Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 10


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Recap : SanLak;Bond..SwaSan Late Night Outing,Sahil Swara Convo…Sanskaar Saves Swara Smartly..


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 10

7AM Morning

The Part Strts wid Sanskaar Driving da Car to Reach MM While Swara was Sleeping Peacefully wid a.Cute Smile on Her Face after a Long n A Tiring Late Night Outing..As Swara was Sleeping Peacefully Sanskaar Stared His Princess through a Front Mirror Admring n Smiling seeing His Princess Sleeping wid A Cute Smile..While Admiring His Princess,Sanskaar Reached MM n took Swara in His Arm due to Her Deep Sleep n Entered MM Slowly widout Disturbing Anyone..As Sanskaar Entered da MM,Ragini who was in Hall saw dem n Fumed in Anger seeing Swara in Arms of Sanskaar n Strtd Her Madness Agn to Trouble Swara by Increasing da Volume of Her Music System as She was doing Excercise wid Her Club Members..

Ragini : ( Angry n Increases da Volume of Music System ) Guyz lets do Some Fast Steps..Ok ?? ( Smirks Evilly seeing Sanskaar ) More )

Members : ( Smiles ) YES..

Ragini : ( Monologue ) Nw Lets See Sanskaar..Wat will U do nw..Taking this Orphan in yr Arms na..nw lets see hw Long will this Orphan be in ur Arms nw.. ( Angry ) Only I have da Right to be in Ur Arms..No One Else has dat Right..nt Even Ur Sister.. ( Angry n Increased da Volume

Soon Ragini n Members Strtd doing their Fast Steps wid High Music thinking Sanskaar wud React wich wud Disturb Swara’s Peacefully Sleep bt all Went in Vain wen Sanskaar widout Paying any Attention to Ragini’s Madness went inside their Room wid Swara making Ragini more Angry n Frustrated..


SwaSan Room

As Sanskaar Entered da Room widout Paying any Attention to Ragini’s Madness,He made Swara Lye on Bed Properly n Covered Her wid A Comfortable Blanket n Kissed Swara’s Forehead Lovingly n Went Outside Angrily widout Disturbing Swara making Ragini n Members Shocked seeing Sanskaar’s Sudden Reaction..

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Turns Ragini towards Him ).Wjat the Hell do U think of Urself Ragini Ha ? Y r u doing all these ??

Ragini : ( Understands n Smirks Insanely n Comes Closer to Sanskaar n in Husky Voice ) I think Myself as MRS SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.. ( Playing wid Sanskaar’s Shirt Buttons Sensuously ) n m doing all these to get MY HUSBAND Back..U knw wat Sanskaar ( Madly ) Only i have da Right to be in ur Arms..No one else ( Comes More Closer ) So Come On Pick Me na IN UR ARMS..m Dying to be in ur Arms..Plz Pick na ( Huskily )

As Ragini was Trying to Seduce Sanskaar Madly,All the Members n Maheshwari Family Present thr was Shocked seeing Ragini’s Madness n was Standing Numb wid Full Disgust n Shame seeing Ragini while Sanskaar Jerked n Broke da Music System Angrily making Ragini More Mad n Insane..

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Jerks Ragini ) For God Sake Ragini..Come in ur Senses..What Rubbish r u doing ?? Have some Shame Ragini.. ( Brks da Music System Angrily ) n Mind U ( Points His Finger ) Dnt U Dare to Trouble MY Swara agn.coz Iss Time toh I Jst Broke Ur Music System bt Nxt Time if U Trouble Swara I will BRK U Only Forgetting U r My First Son’s Mother….Got it ?? ( Leaves Angrily )

Ragini : ( Angry n Throws da Stuffs in Hall ) Arrghh ( Shouts Madly ) SANSKARR !!! Tum jo bhi karlo..U r ONLY MINE.Suno tumne..ONLY MINE..n Uss ( Throws a SwaSan Photo Frame ) SWARA ko toh main Chodogi nhi..I will KILL HER..Suna Tumne Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari I WILL KILL ur SWARA..U r Only Mine n jo bhi Mere aur Tumhare beech aayega i will KILL them..chahe woh koi bhi ho ( Laughs Madly )

Soon Ragini too Leaves frm thr Angrily while AP,DP n Laksh n Aryaan along wid Club Members were Shocked n Surprised seeing Ragini’s Madness widout Uttering a Word..As Ragini went da Club Members too Left wid Utter Shock Leaving Maheshwari Family still in Shock while Aryaan stood there Numb Standing Behind Laksh Holding Laksh Tightly in Fear wid Teary Eyes seeing Madness of Ragini making Laksh to Understand Aryaan’s State..

