Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 13

Hii Guyz…Firstly…Thnks alot fr the Super Se Bhi Super Response ? ??. ..Thnk U soo Much. It really Means alot..Keep Supporting n Loving in da Same Way U r doing Nw..So nw Widout anymore Time.Here is da Nxt Part of da SS..Hope u all will Like it :).

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Recap : Ragini Slaps Aryaan…Flash Bak n Swara’s Life in Dangermm


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 13

The Part Strts wid Swara getting Unconscious Happily while Sanskaar n Aryaan Shocked n Consoling Unconscious Swara Loudly wid Teary Eyes Showing their Love n Affection fr Swara making Others Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes n Cups Unconscious Swara’s Face n Consoles ) Swara..R u listening to Me ?? ( Pats Swara’s Cheeks ) Suno..nthing will Happen to U..M thr na..Ur Sanskaar is thr na..I will nt let anything happen to U.. ( Teary Eyes ) Jst Have Some Patience haa.. ( Calls Doctor Madly ) Doctor…Doctor.. ( Blank )

Hearing Sanskaar’s Voice Others i.e MF n GF along wid Doctor were All Shocked Hearing a Loud Scream n Rushed to Swara’s Room n was Blank n Numb seeing da Scn infront of them..

Doctor : ( Shocked ) Mr Maheshwari??.wat Happened n wats all this ?? Who Removed da Oxygen Mask ?? ( Shocked n Puts Oxygen Mask agn on Swara )

Sanskaar : ( Cries ) Doctor Leave all these..Right nw U Plzz Chk Swara..Is She Fine ?? N Our Baby ?? Is He also Fine ?? Plzz Safe Her Plzz ( Pleads )

Doctor : Haa Mr Maheshwari..U jst Relax ..Let Me Chk..Calm Down ( Chks Swara n Tensed )

As Doctor was Examining Swara’s Situation,Sanskaar Noticed some Tensed Expressions on Doctor’s Race n was Even More Restles n Worried..

Sanskaar : ( Noticed Doctor’s Expressions n Tensed ) Kkya Huw Ddoctorr ?? Is Everything alryt ??

Doctor : ( Sighs Fearfully ) No Mr Maheshwari..Main aapko False Hope nhi dunga..Mrs Maheshwari ki Halaat is More Critical Oxygen She was getting through this Mask has also Gone..n Nw She is Out Oxygen jiske Wajeh se Unki Halaat n Baby’s Condition has gone More Worst..We cnt Delay any more need to Operate Mrs Maheshwari ryt nw..Warna.. ( Cud nt Complete )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What do U Mean Doctor? ? Plzz Do anything n Bachalo Meri Biwi n Bacche ko Plzz .I Beg of U..Plzz..n if U r Worried abt Fees Money den dnt Worry I make sure all ur Bills r Paid off bt plzz Save My Wife n My Baby Plzz ( Pleads Badly )

Doctor: No Mr Maheshwari.its nt abt the Matter of Money bt the Matter of Luck n Prayer..SonJst Pray fr Mrs Maheshwari’s Health..( To Nurse ) Nurse Go n get da OT Ready..We need to Operate Mrs Maheshwari..So Hurry Up ( Leaves )

Nurse : Yes Doctor ( Leaves too )

As soon as Doctor n Nurse Left the Room,Sanskaar Stared Unconscious Swara Lovingly wid Teary Eyes while Aryaan Hugged Sanskaar Tightly n Stared Ragini Angrily Making Others Present there Confused n Blank..

Aryaan : ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly n Stares Ragini Angrily ) I Hate U Ragini Mumma..I Hate U.. ( Sees Unconscious Swara ) Coz of U My MUMMA n My Lil Brother/Sister are in Danger..U r Teally Bad ( Cries More )

Shomi : ( Shocked ) Aryaan..Wat r u telling Baccha ?? Wat did Ragini do ?? ( Confused )

