Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 08


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Recap : Swara-Sahil Roka…Sahil Try to Force Himself on Swara…Sanskaar Saves Swara…Ragini n Sanskaar’s Outburst n Sanskaar n Aryaan Supporting Swara..


Destiny – Its All About Life!!!

Part 08

1 Hour Later

Its almost 1 Hour since da Big Incident took Place in MM..Everyone were in their Respective Rooms Preparing to Sleep…As Everyone where Preparing to Sleep thr Ragini in Her Room was All Irritated n Frustrated n was Throwing all da Items in Her Room in Anger making da Room Full Messy n Upside Down..

Ragini : ( Angry ) Argghhh ( Throws Pillow ) Hw Dare He ?? ( Throws da Lamp ) Hw Dare Sanskaar Slap Me ?? Hw cn He Support dat ORPHAN instead of Me..The RAGINI MAHESHWARI..Who is Face of The Year of Kolkata..Hw Dare He ?? Sanskaaarrr U r Gonna Pay fr Insulting Me n fr Supporting dat SOO CALLED ORPHAN instead of Me infront Whole Society.. ( Angry ) n SWARA U !!! U SNATCHED MY HUSBAND
.MY SON MY EVERYTHING FRM ME NAA..nw U See Hw will I Snatch URS EVERYTHING. ( Smirks n Laughs Madly ) I will SNATCH UR BABY frm U like U SNATCHED MY ARYAAN FRM ME ( Laughs Evilly n Makes da Room Messy )

As Ragini was Frustrated in Her Room thr on the other Hand in Aryaan’s Room SwaSan were Sitting in Hugging Position wid Swara’s Face on Sanskaar’s Chest who was Caressing Her Hairs Lovingly n Concernly wid Pale Face while Aryaan was Sleeping on Swara’s Lap Holding Her Tightly Yet Carefully making Swara to Cares His Hairs Lovingly Protraiting A Perfect Family Caring fr Eachother…While Swara was Caressing Aryaan’s Hairs,She Hears Ragini’s Angry Voice making Her Worried fr Ragini..

Swara : ( Release da Hug ) Sanskaar.. ( Sees Sanskaar n Points towards Outside ) Woh dekho Ragini is Screaming..She is Angry..Sanskaar i guess U shud go n See Her..She is really Frustrated wid da Things took Place Today
( Teary Eyes ) Plzz Sanskaar Go n see Her na..U cn only Make Her Understand.Plzz ( Worried fr Ragini )

Sanskaar : ( Unbelievable Look ) R u Serious Swara ?? Aaj jo bhi Ragini ne kiya wid U after that Still U want ME to go n see Make Her Understand ?? I cnt Believe it Swara..Srsly. . ( Shakes His Head in Anger )

Swara : ( Pleads ) Plzz Na Sanskaar fr Me..See I understand wat Ragini did was Plzz Try to Understand Her Situation too na..All of a Sudden in a Seconds Her Entire World is Changed..She thinks She Lost U..She Lost Aryaan..She thinks Her Everything has Changed..n in this State Her this Reaction is Obvious..Plzz Go n Chk Her na Sanskaar..Plzz fr Me ( Pleads n Pout Face )

Sanskaar : ( Takes a Deep breath ).Uff..Ok Fine..Uff Rest Here ( Makes Her Lye on Bed Properly n Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) I will go n see UR BEST FRND..Ok ? ( Sighs n Leaves wid Frustration )

Soon Sanskaar Leaves n Enters Ragini’s Room n was Shocked to see da Entire Room Tunred into a Messy Room..He Stepped In Searched fr Ragini..As He was Searching fr Ragini,Ragini who was all Frustrated n Irritated saw Sanskaar Coming making Ragini More Frustrated n Angry..

