Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 07


Hello Guyz…M bak wid Another Part of “Destiny – Its All About Life” n This Time its #Maha_Episode n wid this Paet all yr Doubts will be Cleared…Hope U all will Like it n Wud Appreciate it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).

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Recap : SwaSan Scns…Ragini Ka Drama Agn n Swara Unconscious..


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 07 ( Maha Episode )

The Part Strts wid Doctor Chking Swara inside da Room,while Sanskaar along wid Aryaan n Everyone were Waiting Outside da Room Tensedly n Worriedly..As Everyone were Waiting fr the Doctor Doctor Comes Out n Seeing Doctor Coming Out Sanskaar n Aryaan Immediately Runs towards da Doctor All Tensed n Worried..

Sanskaar : ( Worried n Sweating ) Ddooctorr Hw is Sswaraa ? Iss She Fine ?? Plzz Tell na Doctor ?? ( Shakes Doctor )

Aryaan : ( Crying ) Haa..Doctor Uncle..Plzz tell na Hw is Mumma ?? Is My Mumma n My Lil Brother or Sister Fine na ?? Plzz Tell ( Still Cries )

Doctor : ( Sighs ) Well to be Frank Mr Maheshwari…Ur Wife ( Ragini is nt Present thr while all these r going on ) is nt at all Fine..It seems Like She got Some Shock or is Sufferings frm some Mental Stress wich Devolved a Sudden Pain in Her Baby Bump..wich is Very Dangerous fr Her n Her Baby..Mr Maheshwari Last Time Only I Warned U abt all these..den Hw cn U be Soo Careless agn..Plzz Be Carefull..( Sees Unconscious Swara ) Fr Nw I have given Her Sleeping n Stress Free Injection jiske Wajeh se She will be in Sleep da Whole Fr the Nxt Time U need to be Careful Mr Maheshwari..Coz One More Stress n Sudden Pain in Her Baby Bump will be Really Dangerous fr Her..Hope U r getting My Point Mr Maheshwari ??

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Haa Doctor..m getting ur Point..Dnt Worry I will be Carefull frm Nxt Time..( Holds His Pallms fr Thnking ) Thnk U Soo Much Doctor fr Coming at w Short Notice..Thnks alot ( Teary Eyes )

Doctor : Its Ok Mr Maheshwari ..Its My Duty..So No need to be Formal b all..Accha Will take all ur Leave nw..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnks..Sure..

Soon Doctor Leaves MM While Sanskaar n Aryaan along wid Whole Family Enters da Room n Stares Unconscious Swara wid Teary Eyes Blessing Her wid their Whole Heart..As Everyone Blessed Swara,Sanskaar n Aryaan Sat Beside Swara n Caressed Her Hairs Lovingly wid Teary Eyes Showing their Love n Worriedness fr Swara making the Whole Family Overwhelmed n Happy..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes n Caresses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly ) M Sorry Princess..Its all Coz of Me U r Suffering this Much Pain..Its all Coz of Me Plzz Maaf kardo mujhe..U were Right..I Shudnt have Ignored Ragini tbis Much..Aaj jst coz of My Ignorance Towards Ragini U r Suffering da Most..Sorry Princess ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead wid Teary Eyes )

Aryaan : ( Teary Eyes too ) M also Shorry Mumma..Plzz Get Well Soon..I Promise I wont Trouble U..N I will Listen to U..Plzz Come Bak Soon Mumma..Ur Baccha is Missing U ( Hugs Swara Slowly While Crying ) Mumma..Plzz Get Well Soon.. ( Cries )

As Sanskaar n Aryaan were Upset n Sitting Beside Swara Emotionally The Two Falls Asleep beside Swara while Crying wich made Everyone to Leaves frm thr wid Teary Eyes too widout Disturbing da their Family Moment wid A Hope of Goodness fr them da Nxt Day Unaware of the Upcoming Twist in their Life..


Nxt Day

It was Another Blissfull Morning n Swara was Almost Fine Lying on Her Bed Taking Rest while Reminiscing da Last Day’s Event Making Her Eyes Wet n Swollen..As She was Lost in Her Own Thots,Ragini comes in Her Room wid A Sad n A Pleading Look making Swara Emotional n Guilty..

Ragini : ( Teary Eyes n Knockes da Door ) Hello Swara..Cn I Come In ??

