Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 12

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Recap : Swara Admitted in Hospital,Sanskaar Aryaan Flash Backs n Shekhar Slaps Ragini..


Destiny – Its All About Life!

Part 12

City Hospital

The Part Strts wid Sanskaar n Laksh Waiting Outside da ICU wid Tension n Fear Clearly Seen on their Faces while Doctor was Examining Swara’s Situation wid Utter Tension n Worriedness…

Doctor : ( Comes Out ) Well Mr Maheshwari its been almost 1 Hour We got ur Wife Admitted in da Hospital bt still it seems thr is No Improvement in Her Health..Lagta hai Strangling was Very Poweful or Forceful due to wich Mrs Maheshwari is Out of Oxygen..n Since She is in Her 7th Month too dats another reason fr Her Weakness..Inshort Mrs Maheshwari ki Haalat is Very Critical..We will keep Her fr more 1 Hour Under Observation..n still in this 1 Hour Mrs Maheshwari did nt Gain Her Senses den We myt have to Operate Her n as I said b4 We will be able to Save Only 1 among Ur Wife or Her Baby..So jst Pray Mrs Maheshwari gets Her Senses widin this 1 Hour. .Or … ( Sighs Fearfully n Leaves )

Soon as Doctor Left frm thr,Sanskaar who was Listening to Doctor was Even More Broken n Shattered Hearing abt Swara’s Health while Laksh Consoled Sanskaar n Kept Him Calm..As Laksh was Consoling Sanskaar,Laksh Recieves a Call frm DP making Laksh Worried n Tensed..

Laksh : ( Picks da Call ) Haa Hello Papa ( Teary Eyes )

DP : ( Worried ) Kya hua Laksh ? Hw is Swara ?? Hw is Her Baby ?? Dono theek toh hai na ?? Doctor ne kya kaha ?? Its been 1 Hour n till nw No News ??

Laksh : ( Teary Eyes ) Woh Papa..Actually Doctor came jst nw n He told ki Bhabhi ki Tabiyat is Very Critical n Unki Pregnancy ke wajeh se Its even more nw She is Under Observation bt agr in Nxt 1 Hour Bhabhi ko Hosh nhi aaya toh They need to Operate Bhabhi ( Cries Silently )

DP : ( Shocked bt Composes Himself ) Fikar mat karo Beta..Everything will be Alryt..U jst be wid Sanskaar..He needs U da Most nw.. (.Worried )

Laksh : ( Composes Himself ) Haa Papa..Dnt Worry..m wid Bhai U too Take Care n also of Maa n Aryaan..Will keep Updating U..Bye..

DP : Haa Ok Beta..Bye..

As Soon as DP n Laksh Cuts da Call,DP informs Everyone abt Swara’s Health n Critical Condition making Everyone Worried while Ragini Smirked Winningly on Hearing Swara’s Critical State..

Ragini : ( Smirks Victoriously )( Monologue ) Thnk God..Swara is in Critical Condition ..Nw Finally I will get My Everything Bak.My Husband..My Son..My Family n More Importantly MY IDENTITY of Being MRS RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI..WIFE of COMMISIONER of Kolkata.. ( Smirks Evilly )

While Ragini was Skirling Evilly Lost in Her Own Thots,Aryaan who saw Ragini Smirking Winningly Pleaded Ragini Badly while Crying Miserably in His Childish Tone fr Swara’s Health n His Happiness making Elders Brk Even More n Overwhelmed..

Aryaan : ( Pleads Ragini Badly ) Plzz Ragini Mumma..Plzz Dnt be soo Rude or Cruel Towards My MUMMA…She is MY LIFE Ragini Mumma..Me n Papa cnt Live widout Her..( Cries ) U knw Ragini Mumma ( Sees AP n Shomi ) Dadi n Nani told Me hw Mumma Cared fr Me wen I was Small n also Denied to Think abt Her OWN BABY..jst COZ OF Me.. ( Cries Silently ) Plzz Dnt Separate Mumma n Papa..Plzz..( Cries )

As Aryaan was Pleading Badly AP n Shomi were Lost in Their Own Thots Thinking abt Swara’s Sacrifice n Selfless Love towards Aryaan n Sanskaar Bringing A Overwhelming Smile on Their Faces..


6 Yrs Ago

After SwaSan Consummation

It was almost 5 Months after SwaSan Consummation n their Love Confession..Both Swara n Sanskaar were Living Happily Taking Care of 5 Months Baby Aryaan as their Own Parents..As Usual Swara was in Her Room Playing wid Baby Aryaan wen Sanskaar Returns frm His Office n sees Swara Playing wid Aryaan Happily Making Him Smile n Adore Mother n Son Bond..

