Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 05


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Recap : Ragini Bak n SwaSan Aryaan Emotional Scn..


Destiny – Its All About Life !!!

Part 05

3 Weeks Later

Dyz Passed n Its been 3 Weeks Since Ragini was Bak frm Deep Coma..As Dyz Passed Ragini felt mny things Changed around Her..The Behaviour of Sanskaar..The Taste n Preferences of everyone in da House were Changed n were Opposite of what they were wen She used to be there.
In short Each n Everything around Her was Completely Changed wich made Feel Awkward n Strange…Her Family who used to Once Call Her as Queen of their House was nw Loving n Caring fr Swara More even Her Son n Husband Cared for Swara da Most instead of Her making Ragini More Insecure n Angry..Like anyother Day Its Morning Time n Swara was in Kitchen Preparing Brkfast fr Others wen Ragini after 3 Weeks of Bed Rest Entered da Kitchen n was Shocked seeing Swara making Brk Fast..

Ragini : ( Laughs ) Arrey Swara..What r u doing ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Nthing Ragini bas Preparing Brk Fast fr all..Aryaan n Sanskaar ke jaane ka Time horaha hai na ..isiliye ..

Ragini : Laughs ) I knw Y r U making Heavy Brk Fast ? I mean this Paratha..den Aalo Mutton Curry.Here No One Eats Heavy Brkfast Early Morning…Especially Sanskaar ..He gets Angry n Frustration after seeing these Heavy Brk Fast..He only wants Light Brk Fast like Cereals n Bread..So U shud Stop Making it..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Bt Ragini frm Past 6 Yrs Sanskaar n all r Eating this Only..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Haa dats coz I was nt thr na..N nw wen m Bak m sure Everyone will Eat Light Brk Fast Only..As they like Brk Fast made by Me..They had No Option dats Y they were Eating Heavy Meals..

Hearing Ragini,Swara felt Bad n was End of Crying wen Suddenly they Heard A Voices fr the Brk Fast naking SwaRagini Shocked..

Sanskaar : ( Shouts fr Brk Fast ) Swara…Swara..Whr is My Aaloo ka Paratha ?? Hurry Up.Swara..m Getting Late..

AP : n whr is My Gobi ka Paratha n Chutny ??

As AP n Sanskaar were Screaming fr Heavy Brk Fast Ragini was Shocked n Came Outside wid Her Light Brk Fast wid A Confident dat All will Eat Her Hand Made Brk Fast..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Arrey Sanskaar..Frm wen did U Strt Eating Heavy Meals in Brk Fast haa ?? ( Forwards Corn Flakes ) Here is Ur Corn Flakes..U like to have Light Brk Fast na..dats Y i told Swara to Stop making Heavy Brk Fast..( To AP ) n Maa here is ur Soup..See hw Weak n Pale U r looking coz of Heavy Meals.. ( Taunts Swara Indirectly wich is Noticed by Sanskaar ) Some People think they knw everything abt Other’s Np Maa.nw m Bak na..Will take care of U Properly..Dnt Worry. .

Hearing Ragini,Swara who was Listening to The Convo was Sad n was Crying Silently n was abt to go inside the Kitchen wid Sad Face making Sanskaar Angry on Ragini n Her Behaviour towards Swara..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes bt Controls ) Haa Maa..Ragini is Right..U Drink this Soup..n ( To Sanskaar ) M Sorry Sanskaar..I Forgot U Like Light Brk Fast. Frm Tomorrow i will make Light Brk Fast fr U..

Ragini : ( Angry bt Controls ) No Need Swara..M Bak na..Sanskaar’s WIFE.frm nw I will make His Brk Fast frm nw onwards..U go n Do UR WRK.. ( Taunts Indirectly )

Sanskaar : ( Angry on Ragini ) Ragini ..Is da Way to Talk to Swara ?? Hw cn u talk to Swara like this ? N fr ur Kind Information..Is like Heavy Brk Fast nw.. ( To Swara ) So Swara Plzz Bring My Aalo ka Paratha or I will Leave widout having anything..m alrdy getting Late n Fed Up coz of this ( Sees Ragini Angrily ) Roz Roz ka Drama..