Swara : ( Comes in Senses n Fake Smile ) Haa..Ragini..Come na.. ( Tries to Get Up )

Ragini : ( Stops Swara Immediately ) Arrey..No..Nhi Swara ( Makes Swara Sit Properly ) Uthne ki Zarurat nhi..Aise Haalat main U need Full Rest..No Stress Haan .. ( Sees Swara’s Shocked Expressions ) Aise kya dekhrahi ho ?? ( Understands ) Accha Samajh gayi..U r Thinking abt My Yesterday’s Behaviour n Today’s Sudden Chng in My Behaviour.. ( Takes A Deep Breath n Holds Swara’s Palms Lovingly ) Dekho Swara..Maine jo bhi Kal kaha its Out of Frustration n Insecurity..Plzz dnt take it Seriously..I knw I was Too Bad infact Worst Yesterday..Bt U only Tell Me Swara..Main kya karti ?? I was seeing My Own Husband n Son going Away frm Me..Hw cn i see it ?? Main bade 6 Saal ke lambe Intezaar ke baad I got My Family Bak..So hw cud I see My Family going Far frm Me ?? Wenever I saw Aryaan n Sanskaar Close to U i was Feeling like Killing Myself..I was nt able to Tolerate it..Pehle hi I was Irritated wid Family Supporting U n On dat Kal wen Sanskaar n Maa Insulted Sahil I was Out of Control..Trust Me Swara..Sahil is Really Good Guy fr U..He has No Prblm wid Ur Past. Trust Me.. ( Pleads while Crying ) Plzz Swara..Give My Family Bak..I Beg U..Plzz give Me My Sanskaar n My Son Bak Plzz..M Really Thnkful to U fr Taking Care of dem since Past 6 Yrs bt nw Plzz Swara Go Away frm My Family..I dnt wanna Hate U Swara..So Plzz ( Cries Miserably ) Iss Shaadi ke Liye Haa Kehdo Plzz ( Pleads )

Listening to Ragini n Her Pain,Swara was More Emotional n Felt Guilty fr Ragini’s Pain..Without Wasting Any Time Swara Wiped Her Tears n Signed a Positive Sign to Ragini making Ragini Super Happy n Overwhelmed on Swara n Her Decision..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes bt Composes n Holds Ragini’s Hands ) Ragini..Jao kehdo Sahil se Mmm ( Fumbles wid Teary Eyes ) Rreaaddyy to Mmmaarrryy Him ( Closed Her Eyes Tightly in Teary Eyes )

Ragini : ( Shocked n Happy ) Kya ?? R u Sure Swara ? I mean ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Smiles Fakely ) Haa Ragini..Sacchi..n M Sure abt it..U cn Call Sahil n tell Him abt My Positive Sign fr da Marriage..

Ragini : ( Super Happy ) Omg..Thnk U Soo Much Swara..( Hugs Swara Happily ) U r da Best..Thnks alot (Laughs Happily ) Main Abhi Sahil ko Bolti abt ur Decision.. ( Laughs Excitedly )

Swara : ( Fake Smile wid Teary Eyes ) Hmm..

Soon Ragini Ran Out n Called Sahil to Inform abt Swara’s Response n Strtd Her Preparations fr the Further Arragements making Everyone Shocked n Confused..

AP : ( Shocked seeing da Preparations ) Arrey Ragini Beta..Wats all these ? I mean itni Tayariyaan kis cheez ke liye horahi hai ?? Anything Spcl ?? ( Confused )

Ragini : ( Happy ) Haa Maa..Woh Sahil n His Family r Coming fr Roka of Swara n Sahil.. ( Gets Bzy in Preparations Agn ) Arry Kaka..Yaha nhi..Go n Put these Red Roses their at Entrance..Ok ?. ( Keeps on Instructing Happily )

Seeing Ragini Preparing fr Swara’s Remarriage AP,DP were agn Angry n Irritated on Ragini seeing Her Stubbornness even after their Denial..As Ragini was Bzy in Preparations Happily She felt a Tight Jerk frm A Strong Hands Angrily making Ragini Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Wat Rubbish is this Ragini ?? Cnt U Understand in One Time ?? Y r U making Urself soo Disgusting n Weird ?? Jab maine aur Maa..Papa ne keh diya Swara ko Force nhi karega koi bhi den Y r U doing all tuese ?? R U Out of Ur Mind kya ? Lagta hai 6 Saal Coma main rehne se U got ur ( Points Ragini’s Brain Angrily ) Brain Freezed..Hai na ?? ( Jerks Angrily )

Ragini : ( Angry too ) Ohh Plzz Sanskaar..Stop Ur Unnecessary Drama..Main yeh jo san karrahi hu Swara ke Permission se Karrahi hu..She only gave A Positive Response fr this Proposal . Samjhe ??