Swara : ( Plays wid Baby Aryaan ) Awwlee Mera Baby..See its Time fr Ur Papa to come bak frm His Duty..Dekhna wen He is Bak Today na We will nt Leave Him Ok ?? We will Any How Convince Him fr Outing Today.. ( Changes Baby Aryaan’s Diaper ) n Haa We will also Buy Soo mny Toys fr U..Hai na Mera Baccha ( Takes Aryaan in Her Lap ) Come Mera Baccha…Lets Feed U nw.. ( Makes Faces ) Warna if yr Papa sees Me Sitting Free He will agn Strt His ( Blushes ) Caring Session towards Me…bt ( Takes Milk Feeder ) U knw I cnt Leave U Alone…N Hw cn i haa ?? After all U r My First Responsibility..Hai na ? ( Kisses Aryaan’s Forehead Lovingly wid Teary Eyes ) Love U Aryaan..My Baccha ( Stares Aryaan Lovingly )

As Swara was Taking Care of Baby Aryaan,Aryaan Smiles n Enjoys Swara’s Love n Care Making Sanskaar Overwhelm n Happy seeing Swara’s Care n Love towards Aryaan..Soon He Enters da Room n Joins Swara n Baby Aryaan in Playing Happily Protraiting A Cute n A Perfect Sanskaar’s Family.Soon Aryaan Sleeps on Swara’s Lap Comfortably as Swara was Caressing Aryaan’s Hairs Lovingly wid a Lullaby while Sanskaar was Lost in His Serious Thots making Swara Confused n Worried..

Swara : ( Confused n Keeps Her One Palm on Sanskaar’s while Other Still Caressing Aryaan’s Hairs ) Sanskaar..Kya hua ? Y soo Serious Suddenly ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Sees Swara’s Care towards Aryaan ) Kuch nhi..bas was Thinking wat wud have Happened to My ( Sees Sleeping Aryaan n Keeps His Hands on Aryaan’s Hairs Lovingly ) Aryaan if U weren’t thr wid Us Today..Hw wud I Managed My Duty n Aryaan Both Together Properly..Thnks alot Swara fr Coming in My n Aryaan’s Life..U alwyz Thot abt Our Happiness b4 Urs..M Soo Blessed to Have U as My Life Partner n as Aryaan’s Mother..Jaise U Thot abt Our Happiness in ds Same way its My Duty too to Think abt Ur Happiness..Hai na ?

Swara : ( Confused ) wat Happened all of a Sudden Sanskaar ?? Y soo Serious Talks Today ? N M Happy wid U Sanskaar..U r alwyz keeping Me Happy den Y r u asking such Silly Talks Today all of a Sudden ?? ( Worried ) Kya hua ?? Sab theek toh hain na ? ( Tensed )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Fadely n Keeps His Hands on Swara’s Hands ) Nhi Swara..Sab theek nhi hai Today I will make Everything Right..

Swara : ( Confused n Keeps Baby Aryaan on Bed Properly n Goes Near Sanskaar ) Matlab ?? I did nt get U ..Sab theek kardunga abb ?? Wat do u mean by dat ??