Laksh : ( Feels da Tight Grip n Sees Aryaan n Tries to Divert His Mind ) Aww My Baccha ( Bends n Makes Aryaan Sit on His Lap ) Kya hua ?? Y r u Crying?

Aryaan : ( Cries Innocently n Hugs Laksh Tightly ) Cchachhuu..Whats Happening to Ragini Mumma Day by Day ?? M Scared seeing Her Like this..Y is She Behaving Like this ?? Mumma is also ( Cries More Innocently ) really Scared seeing Ragini Mumma Like this..She Cries whole Night.. n Papa is also Really Tensed seeing Mumma’s Health.. ( Release da Hug bt still Crying ) Chachu..Plzz Do something na..I HATE RAGINI MUMMA..She is VERY BAD..She is Trying to Harm My Mumma n My Little Bro n Sis..Plzz Save My Mumma n My Little brother or Sister..Plzz ( Hugs Agn n Cries )

As Aryaan was Telling His Fear n His Heart Out Laksh,DP n AP who was Listening to the Innocent Soul too Cries Silently n Thinks abt Aryaan’s Words n were Lost in Thots Thinking abt the Recent Incidents Happening in their House along with Swara’s Health n Ragini’s Madness..


SwaSan Room

12PM Afternoon

Time Passes n its 12 Noon n Swada was Still Sleeping Peacefully wid a Cute Smile on Her Face while Clutching Her Blanket Like A Kid while on the Sanskaar was Bzy in Studying His New Cases on A Couch Near Bed n Aryaan on the Other Hand was Playing on Laptop
Sitting Near Sanskaar making Voices Innocently..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles seeing Aryaan bt still Bzy in Files ) Champ..

Aryaan : ( Smiles n Bzy in Playing ) Yes Papa..( Makes Innocent Voices while Playing )

Sanskaar : Beta..Slowly..See Ur Mumma is Sleeping na..So Low ur Voice..Ok ?

Aryaan : ( Stops Playing n Bites His Tongue Cutely ) Ohh Yes..I Forgot..Sorry Papa..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Champ ( Bzy in File ) ..

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Thnk U Papa..( Bzy in Playing Agn )

As Sanskaar n Aryaan were Bzy in their Own Wrk Agn Swara Heard their Voices n Wakes Rubing Her Closed Eyes Cutely making both Aryaan n Sanskaar to Stop their Wrk..

Aryaan : ( Happy seeing Swara ) Mummaa.. ( Stops Playing n Runs n Hugs Swara ) U Woke Up ?? Itni Daer koi Sota hai kya.?? ( Brks da Hug ) U knw I Missed U Soo Much ( Pout Innocently )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Cones Near Swara too n Caresses Her Hairs Lovingly ) Hw r U Feeling nw Princess ?? ( To Aryaan ) n U Aryaan..Strtd Agn Disturbing Ur Mumma..Dekha na She Woke Up jst nw..n U Strtd Agn ?? ( Fake Anger )

Swara : ( Smiles in Sleep ) Its Ok Sanskaar.. ( Signals Aryaan to Come Near Her ) He is My Pyaara Baccha ( Kisses Aryaan’s Cheeks Tightly Yet Lovingly ) Muuwaahh..n He cn Disturb Me anytime..Hain na Baccha ??

Aryaan : ( Happy Innocently ) Haa Mumma..U r Right ( To Sanskaar Naughtily ) n Papa..Dnt Interfere in Myn n Mumma’s Matter..Ok ?? Do I Disturb U wen U r Bzy in Kissing Mumma wen U feel M Sleeping.. ( Giggles Teasingly ) No Na..Den U also dnt Disturb Me.. ( Lighs Slowly Yet Teasingly )

While Aryaan Teased SwaSan Innocently,Both Swara n Sanskaar were Shocked n Turned Red due to Shyness n Embarrassment while Aryaan Laughed n Left the Room Teasing SwaSan More making SwaSan More Embarrassed n Red..

Aryaan : ( Laughs n Teases More ) Nw Stop Blushing Mumma..Papa..n Get Ready Soon..We need to go Ram Nana n Suju Nani’s House..( Smiles n Comes to da Door Slowly b Teases Agn ) n Haa dnt Forgot to Give Eachother a Good Morning Kiss b4 Coming Down ( Laughs n Runs )

SwaSan : ( Shocked n Drop theirJaws ) ARYAAN !!!