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Kya ?? What Rubbish ?? Kya Bakwaas karrahi hu ? Y will Swara Agree to Marry someone else Haa ? U r telling a Lie..Hai na ? ( Teary Eyes )

Ragini : Nhi Sanskaar..M nt telling any Lie..n Y will I tell U Lie Haa ?? M telling U da Truth..Swara Herself Agreed fr the Marriage jst Few Minutes ago..I did nt Force Her..n Waise bhi Sanskaar Y cnt Swara Agree fr Her Remarriage ?? She cnt Alwyz be Here na fr U n Aryaan..Main aagyi hu na fr U both so wats da Use of Swara Here ?? She too needs to Strt Her New Life na..

Sanskaar : ( Still Shocked n Teary Eyes ) Bbt..hww ( Intrerupted )

Ragini : If U cnt Believe Me..Go n Ask Swara by Urself..She is getting Ready in Her Room fr Roka..Sahil n HisFamily wants Roka Today Itself.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Nw Plzz dnt Disturb Me..Bahut saare Kaam karne hai..Saare Guests ko Call karna hai..Meny Decide karna hai aur na jaane kya kya karna hai ( Giggles n Goes )

Hearing Ragini Sanskaar was all Shocked n Surprised Listening His Princess has Agreed fr the Marriage wiodut any Hesitation..He Closed His Fists in Anger Remembering Sahil Touching Swara’s Hands Weirdly n Ran towards Swara’s Room in Full Anger n Frustration making AP n DP n Aryaan Shocked n Numb on Swara’s Decision n Sanskaar’s Anger..


Swara’s Room ( Aryaan’s Room )

As Sanskaar Ran towards Swara’s Room in Anger thr on the Other Hand Swara was getting Ready in Jer Light Yet Heavy Wrk Light Pink Lehenga wid Minimal Make Up Making Look Gorgeous Yet Pale n Weak due to Continous Weeping n Crying Cursing Her Fate..Soon Sanskaar Stormed inside the Room like a Fire Ball n Banged da Door in Anger n saw Swara Trying to Tying Her Blouse Dori n Getting Ready making Sanskaar More Angry n Frustrated..He Immediately Closed da Door in Anger n Pulled Swara towards Him n Pinned Her to da Wall Blocking Swara frm both da Side btmy His hands on Either Sides in Anger making Swara Shocked n Shiver in Fear seeing Sanskaar’s Anger n Blood Shot Red Eyes..

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Pinned to da Wall ) What Rubbish is this Swara ?? What Nonsense Ragini is Speaking ?? Hw cn She tell such Nonsense? ? Hw cn Sshee … ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Scared bt Composed ) No Sanskaar..Its nt any Nonsense..Ragini is Right..I Agreed fr the ( Closed Her Eyes Tightly in Teary Eyes ) Mmaarriaggee Sanskaar.M Rreaadyy to Mmaarryy Sahil.. ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Pinned More Tightly ) Bt Y ?? Y did U Agree ?? Jst tell Me Damn it..Dnt U have Trust on Me or On My Love ?? Or Do U think OUR LOVE wont Stand Firnly infornt of These Big Prblms..Haa..Tell Me ?? Hw cn U Forget ki U have OUR LOVE SYMBOL in Ur Womb ?? Hw cn U ?? ( Angry )

Swara : ( Feels Pain bt Controls n Jerks Sanskaar’s Hands in Anger ) Wich LOVE Mr Maheshwari ?? Wich Love r u talking abt ? We did nt have any Love b/w Us was all jst an ( Fumbles wid Teary Eyes ) MMISSTASKEE wich We Committed 6 Yrs Ago..It was nt At all A Love Mr Maheshwari ..It was Jst An Mere Attraction wich We had in Absence of UR REAL WIFE ..Bt nw When She is bak Thr is Noootthhi.. ( Stopped n Widen Eyes )

Seeing Swara Speaking Rubbish Sanskaar Suddenly agn Pinned Her towards da Wall Carefully Yet Angrily Smashed His Rough Lips on Her Rosy Lips Biting n Sucking Her Lower Lips Passionately Leading it To Bleed Indicating His Love,Anger n Mixed Emotions Towards Her Making Swara Shocked n Surprised on Sanskaar’s Sudden Action wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously n Helplessly..

