Destiny โ€“ Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 06

Hii Guyz..M Bak wid Another Part of “Destiny – Its All About Life”..Hope U all r Enjoying da Trck n da SS..Its A Bit Different I knw n I Hope U r Liking this New Type of SS…Do Tell Me Ur Views abt the Story :).

Nw I will Stop My Bak Bak n U Strt Reading da Nxt Part ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…..n Do Leaveur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).

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Recap : Swara Aryaan Scns…Ragini Jealous Seeing SwaSan Aryaan Bond n Ragini Taunts Swara Indirectly . Family Supporting Swara..Ragini Apolozing Swara..


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 06

Mid Night 1AM

Its Mid Night n its been 1 Hour since Ragini Went to Her Room n Strtd Waiting fr Sanskaar..As Time Passes Ragini’s Temper too Increased as Sanskaar was No Whr to be Seen..Seeing Sanskaar nt Coming till nw Ragini Herself went Out n Strtd Reaching fr Sanskaar in Full Anger n Frustration Agnst Swara..

Ragini : ( Angry ) Abb yeh Sanskaar kaha chalegaya ?? 1 Ghante se Wait karrahi hu Sabskaar ka bt He is seen No Where..N Hw did He Support Swara Instead of Me ?? Arghh..n Uper Se Aryaan is also Supporting Swara ?? Y ?? Y does all Support Swara dis much ?? ( Keeps on Blabbering in Anger while Searching fr Sanskaar )

As Ragini Searched da Whole Mansion She did nt Find Sanskaar anywhr n atlast after No Hope She Called on Sanskaar’s Mobile n Tried to knw abt His Whr abts..

Ragini : Uff…Pura Ghar Dundliya bt Did nt Find Sanskaar any where..Whr did He go ?? Wait ( Takes Her Phone ) Let Me Call Him..

While Ragini Called Sanskaar thr on the Other Hand SwaSan Whr Sleeping in Eachother’s Embrace Peacefully Cuddling Eachother n Aryaan on Other Side of Sanskaar on His Hand..The Trio Slept wid Eachother Peacefully Forgetting abt the Recent Incident wid A Peacefull Smiles on their Faces..As The Trio were Sleep9ng Peacefully Ragini Ranged Sanskaar’s Phone n as A Result His Phone Ranged making Ragini Shocked n Surprised Hearing da Ring frm Somewhere Near..

Ragini : ( Shocked ) Hein ?? What is this ?? Phone ki Awaaz toh yaha se kahi se aarahi hai..Bt kaha se ? ( Realized n Sees Aryaan’s Room ) Haa Awaaz toh Aryaan ke Room se aarahi What His Phone is.doing thr ?? Let me see..

Soon Ragini after Hearing da Ring of da Phone Strtd Headed towards Aryaan’s Room Unaware of the Scn Waiting fr Her..As Ragini Entered da Room She was Shocked to see da Scn infornt of Her wid Tears in Her Eyes Flowing Continously..

Ragini : ( Teary Eyes ) Sanskaar !!! ( Emotional ) Sanskaar is this Much Angry wid Me ki Slept wid Aryaan Today n He did nt Even Inform Me abt it..Y Sanskaar ?? Y ?? Whats My Fault ?? I was Jst..( Cud nt Complete n Cries n Runs )

As Ragini Left the Room,The Washroom Door Opened n Swara who was Hiding in Washroom Came Out n Took a Relieved Sigh Thinking abt the FlashBack..


As Ragini was Ringing Sanskaar’s Phone,Swara who was Sleeping Peacefully in Sanskaar’s Embrace Woke Up n Saw da Phone n was Shocked seeing Ragini Calling..She Immediately Got Up frm da Bed n Went Near the Window Thinking abt the Recent Incident..While She was Thinking abt the Recent Incident Swara sees Ragini Coming towards da Room wid da Help of Ring..Seeing Ragini Coming Swara Immediately Rushed towards da Washroom n Hided thr widout Ragini Nothing Her..

