Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 11


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Recap : Ragini Madness…SwaSan Aryaan Bonding…SwaSan Romance…Ragini Strangling Swara’s Neck..

Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 11

City Hospital

1 Hour Later

The Part Strts wid Both Swara n Sanskaar Sitting on a Bench Supporting Eachother all Lost in their Thots Broken n Shattered wid Tears Rolling frm their Eyes Continously after getting Swara Admitted in da Hospital 1 Hour Ago..


SwaSan Room

3AM Night

It was Night Time n Swara n Aryaan were Playing in Play station Fifa wid Full Enjoyment n Fun…As they were Enjoying Sanskaar Returns frm His Late Duty n sees both Swara n Aryaan Enjoying n Playing Play Station..Seeing dem Playing Happily Sanskaar too gets Happy n He too Joins them aftet getting Freshen Up making Swara n Aryaan Both Happy n Exicted like a Kid..

Aryaan : ( Happy n Hugs Sanskaar ) Papaa…Aagaye Aap ?? U knw I was Waiting fr U since afternoon… ( Pout )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Makes Him Sit on His Lap ) Aww..M soo Sorry Champ..I actually Planned to Come Early bt Ek Urgent Case came so Late hogaya..Sorry ( Apolozing Face )

Aryaan : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Papa..Nw come n Play Fifa wid Us. ( Laughs ) U knw wat Papa..Mumma is Loosing frm Me since Past 1 Hour n Still She is like She wanna Play More ( Giggles )

Hearing Aryaan Sanskaar too Bursted Out Laughing n Strtd Teasing Swara making Her Angry…

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Swara…If U cnt Play den Y do U Play Haa ?? I Told U B4 only this Game is nt of ur Type ( Giggles ) This is nt Ur Girlish Type Game its A Fifa Game wich requires Brain n Smartness.n U ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) Wat U mean Sanskaar ? I dnt have Brain ?? I m nt Smart ? n I Play Girlish Games ?? N i cnt Play this Fifa Wifa na ? Den Come I will Challenge U..Play One Game wid Me n I Promise I will Win n Show U ( Determined )

Sanskaar/Aryaan : ( Laughs ) Dnt Joke Swara/Mumma..U cnt Win this ( Laughs Agn )

Sanskaar : ( Laughing ) Haa Swara..We r Serious..U cnt Win frm Us in this Game.. ( To Aryaan ) Kyoun Hai na Aryaa ? ( Hi Fi Aryaan )

Aryaan : ( Hi Fi Bak ) Haa..Mumma.
U cnt..Coz Papa is a Champion in this Game..Even Chachu Looses frm Papa in this Game ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Confidently ) Accha..Is it so ?? Den Accept My Challenge na..Y so much Attitude in Accepting..R u both Afraid of Me ?? ( Winks Naughtily )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Dnt Dare to Wake A Winner inside Me Swara..Ok ??

Swara : I will ( Determined )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Ok..Enough nw..I Accept Ur Challenge..Come one..Lets Strt the Game..

Swara : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Ok Come..

Soon da Game Strtd n Both Swara n Sanskaar Strtd Playing Quite Well giving Tough Competition to Eachother while Aryaan too Enjoyed da Fum Fight b/w His Parents..

Aryaan : ( Enoys ) Come On Papa..U cn do it..( To Swara ) Cone On Mumma..U cn also do it ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Aryaan…Wat r u telling? Supporting Me n Ur Mumma too at da Same Time..Hw is it Possible ??

Aryaan : ( Giggles ) Papa..See..U r My Papa..n Same way Mumma is My Mumma .n U both r Mine..So hw cn I Support only One among U..I cnt..So thot to Support Both of U..n More Over Mumma b4 Strting da Challenge Promised She will give A Big 5 Star Chocolate to Me..So I m Supporting Her too ( Giggles ) if U want Me to Support U den U also need to give Something to Me ( Laughs Naughty )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What ?? Chocolate ki Rishwat ( Bribe ) ? N Asking frm A Commisioner too?. Soo Bad Aryaan.. ( Abhi dekhta hu tumhe.. ( Wait )

Hearing Aryaan,Sanskaar Immediately Ran behind Aryaan n Strtd Chasing Him Playfully Enjoying while Aryaan too Enjoyed n Ran Outside Saving Himself..Seeing Sanskaar n Aryaan Playing Swara too Enjoys n Laughs Whole Heartedly Making Sanskaar Mesmerized n Adore Her Laughing Nature..