Ragini : ( Angry ) Sanskaarr !! U? ( Goes towards Sanskaar n Holds His Collar Angrily ) Nw wat do u want Haa ?? U Cheated Me fr dat Cheap Orphan na ?? Hw cn U ?? ( Pulls Sanskaar Closer n Seduce Him in a Husky Voice by Caressing His Cheeks n Chest ) Wats Wrong wid Me Sanskaar ?? Y u Left Me ?? ( Kisses Sanskaar’s Cheeks Sensuously ) M i nt Soo HOT ?? Or I were Jst Missing My Body Soo Much ki U Found Me in dat Orphan? ? ( Tries to Seduce More Madly making Sanskaar Feel Disgust ) i knw u thot till i come bak frm Coma U will Enjoy wid Swara’s Body..Hai na ?? ( Kisses other Side of Cheeks Seductively ) bt See na ( Huskily ) Sanskaar ..m Bak nw..So Leave Swara n Come to Me..See m Dying fr Ur Touch..Come na Baby.. ( Pulls Sanskaar More Closer to Her Madly ) Lets Enjoy..Come ( Comes MoreCloser )

As Ragini was Crossing Her Limits n was Trying to Seduce Sanskaar,Sanskaar felt Utter Disgust on Her Touch n Immediately Pushed Her On Ground in a Jerk Glaring Ragini wid Full Disgust n Shame..

Sanskaar : ( Pushes Ragini Angrily ) RAGINI…What the Hell r u Trying to do ?? R u Out of Ur Mind ?? Hw cn U behave in such a way haa ? Srsly Soo Shameless U r..U have Crossed all ur Limits nw..Ur Status Consciousness has Made U Blind and Mad.. Hw Cheap.. ( Stares Angrily )

Ragini : Angry n Madly ) Toh kya karu ?? Wen Swara Touches U..U feel Pleasure Haa n wen I Touch U..U Feel Disgust..Y Soo much Difference Sanskaar ?? Y ?? See ( Exposes Herself ) See hw Perfect I M…M much more Beautiful dan dat Swara..Plzz Come Lets have Fun tonight ( Goes More Closer bt Stops by a Slap )

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Slaps Ragini ) Jst Shut Up Ragini.What all Rubbish r u Talking ?? U r nt in ur Senses..Plzz Go n Sleep..Its No Use to Talk to U nw..U r Completely Mad nw.. ( Tries to Leave )

Ragini : ( Angry ) Ya m Gone Mad..N its coz of U n ur Soo Called 2nd WIFE.. ( Holds Sanskaar’s Collar Angrily )What u thot after Cheating Me U both cn Live Happily ?? NO NEVER..I wont Let it Happen ( Smirks Evilly n Slaps Sanskaar All of a Sudden ) U were Right Sanskaar..I dnt Deserve Ur Love..nt at all ( Goes Near Sanskaar n Says Slowly ) U knw Y ?? ( Agn Jerks Sanskaar ) COZ U DESERVE Me da The GREAT RAGINI GADODIA…U DESERVE dat CHEAP n Characterless Orphan SWWAA ( Intrerupted by A Slap Agn )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) i alrdy told U nt to Speak agnst MY SWARA anything..Thr Swara Sent Me here to Console U n Here U r Bad Mouthing Her ? Hw cn U b3e soo Mad in Ur Fame n in Ur Reputation Ragini dat u cnt see da Person whom U r Bad Mouthing os Actually da One who Cares fr U da Most..Plzz Ragini..Open Ur Eyes n Throw da Cover of Ur Fame n See da World b4 its too Late.. ( Jerks His Thots seeing Ragini’s Anger )
Srsly I was Mad to Listen Swara..I thot I will Atleast Understand nw n will Rectify ur No..U wont Change..U r Srsly Impossible.Go to Hell Ragini..n Damn wid U n Ur Soo Caled Fame.. ..Huhh.. ( Leaves Angrily )

Seeing Sanskaar Leaving Angrily Ragini too Fumes in Anger n Closes da Door in Anger n goes to Her Bed Angrily n Fumes in More Anger n Revenge towards Swara n Sanskaar..


Aryaan’s Room

As Sanskaar Left the Ragini’s Room,Sanskaar Entered Aryaan’s Room in Full Anger n goes to Balcony Swara Shocked n Surprised..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar !! ( Goes Near Sanskaar n Keeps Her Hands on His Shoulder Concernly ) Kya hua ?? Nhi maani Ragini ?? ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Frustrated ) Maani ?? Swara wat u thot She will Understand soo Easily ?? If Yes..den U r Mad Swara..Do u have any Idea wat all She was doing wid Me in Room ?? ( Feed Disgusted ) Chi..I feel Ashamed fr being Her Husband Once ( Blank n Frustrated )

Swara : ( Confused ) Kya Kiya Ragini ne ?? Tell me Clealy..m nt getting u..