**********FlashBack Ends**********

While Swara was Lost in Her Own Thots She Felt a Warm Hands around Her Baby Bump n a Weight on Her Shoulder Bringing A Slight Smile on Her Face..

Swara : ( Sensing da Touch n Smiles ) Sanskaarr..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles too ) Hmmm

Swara : ( Turns n Hugs Him Softly Feeling His Warmth ) Sanskaar Dnt U think We shud tell Everything to Ragini asap..Haa I knw I was da One who was Stopping U frm telling da Nw aaj jo Hua uske baad i feel We shud tell Ragini Everything ..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Caresses Swaraโ€™s Bak Lovingly ) Haa Swara..Dnt Worry I will tell Ragini Everything..U jst Relax..Ok ?

Swara : ( Enjoys Sanskaar’s Warm Hug ) Bt Sanskaar aaj jo tumne kiya Ragini ke saath was nt Right..I mean We shud Understand Her Feelings..Its Obivious Sanskaar..Any Lady wen She sees Her Husband n Son Attached to someother Lady more than Her..She will Feel Insecure n Angry..n Ragini toh Came Bak after 6 Yrs frm Coma..Fr Her its Obiviously Difficult to Digest the Fact dat Her Son n Husband r Attached to Her Best Frnd..n in dat Frustration She jst Blabbered..n ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Release ds Hug ) I knw Ragini its Difficult to see all it doesnt mean ki She Jst Blabbers Anything Rubbish agnst U..Hw cn She jst Say U Black n Simple etc…She shud Understand fr Aryaan U r His Mother since da Day He was Born..Like fr Her Its Tough to Understand or See anyone Close to U in da Same way its More Tough fr Aryaan to Accept Her as His Mother..Bachpan ( Childhood ) se U r taking care of Aryaan’s each n small thing n nw all of a Sudden after 6 Yrs if Someone comes n tells Him ki U r nt His Real Mother it’s Obiviously Difficult fr A Small n Innocent Soul Like Aryaan..

Swara : Bbt ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : Bt wat Swara ?? Accha Tell Me Onething..If u were at Ragini’s Place..Wud U have Done da Same thing wich She did Today ?? Wud U have Jst Blabbered anything like this agnst Ragini even seeing Ur Closed Ones r Closed to Her nw? Tell Me ?? Come On Tell Me ( Raises His Eye Brows Questionably )

Swara was Blank wid Her Head Down..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) No Na..U wud have Understood da Situation n wud Act Wisely..nt Like Ragini wich She did Today..So in da same way Ragini wud also have Behaved na..n Hw cn She Rise Finger agnst Ur Character or Nature…Its Totally Wrong Swara..Hai na ?

Swara : Hmm..Bbt ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : No More Ifs n Buts..Nw Come Lets Sleep..Its alrdy Late..N U e Stressed Out Today. U need a Rest nw..Ckme..

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Headed da Bed n Slept in Eachother’s Embrace Peacefully Cuddling Eachother wid A Smile on their Face Unaware of the Upcoming Troubles Waiting fr them da Nxt Morning..


Nxt Day

Its Another Beautiful Morning n Our Lovely Love Birds were Sleeping in Eachother’s Embrace Peacefully n Aryaan on da Other Side Hugging Sanskaar Tightly…As both Swara n Aryaan were Sleeping Hugging Sanskaar Lovingly Sanskaar Felt Happy n Complete Feeling His 3 ( One Unborn Baby too wich is Inside Swara ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… ) Imp Sleeping Hugging Him..He Slowly Opened His Eyes n Saw His Most Imp Ppl Beside Him n Smiled seeing dem Smiling in their Deep Sleep..He Slowly Freed Himslef n Pecked both of dem on their Cheeks n Went to Dresden Up in His Room b4 Ragini Waking Up..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Pecks Aryaan ) Good Morning Champ.. ( Sniles n Pecks Swara too ) Good Morning Princess..Have A Gr8 Day My Jaans..

