Sanskaar wid Tears of Happiness ) Bhagwaan kare Tumhe aur Swara ko Aur Khudhiyaan mile..Balki Meri Khushiyaan bhi tum dono ko Mile.. ( Blesses SwaSan )

Sujata : ( Teary Eyes )( To Sanskaar ) Thnk U Beta..Bhagwaan tumhe Har Buri Nazroon se Bachaye..Agr tum nhi hote toh pata nhi Meri Swara ka kya hota..U were thr wid Her in all Tough Times ..n Today wat u did was Really Big Thing..Thnks alot ( Cries Happily )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Nhi Aunty.Plzz dnt Thnk Me..Swara is My WIFE n MOTHER of MY 2 KIDS..N watever i do fr Her is Out of Love n Affection nt coz of Responsibility..N if i dnt Support My Wife at this Time of Need den Who will Support Her na.. ( Wipes Sujata’s Tears ) So Stop Crying Aunty.. ( To AP,Shomi ) n U Two also..Warna Swara will also Strt Crying seeing U All Crying..Its A BIG n A Happy Moment fr all of Us especially fr dnt Spoil this Spcl Moment by Shedding Tears..( Takes da Baby ) Warna My Princess will think ki She got a Crying Family..( To Baby ) Hai na My Princess ( Kisses Baby’s Forehead Lovingly )

As Sanskaar the Trio Ladies were Having A Good Time wid da Baby the 4 Men i.e DP,Ram,Shekhar n Laksh who were Standing n Watching the Ladies n Sanskaar,Fumed in Jealousy n Went Near Sanskaar Angrily n took da Baby frm Sanskaar making Sanskaar n The Three Ladies Shocked n Confused..

Laksh : ( Fake Anger ) Bhai… ( Goes Near Sanskaar n Takes da Baby Carefully ) This is nt Fair..Kabse We ( Points DP,Ram n Shekhar ) 4 r Seeing..U all r Enjoying wid Baby..Let Us also See n Play wid da Baby..After all We r also Relaxed to Her na.n M Her Chacha..The Most Coolest Person of Maheshwari Family after Aryaan. ( Makes Faces )

DP : ( Fake Angry too ) Haa..Laksh is Right..Hw Mean U all r..U all Forgot ki nt Only U bt there is a Big Line Waiting to Meet the New Member of Maheshwari Family..Basically if U see its First My Chance to Meet da Baby as M Eldest n has A Most Important Relationship wid da Baby..m Her DADA..So it shud be My Turn see U all Forgot dat..Very Bad..Huh.? ( Makes Faces Angrily )

RP/Shekhar : ( Unison ) n We r NANA. Forgot Us also.. ( Angry too )

While DP n Laksh along wid Ram n Shekhar were Faking their Anger on Sanskaar n The Ladies,Aryaan who was Sleeping Woke Up n Saw da Baby n Fumed in Anger too n Back Fired Laksh n Team Making Everyone Shocked at First bt Later Bursting Out Laughingly making Laksh n The Three Elder Men Embarrassed n Red..

Aryaan : ( Wakes Up n Sees da Baby n Fumes in Anger ) Papa… ( Goes Near Sanskaar Angrily Backing Laksh n Team ) Hw cn U all Ignore Me..( Stands on Chair n Sees Baby Lovingly ) n Forget Me to Introduce Me to My Lil Sister Haa.Thnk God I woke up n Heard all ur Conversion warna mujhe pata hi nhi Np Nw I Woke Up na So No One will Meet ( Sees Laksh n Others ) My Lil Sis untill I Meet Her..( Strictly n Innocently )

Sanskaar : ( Giggles seeing Laksh n Trio Men ) Ok My Champ ( Brings da Baby Near Aryaan ) See Ur Lil Sis..Bt Be Careful Haa..

Aryaan : ( Smiles n Admires da Baby ) Aww..Papa..She is jst Like Mumma… ( Kisses Baby’s Forehead Lovingly n den Remembers Something ) Papa..Hw is Mumma ?? I wanna Meet Her..Plzz Lets go n Meet Her na

Sanskaar : Haa My Champ..Come.. ( To Elders ) U all also Come..

Soon Sanskaar along wid Aryaan n Others Left to Meet Swara Happily..As They Reached da Room all were Shocked n Numb seeing da Scn infront of them..

Ragini : ( Angry on Sleeping Swara ) That Time toh u got Saved this Time i wont Leave U..I will Finish U Once fr All n Once U r Finished I will Kill Ur Daughter too n den Agn Me..Sanskaar n Aryaan will Live fr that U need to Go na.. (.Laughs Madly ) So Final Good Bye My Best Frnd n Sautan Ji ( Takes A Knife ) U r Finished ( Angry n Tries to Stab )

As Ragini was abt to Stab Sleeping Swara,Ragini all of a Sudden gets Shocked n Surprised on seeing A Hand Stopping Her frm Stabbing Swara Making Her Shocked n Surprised..