Sanskaar : ( Takes A Deep Breath ) Swara..wen i went to Console Ragini as per ur wish..U knw wat she did ?? She Strtd Seducing Me..I mean She .. ( Tells Everything )

Hearing Sanskaar,Swara was Shocked n was Blank Hearing sucb things abt Ragini whr as Sanskaar was Fully Irritated n Frustrated thinking abt Ragini n Her Recent Act n Recent Prblms..

Sanskaar : ( Irritated ) Swara..I dnt knw wat to do ?? Frm Past 6 Yrs were Living Happily widout any nw see We r Surrounded wid Prblms every where.U knw What Swara I Married Ragini Forcefully only fr Maa n Papa’s Sake as they wanted Me to Marry Ragini coz She was Papa’s Best Frnd Shekhar Uncle’s Daughter..n Papa n Uncle both wanted to Chng their Frndship Relationship to Family Relationship..So dats Y I Agreed to Marry Ragini..Warna i was Least interested in Her..I alwyz Hated Her fr Her Status still I Ignored all these n Married Her.n Slowly We became Good Frnds after Marriage bt still I never felt Good wid Her n Never felt like a Husband wid Her..Nor She Behaved like a Wife..She was alwyz Bzy in Her Kitty Parties,in Her Society Etc n all n coz of Ragini’s Attitude n Behaviour We alwyz had Fights n Arguements etc bt like this Our Marriage Went on den that Most Horrible Day of My Life..Whr My Lifr Chngd bt den U came in My Life n Filled it wid Colours..Made Me Live My Life Look Swara agn My Life is Full Messed Up..Maijhe samajh nhi araha wat to do..One Side its Ragini who is My Responsibility n Other Side U hom I LOVE..Plzz Help Me Swara..Kya karu..I m soo Helpless ( Teary Eyes )

As Sanskaar told His Pain n Feelings to Swara,Swara felt His Pain n somehow Composed Herself n Bak Hugs Sanskaar Lovingly n Tries to Ligthen His Mood n Kisses His Cheeks Smilingly making Sanskaar Feel Relaxed n Comfortable..

Swara : ( Smiles n Bak Hugs Sanskaar ) Ok Sanskaar..Relax..Dnt Worry..Dnt Stress Urself..Everything will be Fine..Accha Ok..Lets do One thing ( Sits On Bed n Keeps Sanskaar’s Head on Her Lap n Caresses His Hairs Lovingly ) Come n Sleep Here..Will Massage Ur Head..U myt feel Relaxed ( Kissed Sanskaar’s Head Lovingly wid a Smile )

While Swara was Caressing Sanskaar’s Hairs Lovingly,Sanskaar feels Good gets into Deep Thots wid a Smile on His Face making Swara too Smile seeing Sanskaar’s Smile n Relaxation..


3 Months After Ragini’s n Sanskaar’s Marriage :

It was Usual Day n as Usual Sanskaar Returned frm His Duty n was Really Tired n wanted a Cup of Tea to Relax wich made Sanskaar to Ask a Cup of Tea to Ragini making Ragini Shocked n Irritated…

Sanskaar : ( Tired ) Uff..Ragini…

Raginj : ( Smiles n Bzy in Nail Polish ) Yes Sanskaar..

Sanskaar : ( Holding His Head ) Ragini..My Head is Aching Badly..Plzz Bring A Cup of Tea na fr Me.. ( Closed Eyes )

Ragini : ( Shocked ) What ?. Tea n Me n dat toi fr U ?? ( Stops Applying Nail Polish n Makes Faces ) Ohh Come On Sanskaar..U knw na i dnt like going to Kitchen except in Morning fr Brk Fast..after dat I dnt even see to Kitchen n U r telling Me to bring Tea fr U.. ( Laughs ) Wat a Joke Sanskaar..( Agn Gets Bzy in Nail Polish ) n waise bhi Cnt U see m Bzy in Applying Nail Polish..So tell Servants..they will make Tea fr U ( Ignores )

Sanskaar : ( Feels Bad bt Composes ) Ok i need to talk to U ( Goes Near Ragini ) i ??