While Sanskaar Pecked both of them,He saw dem Smiling n Wishing Him Bak wid a Equal Love n Affection inside dem fr Him..

Swara/Aryaan : Good Morning To U Too Papa/Prince…U too Have A gr8 Day..

Sanskaar : ( Laughs n Hugs Both of them ) Thnks alot both of U..(To Aryaan ) Nw Champ Go n get Ready fr yr School..Till then I will also get Ready..Ok ??

Aryaan : ( Smiles ) Ok Papa..I will get Ready in 10 Mins..

Swara : ( Smiles Too seeing Sanskaar’s n Aryaan’s Bond ) n I will Prepare Brk Fast fr Both of U ( Tries to Get Up )

As Swara was Trying to Get Up,Both Sanskaar n Aryaan Immediately made Swara Sit n Stared Her Angrily making Swara Shocked n Surprised at their Behaviour..

Sanskaar/Aryaan : ( Fake Anger n Made Swara Sit agn ) No Need..U Take Rest..Ramu Kaka hai na..He will Prepare..Ok ??

Aryaan : Haa Mumma..U n My Lil Bro or Sis Needs Rest..So nt fr U bt atleast fr dem U Take Rest Plzzz..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Bbt.. ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) No..Nthing..U will jst take it Clear ??

Swara : ( Puppy Pout ) Ok.Fine..U both r really Bad..nt even letting me do Small Wrk too.. ( Cries Fakely )

Aryaan : ( Giggles seeing Swaraโ€™s Drama ) Mumma U only tell me ki doing Drama is nt good den Today Y r U doing it ?? U alwyz Tell Me n Papa r Dramaebaaz No 1 bt U r also a Dramaebaaz No 1 Haa..Nt Bad ( Giggles n Laughs Innocently )

Seeing Aryaan Laughing Freely both Swara n Sanskaar Felt Happy n Overwhelmed seeing their Son Laughing Whole Heartedly widout any Tension..Soon The Trio got Ready n went Down fr theirBrk Fast Happily Unaware of the Prblm Waiting fr dem Down Stairs..


Dining Area

Brk Fast Time

Soon SwaSan n Aryaan along wid Other Family Members Reached Dining Area fr Brk Fast whr Alrdy Ragini n A Man in A Well Dressed 3 Piece Suit was Available thr Wisbing fr dem all making SwaSan n Others Shocked n Confused fr His Arrival..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Aagaye aap sab ?? Come Have ur Seat Everyone..Brk Fast is Ready.. ( Goes Towards Sanskaar n Makes Him Sit ) Come na Jaan..Sit..

Sanskaar : ( Sees Ragini in Confusion ) Haa ok ( Points da Man ) Who is He ?? N Wat Is He doing Here at Our Home at this Time Soo Early ??

DP : ( Sees da Man Closely ) Haa Beta..Who is He ??

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Offo..I will tell u all na..First all of U have a Seat na..( Sees Swara n Drags Her Slowly n Makes Her Sit wid da Man Beside Him Making Swara Uncomfortable ) n Swara..U Sit Here wid Him..Dnt Worry My Bestie..Trust Me..U jst Sit Here..

As Ragini was Making Everyone Sit on da Table fr the Brk Fast,Everyone kept Staring da Man Confusingly making Ragini to Speak the Matter Happily Making Everyone Especially SwaSan n Aryaan Shocked n Disgust on Ragini’s Words..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Accha Ok Baba..I will tell U who is He nw..Bt First of all U all Stop Staring Him Like this as if He is a Alien..( Goes towards da Man ) Sanskaar..Meet Mr SAHIL SEN GUPTA…One of My Bestest Frnd frm Mumbai..i have Called Him here fr some Urgent Wrk..n U knw wat Sanskaar..Sahil is One of da Best Business Man in Mumbai..He is No 1 Business Man in Mumbai Right Nw.( To Sahil Happily ) Hai na Sahil ??