Sanskaar : ( Takes a Deep Breath ) I mean Swara..Lets Plan OUR OWN BABY nw..I want to give U OUR OWN BABY..I want to give U A Symbol of OUR LOVE to U..I want to give U OUR CHILD who cn.. ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Shocked n Angry ) Wat do U Mean Sanskaar ?? U want to Give Me OUR OWN BABY ?? I alrdy Have Our Own Baby ( Sees Sleeping Aryaan Happily ) in da Form of Aryaan..I m alrdy A Mother of Aryaan..watelse in want Haa ?? ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) bt Swara..Dekho..da Truth is Aryaan is nt UR Own Child..its nt OUR CHILD..its Myn n Ragini’s Child..n I want to give U Someone who Rightfully Calls U as A Mother..I knw U Consider Aryaan as Ur Own Child n M Happy fr Swara..wat abt Ur Inner Feeling n Wish ?? Dont U feel or Wish to have Ur Own Child..Dnt U feel to have A Symbol of OUR LOVE in Ur Lap ? Dnt Uu ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Smiles at Sanskaar’s Concern ) No Sanskaar..i dnt feel anything like this..coz fr Me Aryaan is MY FIRST CHILD..n Will Alwyz Be..Frankly Speaking Sanskaar..I never felt ki Aryaan is nt My Child..He alwyz made Me feel like M His Real Mother..n rahi baath to have A Symbol of OUR LOVE..Hamesha Love cnt be Defined by a Child na..Sometimes Only Love n Care n Small Small Spcl Moments r only Enough to Measure Love..Our Symbol of Love is Aryaan Only Sanskaar…Abb dekho even After being No One to Aryaan,Its only Aryaan who made Me to Marry U..its Aryaan only fr whom We r together till nw n its Aryaan only who makes Me Feel Good n Who gives Me a Motherly Feeling n nw U tell Me even after all these do U still think Aryaan is nt A Symbol of Our Love..I knw i have nt given Birth to Aryaan Nor M His Biological Mother bt still Aryaan is More dan Real Ones to Me…Fr Me Aryaan is only My First Priority n will alwyz Be..i dnt want Aryaan to feel Insecure or to have any such feelings in His mind after seeing Me Loving My Own Child..I jst cnt See MY ARYAAN having such Stupid Feelings in His Mind..n I too wont be able to take care of Our Child Properly as Aryaan is My First Responsibility. ( Teary Eyes ) n dnt U ever think U r nt giving Me Happiness ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly Yet Lovingly ) alrdy gave Me Happiness in ds Form of Aryaan..N U n Aryaan r World to Me..Jab tak U both r thr wid Me..i dnt need anything else..Nt even OUR OWN BABY Sanskaar..Samjhe ? ( Hugs More Tightly wid Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Overwhelmed n Hugs Bak Swara Immediately ) M Proud of U..Thnk U fr Coming in My n Aryaan’s Life.Thnk U soo Much ( Teary Eyes ) I Promise I will.Alwyz be thr wid U No Matter wat da Situation is.. ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes n Hugs More Tightly )

While SwaSan were having their Emotional Talks,AP n Shomi who were Listening to da Talks were Overwhelmed n Tears of Overwhelmness Strtd Flowing frm their Eyes Hearing Swara’s Sacrifice n Selfless Love towards Aryaan n Sanskaar brings a Tears of Happiness in their Eyes..

**********FlashBack Ends**********

As AP n Shomi were Lost in Their Thots Thinking abt Swara’s Sacrifice n Selfless Love,their Thots were Broken by A Loud Sound of Slap Brining The Elders Present there in Utter Shock n Trauma..

Ragini : ( Angry n Slaps Aryaan ) Jst Shut Up Aryaan..U r still a Kid n Dnt U Dare Intrefere in Our Elders Matters.. (.Points to His Room Angrily ) Jst Go to ur Room Right nw n Dnt Step Out unless I tell U..Get it ?? ( Fuming in Anger )

Aryaan : ( Cries Miserably n Runs to Room ) Mumma… ( Remembers Swara wid Teary Eyes )

Soon as Aryaan Runs towards His Room Crying,Shomi Fumes in Anger n Slaps Ragini Agn Angrily making Ragini More Angry n Frustrated..

Shomi : ( Angry ) Ragini… ( Slaps ) Wat the Tell U did jst nw ?? U r Totally Gone Mad Ragini..Hw cn U Slap a Small Kid who dnt knw wats going Around Him..He is jst A Small n Innocent Soul..n U Slapped Him fr jst a Small Reason ??. ( Feeling Disgust )

Raguni : ( Angry ) Watever Maa…Fr U it myt be a Small Reason bt fr Me its nt..its A BIG THING fr Me..This House…This Reputation..n all the Things wich is Related to Sanskaar is MINE coz M HIS FIRST WIFE n Whoever comes in b/w Me n My Reputation..I wont Leave Them..n Aryaan was Fsvouring dat Cheap Orphan inspite of being My Blood ?? Hw Dare He ?? ( Frustrated )

Shomi : ( Shocked ) bt Ragini.. Aryaan is jst a ( Intrerupted )

Ragini : ( Angry ) MAA..Please..Stop It.. ( Irritated n Leaves )

As Ragini Leaves Angrily frm thr,AP,DP,Shekhar n Shomi were all Shocked n Surprised seeing Ragini’s Madness n was Lost Worrying fr Herental State wid Tension Clealy seen on their Faces..


City Hospital

Waiting Room

1 Hour Later

Its been 1 Hour n Swara was still Unconscious making Sanskaar n Others More Worried n Tensed..As Everyone were Worried fr Swara n Her Health in Waiting Room there on da Other Hand in Swara’s Ward Room,Swara was Lying Unconscious on Her Bed all Pale n Weak wid Mny Machines n Stripes around Her Body making Her Moee Weak n Dull..As Swara was Lying Unconscious Ragini who was Fuming in Anger n Madness Stared Unconscious Swara Angrily Indicating Her Dangerous Plan towards Swara n Her Unborn New Baby..