Saanson Ko Jeene Ka Ishaara Mill
Dooba Main Tujhme To Kinara Mill Gaya

Saanson ko jeene ka ishara mil gaya
Zindagi Ka Pata Dobara Mil Gaya
Tu Mila To Khuda Ka Sahaara Mill Gaya
Tu Mila To Khuda Ka Sahaara Mill Gaya
Ghamzada Ghamzada Dil Ye Tha Ghamzada
Bin Tere, Bin Tere, Dil Ye Tha Ghamzada

Aaraam De Tu Mujhe, Barson Ka Hun Main Thaka
Palkon Pe Raatein Liye, Tere Waste Main Jaga…

Soon after Kissing Swara,Sanskaar Jerked Swara Angrily Yet Carefully n Tied Her Dori Caressing Her Bak Sensuously making Swara to Feel His Touch Pleasurely wid Teary Eyes while Sanskaar Observed Her Expressions..

Sanskaar : ( Jerked Swara Angrily Yet Carefully ) U r Gonna Regret Ur Decision Swara..U r ..Jst Remember this Point ..If U Marry Sahil den Remember U r Gonna See Me DEAD !! Jst Remember that..Fr U OUR LOVE myt a Mistake bt fr Me it was da Most Memorable n Pleasant Memory Ever.. ( Leaves jn Anger )

Soon Sanskaar Jerked Swara Angrily Yet Carefully n Left Her alone in Room Angrily All Shattered n Heart Broken wid Tears of Helplessness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously making Swara More Weak n Pale..

Mere Har Dard Ki Gehrai Ko Mehsoos Karta Hai tu
Teri Aankhon Se Gham Tera Mujhe Maaloom Hone Laga

Tu Mila To Khuda Ka Sahaara Mill Gaya
Tu Mila To Khuda Ka Sahaara Mill Gaya

Main Raaz Tujhse Kahun Humraz Ban Ja Zara
Karni Gai Kuch Guftgu Alfaaz Ban ja Zara..


1 Hour Later

Time Passed n It was The Time fr The Most Awaited Moment fr Sahil n Ragini while fr All Others Especially fr Swara n Sanskaar along wid Aryaan it was The Most Worst Moment..All the Guests were Present n the Roka Cermony of Swara n Sahil was Jst Few Minutes Away..As Time Passed Sahil kept His Eyes on Stairs n Strtd Waiting fr Swara making Ragini to Tease Him while Sanskaar Fumed in Anger seeing Sahil’s Impatience fr Swara..

Ragini : ( Sees Sahil n Teases ) Offo..Sahill Have Patience Yaar..Ur To Be Bride will be Beside U in Some Time..Stop Staring Stairs like an Owl Yaar.. ( Giggles ) She is gonna be Urs Only in Few.Minutes..den Keep Staring Her No One will Stop U ( Laughs Teasingly )

As Ragini Teased Sahil in da Name of Swara,Sanskaar Fumed in Anger n Stared Ragini in Full Hatred n Anger making Others too Feel Disgust on Ragini..Soon Swara was Brought in Hall n was Made Beside Sahil making Her Feel Uncomfortable wich was Noticed by Sanskaar making Him Feel More Angry on Swara’s Foolishness n Stupid Sacrifice..

Ragini : ( Sees Swara Coming ) Loo Aagayi tumhari Dulhan..Isn’t She Looking Gorgeous ??

Sahil : ( Sees Lustfully ) Yes..Indeed Very Gorgeous ( Smirks Evilly )

As Sahil Smirked Evilly seeing Swara,Sanskaar Noticed it n Fumes in Anger seeing Sahil Staring Swara Strangely bt Composed Himself seeing da Guests n Situation..Soon da Roka Cermony Strtd n Both Sahil n Swara Flipped da Rings in Eachother’s Fingers Turn by Turn..As The Roka Cermony took Place both Swara n Sanskaar had Tears in their Eyes n had a Small n Painful Eye Lock making Aryaan too Feel Bad seeing His Mumma getting Engaged to Skmeothet Person..He Immediately Hugged Sanskaar n Cried Silently making Swara feel Bad n Helpless Seeing Aryaan n Sanskaar Crying Silently fr Her..

Juda Jab Se Hua
Tere Bina Khamosh Rehta Hoon Me
Labon Ke Paas Aa
Ab Tu Aawaaz Bann Ja Zara

Tu Mila To Khuda Ka Sahara Mill Gaya
Tu Mila To Khuda Ka Sahara Mill Gaya
Ghamzada Ghamzada Dil Ye Tha Ghamzada
Bin Tere, Bin Tere, Dil Ye Tha Ghamzada…

Soon da Roka Cermony got Over n All da Guests Clapped n Blessed da Newly Engaged Couple Happily while Swara Stayed Quite n Smiled Fakely..As Guests kept Wishing da Newly Engaged Couple,Sahil somehow took Permission frm Elders n took Swara to another Room to Spend some Time wid Eachother making both Swara n Sanskaar Uncomfortable n Uneasy bt were Helpless n Unaware of the Upcoming Twist in their Life..As Sahil n Swara were Leaving Aryaan Pulled Ragini’s Dupatta Continously as He was feeling Hungry making Ragini Angry n Irritated..