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Bursted Out ) Maa..Kya kiya ?? Ur Daughter ( Sees Ragini Angrily ) Tried to Kill My Swara n My Child by Removing Her Oxygen Mask..Woh toh accha hua Me n Aryaan ( Hugs Aryaan Tightly ) came on Time warna ( Cud nt Complete n Cries n Goes towards Ragini Angrily n Slaps Her Tightly ) Kaha tha maine to Stay away frm My Swara.. ( Slaps agn ) frm My U did nt Listen n Came Here to Harm Her agn.. ( Slaps agn ) Arrey kya bigada tha Swara ne tumhara Ragini..dat U Stooped soo Low n Tried to Kill Her..She alwyz Tried to Be a Good n a Best Frnd of Urs even after Suffering all ur Taunts n Humiliation n in Return U tried to take Her Life?? Y ?? U r srsly MAD n INSANE Ragini..U Deserve to be in Mental Asylum nt wid Us ( Brks Down ) Coz of U My Swara is in Danger.. ( Angrily Stares Ragini ) Agr Aaj MERI SWARA ko kuch bhi hua toh I WONT LEAVE U Ragini ( Strangles Ragini Slightly ) I Wont. . ( Jerks in Anger ) Remember dat ( Points His Finger Angrily )

Aryaan : ( Release Sanskaar’s Hug n goes to Shomi ) Haa Nani..Ragini Mumma Removed Mumma’s Oxygen Mask n wen Mumma was Breathing Heavily Raguni Mumma was Laughing Madly n was Enjoying Mumma’s Pain ( Innocently wid Teary Eyes ) I Jst Hate Ragini Mumma Nani ( Cries n Hugs Shomi ) She is nt My Real Mumma..Swara Mumma is My Real Mumma.. ( Points Ragini ) She is Nthing to Me..nt EvenAunty to Me..I jst Hate Her ( Cries Badly ) Plzz Nani.. (.To Shekhar,DP n AP ) Nanu..Dadi..Dadu Plzz Pray fr My Mumma..Plzz ( Pleads )..

While Aryaan was Crying Badly,Eberyone Except Ragini were Emotional n Felt Disgust fr Ragini n Stared Her Angrily widout any Emotions on their Faces Making Ragini More Angry n Frustrated…

Shomi : ( Teary Eyes n Caresses Aryaan’s Hairs n Moves Towards Ragini Angrily ) Yeh kya kiya tune Ragini ?? ( Slaps Ragini ) Sharam nhi aayi tumhe yeh sab karne se oehle ?? ( Pushes Ragini Angrily ) u Tried to Kill Swara n Her Baby jst coz of Ur Stupid Ego n Frustration..Hw cud U ?? I knw Ragini seeing Ur Husband n Child Close to someother Lady n dat too wen U see dem Long Gap is really Tough n Difficult bt jt doesnt mean ki U will Try to Kill or Humiliate da Other Lady..U have to Understand da Situation n da Reasons Y we took such a Drastic Step 6 Yrs was fr Aryaan’s Betterment n His Bright Agr in 6 Saalo main Swara n Sanskaar Fell fr Eachother toh wats Wrong in it ?? 6 Yrs is really a Big Time Gap Ragini..n in 6 Saalo main Swara took Care of Aryaan n Sanskaar like they r Meant fr Her Only..She alwyz tried to Maintain Distance frm Sanskaar thinking abt U..She felt Guilty wen She Crossed Her Limits wid Sanskaar fr Cheating U..She Cried Bitterly thinking abt U n In Return U did this wid Her?? U knw wat Ragini…Did U Ever Think Y Sanskaar never Fell fr U n Never Showed His Love fr U ?? Its coz ( Points n Shows Ragini Itself ) U..Yes U..U never Loved or Cared fr Sanskaar da way Every Husband wants frm His Wife wen He is wid His Wife…

All U used to do was Partying wid Ur Frnds n Enjoy ur So Called Society Functions etc…U never talked or did His Small Small Things of Him wich wud make Him Happy even after being His First Wife bt Swara ( Sighs ) Even after Knwing She is Sanskaar’s 2nd Wife,Swara took Care n Loved Sanskaar n Aryaan like anything…She did their Wrk Happily n gave Time to both House n Other Things..nt like U who was Always Bzy in Her Own Status World..n even after Ur Return frm Coma after 6 Yrs U still never Talked Freely or tried to knw abt Ur Son or abt Sanskaar’s Likes n Dislikes..U were still da Same ..The Egoistic n Status Conscious Ragini who knws only to be Bzy in Her Own Swara even after Yr Return She nt only Handled all Her Responsibilties towards Both Aryaan n Sanskaar bt also took care of All of Us jst Like a Good Daughter..Good Wife..Good.Mother n Good DIL wud do..n thats da Reason We all Love Swara alot n Feel Disgusted on U.. ( Stares Angrily ) Today M Proud ki I Considered Swara as My Own Daughter n Feel Ashamed U r MY DAUGHTER..I Wished Swara wud Be My Daughter instead of U.. ( Feels Disgusted on Ragini ) Hw cn U do this Ragini ?? Hw cn U Try to Kill Swara ?? Didnt u feel Guilty or Ashamed of wat u r doing ?? ( Teary Eyes ) Answer Me Ragini..Y u did this ? U did nt Even think abt ur Ur Maa n Baba also ?? Y ?? ( Angry )

