Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 09

Hii Frnds…Thnks alot fr the Wonderful Response..It means alot..Keep Supporting n Loving My Wrk :)..Nw Here is da Nxt Partof “Destiny – Its All About Life”..Hopefully U all will Like it n Will Appreciate It wid Full Heart n Love :).

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Recap : Ragini’s Madness,Swara Slaps Ragini..Ragini Harms Swara..


“Destiny – Its All About Life”

Part 09

The Part Strts wid Sanskaar Carrying Swara in His Room Ignoring Ragini n Madness..As They Reached Room,Sanskaar Immediately Layed Swara on Bed n Took Her Allergic Tablets n Strtd Feeding Her making Swara Fall to Sleep Immediately due to Sleepy Effect while Sanskaar Took Care of Swara..

Sanskaar : ( Makes Swara Lye n Covers Her Wid Blanket ) Laksh..Listen..aaj jo hua Swara ke saath aur jo kuch Ragini ne kiya..Dnt tell anyone..Khaali Everyone will get Scared..Thnk God I came on Right Time..Warna Pata nhi Woh ( Angrily ) Ragini kya kya karti..I feel Ashamed Laksh fr Being Her Husband Once..Jst coz of Me Today Swara is in this much Pain..I m nt Understanding wat to do.. ( Tensed ) One Side its Ragini..I knw I dnt Love Her bt still in Law’s Eyes We r Married n Jab tak We r Married She is My Responsibility..n Other Side its My Love..My Life..My Swara..n She is also My Responsibility n Its My Duty to Protect Her especially When She is going to Give Me da Most Beautiful Gift of My Life..She is Going to give Me My Child..Our Child..Nw U only tell Me Laksh..Wat shud I do ??

Laksh : ( Sits Beside Sanskaar n Consoles ).Bhai..I knw ur Situation n I cn Understand ur Pain..Bt Bhai..Frm wich Angle U say Ragini Bhabhi as Ur Lawfull Wife..Bhale She is Ur Wife in Law’s Eyes bt according to U n all of Us She is nt Ur Wife..Arrey Bhai Ragini ne aisa kya Kiya hai jo U Call Her as Ur Wife..She Never Cared fr U..Nor She Behaved Well wid U..She alwyz Used to Fight wid U fr Ur Taste n Choices..She alwyz Forced U to Wear or Eat Things according to Her Status n Choice as if U r His Slave nt Husband..Bhai is nt Suitable to Call as UR Wife..She is Mental Bhai..Yes Mental..who alwyz wants everyone to go according to Her..She was Alrdy Half Mad ( Laughs ) n Nw after Returning frm Coma She is Gone Full Mad..n Bhai I Suggest U to Send Her to Mental Asylum ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Fake Anger ) LAKSH !! Is this Time to Joke ??

Laksh : ( Laughs ) Ok Fine.Jokes Apart n If U cnt Send to Asylum ( Giggles ) bt U cn Take Swara Bhabhi n Aryaam fr Outing na..nt a Stressfull One bt atleast to a Park or A Movie fr Some Hours..atleast Bhabhi will be Away frm these Tensions fr Few Hours hain na ?? N Dnt Worry I will make all da Arrangements fr Bhabi’s Health by Arranging An Ambulance n other Imp Things fr Her..Ok ?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Faintly ) Thnks Laksh..U r soo Caring..I dnt knw Whether Swara cn go fr Outing fr nt in these State n Month bt will Try to do something..Dnt Worry..

Laksh : ( Smiles ) Ok if u need any Help..No need to Hesitate Ok ? M alwyz thr fr U n Bhabhi wenever U need Me..Hmm.

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Hugs Laksh ) Thnks alot Yaar..U r Really My Best Frnd Lucky..M soo Happy to get U as My Brother..

Laksh : ( Smiles n Strts His Drama ) Bas Kar Bhai.( Wipes His Own Tears Dramatically )Rulayega kya ??