Aryaan : ( Innocently ) Mumma..Mummaa M feeling Hungry..Plzz give Me da Food na.. ( Dying in Hunger )

Ragini : ( Tries to Divert ) Aryaan Beta See na M Talking to My Frnds na..Go n tell Ramu Kaka na..He will give U..Ok ?? ( Agn Gets Bzy in Talking )

Aryaan : ( Crying ) No Mumma..Plzzz U Give na..Plzz Mumma..Plzz ( Keeps on Requesting )

Ragini : ( Irritated ) Uff Aryaan..Kaha na..Go n ask Ramu Kaka..Cnt U see m Bzy wid My Frnds..Go nw ( Angry n Agn Gets Bzy in Talking )

As Ragini Scolded Aryaan Badly infornt of Her Frnds,Aryaan felt Bad n Tears Strtd Roling frm His Eyes making No Effect on Ragini..Seeing Ragini getting No Effect Aryaan Left frm their Empty Stomach wid Teary Eyes making AP Angry on Ragini n Sad fr Aryaan..


Guest Room

Soon both Swara n Sahil Reached Guest Room n as they Stepped jnside da Room Sahil Closed da Door wid an Evil Smirk Unnoticed by Swara n Sat on Bed Signalling Swara to Sit Beside Him making Swara Feel Uncomfortable n Uneasy..

Sahil : ( Smiles ) Come na Swara..Sit Here..Dnt Worry..Feel Free.after all m ur Fiance nw..Come ( Holds Swara’s Hands n Made Her Sit Lil Forcefully )

Swara : ( Feels Pain Slightly ) Aaoww ( Holds Her Baby Bump )

Sahil : ( Shocked ) Ohh..M Really Sorry..I totally Forgot abt it..M really Sorry..( Fake Concern )

Swara : ( Fake Smile ) Its Ok..Np..

Sahil : ( Smirks Evilly n Touches Swara’s Hands Sensuously ) Waise Swara..Dnt U think We shud Strt Our Life Freely widout any Big Hurdles b/w Us.. ( Smirks Evilly )

Swara : ( Uncomfortable n Confused ) What do U mean ?? ( Tries to Free Her Hands )

Sahil : ( Comes More Closer ) I mean Baby..U shud ABORT Ur Child.n KILL da Baby b4 Our Marriage..So that We cn Enjoy Ourselves Freely widout any Disturbance like We r Facing nw..( Leans towards Swara’s Lips )

As Sahil was Leaning Towards Her,Swara was Shocked n Surprised Hearing ABORTION WORD..She Immediately came in Senses Feeling A Hot Breath on Her Lips n Pushed Sahil Forcefully making Sahil Shocked n Angry..

Swara : ( Shocked n Pushes Sahil ) No..Never..I cnt ( Angry ) ABORT MY CHILD..I Cnt Kill Him..This Child is SYMBOL of My Love..I cnt..Nn ( Fumbles ) Wwhatt r u trying to do Haa ?? Jst Stay Away frm Me ( Teary Eyes )

Sahil : ( Angry n Pushes Swara on Bed Forcefully ) Uuu..Hw dare U Push Me Aw3ay frm U ?? N Wat Wrong did I Say Haa ?? God Knws Whos Illegitimate Child U r Carrying ?? If U cn Have Fun wid da Father of this Child den Y Nt Me Baby ?? N fr Having Fun U need to KILL ur Baby na ..n Dnt Worry Baby..I will give U another Baby bt fr dat jst have Some Fun wid Me na.. ( Smirks Eviily )

As Sahil was Moving Towards Swara n was Speaking His Desire,Aryaan who was Passing through da Room wid Sad Face Heard da Whole Conversation n Rushed towards Sanskaar Immediately who was Bzy wid Other Guests Unwillingly..Soon Aryaan Reached towards Sanskaar n Pulled His Kurta While Breathing Heavily making Sanskaar Confused n Shocked..