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Haa Off Course My Hubby..tell na..

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Woh..Actually..U knw Gopal na ??

Ragini : ( Weird Look ) u mean One of da Constable na in ur Police Station ?

Sanskaar : Yes..He only..Actually He has Invited Us..i mean U n Me to His Brother’s Wedding..So i told We will He was Insisting Me alot..So cn U come to His Brother’s wedding Today..Plzz fr Me ( Puppy Pout )

Ragini : ( Shocked n Irritated ) WHAT ?? Me n in Down Market Function ?? NO WAY Sanskaar..U knw na I dnt like such Small Class Parties..kitni Fandagi hoti hogi unlogo ke Parties main..Khaana kaise hoga..Yeww ( Makes Faces ) No Way..Plzz..I cnt Come..n I m telling U..U also dnt Go..After all u r Commisioner of Kolkata. .n Commisioner going to Cheap Parties like this wont Suit U n Ur Reputation ..So Listen to Me..dnt Go..n Come wid Me to My Frnd’s Sister’s Wedding..Its of Our Type..Trust Me U will Enjoy in Mþy Frnd’s Function rather dan Ur ( Makes Weird Faces ) Down Market Constable’s Function ( Smiles )

Hearing Ragini’s words,Sanskaar felt Bad n Went frm thr Widout Saying a.Word making No Affect on Ragini..


3 Months after SwaSan’s Marriage


It was Sunday n As Usual SwaSam were in Balcony in their Room Sitting in Hugging Position while Sanskaar Wrapped His Arms around Swara’s Waist Caressing it Lovingly making Swara Feel Good n Comfortable..While Sanskaar was Caressing Swara’s Waist, He Recieved a Call making Swara Angry n Irritated..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Offoo..Sanskaar..who is this Disturbing Our Spcl Time at Sunday also.. ( Fake Anger ) M sure its frm.Ur Police Station only na ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Yes is..Bt plzz dnt be Angry..Let me Pick da Call..Hosakta hai it myt be Important na.. Plzz ( Puppy Face )

Swara : ( Smiles too ) Accha Ok..Pick..till den i will bring Ur TEA..U like Tea na..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa..Soo Much..n Thnk U Princess..

Swara: Its ok.Prince..Chalo U Pick dw Call warna Commisioner of Kolkata will Feel Shy wen His Juniors will Tease Him fr Being Bzy wida His Wife ( Giggles n Goes )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..

Soon after Teasing Sanskaar,Swara Leaves fr Bringing Tea whereas Sanskaar Picks da Call n Talks to da Caller Happily bt wid A Hesitation n Soon Cuts da Call on Sad Face making Swara Confused n Worried..

Swara : ( Confused n Keeps Tea on Table n Sits Beside Sanskaar ) Kya Hua Sanskaar ? Kiska Call tha ? Any Prblm? ? Ya Any Imp Case ??

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Woh Actually Swara..U remember Syam A Sub Constable of My Police Station..

Swara : ( Confused ) Haa..I knw..Usse kya hua ??

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Woh actually uske Ghar main Uske Bacche ka Naming Cermony of His Son..N He Invited dnt worry I said No ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Wjat ??u told Y ?? He Invited Us wid so Much Hope n U said No..Dats nt Good na Sanskaar..Chalo nw Come on Call Him Bak n tell Him We r Coming.. ( Hands Over Sanskaar’s Phone to Sanskaar )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) R u Serious ? R u sure u wanna go ? If u dnt want den it’s ok.. ( Sees Swara’s Expressions )

Swara : Haa Sanskaar..M Sure..We will Go.. ( Smiles ) n Haa..I dnt have any Status Prblm Me all r God’s Children..So its ok fr Me …n Moreover m also frm thr Class na..i mean Middle Class.. ( Sad )

Sanskaar : ( Puts His Fingers on Swara’s Lips ) Sshh..Never Say agn..U r Wife of Commisioner of Kolkata Sanskaar Maheshwari..Ok ?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Yes Boss.. ( Salutes Position n Laughs )

Sanskaar too Laughs seeing Swara n Soon Sanskaar Calls n Informs His Sub Constable abt their Arrival making da Sub Constable Happy n Overwhelmed..