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..Tu nhi Sudrega ..

Laksh : ( Laughs too n Hugs Bak ) Haa Woh to Hai..

As Sanskaar n Laksh were having their Brotherhood Bond,they Heard Aryaan’s Sound making both Sanskaar n Laksh Alert abt Family’s Arrival..They Composed Themselves n Hided da Allergic Tablets to Avoid others Worriedness n Scaredness..


Night 9PM

Soon Time Passed n its 9PM Dinner Time n Swara was Absolutely Fine due Sanskaar’s Care n Immediate Medication..As Usual Everyone were Present on Dining Table fr Dinner..While Everyone were Haviny Dinner,Ragini came n Strtd to Remind Her Air Freshner Incident Purposely making both SwaSan n Laksh Worried n Tensed..

Ragini : ( Smirks Evilly ) Hw r U Feeling nw Swara ?? I mean I m Really Sorry Swara..Mujhe bilkul bhi yaad nhi tha ki.U have Allergy wid Jasmine Fragrance..

AP : ( Confused ) Jasmine Fragrance ?? Allergy ?? Wat do U Mean Ragini ??

Ragini : ( Smirks Evilly ) Woh..Maa..Actually.. ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Intrerupted ) Arrey Maa..Nthing Big..bas Bahar se Jasmine ki Smell aarahi thi bas uske wajah i was feeling Little Unwell coz i have Allergy wid Jasmine Fragrance..

AP : ( Worried ) wat ? N U r telling Me nw ?? Hw r u Feeling nw ? R u Fine? ( Keeps on Concerning )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa..Maa..m Fine nw..No need to Worry..Come Lets have Dinner.U knw na U cnt Skip Ur Meals..So Come On Eat..

AP : ( Smiles at Swara’s Concern ) Haa Beta..God Bless U..Even having an Ill Health U r Caring fr Me ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Affectionately ) God Bless U..Khush Raho..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Maa..Nw Eat..

AP : ( Smiles ) Haa..

Soon AP n Swara along wid Others Strting having their Dinner Yet Agn Happily n Went to their Respective Rooms to Sleep making Ragini More Frustrated n Irritated..


SwaSan Room

3AM Night

It was Late Night n SwaSan were Shifted to their Own Room wid
Aryaan n As Usual The Trio were Sleeping in Eachother’s Embrace Peacefully..As The Trio were Sleeping Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace,Swara all of a Sudden.Woke Up frm Her Sleep n Strtd Waking Up Sabskaar Childishly making Sanskaar Irritated..

Swara : ( Wakes Sanskaar ) Sanskaar..Utho..Plzz Utho na..

Sanskaar : ( in Sleepy Voice ) Kya Hua Swara ?? ( Sees Time ) Itni Raat ko,Raat ke 3 Baje Kya Kaam hai ?? ( Tries to Sleep )

Swara : ( Childishly ) Sanskaar woh i wanna Eat Noddles nw .. ( Puppy Face )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Wide Eyes ) Kya ?? Noddles at this Time ? Bt frm whr will U get Noddles at this Time Swara ??

Swara : ( Childishly ) Dat i dnt knw Sanskaar..I jst want Noddles ryt nw ..Plzzz ( Keeps on Convincing like A Kid ) U dnt Love Me anymore Sanskaar ( Fake Teary Eyes ) U have Chngd..I Hate U ( Cries More Loudly Like a Child )

Sanskaar : ( Irritated n Agrees ) Uff..Accha Baba..Lets go to A Near by Chineese Restaurant..Thr U cn Eat Ur Chicken Noddles n den We will go fr A Long Ride too..Ok ?? ( Smiles Lovingly )

Swara : ( Happy n Exicted ) Ohh Wowow..Sanskaar..U r da Best..Love U ( Kisses Sanskaar’s Cheeks ) Muuwwaahh..