Swara : ( Wakes Up Angrily n Stops Ragini ) Stop it Ragini.. ( Gets Up Slowly n Slaps Ragini Tightly ) Bas karo Ragini..Bas karo..Hw Low will U Stoop to get Ur Reputation n Position Bak..Tumhe mujhse Prblm hai na ki I took Ur Place in both Home n in Society.. ( Glares Ragini’s wid Teary Eyes ) Bt aisa kuch nhi hai Ragini..I never took ur Place anywhr..Its jst ki I made My Own Place in Everyone’s Heart.. ( Tries to Make Ragini Understand ) Trust Me I dnt want Ur Place coz its all Urs ( Teary Eyes )

Ragini : ( Angry ) Ohh Shut Up Swara..I knw U Low Class Girls Very Well..So no need of ur Justification n all..I knw frm Long Time Only U wanted to Marry Sanskaar fr His Money n Unfortunately I got Married to Sanskaar n Ur Chance got wen I went into Coma U Strtd Ur Cheap Tricks agn n Married Sanskaar in da Name of My Son n Took My Position n My Reputation wich Belongs To Only Me..Hw Cheap Swara ( Points Finger on Swara Angrily ) Bt Swara nw Wen M Bak i wont Let U Snatch My Things..This Reputation..This Position n This Society only Belongs to Me..Did U get it ?? ( Pushes Swara on Bed Forcefully n Tries to Stab making Swara Wince in Pain due to Force )

Swara : ( Wince in Pain ) Aahh..

While Ragini was Trying to Stab Swara,Sanskaar n Everyone were Shocked bt were Felt Proud too at the Same Time Seeing another Scn infornt of them..

Swara : ( Angry n Pushes Ragini ) RAGINI!! ( Slaps Ragini ) Bas Ragini..Enough of Ur Drama..Its Pay Bak Time ( Slaps Agn ) This Slap is fr Avoiding My Frndship.. ( Slaps Agn ) This is fr Nt Understanding ( Sees Sanskaar ) Sanskaar’s Love ( Slaps agn ) This is fr this Humiliating Me n Mine n Sanskaar’s Baby ( Slaps agn ) this fr Ill Treating ( Sees Aryaan ) My Aryaan n ( Slaps Agn More Hardly ) n This One fr ( Sees Elders ) Misbehaving wid My Parents n My Loved Ones.. ( Feels Disgusted ) U knw wat Ragini agr tum yeh sab jo kiya woh tum Apna Ghar..Apne Pati aur Apne Bacche ko Paane ke liye Karti na toh Shayad main Hatt jaati tumhare Raste main se Happily n wud Go away frm Ur Life Really Far Away wid My Child bt jab tum yeh sab sirf Sanskaar ki Reputation n apni Soo Called Status ke liye karrahi thi toh Sorry Nw I cnt Move frm Ur Way..Coz jo abb Tumhara tha na woh sab MERA HAI..Mujhe Sanskaar ke Paise ya Uski Status main koi Interest nhi tha bt seeing U n Ur Madness to Save My Sanskaar,My Aryaan n My House mujhe nhi chahte hue bhi kehna padraha hai ki All These Money..These Fame n This Status Belongs to ME…Belongs to Mrs SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI jo ki main hu SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI..N Sanskaar ki Wife hone ke naate I have all Rights on everything wich belongs to Sanskaar..n i will make Sure U wont get even a Single Penny frm Sanskaar..dats My Promise ( Stares Angrily ) coz I have Called Police n also Informed them abt ur Madness Alrdy n they myt be Reaching Here any Moment to Arrest U Fr da case of Attempt of Murdering Me n My Unborn Child 2 Times n fr Ill Treatinf My Family n My Kids .( Teary Eyes bt Controls )

As Swara was Bursting Out on Ragini Angrily,Police comes n Arrests Ragini n takes Her wid them while Ragini was being Arrested by Police AP too comes Forwards n Slaps Ragini agn making No Effect on Everyone..

AP : ( Angry ) Wait A Min Inspector.. ( Goes Near Ragini Angrily n Slaps Her Tightly ) This is fr Mis Using My Son’s Love n Affection..M Curing Myself fr Choosing U as My Son’s Wife..M Cursing Myself fr Marrying U wid My Son..M Cursing Myself fr Considering U as My Daughter..Yeh main kehna toh nhi chahti thi bt Today i cnt Control Over Myself..Agr uss Waqt main tumhe Chunne ( Choose ) ke bajai main agr ( Sees Swara wid Teary Eyes ) uss Waqt Swara ko chunti apne Sanskaar ke liye toh Aaj mujhe aur hum sabko yeh Din nhi dekhna padta aur na Yeh sab hume aur Khaaskar Swara ko Sehna padta..I was Mad dat Time to Choose YOU OVER SWARA fr My SON.. ( Cries Bitterly )

While AP was Revealing Her Past Decision to Ragini n was Cursing Herself,Everyone Including SwaSan were Shocked n Numb on Hearing AP n were in Full Confusion..