**********FlashBack Ends**********

As Sanskaar was Lost in His Thots He feels A Slight Snoring of Swara wich Brought a Curve on His Lips seeing His Princess Sleeping n Snoring like a Kid…He immediately made Swara Sleep Properly n He too Dozes Off while Lost in His Thots Yet Agn..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Makes Swara Sleep Properly ) Thnk U Swara..Thnk U fr Coming in My Lifr n making My Life a.Colourfull One..M Soo Proud to Get U in My Life..U Showed Me Live Agn..Ugave Me Love n Care wich i was Carving for..U made My Life Heavenly Agn n made Me Happy Human Agn..n nw toh ( Sees Swara’s Baby Bump ) U r having Me The Most Important Gift to Me…So nw Its My Duty to Protect U n ( Sees Aryaan ) Aryaan frm all Evil Eyes…Fr U both I cn go agnst The World.. ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) its My Promise Princess.. ( Smiles n Dozes Off )

Soon Sanskaar too Dozes Off Smilingly taking Swara n Aryaan on His Chest frm both da Sides Each Bringing A Cute Smile on both their Faces on Sensing Sanskaar’s Warm n Protective Embrace..


Next Morning

Its Another Beautiful Morning n Our Lovely Couple along wid their Cute Aryaan were Sleeping in Eachother’s Embrace Peacefully..As they were Sleeping Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace Ragini who was Passing through Aryaan’s Room sees da Trio Sleeping Happily together making Ragini More Insecured n Frustrated..

Ragini : ( Sees Swara Revengelfully ) Swara U r soo Happy na By Snatching My Family frm Me..Nw U see U r gonna Pay fr it..I will make Sure ur each Second in this House is nt Less dan A Hell..I make Ur Life so Miserable Here dat U Urself will be Forced to Leave da House n My Husband n My Son ( Smiles Evilly )

Soon Ragini Leaves frm thr Angrily Leaving SwaSan n Aryaan Sleep Peacefully..


Break Fast Time

Time Passes n Its Brk Fast Time n As Usual Everyone were Present on Dining Table Having their Brk Fast Happily..As All were having their Brk Fast AP n DP were Pampering Swara making Ragini More Frustrated n Irritated..

AP : ( Smiles ) Arrey Swara..Come On Beta..Eat more..See its ur Last 2 Months na..N these Months Baby inside U feels More Hungry..So nt fr U bt atleast fr Ur Baby..Eat na..Good Girl na.. ( Feeds More )

Swara : ( Shocked n Makes Faces ) Maa..Plzz No..I Cnt..Plzz..See My Baby is Also Full..He is Kicking frm Inside to tell U nt to Feed Him More..plzz Stop ( Makes Faces n sees Sanskaar Angrily ) Y r u Laughing Haa ?? Is any Joke going on Here ?? ( Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Suppress His Laugh ) No..Swara..m nt Laughing ?? Y wud I Laugh haa ?? ( Laughs Slowly )

Swara : ( Angry ) Sanskaar..Uuu !! Jao i wont talk to U nw.. Huhh..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Arrey..No..See m nt Laughing..accha Sorry.. ( Tries to Convinces Swara ).

As SwaSan were having their Cute Nokh Jhokh Everyone Present tjr were Laughing n Enjoying their Cute Scns while Ragini was Fuming in Anger..

Ragini : ( Angry ) Kaka..Agr Mers Brk Fast is Ready toh Plzz Bring it in My Room ..I cnt Eat in these Voices..( Gets Up to Leave )

As Ragini was abt to Leave AP sees Ragini n Tries to Pamper Her too wid A Smile n A Love Inside Her Heart..

AP : ( Smiles n goes towards Ragini n makes Her Sit ) No Beta..U Sit here..I knw U r Heart Broken by Our Cheating on Beta Trust Us We did nt Cheat U..Uss Waqt Situation aisi thi ki We cudnt do anything..n Dnt Ever Think We Love Swara More..U both r Equal to all of Us.. ( Caresses Ragini’s Cheeks Lovingly ) So nw Come n Sit..n have Ur Brk Fast..Today i will Feed U… (.Smiles n Feeds Ragini )

As AP was abt to Feed Ragini wid Full Love,Ragini suddenly Jerks AP’s Hands n Burstead Out Her Hunger on AP making Everyone Shocked..