Swara : ( Blushes ) Badmaash.. ( To Sanskaar ) Dekha apne Champ ko..Naughty hote jaraha hai Day by Day..n ( Fake Anger ) Its all Coz of U..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Coz of ME ?? bt nw ?? Abb maine kya kiys isme ??

Swara : Haa..Coz of U Only..Kaha tha na maine..dnt do anything like this Wen Aryaan is around Us.. bt ( Angry n Beats Sanskaar by Hands.) No..U wont Listen to dekha..He knws Everything..n nw He is Tessing Us like this..n its coz of U Only ( Beats Agn ) Shameless Mr Maheshwari.Wat will Happen wen Aryaan Speaks all these infornt of Everyone Outside..He is Still a Kid..Pata nhi kab kaha aur kiske Saamne apne Innocence main kehde sabke saamne..Its nt all Good fr Him in this Age..Bt U wont Understand..Huuhh..( Turns in Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Bak Hugs ) Accha Baba..Sorry..Dnt EWorry..I will Talk to Laksh n He will Explain Aryaan abt it Clealy..U knw na Laksh is Good in Handling all theses Matters.. ( Kisses Her Nape Sensuously )

Swara : ( Still Angry ) Haa..Haa..n U r ( Hits His Hands ) Good fr Nthing..Except in ( Moves n Hits Sanskaar’s Lips ) Romancing..Shameless..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Moves Closer to Swara ) Haa..toh..wats Shame in this..M Romancing wid My WIFE Only na..nt wid Someone else..So Y to Feel Shame..n Waise bhi..No one is Here in Room i cn Romance na.. ( Smirks Naughtily n Moves More Closer )

As Sanskaar was Moving Towards Her,Swara Shows Her Hands n Stops Sanskaar frm More Near Her Plinting to Her Baby Bump making Sanskaar Confused..

Swara : ( Stops ) Stop Right thr Sanskaar.. thr is Still Someone who is Watching all these..

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) What ?? Bt who ?

Swara : ( Points Her Baby Bump ) OUR New Member..He is also Watching Us ( Blushes ) So Stop ur Plans..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Shakes His Head ) Offo..Itni baath..Wait .iska Solution hai mere Pass.. ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Kya ? Wat Solution ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily n Goes to Wardrobe ) Yeh .. ( Brings a Cloth n Covers Swara’s Baby Bump Properly ) lo hogaya..nw Our Chottu wknt be able to see..Happy ?? Nw cn i Proceed wat i was going to do ?? ( Smiles Lovingly )

Swara : ( Shocked bt Blushes ) Sanskaarr..U r soo Shamless..

Sanskaar : ( Giggles ) Haa..woh toh Hai..nw Plzz Stop ur Blushness n Let Me Kiss U..M Dying fr My Good Morning Kiss..Subah se U r making Me Wait.. (.Pout Face )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Accha Ok..

Seeing Sanskaar’s Desperation Swara Smiles n Moves Closer to Sanskaar Clutching His Shirt Fr Support n Smashes Her Soft Pinky Lips on Sanskaar’s Rough Lips n Strts Capturing them Lovingly Kissing Him Passionately Biting n Sucking His Lips Hungrily..As soon as Swara Strtd Kissing Him,Sanskaar too Smiles n Kisses Her Bak Holding Swara Securely in His Hands Reciprocating da Kiss Lovingly..

Bin Tere Mujhse Naaraz Tha Dil
Tu Mila Hai Keh Raha
Main To Tere Rang Mein
Rang Chuka Hun
Bas Tera Ban Chuka Hun
Mera Mujh Me Kuchh Nahi
Sab Tera..Sab Tera..

Soon da Gentle Kiss Turned into a Passionate One n both Swara n Sanskaar were Lost in Eachother’s Kiss Deeply Forgetting their Recent Fight..As Each Seconds Passed Swara n Sanskaar were Out of Breath wich made dem to Brk their Kiss while Breathing Heavily Staring Eachother Lovingly wid Equal Love n Passion fr Eachother..

Main To Tere Dhang
Mein Dhal Chuki Hun
Tere Rang Mein Rang Chuki Hun
Mera Mujh Mein Kuchh Nahi
Sab Tera Sab Tera Sab Tera
Phir Dil Ke Rasto Pe
Teri Aahat Jo Hui
Har Dhadkan Jashn Pe Hai
Yeh Inayat Jo Hui
Phir Dil Ke Rasto Pe
Teri Aahat Jo Hui
Har Dhadkan Jashn Pe Hai
Yeh Inayat Jo Hui
Main To Tujhe Mil Ke Jee Uthi Hun
Teri Dhadkan Mein Chhupi Hun
Mera Mujh Mein Kuchh Nahi
Sab Tera Sab Tera
Sab Tera Sab Tera..

As Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy in Staring Eachother Lovingly,A Pair of Eyes Filled wid Anger n Insecurity saw them Kissing n Staring Eachother Lovingly Increasing Her Madness n Psyhconess to a Peak seeing An Orphan taking Her Place in Everyone’s Heart making Her More Mad n Insane ( Its Obivious..U all knw who is it ? )..


Maheshwari Mansion

Evening 4PM

As Time Passes it was Time fr Tea n Snacks n as Usual Entire Family were in Hall Having Some Family Time Happily.

DP : ( Happy ) Sanskaar..I have Decided Somethings Regarding Swara n Her Upcoming Child..As Swara is going to give Another Grand Child to This House so I Have Planned Something fr Her..Hope U dnt Mind..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) No Papa..U wud I Mind..Swara is Ur Daughter First den My Wife..n As a Father its Ur Right to Give Swara anything..I wont Mind..

DP : ( Smiles ) God Bless U Beta ( To Swara ) Toh Swara Beta…As ur going to give da Most Imp Gift to all of Us..So Me n ( Sees AP Smilingly ) Ur Maa has Decided to Give Our Mumbai Bunglow t n A Land to U n Ur Upcoming Baby as A Blessings..Hope U dnt Mind..

As DP Announced His Words,SwaSan were Shocked n were Out Of Words due to Sudden Announcement while Ragini Fumed in Anger n Jealousy Hearing DP’s Announcement..

Swara : ( Shocked n Hesitates ) Bt Papa..Wats da Need to give a Bunglow + A Land..I dnt need all these Papa..I jst need Ur n Maa’s Blessings dsts it..nthing Else Papa..

AP : ( Smiles ) Our Blessings toh r alwyz have wid U Beta..No need to Ask fr wat Ur Papa is giving U os Out of Love Beta..U r going to give da Most Wonderful Gift to all of Us to in Return We cn do these na..Infact wat We did is Very Less infornt of U..Plzz Beta..dnt Deny it..Jst take it as A Blessings frm Our Side ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes )

Swara who was All Confused n Shocked Hearing DP n AP Looked towards Sanskaar fr Help wid A Blank Expression…As Swara Looked at Sanskaar,Sanskaar Nodded His Head in a Positive Way n Signalled Swara to Accept da Gift Happily given by AP n DP making DP n AP Happy n Overwhelmed..

Swara : ( Sees Sanskaar n Accpets da Gift Happily ) Ok Maa..Ok Papa..If U both want Me to Accept..den i will Accept bt thr is One Condition frm My Side..

DP : ( Shocked ) Wat Condition Beta..( Confused )

As Swara said abt Her Condition DP along wid SanLak n AP were Shocked n Surprised while Ragini Smirked Evilly n Strtd Humiliating Swara Once Agn Eviily..

Ragini : ( Smirks Evilly ) Dekha aap sab ne..Aagayi na Aap sabki Laadli Swara apne asli Aaukaat pe.. ( To Swara Angrily ) I knew it Swara..One Day U will surely Show ur Middle Class Face..Niyaat Badal gayi na Papa ki Baath sunke n nw U want More na on Ur’s n Ur Unborn Illegitimate Child’s Name..Hai na ??

Hearing Ragini Telling Agnst Swara,Sanskaar No lied in Anger n was abt to Reply Jer Bak wen Swara through Eyes Gestured Him to be Quite making Sanskaar more Angry n Irritated..

Swara : ( Smiles n Signals Sanskaar to be Quite ) ( To Ragini ) No Ragjni..I dnt want anything more frm anyone else..nor i want fr MY n SANSKAAR’S UNBORN CHILD..All I want is watever Maa n Papa r giving Me as tneir Blessings..Name dem in Sanskaar’s n Aryaan’s Name instead of Mine..n rahi Niyaat badalne ki baath toh Ragini m nt like Other People who r Mad or Behind of Money or Status..I m A Sinple Girl..n M Happy to be Simple..Got it ? ( Confidently )

As Swara Told Her Condition Sanskaar along wid DP n AP were Overwhelmed n Happy seeing Swara’s Kindness n Greed Free Nature while Ragini Yet Agn Fumed in Anger seeing Swara’s Bak Fire Agn..Soon as Swara told Her Condition n after DP Accrington it all Agn Sat n Strtd Having their Tea n Snacks Happily.While Everyone were having their Snacks,Shomi n Shekhar too Enters da MM Happily n Joined Maheshwari Family Making Ragini Happy n Exicted seeing Her Parents after A Long Time..