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) wat r U Laughing at ? ? Wait Let Me see U too. . ( Goes Near Swara )

As Sanskaar Comes Towards Swara,Swara Tried to get Up in Fear bt b4 She cud get Up Sanskaar Took Her in His Arms n Strtd Tickling Her Playfully Making both Swara n Sanskaar to Enjoy n Laugh Full Heartedly..

*********FlashBack Ends*********

As they both Sanskaar n Aryaan were Lost in their Own Thots Remembering their Old n Sweet Moments A Smile Automatically Appeared on their Faces Forgetting the Situation they r in..While they r Lost Their Thots r Broken by A Voice Making dem to Come bak to their Senses..

Laksh : ( Teary Eyes ) Bhai..

Sanskaar : ( Coming in Senses ) Haa.Laksh..Doctor came kya ? Wat did He say ??Tell na Laksh..Plzz ( Worried )

Laksh : ( Calms Sanskaar Down ) Haa Bhai..Relax..Doctor came n He is Calling U..

Sanskaar : Haa toh..Wat r we Waiting fr..Chalo jaldi..I knw Swara will be alryt..She Promised Me She wont Leave Me..N I knw She wont Brk Her Promise.. ( Smiles in Teary Eyes )

Soon Sanskaar along wid Laksh n Aryaan Reaches towards Doctor n as soon they Reach Near da Place, Doctor Strtd to tell Swara’s Condition naking Sanskaar n Everyone Shocked n Numb..

Doctor : Dekhiye Mr Maheshwari i wont give any False Hopes to U all bt My Duty is to tell U da Truth..n da Truth is Mrs Maheshwari ki Halaat is nt at all Good nor Stable..She is Sinking Minute by Minute due to Lack of Oxygen…n if it goes on like this den m Sorry We will only be able to Save Ur Wife Or Ur Baby among both of dem..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What!!! Wat r U telling Doctor..Plzz Save My Wife n My Baby both..Plzz Doctor ( Pleads )

Doctor : Listen Mr Maheshwari..We will try Our Best..Bt still in case if We have to Save anyone..Whom U Like to Save ?? Think Mr Maheshwari n tell Ur Decision Mr Maheshwari..We have Very Less Time..Till den We will Prepare fr Operation..

Hearing Doctor,Sanskaar along wid Everyone were Shocked n Turned Numb widout any Expressions on their Faces..As Doctor Went Telling da State of Swara,Sanskaar was agn Really Shattered n was Lost in His Thots Remembering da Past Day Breaking Him More Down..


7 Months Ago

Maheshwari Mansion Hall

It was Another Beautiful Morning n As Usual Swara was Bzy in Her Daily Chores Helping both Sanskaar n Aryaan fr their Duty n Shcool..As She was Packing Aryaan’s Tiffin Swara felt Dizzyness n was abt to Fall bt was Saved by Sanskaar on Time making Swara to come in Her Senes..

Sanskaar : ( Holds n Makes Swara Properly ) Swara..Carefull Princes.. ( Worried ) Kya hua ?? R u Fine ? I m Noticing frm Past Few Dyz U r Feeling Dizzyness;Vomiting Frequently.. ( Chks Her Temperature by Hands ) Bukhar Wukhar toh nhi tumhe ?? Come Lets go to Doctor Immediately..Come ( Worried )

Swara : ( Stops ) Offo..Sanskaar..Relax..Calm Down..Dnt Panick..M Absolutely Fine ..bas Thodi si Weakness hai..dats it..Waise bhi I already Took An Appointment frm Doctor fr Afternoon..So dnt worry..will go in Afternoon n get Myself Chkd.

Sanskaar : Pakka ?? I mean will U be able to go Alive..Or Shall I come wid U ??

Swara : No..Bilkul bhi nhi..No need to Leave Ur Duty fr Me n Come..I will Manage..dnt worry..

Sanskaar : Pakka ??

Swara : Haa Baba..Pakka..Nw Go ( Pushed Sanskaar by Her Hands towards da Door )..U r getting Late fr Ur Duty..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok Accha Going.. ( Turns Bak n Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) Take Care n Love U..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Love U Too..Bye..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Bye..

Soon Sanskaar Left fr His Duty n Aryaan as well Left fr His School wid Laksh n as Both Aryaan n Sanskaar Left Swara too gets Bzy in Her Daily Wrk n Strtd getting Ready fr the Appointment Causually..


City Hospital

3PM Afternoon

Time Passes n its Time fr Swara’s Appointment n as Per Her Appointment Swara was being Chkd by Doctor Carefully Making Swara Tensed seeing Doctor’s Expressions..Soon da Check Up was Over n Both Swara n Doctor were in A Cabin Discussing abt Swara’s Health Increasing Swara’s Heart Beat n Tension..