Ragini : ( Angry ) Ohh Maa..Plzz Shut Up..Stop Praising dat Cheap Girl n Defaming Me..Yes I tried to Kill dat Cheap Orphan coz She Took My Everything frm Me.My Reputation..My Son..My Husband..n Most Importantly My POSITION wich Belongs to Me Only..n No One Else..n Y Shud I Feel Ashamed or Guilty fr taking such a Step ?? U all did wat u all thot is Correct 6 Yrs Ago fr Betterment of Aryaan na ?? So this Time I took this Step fr MY wats Wrong in it ?? ( Laughs Madly ) Nthing Wrong..Nw aap sabki Laadli Swara is GONE FAR AWAY frm U n all da Things wich Belonged to Me is bak wid Me agn … ( Madly Acts ) Chalo..Chalo Go n Do Preparations of Antim Sanskkaa ( Intrerupted )

Shekhar : ( Angry n Slaps Ragini ) RRAGINI!! Dnt U Dare Speak anything Agnst My DAUGHTER..Kuch nhi hoga usse..n Dekhlena Mera NATIN ( Grand Child ) ko bhi kuch nhi hoga..Hum sabki Dua or Ashirwad ( Blessings ) hai uske saath ( Teary Eyes )

As Everyone were Taunting Ragini fr Her Deeds,Nurse along wid Some Ward Boys comes n Takes Swara along wid them fr the Operation Making Everyone Scared n Tensed..


30 Minutes Later

Inside OT

While Swara was being Operated inside da OT in Semi Conscious State,Swara Groans n Moarns in Pain while Sweating Badly making Sanskaar n Others Present Outside More Tensed n Worried..

Swara : ( Sweats n Screams ) Aahhh..Sssanskaarr..Aahh..

As Swara Moarned Sanskaar’s Name in Pain,Swara gets some Flashes of their Happy Moments making Swara to Moarn more in Pain.


5th Month of Swara’s Pregnancy


Time Passed n it was 5th Month of Swara’s Pregnancy n As usual like any other Sunday both Sanskaar n Aryaan were in Home Taking Care of Swara like a Kid…It was Snacks Time fr Swara n as Per Sanskaar’s n Aryaan’s Plan both were in Kitchen Preparing something fr Swara while Swara was Impatiently Waiting fr Her Snacks Outside wid Growling Stomach..

Swara : ( Hungry ) Offoo..Sanskaar..Aryaan..kya karrahe ho ?, jaldi laao Khaana..M Hungry..n My Chotu sa ( Touches Her Baby Bump ) Baby also Feeling Hungry..( Pout Face )

Aryaan : ( Tells Loudly frm Kitchen ) Haa Mumma..2 Minutes aur..den ur Snacks will be Ready ..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Aww..Ok Mera Hurry Up..

Soon agn Sanskaar n Aryaan agn got Bzy in Preparing Swara’s Snacks while Swara agn Strtd Waiting fr the Snacks Impatiently Unaware of da Storm Waiting fr Her in Kitchen..


15 Minutes Later

As Time Passed its been 15 Minutes n still Swara was Waiting fr Her Snacks Impatiently while Both Sanskaar n Aryaan were Still Preparing Snacks making Swara More Impatient n Confused..

Swara : ( Confused ) Itna Time kyoun lerahe hai yej dono Sirf Ek Sandwich n Juice laane ?? Aisa Time lerahe hai jaise they r making something Bbbii ( Shocked n Realized ) Ohh No..Kahi they r ( Gets Up n Goes to Kitchen )

Soon Swara after Realizing Something Hurried to Kitchen ny Holding Her Baby Bump n as She Entered da Kitchen She was All Shocked n Surprised while Aryaan n Sanskaar were Numb n Scared seeing Swara.