Ragini : ( Angry n Jerks AP’s Hands ).Ohh Come On Maa..Dnt Show ur Fake Care fr Me..Go n Feed ur ( Sees Swara Angrily ) So Called Favourite Bahu Cum Daughter…U knw wat Maa ( Sees AP wid Evil Smirk ) U all Really Deserve Orphan like Swara only as ur Bahu coz No Matter hw Rich n Modern U all r bt frm Jnside U all r Cheap n Low Class..tabhi toh ( Sees Swara wid Disgust ) U Choosed Orphan like Swara as Ur Second Bahu..Who is nt Less dan A Maid in Our House..Infact Our Servants r Much Better dan Swara .. ( Humiliates Swara Badly ) atleast they too have Sense of Dressing bt Look at this Swara who dnt even knw hw to Wear A Good Simple Clothes ( Smirks Mockingly ) den hw cn She Wear A Designer Clothes…( Keeps on Humiliating Swara ) Waise aaplog Kaamal ke hai..Srsly Wen U all Can Keep an Characterless Girl n Her Unborn Illegitimate Child in da House den Keeping an Orphan is nt w Big Deal Right ?? ( To Swara ) Waise Swara tell whose Child is this ?? Ur Frnd Anuj’s Child or of dat… ( Shocked by A Slap )

As Ragini kept on Blaming n Accusingly Badly,Swara who was all Quite till nw was Shocked n Angry Hearing da Word Illegitimate n Cheap Allegations on Her..She Finally Bursted Out n Slapped Ragini Hardly making Ragini n others Shocked seeing Swara’s New Avatar..

Swara : ( Angry n Slaps Ragini Tightly ) Jst Shut Up Ragini..Frm da Day U Returned frm Coma m seeing U..U r jst keeping on Humiliating Me n My Child Agn n still I was Quite Thinking abt ur Health.n Yesterday also I was Quite seeing Ur Cheap things to Seduce MY nt nw Ragini..Nt Nw..U have Crossed all ur Limits..Even after knwing da Truth of Mine n Sanskaar’s Marriage hw cn u Tell My ( Touched Her Baby Bump ) Child as An Illegitimate ?? Hw Disgusting Ragjni..U r nt My Frnd who used to Understand Me..U r someone else who only knws to Insult Others..U knw wat Ragini..Wats da Reason of Urs Frustration n Insecurity its Ur Own Attitude Ragini..Ur Attitude n Ur Status Consciousness is taking all ur Loved n Closed Ones Away frm U..Tabhi toh Shaadi ke itne Saalo ke baad bhi U r nt able to make Sanskaar Fall fr U..I did nt Want to tell U all these bt Today U Forced Me Ragini..U Forced Me to be Harsh wid U..Hw cn U be soo Cheap Ragini ?? Hw cn u Accuse Me n My Child as Characterless ? U knw da Chilld inside Me is of Sanskaar..den hw cn U Accuse Me Soo Badly.. ( Cries Bitterly ) Hw cn u ? I knw m An Orphan n i dnt have Anyone who cn Call Me as their wats My Fault in it ? Wats My Fault if My Parents Left Me..wats My Fault it M Middle Class ? Wats Lu My Fault in all these ?? ( Cries More Miserably ) Plzz Ragini Stop ur Blame on Me..I cnt Manage it more..Plzz ( Cries )

While Swara was Broken frm Inside,Sanskaar went Near Her n Supported Her Lovingly while Ragini after Receiving A Tight Slap frm Swara,was all Shocked n was Fuming in Anger seeing Swara’s Dareness n Sanskaar’s Care towards Swara..

Ragini : ( Angry n Slaps Swara too making Everyonr Shocked ) Swara !! Hw Dare U Haa ? Hw Dare U Slap Me ?? I think U Forgot who m I ?? I m Ragini Gadodia..Who cn do anyhting to take Her Revenge..Nw U see Swara.Wat i will do to Teach U a Lesson..( To Sanskaar ) N U Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari..U have Insulted n Slapped Me wid Ur Hands infront of Whole Society Yesterday na..nw See One Day wid these Same Hands U will be Standing infornt of Me Apolozing n Begging fr Ur Wife n Ur Child..Remember this.. ( Warns Angrily n Leaves )

Soon Ragini Leaves Angrily frm thr while Swara was still Shocked n Surprised seeing Ragini Slapping Her..Seeing Swara,Sanskaar too was Shocked n Surprised Hearing Ragini’s Warning bt soon Composed Himself n took Swara to Aryaan’s Room n Consoled n Assured Swara Comfortably
Making Her Feel Relaxed n Comfortable in Sanskaar’s Embrace..