Swara : ( Worried ) Doctor..Tell na Everything is Fine na ?? I mean wat m Thinking is Right na.?? M Iii Pprreegg ( Intrerupted )

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Relax Mrs Maheshwari..Nthing to Worry n ( Shakes Her Hands wid Swara ) Congratulations..Wat u r thinking is Absolutely Right..U r 3 Weeks Pregnant..n This Dizzyness,Vomiting Etc u r feeling is coz of Pregnancy only..So thr is nthing to Worry..

Hearing Doctor,Swara who all Scared n Frightened thinking abt Her Doubts was Really Happy n Overwhelmed Hearing Her Doubts were True..Tears of Happiness m Excitement Strtd Roling frm Her Eyes making Doctor to Smile n Assure Swara abt Her Doubts Happily..


7PM Evening

SwaSan Room

Its Night 7 n Swara was in Her Room All Worried n Scared Thinking abt Her News to Sanskaar..As Swara was Bzy in Her Thots Sanskaar Returned frm Washroom n Bak Hugs Swara frm Behind Wrapping His Hands around Her Belly Making Swara to Sense His Touch. .

Swara : (Feels Sanskaar’s Touch n Blushes ) Ssanskaarr..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles feeling Her Nervousness ) Hmmm ( Kisses Swara’s Nape Sensuously )

Swara : ( Closes Her Eyes Feeling His Touch ) Ii wanna Tteell u 1 Thing. ( Breathing Heavily )

Sanskaar : ( Bzy in Kissing ) Hmm..tell na..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Wwoohh..We r going to Expect A New Member in Our Family after 9 Months..

Sanskaar : ( Unknowingly ) Haa toh 9 Months Later that Y r u Informing Me nw Only..N Who is dat Spcl Guest fr Whom u r Informing Me 9 Months b4 Only..Is it Our Babb ( Shocked m Realized n Turns Swara towards Him ) Do Uu Mean Uu rr Pprreeggnant wid Our CHILD ?? ( Curious )

Swara : ( Blushes n Heads Down ) Hmm.. ( Hides Her Face in Sanskaar’s Chest Immediately in Shyness ) Yes..Sanskaar..M 3 Weeks Pregnant..Today wen i went to Hospital fr Chk Up.Doctor Informed Me n Pregnant since Weeks.. ( Shy )

Hearing Swara,Sanskaar was all Shocked n Surprised at First bt Later His Shockness Turned into Happiness n Excitement n Tears of Helplessness Strtd Roling frm His Eyes making Sanskaar Mad n Turns Swara Around Madness..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Exicted ) Omg..Omg Swara.U mean m going to be A Papa agn..Omg..M soo ( Picks Swara n Turns Around Happily ) Happy Swara.m going to be A Dad Agn..n dat too Our Own Child..Omg ( Stops Turning Round n Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) Thnk Uu soo Much Swara..U gave Me da Most Beautiful n Wonderful News Ever.. ( Overwhelmed )

Swara : ( Blushes n Hugs Sanskaar Agn ) M also Soo Happy Sanskaar..Finally Our OWN CHILD..Aryaan will get His Lil Bro n Sister.I will get My Aecond Child..M soo Happy ( Teary Eyes ) bt Sanskaar I Promise even after Giving Birth to Our Own Child fr Me Aryaan will only be My First Child..I will never Neglect Aryaan fr My Own Me Aryaan n Our Child both will be Equal..I Promise that Sanskaar..I will alwyz be Aryaan’s Mother First den of Our Child ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Overwhelmed n Release da Hug ) I knw that..U will never do any Partiality b/w Our 2 Kids..I Trust U ( Kisses Swara’sForehead Lovingly ) Did U tell this News to Maa n Papa n Others ??

Swara : ( Blushes ) No..I First wanted U to knw abt it..dats Y did nt tell anyone.I want U to Informed others abt this..I cnt ( Blushes n Hugs Sanskaar Agn Shyly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles at Swara’s Shyness ) Ok Fine.Come..

Soon both Swara n Sanskaar Left fe Hall n Informed Everyone abt Swara’s Pregnancy Shyly making Everyone Happy n Overwhelmed Hearing da News of Swara’s Pregnancy..Everyone Blessed both Swara n Sanskaar n Went towards tneir Own Rooms to Strt their New Day wid da Most Beautiful n Spcl News of their Life wid Full Happiness n Excitement..