DP : ( Shocked n Confused ) Annapurna yeh tum kya kehrahi ho ? Wat do u mean by all these wat U said nw ??

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Blank ) Haa Maa..U Choosed Ragini Over Swara ?? Kab ?? Aur Kaha ?? N Y did U Hide all these frm Us till nw.??

AP : ( Cries Miserably ) M Sorry Its True..I Choosed Ragini Over Swara fr U.. ( Sees Swara Helplessly ) Me n Swara’s Mother Janki were Best Frnd n Wen Janki Died after Delivering Swara,Sujata being Sister of Janki Took Care of Swara as Her Own Mother..n as Time Passed Me n Sujata too became Good Frnds n Swara became Like My Own Daughter only bt den One Day ( Sees Sujata wid Teary Eyes ) Sujata came to Me n Asked fr ( Sees Sanskaar wid Guilt ) Ur Hand fr I Denied as I Liked Ragini fr U..I Felt Ragini is Perfect Fr U as Gadodia n Maheshwari Families were Really Good Frnds that Time n I also Felt Swara wont be able to Adjust in Our Family as She was frm A Middle Class Family……n den Sujata being A Matured n A Good Frnd Acceoted My Decision ( Teary Eyes ) n I Kept all these Secret frm U all thinking its nt Important to Share wid U all n got U n ( Sees Ragini Disgustingly ) Ragini Married thinking Ragini wud Change Herself after Marriage bt aisa nhi hua n I Strtd Regretting My Decision n den One Day Ragini weng into Coma n I Thot of Getting U n Swara Married seeing Aryaan Happy wid Swara.. da Way Swaa was taking care of U n Everyone of Us,I felt i was Wrong in Judging Swara.n Hence got U n Swara Married .n Today ( Sees Ragini Angrily ) I M Proud fr Getting U n Swara Married dat Time bt at the Same Time Feel Guilty kash Uss Waqt maine Swara ko hi Chuna hota fr U toh aaj yeh sab nhi hota ( Cries Bitterly )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Itna sab kuch kiya aapne wid My Life n did nt even think to Inform Me atleast Once.. ( Angry wid Teary Eyes ) Y ?? Aaj aapke uss Ek Ghalat Faisle ne Meri Life barbaad kardi thi..agr aap uss Waqt Mujhse ya Papa se baath ki hoti Swara n Mere Rishte ke baare main toh We cud have Done Something..atleast ( Sees Swara Helplessly ) Swara n Mere Hone Wale Bacche ko itna sabkuch Sehna nhi Padhta.. ( Teary Eyes n Angry )

AP : ( Cries ) M Sorry I thot yhat Time Ragini is Perfect fr U..dats Y I took dat Nw m Regretting Sanskaar..Trust Me ( Pleads )

DP : ( Angry ) abb Pachtane ke kya Faida Annapurna..Jst coz of Ur One Wrong Decision Swara has to Suffer alot..Usse Bewaja itns sab kuch Sehna Pada..I did nt Expect this frm U ( Turns His Face Angrily ) U have Disappointed Me alot Today ( Teary Eyes )

Ragini : ( Smirks Winningly ) Dekha aap sabne .Even Maa Thot I was Perfect fr Sanskaar..nt this ( Sees Swara ) Cheap n Low Class Girl..N got Me n Sanskaar Married Duniya ke liye Bhale Swara is Loyal n Favourite Maheshwari Bahu bt Rahegi SECOND WIFE ONLY na n Me FIRST WIFE OF SANSKAAR n FIRST BAHU of Maheshwari Family..Duniya Walo ke liye I will be da First Lady who Gave Birth to NEXT n FIRST HEIR of Maheshwari Family ( Laughs Madly ) Thnk U Maa..Coz of U I will get this Benefit ( Sees Swara Winningly ) n Swara will be Called as SECOND WIFE only.. ( Laughs Insanely )

As Ragini was Blabbering Madly,Sanskaar Especially Swara was All Shocked n Shattered Hearing SECIND WIFE n Broke Down Miserably Making Sanskaar n Everyone Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Shut Up Ragini.. ( Goes Near Swara n Side Hugs Her Tightly ) Jst Shut Ur Mouth..Bhale fr the World U r My First Wife n Mother of Fr Me ( Sees Swara Lovingly n Wipes Her Tears ) Me Swara is More Precious n More important..I dnt CARE abt World nor Ur So Called Society.. ( To Inspector ) Inspector Plzz take this Lady Away frm Our Eye Sight..n File Strong Cases agnst Her..I will Be coming to Police Station in Some Dyz..Ok ??