Sanskaar : Ohh.. ( Shakes Hands wid Sahil ) Hello Mr Sahil..Nice to Meet U..M Sanskaar..Sanskaar Maheshwari..Commisioner of Kolkata Police.. ( Smiles )

Sahil : ( Smiles n Shakes Hands too ) Hii Mr Sanskaar..Ragini told Me abt U..Well must say Good to have Young n Honest Commisioner like U in Our India..Nice to Meet U Mr Sanskaar..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Same Here Mr Sahil..Waise any Wrk here ?? I mean U r Here at Our Home soo Early ?? ( Strts Eating )

Sahil : ( Smiles ) Haa woh..Actually … ( Intrerupted )

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Haa Woh Sanskaar.I called Him here..Remember Yesterday I Adviced Swara to Re Marry Agn ??

Hearing Ragini Talking abt Remarriage of Swara agn,Sanskaar n Swara who were having their Brk Fast Stopped Immediately n Stared Ragini wid Utter Confusion n Shock making Ragini to Smirk Evilly..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Remarriage.. Haa toh ??

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Sanskaar toh baath yeh hai..When I showed Swaraโ€™s Photo to Sahil n told abt Swaraโ€™s Past na..He immediately Agreed to Marry Swara widout any Conditions n Hopes..He Liked Swara at the First Sight n Decided to Marry Her asap..Hai na Good News ?? ( Excitedly )

Swara : ( Shocked n Choked n Teary Eyes ) Bbt Raagiinij.Hw ccnn Ii ?? ( Intrerupted )

Ragini Ohh Come On Swara..kab tak U will be Living wid Ur Cheater Husbandโ€™s Memories..U have to Move On na..Nt fr Urself bt atleast fr Ur Baby toh U have to Move On na..n Yaar Dnt Worry..Marriage is nt after 2 Weeks..Trust Me Sahil is really Good Guy fr U n fr UR UNBORN BABY.. ( Smirks Evilly )

Sahil : ( Touches Swaraโ€™s Hands in Assurance bt making Swara Uncomfortable n Uneasy ) Ya Swara..Trust Me..I have No Prblm wid Ur Baby..i will take care of Him like My Own Child..Bt Jst think abt The Relationship Haa..I will Happy to see U as My WIFE ( Caresses Swaraโ€™s Hands Strangely ) n As My LIFE PARTNER…

As Sahil was Convincing Swara by Caressing Her Hands Strangely,Swara felt Uncomfortable n Tried to Free Herself frm Sahil’s Hands Making Sanskaar Angry on both Ragini n Sahil seeing n Feeling Swara Uncomfortable n Uneasy wid Sahil n His Touch..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Excuse Me Mr Sahil..I guess Being an Indian U still dnt knw da Values or Customs of India..U r nt Allowed to Touch or to Talk to a Girl Openly like this unless their Relationship is Fixed..( Stern Look ) So Kindly Leave Swaraโ€™s Hands n Be in Ur Limits.. ( To Swara ) N Swara U go to ur Room ( Signals AP to go wid Swara n AP Understands n Goes wid Swara ) Hai na Maa ??

AP : ( Smiles bt Sees Ragini Angrily ) Haa Beta..U r Right ( To Sahil ) Mr Sahil..Being Elder n Mother of Swara..I did nt Like ur Way to Convince Swara..Its nt at all Allowed in Our House to do Such things infornt of Elders..Ok ?

Sahil : ( Embarrassed ) Ssoorryy Aunty..I was Jst.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Anywyz Aunty I shud Leave nw..Have an Imp Meeting to Attend.. ( To Ragini ) Bye Ragini..

Ragini : ( Angry bt Controls ) Ok Bye..