Evening 6PM

Time Passed n It was Evening n as usual it was Sanskaar’s Returning Time n Swara was Massaging or Oiling Laksh’s Hairs while Laksh Enjoyed n Felt Good getting Massaged by Swara..As Swara was Massaging both Swara n Laksh Enjoyed their Devar Bhabhi Bond..

Laksh : ( Enjoys da Massage ) Aahhah..Bhabhi..U r too Good..I mean U have Some Magic on Ur Jands..U make Delicious Food by ur Hands n by Same Hands U Massage. It feels soo Good to get Massaged by Ur Hands..( Smiles Teasingly ) Bhai too myt Enjoy na to get Massaged by Ur Hands..Hain na ?? Dats Y M getting My Bhanja or Bhanji na Soon Soon..Right ? ( Giggles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Blushes n Hits Laksh’s Head ) Laksh !! Hw Shamless u r become Day by Day..Ur Teasingness is Increasing Day by Day n dat too infront of Anyone..Grow Up Laksh..U r nt a Kid anymore Laksh ( Hits Laksh’s Shoulder )

Laksh : ( Acts ) Aaoow..Bhabhi..Bhai only told na Last Week dat m a Still Baccha..n nw U r telling m nt a Kid..Wat is this Bhabhi ?? ( Makes Faces )

Swara : ( Giggles ) seems like U r Really Confused..So lets do onething…Lets Strt Searching Girls fr U ..n jab tak Milegi u will Grown Up..Hai Na ??

Laksh : ( Happy ) Ohh Woow..Bhabhi..Awsum Idea..U alwyz give Amzing Ideas..Dats Y u r Everyone’s Favourite ( Laughs )

Swara : ( Laughs too ) Pagaal..

As Swara n Laksh were having their Devar Bhabhi Fun,Ragini sees it n Fumes in Anger seeing Everyone Settled wid Swara..

Ragjni : ( Angry ) Uff..Jaha dekho waha Swara..Swara..Its soo Irritating..Kuch karna wat ?? ( Thinks Something n Smirks Evilly )

Soon Ragini thot of an Evil Plan n Smirked Evilly n soon Strtd Spraying Jasmine Air Freshner Purposely infornt of Swara making Swara Feel Uncomfortable n Uneasy..

Swara : ( Strts Coughing n Difficulting in Breathing ) Rraggini..Wwat rr uu doing? ?

Ragini : ( Smirks Evilly ) Wat Happened Swara.? M jst Spraying this Air Freshner..its soo Stinky in here ..So jst Spraying this JASMINE AIR FRESHNER..Its Smell Good na ?? ( Smiles Winningly )

Hearing Ragini,Swara was Shocked n Strtd Breathing Heavily Suddenly making Laksh Shocked n Numb..

Laksh : ( Shocked ) Bhabhi..Kya hua ?? Bhabhi..Listen..Kya hua aapko ?? Y r u Breathing Heavily ?? BHABHI !!! ( Shocked )

While Laksh was Shocked seeing Swara,Sanskaar Enters da House n was Shocked seeing Swara Breathing Heavily n Coughong Badly due to Jasmine Smell..He Immediately Runs towards Swara n Strtd Patting Her Cheeks Concenly making Ragini More Angry n Irritated..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Runs ) Swara…Utho Swara… ( Sees Laksh ) Kya Hua Laksh ? Y is Swara Breathing Heavily? ? ( Smells da Fragrance n Shocked ) JASMINE FRAGRANCE ?? ( Angry ) Who the Hell Sprayed Jamine Air Freshner here ?? ( Angry Fully ) Tell Me Damn it..

Laksh : ( Confused ) Ragini Bhabhi did wat Happened ?

Sanskaar : ( Disgust Feeling n Sees Ragini Angrily ) RAGINI..Hw cn u ?? U knw Swara is ALLERGIC to JASMINE Fragrance..Den Hw cn U Spay it infornt of Swara like this ?