Swara : ( Shocked ) Hey Bhagwaan.. SANSKAAR…ARYAAN..( Goes inside Kitchen Carefully ) Kya hai yeh Sab ?? ( Sees da Kitchen wid Disgust ) Kya haal bana diya Mere Pyaare Kitchen ka ?? ( Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Scared n Forwards Aryaan in Fear ) Swara woh..Actually.. ( Sees Aryaan ) Haa Aryaan told We will make Pasta fr U..i Denied Him many Times bt still He told He wanna Make ( Eyes Down in Fear n Covers Aryaan’s Mouth by His Hands )

Aryaan : ( Shocked n sees Sanskaar Angrily n Rem8ves Sanskaar’s Hands ) Haww..Jhoot.. ( To Swara ) No Mumma.Papa is telling Lies..I did nt tell anything to Papa..infact it was ( Sees Sanskaar Angrily ) Papa only who told Lets make Pasta coz He wanted to Eat..Ramu Kaka also told He will Help Us bt Papa gave Him Leave fr 2 Hours..n nw Blaming Me ( Innocent Pout Face )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar?? Hw Mean u r..It was ur Plan n nw Blaming My ( Hugs Aryaan Lovingly ) Kid fr all these ( Angry ) Hw cn U ??

Sanskaar : ( Sad ) Woh. Ii mm Sorry Princes..i was only trying to Make Something Spcl fr U as U Like see instead of Helping n Making ur Day Spcl ( Teary Eyes ) I made it Worst Day n m Making U Strave too fr ur Snacks n also Messed Up da Kitchen n Increased ur Wrk..So Sorry Swara..( Feels Bad )

Hearing Sanskaar,Swara was Overwhelmed n Tears of Happiness Strtd Flowing frm Her Eyes Feeling His Love n Care towards Her..

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) Aww..My Prince.. ( Goes Near Sanskaar Carefully ) Its Ok ( Wipes Sanskaar’s Tears ) U both Tried to Make something fr Me..dats Enough.No need to feel Bad or Guilty fr Messing da Kitchen..I will tell Other Servants to Clean it..they will clean da Kitchen..Ok ??

Sanskaar : wat abt ur Snacks ?? U cnt Stay widout ur Snacks na..U feel Uneasy widout ur Snacks.. ( Worried )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Its will ( Intrerupted )

As Swara n Sanskaar were Talking abt Swara’s Snacks,Aryaan who was Watching dem gets an Idea n Intrerupts Swara n Sanskaar making dem Shocked n Overwhelm at the Same Time ..

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Mumma..Papa..dnt worry..I have Snacks fr Mumma ( Shows a Food Box ) Here is da Snacks fr all of Us..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Wat is this Aryaan ?? N wen did U Order this ??

Sanskaar : ( Shocked too ) Haa Champ..Wen did U Order n frm whr u got Money fr Ordering this ??

Aryaan : ( Smiles ) Woh Actually Papa..Mumma I have My Last Weeks Money Saved wich I took fr School Canteen n frm that Money I Ordered it fr I kept it Aside After Listening to Papa’s Idea..n nw wen Nthing is Prepared n Mumma us Feeling Hungry I thot to give this to Mumma.. ( Innocently ) I knw its only 1 Piece of Egg Puff n 1 Piece of Pastry bt still U both cn Eat it One One Each ( Cutely )

SwaSan : ( Overwhelmed ) Aww..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Mera Baccha.. ( Hugs n Kisses Aryaan’s Forehead ) Love U..

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Aryaan too n Caresses His Hairs Lovingly ) My Champ..Proud of U.. ( Cuts da Puff n Gives Pastry to Aryaan) No need to Sacrifice ur Piece Champ..U Eat this Pastry as U Love it n Ur Mumma will have this Egg Puff..U both Eat ur Snacks..Ok ??

Swara/Aryaan : ( Shocked ) n U ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Me ?, I wjll Watch U Two Lovingly.. ( Pats Swara’s n Aryaan’s Cheeks Lovingly ) Wen U both r Happy n Full wid ur Stomach..My Stomach is also Full Automatically..Coz U Two r More Important to Me..n I knw U both need ur Snacks Desperately..So Need it..till den ( Sees da Kitchen n Sighs ) I wjll Clean da Mess ( Giggles )

Hearing Sanskaar,Yet agn Swara along wid Aryaan became Overwhelmed n Tears of Overwhelmness Strtd Flowing frm their Eyes n Both Swara n Aryaan Respectively Sharing their Piece wid Sanskaar making Sanskaar Happy n Protraiting a Good n a Happy Family Spending A Quality Family Time wid Wid Eachother making all Three of them Feel Happy n Overwhelmed..

**********FlashBack Ends **********

As Swara was Remembering Her Cute n Happy Moments wid both Sanskaar n Aryaan Her Pain Increases n Screams Loudly Sanskaar’s Name in Pain wid Tears of Helplessness n Pain Continously Flowing frm Her Eyes making Her Case More Complicated fr Doctor..