Sanskaar : ( Makes Faces ) Haa..Haa..abhi thodi Time pehle U Hated Me bt nw all of a Suddenove Me..Kisses n all Haa..U r soo Mean n A Big Dramaebaaz ( Fake Anger )

Swara : ( Smiles n Grins Sheepishly ) Hehehe..Tumse aur Tumhare Champ se hi sikha hai yej Dramaebaazi.. ( Winks Naughtily )

Sanskaar : ( Irritated ) Uff..Abb Chalo..

Swara : ( Excited ) Haa..Haa Chalo.( Aees Aryaan n gets Worried ) Sanskaar..Bt wat abt Aryaan ?? We cnt Leave Him Alone in Room all of a sudden na…

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Cups Swara’s Face ) Dnt Worry..We will Leave Aryaan in Laksh’s Room n Will Inform Maa abt it..So dat Maa cn Look after Aryaan in Morning coz abhi toh He will be Sleeping whole Night..hai na ?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Hmm

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Having some Cute Moments got Ready n Left Aryaan in Laksh’s Room n also Informed AP abt their Plan n soon Left fr Their Noddles Late Night Dinner n a Long Drive making AP feel Happy n Overwhelmed seeing SwaSan’s Love n Bond..


Restaurant Chineese

Half n Hour Later

As Planned both Swara n Sanskaar were in a Chinese Restaurant n Swara was having Her Noddles Childishly while Sanskaar kept Adoring Her Continously..

Sanskaar : ( Admires ) Hmm Swara..If U dnt Mind cn i ask U One thing ??

Swara : ( While Eating ) Haa na Sanskaar..Ask..wat u wanna Ask ?? ( Nt Looking at Sanskaar n Bzy Eating )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Tum Bachpan se hi Bhukkad ho ?? Ya Abbi Pregnancy ne tumhe Bhulkad bana diya? ( Giggles ) I mean look at U..Hw r u Eating if I haven’t Eaten it Since Ages ( Laughs )

As Sansksar Teased Swara abt Her Eating,Swara Stopped Eating Her Noddles n Stared Sanskaar wid Anger making Sanskaar to Stop His Laughing n Gulping His Saliva in Fear seeing Swara’s Anger..

Swara : ( Angry n Stops Eating ) Wat do U Mean Sanskaar ?? I m a Bhukkad Haa ?

Sanskaar : ( Gulps ) No..No Princess..I was jst Kidding..woh kya hai na..Never saw U Eating like this..dats Y..Nthing else..U Eat..Eat..I wont Disturb U..( Forwards Noddles to Swara wid a Grin ) Enjoy ur Noddles.Haa..

Swara : ( Smiles n Melts ) Hmm thats Good… ( Agn Strts Eating ) Waise Noddles r Yummy Haa..Its soo Delicious..Jst Try na Sanskaar Once.. ( Takes a Bite Near Sanskaar )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Takes da Bite Bak to Swara ) No Swara..If My Princess likes da Noddles den let Her have it..Mera Paet ( Stomach ) toh waise hi Full hojayega wen My Princess’s Stomach is Full.. ( Sniles Lovingly )

While Sanskaar was Admiring Swara Lovingly,Swara who was Eating Her Noddles Blushed a Little n Her Creamy Cheeks Turned into Cromskn Red due to Shyness making Sanskaar Smile More Admiringly Adoring His Princess..Soon Swara Finished Her Noddles n both Swara n Sanskaar Left fr their Long Drive Happily..


In Car

6AM Early Morning

As Swara Finished Her Noddles SwaSan were soon in Car Left fr their Long Yet Romantic Drive Spending A Quality Time Together Happily n Enjoying da Beauty of da Nature wid a Song Played in da Car Naking both Swara n Sanskaar Reminiscing their Beautiful Moments Spend wjd Eachother wid A Perfect Smile on their Faces Making Eachother Admire Eachother’s Smile n Love..