Ragini : ( Angry ) Swara…6 Yrs Ago U Snatched Myn Everything Right ?? My Husband..My Son..My Reputation n My Status wen I was in Coma..n nw after 6 Yrs in da Same Way Today I will Snatch UR EVERYTHING frm U wen U r in Ur Deep Unconscious State.. ( Laughs Madly n Moves Towards Unconscious Swara ) I will Snatch Ur Life n Ur Unborn Baby frm U..n Den Everything wich was Mine will be Mine Forever All Over Agn.. ( Smirks Evilly n Moves Jer Jands towards Unconscious Swara )

Soon Ragini Moves Her Hands towards Unconscious Swara,Swara Gains Her Some Senses n Sees Ragini Staning Near Her All Alone wid A Strange Smile Making Swara Tensed n Scared..

Swara : ( Opens Her Eyes Slowly n Sees Ragini ) Rraaggiinnii ( Sweats )

Ragini : ( Smriks More Evilly ) Ohh Aagayi Sautan Ji Hosh Main..Good..Atleast U Opened Ur Eyes n See Me i.e Ur BESTES FRND n ( Shows Family Photograph Consisting of Sanskaar n Aryaan n Others ) Others fr da Last Time..Coz Nw U r going to CLOSE Ur Eyes FOREVER… ( Laughd Madly ) n Haa Wid U ( Touches Swara’s Baby Bump ) Ur Baby wich is Urs n Sanskaar’s Live Symbol will also Die along wid U..Den U n Ur Baby Enjoy Seeing Me n Sanskaar Enjoying Our Life Happily frm ( Points Up ) frm Up..Ok ?? ( Laughs Insanely making Swara Shocked n Surprised )

Hearing Ragini,Swara was Really Scared n was Sweating Badly Thinking abt Ragini n Her Madness while Ragini Smirked Evilly n Widin Seconds b4 Swara cud React Ragini
Removes Swara’s Oxygen Mask n Smirking Evilly Seeing Swara Breathing Heavily Sweating Very Badly making Ragini Laugh n Enjoy seeing Swara Breathing Her Last Breath..

Ragini : ( Smirks Evilly ) GOOD BYE MY SAUTAN… (.Laughs Madly )

As Ragini was Laughing Madly seeing Swara Breathing Heavily,Swara Clutches Her Baby Bump Tightly Remembering n Gets Flash Back of Her Happy Moments Spent wid Sanskaar n Aryaan wid Moist Eyes Breathing Heavily making Her More Difficult to Breath n Survive..

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Lyrics
Paas Aaye..
Dooriyaan Phir Bhi Kum Naa Hui
Ek Adhuri Si Hamari Kahani Rahi
Aasmaan Ko Zameen, Ye Zaroori Nahi
Jaa Mile.. Jaa Mile..
Ishq Saccha Wahi
Jisko Milti Nahi Manzilein.. Manzilein..

Rang Thhe, Noor Tha
Jab Kareeb Tu Tha
Ek Jannat Sa Tha, Yeh Jahaan
Waqt Ki Ret Pe Kuch Mere Naam Sa
Likh Ke Chhod Gaya Tu Kahaan

Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…

Soon Swara who was Breathing Heavily,Sanskaar n Aryaan was Entering Swara’s Room was All Shocked n Numb Seeing Ragini Standing Nea Swara n Laughing Madly seeing Swara Breathing Heavily widout Her Oxygen Mask instead of Helping Her..Seeing Swara Breathing Heavily n Struggling fr Her Life Both Sanskaar n Aryaan Immediately Rushed towards Swara to Help Her,bt B4 They could Reach Towards Swara,Swara Had Already Closed Her Eyes Happily making Sanskaar n Aryaan Shocked n Numb seeing Swara Closing Her Eyes Happily.

Sanskaar/Aryaan : ( Shocked ) SWARA!!/MUMMAAA ( Shocked seeing Swara Closing Her Eyes )

As Swara Closed Her Eyes Happily n wid Satisfaction,Both Sanskaar n Aryaan were Shocked n Lifeless seeing Swara while Ragini Still Laughed Madly n Insanely Making Sanskaar Angry Over His Limits..


Precap : Jail OR Mental Asylum ??



Finally Done wid Another Part..Hope U will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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    2. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Hehhe ??..All i cn say is Wait fr da Nxt Part 🙂

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