Soon Sahil Left n As soon as Sahil Left, Everyone Presnt thr Stared Ragini Angrily wid Blood Shot Eyes while Ragini too Stared Everyone wid Same Anger n Hatred fr Supporting Swara Yet Agn..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) What was that Ragini ?? U agn Tried to Send Swara Away frm this House ?? Y ??

AP : ( Angry ) Mujhe samajh main nhi aaraha Y u Strtd Hating Swara this Much all of a Sudden?? Once She used to Be ur Best Frnd Na..den wat Happened all of a Sudden Ragini ?jabse U Have Returned frm Coma after 6 Yrs U have Chngd..Y ??

DP : ( Angry too ) Haa Y Ragini ?? Today U have to Answer all of Us..Wat did Swara do to U ?? She is alrdy Suffering alot n on that u r Troubling Her More ..Y ??

While Everyone were Shooting Questions towards Ragini Angrily,Ragini too Stared them Angrily n Bursted Out Her Anger Making Everyone Shocked n Surprised at Her Behaviour..

Ragini : ( Angry ) Coz I jst HATE HER NW…Suna aaplog ne I Jst Hate Her Nw..She has Snatched My Everyone frm Me..( Sees Sanskaar wid Teary Eyes ) My Husband.. ( Sees Aryaan ) My Son n ( Sees Whole Family ) My Family..Jabse aayi hu wapas Everyone r Praising Swara..Even My Own Husband n Son r Bak of Swara..( Teary Eyes ) I thot Nw m Bak na So i will Spend My Time wid My Family bt abb Aisa lagta hai ki No One Needs Me..Everyone needs Only SWARA.. ( To AP ) Maa..U were Right indeed in this Past 6 Yrs Everything has Changed..EVERYTHING..b4 I was da One who used to be Loved by E everyone bt nw It seems Only dat Swara is All ur Favourite.( Wiping Her Tears ) n What Wrong did I do Haa ?? U jst want My Family n My House to be Safe n dats Y I called Sahil to Marry Swara..n Swara shud be Happpy linemen at Her this State someone is Ready to Marry Her..Warna Today in this World who will Marry 7th Month Pregnant Lady Haa ?? She shud be Thnkfull to Me dat I Brought Proposal of My Best Frnd who No 1 Business Man warna Who will Marry A Left Over Girl in this World..I Regret the Daywen i made Swara as My Bestest Frnd..I Really Regret it..She is really UNLUCKY FR ALL..First She Ate Her Parents at the Time of Her Birth n nw She is Snatching My Husband n My Son frm Me..Hw Dare She ? Huhh..I jst Hate Her..Suna aap sab ne..I JST HATE HER frm Bottom of My Core.. ( Full Angry ) n Aap lpg bhi kitne din tak Swara ko iss Ghar main BHOOJ ( Burden ) bana le rakhege ?? She is Jst A BURDEN on All of Us…Jst A BURDEN !! N I wont Let any One become Burden on all of Us..( Keeps on Shootings Her Anger )

As Ragini was Shooting Out Her Anger n Frustration towards Swara,Everyone Presnt thr Especially Swara was all Shocked n Surprised Hearing Ragini n Her Harsh Words..All Swara cud Hear n Feel was Ragini’s Harsh Words “BHOOJ HAI WOH” in Her Ears n in Her Brain..Hearing Harsh Words frm Her Best friend Swara was All Numb n Felt a Miserable Pain in Her Baby Bump due to Sudden n Excess Stress making Everyone Especially Sanskaar n Aryaan Shocked n Numb seeing Swara in Pain..