Kaise Bataaye Kaise Jataaye
Subah Tak Tujhme Jeena Chahein
Bheege Labon Ki Geeli Hansi Ko
Peene Ka Mausam Hai Peena Chahein
Ek Baat Kahoon Kya Ijazat Hai
Tere Ishq Ki Mujhko Aadat Hai
Ek Baat Kahoon Kya Ijazat Hai
Tere Ishq Ki Mujhko
Aadat Hai O Aadat Hai
Aadat Hai O Aadat Hai
Ehsaas Tere Aur Mere Toh
Ik Dooje Se Judd Rahe
Ik Teri Talab Mujhe Aisi Lagi
Mere Hosh Bhi Udne Lage
Mujhe Milta Sukoon
Teri Baahon Mein
Jannat Jaisi Ek Raahat Hai
Ek Baat Kahoon Kya Ijazat Hai
Tere Ishq Ki Mujhko
Aadat Hai O Teri Aadat Hain.

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Driving fr Long Time its been almost 6 in da Early Morning bt still both Swara n Sanskaar were Enjoying their Long Drive Happily.Sanskaar Sat in Driver Sit while Swara Sat on A Passa Passenger Seat Comfortably wid Her Seat in a Slight Sliding Position making Swara Comfortable n Relaxed..Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Reached a Beach n Sat on a Bench Hand in Hand Having A Coconut Water Enjoying the Morning Weather..

Swara : ( Enoys da Coconut Water ) Hmm..Wow..Sanskaar..This Coconut Water is soo Yummy..( Rest Her Head on Sanskaar’s Shoulder ) Thnk U..Thnk U Soo Much Sanskaar fr Fullfilling Every Silly n Meaningless Demands..It means alot.. ( Overwhelmed )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Rest His Head on Swara’s Head n Holds Her Palm More Lovingly ) Ur Welcome My Princess..Its all My Duty Princess..n fr U n Our Unborn Baby i cn do anything..after all U n My 2 Kids ( Including Aryaan ) r More Imp to Me..Fr U 3 toh I cnt Fight wid da Whole World..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Hmm.. ( Realized Something n Gets Up frm Sanskaar’s Shoulder ) Sanskaar..See its alrdy 6:30AM ..We shud Leave Nw..Aryaan uthhaya toh He will Strt Crying n Trouble Eberyone in da House..

Sanskaar : Hmm..Ok b4 dat I need to Pay da Bill of Coconut Water..So U Sit Here.Will be bak in Sometime.Ok ?

Swara : Ok..Np..Come Bak Soon.. ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles too ) Ok My Princess..

Soon Sanskaar went towards da Coconut Water Vendor to Pay the Bill..As He Went Swara Sat thr on da Bench Admiring da Weather n Enjoying da Cool Breeze of Early Morning…While Admiring da Weather Swara’s Eyes Falls on Sahil who was Romancing wid A Girl in a Jogging Suit Making Swara Reminiscing da Engagement Incident making Her Sweat n Scared seeing Sahil Agn..

Swara : ( Shocked ) SSSAAHHIILL.. ( Sweating )

As Swara was Sweating seeing Sahil,Sahil too sees Swara n Stops His Intimacy wid da Girl n Smirks Evilly seeing Swara Alone while Clutching Her Shawl..

Sahil : ( Smirks Evilly )( Monologue ) Ohh Wow..Agn da Same Girl..Hmm Nyc.. ( To da Girl ) Hmm Baby..Stay Here..Will be bak in dome time..( Pecks da Girl’s Lips Slightly Yet Lustfully )

Girl : ( Smiles ) Ok Hottie.. ( Pecks Bak too )

Soon Sahil after Pecking da Girl’s Lips Leaves towards Swara wid a Evil n Lustfull Smirk on His Making Swara More Shocked n Scared..

Sahil : ( Smirks Evilly ) Hii Mrs Maheshwari.. ( Forwards Hands to Shake )..