Ragini : ( Happy seeing Shomi n Shekhar ) Maa..Baba.( Runs n Hugs them Happily ) Aaplog yaha ?

Shomi : ( Smiles ) Haa Beta..Woh We came to give this ( Shows a Box ) Motichur Laddoo to.. ( Intrerupted )

Ragini : ( Happy ) to ME na Maa.. ( Hugs agn Happily ) Aww Maa..U r Best..U still remember I Love Motichur Laddoo.. Laayiye..I will Serve them to all ( Forwards Her Hands to Take da Box bt Shocked )

Shomi : ( Smiles ) No Beta..its nt fr U ( Sees Swara Smilingly ) bt fr My Another Daughter..Fr SWARA..She too Loves Motichur Laddo alot.n Especially in Pregnancy Her Craze fr this Laddoo has Increased..So thot to Make n Being fr Her.. ( Goes to Swara Smilingly ) Here is Ur Ladoo..U wanted na frm Long Time so here it is..Take ( Forwards da Box )

As Shomi Forwards da Box Ragini who was Fuming Jerks da Box in Anger b4 Swara cud take it Making Everyone thr Shocked n Surprised..

Ragini : ( Angry ) U also Maa…U also Taking Side of this ( Points Swara ) Orphan..She took U also Her Side.. ( To Swara Angrily ) Swara U Snatched My Maa also frm Me..Hw Dare U ?? ( Strangle Swara’s Neck ) I wont Leave U Nw..I wont..U Snacted My Everything frm Me..Nw My Parents too..This is a Limit Swara ( Angry n Strangle Swara’s Neck More Tightly )

While Ragini was Strangling Swara’s Neck,Swara Along wid Raginj Falls on Sofa Forcefully Making Sanskaar along wid Others were Totally Shocked n Numb seeing da Sudden Action of Ragini while Swara Winced in Pain on Sofa Trying to Breath n Struggling to Free Herself frm Ragini’s Hands making Sanskaar More Shocked n Worried..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Tries to Free Swara ) RAGINI…Leave Her..Ragini..I said Chodo Swara ko..

Ragini : ( Angry ) No..I wont Sanskaar..This Girl needs to Die..She has Snatched My Everything frm Me..U also..I cnt Tolerate it any more..I Cnt .. ( Strangles Swara’s Neck More Tightly )

As Ragini Strangles Swara’s Neck nore Tightly,Sanskaar im Anger Pushes Ragini in a Force n Saves Swara frm Ragini’s Madness bt while Sanskaar was trying to Save Swara,Swara due to Extreme Force on Her Neck n Lack of Oxygen Faints in Sanskaar’s Arms wid A Sweat all Over Her Body making Sanskaaar n Other Shocked n Numb..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked seeing Swara Fainting ) SWARA… ( To Ragini Angrily ) Yeh kya kiya tumne Ragini ?, agr Meri Swara aur Mere Bacche ko kuch bhi hua toh I Swear I wont Leave U.. ( Damn Angry )( To Swara wid Teary Eyes ) Utho..Swara..Plzz Utho..Kuch nhi hoga tumhe..Ur Sanskaar is Here ma..I wont let anything happen to U.. ( Pats Swara’s Cheeks ) Suna na tumhe. ? ( Cries n Hides Swara’s Faces in His Chest )

Laksh : ( Shocked too ) Bhai..I think..We shud nt Waste anymore Time n Lets take Bhabhi to Hospital Immediately..

Sanskaar : ( Realized ) Haa..Haa..Luck..U r Right..Jaldi se Gaadi Nikalo..Main Sswwaraa ko lekar aata hu..

Laksh : ( Agrees ) Haa..Bhai..Main Gaadi lekar aata hu ( Runs )

Soon Both Sanskaar n Laksh along Took Swara to Hospital in One Car while Others i.e DP,AP,Shomi n Shekhar along wid Aryaan Left fr Hospital too in another Car Leaving Angry Ragini Alone in Home making Ragini More Angry n Mad..


Precap : Shekhar Slaps Ragini Tightly..


Finally Updated da Nxt Part of da SS..Hope U will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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