Swara : ( Feels Sudden Pain ) Aahhh…Maaa..Babaaa…Aahhh.. ( Holds Her Baby Bump n Falls On Ground in Pain Crying Miserably )

Hearing Swara Screaming Sanskaar Immediately Ran towards Swara in Tension n Carried Her in His Arms Hurriedly n Rushed towards the their Room Making Ragini More Angry n Frustrated…

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) SWARAAA !!! ( Runs Towards Swara Immediately ) Swara..Swara..Utho.
Plzz Utho.. ( Pats Her Cheeks ) U cnt do this wid Me..Plzz Utho.. ( Worried n Teary Eyes ) Swaraa ( Immediately Carried Swara in His Arms n Rushed towards Their Room ) Laksh..Hurry Up n Call A Doctor Plzz..Tell Her abt Swaraโ€™s Sudden Pain n Unconsciousness.. ( Cries ) Till den I will take Her To OUR ROOM ( Unknowingly )

Ragini : ( Shocked ) Sanskaarr..He cn U take Swara to OUR ROOM Haa ?? Its OUR Personal Bed Room Damn it..Hw cn U jst Take someone like this to OUR ROOM..( Determined ) No I wont Allow U to take Anyone like this Simply to Our Room.. ( Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Shut Up..Jst Shut Up Ragini.For GOD SAKE Jst Shut ur Mouth..Atleast Speak Something Seekng thr Time h Situation..M at all Interested in Ur Nonsense Right nw..Fr Me Right nw Her Health is Important ..Samjhi ?? So Jst Shut Up n Keep Quite RAGINI..

Soon Sanskaar took Swara to their Room while Ragini was all Shocked n Surprised seeing Sanskaar Denying Her fr the First Time even after seeing Her Anger n Frustration..

AP : Yaa ( Angry ) Ragini..Kuch bhi bolene se Pehle Socch Samajh ke Bolo..its nt all Time fr Ur Nonsense.Yaha Swara ki Tabiyat itni Kharab hai n Yaha Tum apni hi Nafrat ki Kahanni lekar Baithi Ho ??.Srsly Ragini Ur Soo Disgusting Nw..m feeling Ashamed nw On U.. ( Full Angry n Leaves n Goes to Swara )

Seeing Everyone Agnst Her n Supporting Swara,Ragini Fumed in Even More Anger n Frustration n Decided to Take A Revenge frm Swara at any Cost making Her More Determined n Frustrated towards Swara..


Precap : Swaraโ€™s Decision Shocking Sanskaar n Aryaan n Whole Family..


Finally Done wid Another Part of “Destiny – Its All About Life”…Hopefully U Liked it..Do Tell Me Which Part/Scn n Character U Liked in Todyz Part n Y ??..n Also Wat do U Think wat will Happen Nxt in SwaSan’s Life..Will they Live Happily or Yet another Prblm is Waiting fr them ??..To knw Abt the Answers Keeo Reading “Destiny – Its All About Life” ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…..



  1. xyzy

    Goldie I know you are swasan fans. But please don’t make ragini character negative. Better you remove ragini character from this and add some other name to it. It is really hurting raglak and ragsan fans. Sorry but don’t take my words wrong. Sorry once again if you are hurt by this.

  2. Priya

    Hey ragini anger and frustation r justified …hw cn sanky say if swara is in place of ragini she ll nt do lyk tat…every girl ll do lyk tat nly…it s sanky fault nly. ..he should tll truth first …thn nly he can accept any understanding frm ragini…hw cn evry family member suport swara…ty also think about ragini condition

  3. anu

    awesome… are yaar itne sara confession of ragini…. mujhe precap pad kar darr lag raha hai kahi swara tells to them to she will go out of the family nd their life… dont do that.. unite swasan soon and bring swasan truth infront of her…. dont show swasan to part ways .. goldie dear show swara’s cravings and swasan and aryaan scenes .. sanskar and aryaan doing something for her.. and last but not least update next part soon…

  4. Madhu

    Wow today read ur all epi just awesome dr…….
    Feeling bad fr swara……
    I think she will agree to marry that idiot……
    Plz dr dont want to see swara marry someone else plzzzzzzzzzzz…..
    Waiting fr next part dr….