Aryaan : ( Breathing Heavily ) Paapapa..Suno..Plzz Listen ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Bents towards Aryaan ) Kya hua Beta ?? n Y r U Breathing soo Heavily ?Tell Me ( Concenly )

Aryaan : ( Still Breathing Heavily ) Wwohh..Papapa..Mumma..Wohh.. ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Takes to a Corner ) Kya Mumma Beta ?? Tell Me.. ( Worried )

Aryaan : Woh Papa..Woh Sahil Uncle hai na… ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Beta..Plzz tell Clearly ..Want U wanna Say ?? Mumma ko kya n Sahil Uncle Kya ?? ( Really Worried )

Aryaan : ( Gathers some Courge ) Papa..Woh Sahil Uncle wants to KILL MY LIL BRO/SIS… ( Sees Sanskaar’sShocked Expressions ) Haa Papa..Wen I was going to My Room I Heard Sahil Uncle telling Mumma to Kill My Lil Brother or Sister so dat He cn have Some Fun.I dnt knw wat He meant by Fun all i knw is He wants to Kill My Lil Brother or Sister..N Mumma was Crying saying She wont Kill da Baby..Plzz Papa..Go n See wat Sahil Uncle means..M Scared..Mumma was Screaming Badly Papa..Pata nhi I felt She was Calling Ur Name in Pain n while Crying..( Hugs Sanskaar while Crying Miserably )

Hearing Aryaan,Sanskaar was Shocked n Fumed in Anger n He Immediately Ran towards da Guest Room n Stormed jnside by Banging da Door by Foot in Anger making Sahil Shocked n Surprised at Sanskaar’s Sudden Entry..

Sahil : ( Shocked ) SSANSKAARR..

As Sanskaar Entered da Room wid A Bang,He was Shocked to see da Scn infornt of Him..His World was All Shattered seeing Swara’s Sleeves Half Toren frm Both Her Shoulders Side Under Sahjl Crying n Begging Miserably fr Her Dignity while Holding Her Baby Bump while on the Other Hand Sahil was Above Swara Satisfying His Lust.Seeing da Scn Sanskaar Fumed n Closed His Fist in Anger n Immediately Runs towards Sahil n Punched Him wid His Leg Leading Sahil to Fall on Ground Forcefully making Swara Happy n to Hug Sanskaar Tightly while Crying Miserably..Seeing Swara Crying Miserably n at Her Condition Sanskaar Immediately Wrapped a Bedsheet around Her n Peckes Her Forehead Concernly making Swara Feel Safe n Secure wid Him..Soon Sanskaar Dragged Sahil Ruthlessly n Threw Him on da Stairs naking Him Bleed n making Ragini n Others Shocked n Surprised at Sanskaar’s Anger n Swara’s State..

Ragini : ( Angry ) SANSKAARR ( Goes towards Sahil n makes Him Stand ) What the Hell is this Sanskaar ?? What Happened ?? N Y did U Push Sahil frm da Stairs ??

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Holds Sahil’s Collar Angrily ) Coz Ragini did BASTARD tried to Force Himself on Swara ? He tried to RAPE SWARA on His Engagement Day Itself n also Wanted to KILL SWARA’S UNBORN CHILD.Hw Cheap of Him .. ( Beats Sahil Angrily ) Hw Dare He Misbehaved Swara ?? Hw dare He Try to Kill da Child ?? ( Beats More Miserably )

As Sanskaar Continued Beating Sahil Miserably Forgetting abt His Post n Reputation,AP,Shomi n Sujata Immediately Rushed towards da Lifeless Swara n Strtd Consoling Her while da Rest of Guests Stood Shocked n Surprised seeing Commisioner Sanskaar Maheshwari Beating Sahil Miserably making Ragini Feel Awkward n Strange..

Ragini : ( Angry n Pushed Sanskaar frm Sahil ) SANSKAAR !! Behave Urself Damn it..Jst see da Situation m React Sanskaar..Ur this Action is Defaming My Reputation in da Society ..Plzz Behave like a Civilised Man Sanskaar..dnt Forget U r A Commisioner of Kolkata n A Commissioner Behaving Like this is nt Defames His Reputation in Society as well as it Defames His Wife’s Reputation too..I have A Class n A Reputation in da Society Sanskaar..n all the Guests r Member of My Society Club..So Plzz BEHAVE URSELF Sanskaar Maheshwari..Plzx ( Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Angry too n Bursted Out ) Damn wid U n Ur Society Ragini…Tumhare issi Society n Ur Status Consciousness ke wajeh I m nt able to LOVE till nw..Fr U Ur Satus n Society r More Important dan Ur Family..Arrey tumne toh Apne khud ke Bacche ko Marne koshish ki fr Ur So Called Figure..Toh tum Swara ke Bacche ka Socchogi ?? Tum jaan buchke ( Sees Sahil Angrily ) Sahil jaise Neech Insaan ka Rishta lekar aayi na Swara ke liye ? ( Feels Ashamed ) Shame on U Ragini..Shame on U..Hw cn U do this wid another Girl wen U urself r a Girl..Hw cn U Ragini ?? Didnt U feel Guilty fr wat u were going to do nw ?? N dat too wid Ur Best Frnd..tell me ?? ( Full Angry )