Inspector : Yes Sir..Dnt Worry Sir..I will Handle this Case Personally..( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Relieved ) Hmm..Dats Better Rohit..I cn Only Trust U in this Matter..

Inspector : Thnk U Sir ( Leaves wid Ragini )

Soon Inspector Arrests Tagini n Leaves frm thr making Everyone Relieved n bt Felt Bad seeing Swara Broken n Crying Miserably Hugging Sanskaar Tightly..

Swara : ( Broken ) Sanskaarr..Ragjni was Right..Fr da World She is Ur FIRSTWIFE n Me Ur SECOND WIFE.. Aryaan is Her Child na..I knw I Consider Aryaan as My Own Child bt fr World Truth will be M His Sstteepp Mother na..n I will be Called as ur Second Wife ( Cries Miserably )

Sanskaar : ( Cries bt Composes n Consoles Swara ) Ssshh.. ( Caresses Swara’s Bak Affectionately ) Aisa kuch nhi hai Princess..Calm Down..U r Fearing abt the World Right dat They will Consider Ragjni as My First Wife den Dnt Worry I will DIVORCE HER asap n Will Transfer all Her Rights of Beinf Aryaan’s Mother to U..I will make Sure ki all The Important Documents related to Aryaan has Ur Name in da Mother’s Section..n will Officially Announce Mine n Ragini’s Divorce to Media n da Whole World Once Divorce Procedures r Done..Ok ?? .( Assures )

Swara : ( Shocked n Release da Hug ) Sanskaar?? Bt this will Spoil Ragini’s Life..N Hw cn I Snatch Her Rights of being Aryaan’s Mother..m nt soo Selfish Sanskaar..I knw Ragini does nt care abt anyone..nt even abt Her Own Child bt Snatching all da Rights of a Mother is nt Good Sanskaar..n Divorce? ? ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Keeps His Fingers on Swara’s Lips ) Sshh..I dnt wanna Listen anything regarding this Matter wid U..I knw wat m doing..( Cups Swara’s Face ) U r still Thinking abt Ragini’s Future n Life who did nt even Think abt Ur Life b4 Attacking U ?? N did nt Think abt UR Child .den Y r u thinking abt Her Future n Her Rights ?? ( Angry )

Swara : ( Smiles n Holds Sanskaar’s Hands wich Is Cupping Her Face ) Haa Sanskaar..i knw She did nt Think abt Me nor Abt Our Kid bt it Doesnt Mean We do da same na.n Moreover If We do da Same den wat wjll da be Difference b/w Her n Us.. So ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Makes FacesAngrily ) Ya..Yaa..I knw wat u will tell..Ok Fine..I wont Snatch Ragini’s Rights fr being Mother of Aryaan bt will Divorce Her fr Sure..Coz I jst wanna be Ur Husband..n Wat all She did Today ..Uske baad i cnt Tolerate Her anymore..n Bhale m nt Making All da Documents in Ur Name of Aryaan bt Till the End of this World U Will ONLY be Aryaan’s Mother. N Will have 3 Kids frm Nw..nt Only 2 ( Smiles Naughtily ) ..Ok ?.

Swara : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Ok.. ( Shocked Suddenly ) 3 KIDS ?? Hw ?? I mean ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs Naughtily ) Haa..3 Kids..1 Aryaan…2nd ( Sees Baby Lovingly ) Our Lil Princess n 3rd.. ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Curious ) n 3rd ?? ( Confused )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily seeing Swara ) n 3rd.. ( Stops makingSwara Irritated )

Swara : ( Irritated n Hits Sanskaar’s Playfully ) Arghh..Sanskaar..Stop Irritating..n tell who is da Third Kid ?? Plzz ( Pout Face )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Aowow..Stop ( Stops by Holding Swara’s Hands ) Accha Fine..m telling .3rd Kid is.. ( Intrerupted )

Aryaan : ( Irritated Too ) Offoo Papa. Stop Irritating n tell na ki Third is U Urself only..Y to Create Soo much suspense ( Makes Faces Innocently ) as if Ur Telling abt Another Real Baby ( Innocently )

As Aryaan Spoke n Spoiled Sanskaar’s Plan to Tease Swara,Everyone Presnt thr Bursted Out Laughing seeing Sanskaar’s Childishness n Aryaan’s Innocence while Sanskaar Glared Aryaan Angrily n Swara Blushed making Aryaan to Chuckle n Enjoy His Papa’s n Mumma’s Funny Faces in Embrassment..


Precap : SwaSan Family Cute Moments..


Tadaa .

So Guyz Tell Me hw was da New n Unexpected Twist of AP Revealing da Past..Did U Like it ?? Hope U did..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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