Swara : ( Scared n Fumbles ) Hheelloo ( Holds Hands to Greet while Sweating )

Sahil : Hmm Wow..Indian Culture Haa..Nyc..Well must say after Our Engagement Brk Up U r Looking More Beautiful..Seems Like Mr Maheshwari Loves U More Haa.. ( Tries to Come Closer )

As Sahil was Moving Closer to Swara,Swara was More Scared n Strtd Clutching Her Shawl while Sahil Smirked seeing Swara’s Fear fr Him..

Sahil : ( Smirks Victoriously ) Well Mrs Maheshwari..Whr js Ur Husband? ? I mean Commisioner of Kolkata Sanskaar Maheshwari..I never thot Commisioner Sanskaar Maheshwari is soo Bzy dat He Sent (Mockingly ) His 7th to 8th Month Pregnant Wife all Alone fr A Walk Early Morning..( Comes More Closer n Touches Swara’s Hands Sensuously ) U must have Called Me na Mrs Maheshwari..After all we were going to get Engaged ryt ? ( Presses His Hands on Swara’s Hands Sensuously )

While Sahil was getting Intimate wid Swara Indirectly wid an Evil n Lustfull Smirk,Swara was getting more Scared feeling Sahil’s Intimacy..As Sahil was getting Intimate wid Swara He felt a Tight n a Strong Grip on His Shoulder n A Fimiliar Voice of a Man ( Obiviously its of Our Sanskaar ? ) making Sahil Shocked n Confused..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Keeps His Hands on Sahil’s Shoulder ) Hello..Mr Sahil..U Here ??

Sahil : ( Shocked n Turns Bak ) Hheelloo Mr Maheshwari ( Sweating )

Sanskaar : ( Smirks Winningly ) Wat r u doing here Mr Sahil ?? I mean U said U have an Imp Meeting in Mumbai Nxt Week Right ?? ( Sees Swaea Swearing n Goes towards Her n Holds Securely ) n dat too wid MY WIFE ??

Sahil : ( Blank ) Haa.. ( Fumbles ) Wwoohh..Actually My Meeting got Cancelled na..So thot to Spend Some more Time in Kolkata here.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Bt U tell Wat r u doing Here at this Time wid Mrs Maheshwari Here ?? I mean She needs Rest na ?? ( Sweating )

Sanskaar : ( Serious ) Well Mr Sahil…M Commisioner of this State..n ( Holds Swara More Securely ) n Moreover m here wid My WIFE..So its My Wish to come here anytime..n waise bhi She is Carrying MY BABY..So its My Responsibility to take care of Her..U r No One to tell Me wat to do n wat nt..Understand ??

Sahil : ( Shocked ) Haa..Right.. ( Excuses ) Ok den Bye Mr Maheshwari ..Got to Go..Getting Late..N Bye ( Leaves Immediately while Sweating )

Soon after seeing Sanskaar,Sahil Immediately Leaves frm there in Fear while Swara who was Scared a this Time seeing Sahil took a Relieved Sigh n Side Hugged Sanskaar wid Her Head Rested on Sanskaar’s Shoulder Securely making Sanskaar Smile seeing Swara’s Relievedness n Sigh..As soon as Sahil Left,SwaSan too Leaves fr MM frm there wid Sanskaar Holding Swara Protectively n Carefully Consoling Swara abt da Recent Incident making Swara Feel Relaxed n Comfortable..


Precap : Swara’s Mood Swings Continues n Ragini Agn Harming Swara..


Phew!!! Finally Done wid da Nxt Part of “Destiny – Its All About Life”…Hope Todyz Part was Good n Enjoyable fr all of U..Do Forgive Me if Any Dialogues or any Part Hurted U all..Bt its jst A SS on SwaSan n fr All SwaSanians..So Hopefully U all will Like it :)..So Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :). .


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