Ragini : ( Angry too ) Toh wats Wrong in it Sanskaar ? Arrey Shukar karo Sahil got Ready to Marry Swara warna aajkal who will get Ready to Marry Left Over Girl like Swara who is Expecting..Pata nhi kiska Ganda Khoon lekar humare Ghar rehrahi hai 6 Saalo Se..Aur Agr Sahil yeh Baccha girana chahts hai toh whats wrong it it Ha ?? Akhir Kaun kisika Paap ( B4 Ragini cud Complete She is Slapped )

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Slaps Ragini Tightly ) Nt a Word Angst Swara n Her Baby nw..Samjhi ?? Tum kya jaano Baccho Ki Importantance…Tum toh apne Khud ke Bacche ko Dress Change nhi tum Aryaan ko Gale Lagati ho wen He is Drenched in Muddy Water..Areey jo Aurat apne hi Bacche ki Kaam or Gande hone pe Gale nhi lagati what She will Understand Importance of Other’s Child..Arrey jab tum nhi thi na Swara Aryaan ka Saara kaam karti thi..Usse Nilhana ( Bathing ) Kapde Change Karna..Khaana khilana aur na jaane kya kya karti thi apni Health Kharab rakhne ke baad bhi..infact ABI ABHI KARTI HAI Tumhre hone ke baad bhi..Tumne kabhi Aryaan ko Gale lagaya Dil se? Kabhi Aryaan ko Khaana khilaya apne Haath se Pyaar karke..nhi na ? Lekin Swara yeh Har roz karti hai aur Dil se Karti hai wiodut any Expections l..Isse Kehte Asli Maa..Ragini jst Giving Birth is nt Enough to become A that U have to Do all da Responsibiloties of a Mother too wich Swara did since Last 6 Yrs n is doing till nw even after Ur Arrival..Kuch Seekho Ragini..Kuch Seekho apne Best Frnd Swara se ( Feels Disgusted on Ragini )

Ragini : ( Angry too ) Arghh..Swara ..Swara Everywhere Swara.jab dekho jab Everyonr does Only Swara..Aakhir aisa kya hai Swara main jo everyone Loves Swara this Much..n Y r u More Concern fr Swara Haa ?? Aisa kya Haado kardiya iss Swara ne jo tum mujhe Ignore Karrahe ho ?? ( Thinks Something n Smirks Angrily ) Kahi aisa toh nhi in My Absence U both got Attracted towards Eachother n den Ended Up to be One n den this Child in Swara’s Womb is A Symbol of ur Mmmmiiss ( Slapped Agn Tightly )

Sanskaar : ( Slapped Ragini Agn Even More Harder ) Jst Shut Up..Jst Shut ur Mouth Ragini..Dnt U Dare Utter a Word Agnst MY WIFE..Did u get did Ragini Gadodia ?? ( Damn Angry )

Ragini : ( Shocked ) Kya ?? WWwiffee ?? What do U mean Sanskaar ?? ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Goes towards Swara ) Yes..Ragini ..U heard it Right..Swara is My Wife n Mother of Aryaan Maheshwari i.e She is SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI..We got Moarned wen U were in Coma in 6 Yrs Ago fr Only Swara’s Love,Care n Her Simple Nature made Me Fall fr Her wich Ur Soo Called Status Consciousness cud nt do..U Married Me seeing My Position n My Reputation n Alwyz Controlled Me n My Feelings according to U n Ur Soo called Class.. bt U Forgot Ragini Even Commisioner or Rich Persons too Have their Feelings..Being Commisioner or frn Rich Family does nt mean to be Serious or Staus Concern only.. they too need to Enjoy n Live their Life Freely ..n maybe yr Status Consciousness n Ur Society is da Reason I did nt Fall in Love wid U Till nw ..n Fell fr Swara in jst 2 Months of Our Marriage..( Smiles Relievedly ) Thnk God U came to knw da Truth..coz i nw i need nt Pretend or Act infront of U to be A Stranger of Swara..Ragjni wen U were Bak na I was really Feeling Guilty fr Cheating U..I was Dying frm Inside fr Brking Ur Trust..U knw wat Wenever Swara used to Remind Me abt da Consequences wen u will be Bak n Thinking abt it I Used Curse Myself fr Cheating U n fr Marrying Swara Deep inside My Heart somewhr in Corner ( Teary Eyes ) Bt Today ( Happy ) Ragini M Happy n M Proud fr Marrying Swara..Today U Proved Me 6 yrs Ago i took A Perfect Decision fr Myself n fr Aryaan..Thnks Alot Ragini fr Proving My Decision Right ( Sees Ragini in Disgust )