*********FlashBack Ends*********

Soon Sanskaar comes out of His thots n Declared His Decision making Everyone Shocked n Surprised wid Tears Rolling frm their Eyes Continously n making Sanskaar n Aryaan More Weak n Brk Down..

Paas Aaye..
Dooriyaan Phir Bhi Kum Naa Hui
Ek Adhuri Si Hamari Kahani Rahi
Aasmaan Ko Zameen, Ye Zaroori Nahi
Jaa Mile.. Jaa Mile..
Ishq Saccha Wahi
Jisko Milti Nahi Manzilein.. Manzilein..

Rang Thhe, Noor Tha
Jab Kareeb Tu Tha
Ek Jannat Sa Tha, Yeh Jahaan
Waqt Ki Ret Pe Kuch Mere Naam Sa
Likh Ke Chhod Gaya Tu Kahaan

Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…


Maheshwari Mansion

2 Hours Later

Time Passed n Everyone Except Sanskaar,Laksh Reached Maheshwari Mansion n as they Entered da Mansion Shekhar who was also Broken n Shattered Hearing abt Swara,saw Ragini n Fumed in Anger n as a Result Slapping Her Tightly making Everyone including Ragini Shocked n Surprised on Shekhar’s Sudden Act..

Ragini : ( Slapped by Shekhar ) BABA ( Shocked )

Shekhar : ( Angry ) Dnt..Dnt U Dare Call Me Baba agn..U r nt My Daughter frm Nw onwards..

Ragini : ( Shocked ) Bbt Y Baba ?? ( Teary Eyes ) Maine kya kiya.??

Shekhar : ( Angry n Shouts ) KYA KIYA ?? itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi U r asking Kya hua ?? Coz of U Swara is in Danger.Coz of U Her baby is in Danger..Coz of U Today M in da State of Loosing My Daughter..Coz of U m going to Loose My Grand Child..N itna sab kuch karne ke baad U r Asking wat u have done ..N u did nt feel fr a Second too to come n meet Hw is Swara ?? Kaisi Insaan ho tum Ragini ?? Kuch toh Insaniyaat dikhao..She was ur Best Frnd..dnt u remember dat ?? ( Full Angry )

Ragini : ( Burted Out ) Haam.She WAS My Best Frnd bt nt nw..She is only My SAUTAN nw..n Maine uss Aanat ( Orphan ) se aapna Rishts tabhi tod diya tha wen She Stopped Her Singing Career n was Loosing Her Fame..maine usse Dosti sirf uske Status dekhkat ki thi bt wen Her So Called Guardian Ram Got Injured..She Left Singing n Her Career also got dat Time only i Strtd Avoiding Her m Broke My Frndship frm Her n nw wen She is My Sautan i cnt Tolerate Her More..I WISH SHE DIES n along wid Her HER UNBORN BABY TOO DDDII ( Intrerupted )

As Ragini was Wishing Bad fr Swara n Her Unborn Child,Shekhar Slapped Her Agn Tight n even More Harder Making Ragini agn Shocked n Irritated..

Shekhar : ( Angry ) Shut Up Ragini..M feeling Ashamed to have a Daughter like U..Maine Bachpan se tumhari Har Zid aur Har Ek Wish Puri ki chahe woh Sahi ho ya Ghalat yeh sochke ki As U Grow U will Understand ur Responsibilities n Ur No..Aaj tumne jo kiya hai na I feel I was Wrong ..My Upbringing was Wrong n dats Y u r Like this Today..Yaad rakhna Ragini ( Full Angry ) Aaj agr Meri Bacchi Swara aur uske Bacche ko kuch bhi hua toh I wont Forgive U at all..I wont..U will be DEAD fr ME n fr Ur MAA dat Minute itself..Arrey tumhe toh Shukriya karna chahiye uss Swara ka coz of U..Thinking abt Aryaan She did nt Plan HER OWN CHILD since Last 6 Yrs even after Sanskaar’s Insisting Her soo mnuch..It took Us 6 Yrs to Convince Swara to Plan Her Own Baby..jab jaake Today wen She was going to Get Her Own Child n Her Happiness U Snatched dat also frm Her..Shame On U Ragini..Shame on U..Chii.. ( Angry )

While Shekhar Kept on Scolding Ragini Angrily,Ragini Fumed in Anger n Threw da Vase Present infornt of Her Angrily making Shekhar n Others More Shocked n Feel Disgusted on Ragini n Her Madness..


Precap : Swara’s State Critical..


Finally..Done wid Another Part..Hope U will Like it..Do Comment if its Boring Too ??..


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