Swara : ( Screams in Pain while Sweating Badly ) Ssanskaarrr.. Aahh..Sanskaarr..( Clutches da Pillow Tightly )

Doctor: ( Worried ) Nurse..I guess We shud Call Mr Maheshwari inside..Coz Mrs Maheshwari is nt Responding to Over Instructions..If Mr Maheshwari comes in..He cn Divert Her Mind n den Easily We cn Deliver Her Baby..So Hurry Up n Go n Call Mr Maheshwari..

Nurse : Ok Doctor.. ( Leaves )

Soon Nurse Left the OT n cokes Out frm OT in Tension making Others Scared n Tensed..

Sanskaar : ( Sees Nurse ) Nuurssee..kya hua ? Hw is Swara n My Baby ?? Everything is Fine na ? Plzz Tell ( Worried n Sweating )

Nurse : ( Tensed ) No Mr Maheshwari..Actually Mrs Maheshwari is nt Responding to Our Treatment at all..She is jst Screaming Iut ur Name Continously..So U Plzz come inside n Divert Her that We cn Operate Her Properly.

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What?? Haa Ok..i will.come..Plzz lets Go.. ( Worried ) My Swara needs Me..( To AP n Shomi ) Maa..Plzz Aryaan ks Khayal rakhna..i will go to Swara.. ( Teary Eyes )

AP : Haa Beta..U go inside..fnt worry..Aryaan is Sleeping nw..u go inside..n bring My Bahu n Grandchild Safely.. ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Haa Maa..Pakka..

Nurse : Bt Mr Maheshwari..Let Me inform U..Mrs Maheshwari ki Haalat is really Bad inside..n maybe seeing Her in this State u myt Feel Pain n Dizzyness bt even after seeing Mrs Maheshwari like that U need to Suppress ur Fear n Pain inside ur Heart..coz if U get Scared den Mrs Maheshwari myt too get More Scared n Frightened..So U have to Divert Her Mind by Suppressing Ur Inner Fear n Pain.Ok ??

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Hhaa..I will..My Wife is more Important to Her i cn Suffer anything..U dnt worry Sister.. ( Scared bt Determined )

Nurse : Ok den Come.. ( Leaves wid Sanskaar )

Soon after Handing Aryaan to AP n Shomi, Sanskaar Rushes inside da OT making Semi Conscious Swara Little Relieved n Happy seeing Sanskaar wid Her inside da OT..

Swara : ( Hapy wid Teary Eyes ) Ssanskaaarr.. ( Screams agn ) Aahhh

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Runs Towards Swara ) Sswaarraaa ( Caresses Swara’s Sweaty Forehead n Calms Her Down ) Sshsh..Calm Down Princess..Ssh..Nthing will Happen to U nor to Our Baby..Jst Relax n do watever Doctor is telling U..Ok? M thr na wid u.. ( Motivates Swara )

Doctor: ( Instructing Swara ) Haa..Mrs Maheshwari..Calm Down..Jst Take a Deep Breath n Push da Baby..i knw U cn do it. come on..

Swara : ( Screams in Pain n Holds Sanskaar’s Hands Tightly ) Aaahh..nhi Sanskaar. Iii ccntt .nnhii hiraha Mujhse..Aahh.. ( Sweating )

Sanskaar : ( Caresses Swara’s Forehead More ) No Princess..dnt tell Like this..I knw U cn..Jst Try Princess..Push..U cn..I knw.. ( Encourages Swara Patiently Suppressing His Pain n Fear )

Swara : ( Scrams in Pain agn ) Aahh..Plzz Sanskaar..Nhi Hosakta Mujhse..Aaahh .

As Both Sanskaar n Doctor were Encouraging Swara Continously,Swara Somehoe wid da Help of Sanskaar’s Support Tried to Push n Co Operate Her Level Best while Sweating Badly leading da Operation to Reach the End making Both Sanskaar n Doctor Shocked n Surprised seeing da Result of da Operation while Swara Screamed Even More Louder n Faints making Ppl Present Outside More Tensed n Shocked..

Swara : ( Screams More Loudly ) Aaaahhh . ( Faints )


Precap : Swara Slaps Ragini n Breaks Down..



Done wid Another Part..i knw its nt Upto da Mark as I Wrote in a Hurry due to Eid..So Plzz Forgive its Nt Upto ur Expections…Will Post Nxy Part Soon n will try to Reach ur Expections..In Sha Allah…Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :). .


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