Aryaan : ( Happy too ) n I need nt Call My ( Goes towards Swara ) MUMMA as Swara Aunty.. ( Angry too ) n Ragini Mumma wen I came to knw U were My Real Mumma na i was Somewhere Lil Happy nt dat Much bt still Ittu ( Shows by Hands Innocently ) Happy to see My Real Mumma bak bt as Dyz Passed n as u kept Insulting My Swara Mumma i felt Swara Mumma is only My Real Mumma nt U..Wen U Denied Me Hugging Me jst coz i was Drenched in Muddy Water i felt really Bad seeing My Own Mummaa Denying Me Hugging jst coz m Drenched in Muddy dat Time the Sadness wich U cud nt see on My Face even after being My Real Mother dat time Swara Mumma saw it n took Me fr Cheering Up..See Raginj Mumma this is da Difference b/w U n MY MUMMA ( Hugs Lifeless Swara Lovingly ) n U Alwyz ask na wats Spcl in My Mumma dat Everyone like Dadi..Dadu Chachu n all Love Mumma so Much more dan U..Let Me tell U da Answer Ragini Mumma..The Answer is Swara Mumma alwyz Thinks fr Others First more dan Herself..She alwyz Loves Others n Care fr Others First..den No matter Hw much Worse Her Health is She Alwyz Does My Wrk..Papa’s Wrk n Never let Servants do Our Wrk..She alwyz does Our Wrk by Herself..n Mny more things Ragini Mumma fr wich this Whole Day wud be Less to Praise My ( Kisses Swara’s Cheeks ) LOVELY MUMMA..

Hearing Aryaan taking Side of Ragini n knwing the Truth of Swara’s n Sanskaar’s Marriage,Ragini was Shocked n Surprised..She was All Shattered Listening Her Husband n Her Best Frnd Cheated Her in Her Absence..She was Fuming in Anger n instead of Regretting on Her Deeds Ragini Fumed in More Anger while Guests Present thr too Taunted Ragini n Supported Swara making Her More Angry n Frustrated..

Guest 1 : Yeh toh aisi hai..Yaad Hai Mrs Verma wen this Ragini used to come in Our Kitty Parties She Alwyz used to Show Her Attitude to Us..n even after coming bak frm Coma She did da Wenever Swara used to come She Behaved Politely wid Us n Never Showed Off Her Husband’s Position or Threathened Us by it..

Guest 2 : Haa Mrs Sharma..U r Right..Swara is Really a Good Lady who nt Only Loves Her Family bt also Loves Others too..Never Step Bakward to Help Others..Swara took Care of Aryaan like His Real Mother even nt being His Real Mother bt this Ragini inspite of being His Real Mother Denied to Feed Aryaan n also Scolded Aryaan fr His Hunger Today wen She was Talking to Her Frnds..Remember We saw it Wen We were going to Eat da Dinner..

Guest 3 : Haa..Yaad hai..Agr use Jagah Swara hoti na toh She wud have Left all these Party n Her Frnds n all wud have Feeded Aryaan First..Arrey Ragini jaisi Auratein Kalaq ( Stain ) hai fr All Woman Society n whereas Women like Swara are Good Name fr Women Society..( Keeps on Praising Swara n Humiliate Ragini )

As da Ladies Praised Swara n Humiliated Ragini,Ragini Ran to Her Room in Frustration while Sanskaar n Aryaan took Swara to Room n Laksh n DP Apologised to da Guests n Winded the Party n Threw Sahil n Family Out of the House making Ragini More Angry n Irritated..


Precap : SwaSan Romance Finally n Ragini’s Insecurity Turning into Madness..



Done wid da #Maha_Episode of “Destiny – Its All About Life”…Hope u all Liked it n r Happy wid da Maha Episode..Plzz Do Forgive Me if U did nt Like any Part in Todyz Episode..Bt its all Neded to Unite swaSan..So Hopefully U Liked it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Maha Episode :)..


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