Ragini : ( Smirks Evilly n Acts ) Ohh Yes..I Forgot abt it Sanskaar..hw wat ?? Wat will Happen to Ur Swara n UR BABY nw ? Jaha tak i Remember ( Sees da Air Fresh Bottle ) Swara cnt Tolerate this Smell fr even a Second bt nw its been more 15 Minutes Since She is Inhaling this Fragrance..Nw Wat will u do Sanskaar ?? ( Smirks Winningly )

Hearing Ragini,Sanskaar n Laksh both were Shocked n were Staring Swara who was Breathing Heavily n Her Eyes were Closing Gradually making Sanskaar Shocked n Sweaty while Ragini Smiled Insanely like A Mad making Sanskaar n Laksh Feel Disgusted om Ragjni..


Precap : Ragini’s Madness Increasing..


Uff..Finally Done wid Another Part of da SS…I knw its Boring bt still Hoping U will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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  1. Loved it ❤️ i Read it in fb but you Know i Cant comment there but nice epi❤️

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks alot..its ☺

  2. Maryam

    It’s not boring yar…it’s just great I loved it…dear once I asked u to send me the link of ur ff..HIS LOVE MY DESTINY. .?.I know u sent the link but I didn’t found it there…so will u plz send me the links of the telyupdates’s easier to find it there

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks alot ☺..n I dnt Post on Telly Updates bt m Posting on FB..Here is da Link of FB Link..

  3. Hi.. I read al ur ff recently.. I liked ur al ffs .. and this one is awesome.. waiting for your updates

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks alot ?..Will Update Soon ☺

  4. G.Chandu


  5. Nive

    Stupid ragini

  6. As usual awesome dear.. ? loved it.
    Ragini… Disgusting.. ?
    Update the next part soon. Eagerly waiting.

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks alot..Sure will Update Soon 🙂

  7. Tamanna


  8. Today’s chappy was full of madness … bt liked it… ? … seeing ur precap i m feeling horrible … dont know what r u going to do..??? ???

  9. Loved it to d core

  10. awesome.. update soon

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks ☺. .will Update Soon ☺

  11. Arunika

    Amazinggg….this nagini is soo irritating!!!

  12. awesome update… it was full on madness.. dear if possible pls show some swasan romance & swara’s funny mood swings..

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks sure will add soon ☺

  13. wowwwwwww it is really amazing loved sanskar care towards swara n swalak bond….. actually ur all shots or ff r amazing but this one is my fav n hate that stupid nagini senceless

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks means alot ☺

  14. Vyshu10

    awesome….jaldi se rag ko paagal khana bej do

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks..Haha..Sure ??

  15. Once again very nice goldie. This is my FAVORITE FF

    AND I loved the swasan part. Want to know soon what will happen to swara. Yar plzzzzzzz show swara’s miscarriage. Wud look good. And then take swasan to a holiday……………..
    plzzz. N keep up your hardwork for each of your episode. Doing well each day

    And please try to post one episode each day. Plzzzz naaa I cant wait for so long.

    I had one more request- You know that my name is also swara. Can you please add me in the FF. I want you to make a character named Swara Kapoor and who is attracted towards Sanskar and sanskar is also atracted towards her but he cant forget his own swara (OBVIO) but add some mennd sanskar moments and then swara Maheshwari gets jealous and all that

    Hope you liked it. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to ad this part

  16. WEll how was this idea????? Nice naaaaaaaaaa

  17. And you wud not believe. My marriage is fixed. Its next year and my fiance’s name is Sanskar Rathore

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks alot.m glas u Liked my wrk ☺☺..n abt ur Idea..cnt show Sanskaar Attracted to U coz it will Prove Sa skaar Wrong..Hope U r gettibg My Point..n Congratulations fr ur Alliance ??. ..God Bless U..n wat w Coincidence ??..this Shows SwaSan t made fr Eachother in REAL too..

  18. Deeksha

    nice dear…..continue soon…

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks ☺. .will continue soon ☺

  19. Hahahahahahaha Thanks Goldie. I agree we are made for each other. Update your episode soon…..keso going dear

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