  5. Arshaanya

    |Registered Member

    Hey goldie nw only i read 5th n 6th part…
    U knw dere was one story by rag–san fan in which swara was in coma n he mrd ragini.. wen swara came bck to life still he didn’t lvd ragini.. bt d writer was rag–san fan so united dem…it was unfair .. i knw ur story is totally dffrnt frm her n here SWASAN shud b togthr coz situations r dffrnt here… u knw m big swasan fan cnt bear rah–san bt m really feeling bad for ragini here… see evrybdy wil react d same way as ragini did it so obvio… actly its a sensitive issue… u shud ve killed her instead… dun knw m feeling bd yr…n i want next part ASAP to calm myslf want to knw wats gonna happen nw…

    • Arshaanya

      |Registered Member

      Evry fmly member is bhvng bad wid ragini coz she doesn’t knw d truth… its not her fault atall.. evry girl will bhve lyk dat…ragini is not at fault here… i can’t imagine rag-san togethr.. n obvio swasan shud b togthr in dis story bt wbt ragini den??

  6. Dhivya

    ya priya ur correct. The fault is swasan and d family members only. After coming frm coma sanky doesn’t care 4r ragini. he is happily live wid swara widout any guilt. U better remove ragini character. It will hurt all d ragini fans.i’m sorry if i hurt u.

    • Priya

      S…u r correct..plz remove ragu or make family realize thr mistakes towards ragu…U cn make pair SWASAN nly. dnt hurt fans

  7. Kakali

    Its really good..M first time commenting on ur FF..
    Bck to chappy hope that Swara doesnt take any drastic step.. let swara fight for herself…let Ragini know the truth…. n one more thing dr plzz dnt portray Ragini as negative… m a SWASAN fan… bt it may hurt Ragini or Raglak fans…so plz ance think about it…. Bdw next part update soon..๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Pramudi

    Awesome parts Goldie.. I just read the 5th part. I don’t know how i missed it..
    This part was awesome.. I don’t like ragini & can’t imagine rag san in my wildest dreams. Bt In here even i feel that raginiragini is right in her place bt hating & doing things against swara.. Can’t agree with that.
    I was like.. ๐Ÿ˜ณ while reading the swara skin colour part.. Seriously… Cause in the serial ragini is the dusky one..
    Update the nxt part soon. Eagerly waiting.

  9. Paru

    Hey I too felt bad for Ragini… But this is ur Ff u can portray her character any type according to ur wish…bz Raglak Ff ..obsession hate romance…they showed sanky character as cheap guy who is behind his bro wife…. So no swasan fan came against for that…u may check that Ff….
    The same concept was in some other Ff also the writer was a rag…San fan so she unite them injustice to swara character… That time no one …any Ragini fan said against a word for swara….this is injustice to swara…In that Ff sanky not fall in with Ragini wen swara was in coma…but last they united thier fav pair….
    So why not here…?
    But my thought is another….in your fan fiction Ragini character is bold she is right in her place…she is not negative every women will react like this….plz justice Ragu character…
    Well am a swasan and Raglak fan don’t like rag…San together…. Still bad for rag more than swara…she is alone…..

  10. Piyu

    |Registered Member

    Diii its awesome ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I read all parts oh god superbbbb u give justice with every character I always love u writing but this is my first comment on telly otherwise I always comment on fbโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บi loveeeeeeeee urrrrrrrr storyyyyyyyy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  11. Mahjabeen

    Angel its amzing dear…flng bad fr swara..i knw ragini is right at her place any women in her place wil b thnkng like dis..but her hatred nd revenge for swara is totally wrong..c ws her best friend nd c sacrificed her future for ragini nd her child nd gav her child mothrly love aftr knwng dat sanskar wil nt give her wifey rights, c sacrificed evrything for her bestfriend…but tdy ragini is hating nd cursing her..c often called her as bhoj..i rlly felt so bad…hope at end ragini shuld understnd dis nd let swasan b together.well i love raginis negative character in dis part…continue nxt part soon dear.

  12. tani

    Beautiful story….feeling bad for everyone especially swasan n aryan…don’t separate them….n update next part soon

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