Swara : ( Lil Happy ) Haa..Sanskaar take ur Paratha…

AP : ( Angry too on Ragini ) Haa Ragini..the way u behaved wid Swara was nt Good..n Ragini in these Past 6 Yrs Everything yas changed..n U have to Admit it asap.. ( Smiles n Makes Ragini Understand ) Chalo Nw u also Sit n have Brk Fast..Swara is really Good in Cooking..U kne Aryaan Really Loves Swara’s Hand Made Food..especially Chicken Rolls..( Smiles n Ragini too Smiles Fakely )

Soon Sanskaar Finished His Brk Fast n was abt to Wen Ragini Kept His Black Tea n Swara His Masala Tea making Ragini Shocked on Swara’s Action..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Ignores Black Tea ) Thnk U Swara..I really Needed a Masala Tea..( Drinks ) Accha Nw Ok Bye Swara..n haa Swara Tell Aryaan ( Intreprupted )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Baba..will tell Aryaan to go by Laksh..Ok ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Hmm Haa..

Soon Sanskaar Left fr His Duty n Ragini who was Standing thr Watching SwaSan Scn was All Shocked n Surprised to see Sanskaar Ignoring Her n Giving Importance to Swara instead of Her making Her More Imsecure n Frustrated..


Evening 4PM

Its 4 in da Evening n as usual Aryaan came frm School Drenched in Water Mud making Swara Shocked wid Fake Anger..

Aryaan : ( Comes in while Running ) Mumma..Mummaa..

Swara : ( Comes Out while Holding Her Baby Bump ) Aagaya Mera Baccha..

Aryaan : ( Excited ) Haa Mumma..Aagaya..U knw wat ( Intrerupted )

Ragini comes n Intrerupted

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Ohh My Baby..U came.. ( Kneels Down n Calls Aryaan ) Ckme Mera Baby give ur Mumma a Hug…

As Ragini Signals Aryaan to come to Her,Aryaan sees Swara n Swara Signals to go towards Ragini n Aryaan being Good Boy Obeys Swara n Goes towards Ragini Unwillingly making Ragini Happy n Overwhelmed..

Ragini : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Aww My Baby..

As Aryaan was going to Hug Ragini,Ragini Suddenly Notices Aryaan’s Uniform Drenched in Mud n Immediately Stops Aryaan frm Hugging Her making Swara n Aryaan Shocked n Surprised..

Ragini : ( Shocked n Stops Aryaan ) Ruko Aryaan..Stop..Dnt Hug Me Beta..U r Fully Drenched in Muddy Water..Go n get Freshen Up First..Then come ( Strictly )

Hearing Ragini,Aryaan Felt Bad n Bowed His Head Down n Strtd Walking wid A Sad Face when Swara looked at Him n went Near Him to Cheer Aryaan making Ragini Angry n Irritated seeing Swara’s n Aryaan’s Bond..

Swara : ( Seed Aryaan n Goes to Him wid a Smile ) Its Ok.Ragini..I will get Aryaan Bathed..U dnt Worry.. ( To Aryaan ) Chale Beta…

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Haa Muummm ( Bites His Tongue Cutely Unnoticed by Ragini ) Oops..I Mean Swara Aunty ( Giggles Slowly )

Swara : ( Gives A Shoving Look ) Aryaan.. ( Slowly ) Be Careful Beta..

Aryaan : ( Giggles ) Sorry..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Its Ok..Nw Come..

Soon Swara n Aryaan Left fr the Bath while Ragini who saw them Giggling b Enjoyung Together Fumed n Got Irritated seeing their Bond n went frm there in Full Frustration n Anger…


Aryaan’s Room

As Swara n Aryaan werr Having Fun both Reached Aryaan’s Room n Swara got Aryaan Bathed wid da Help of Servants n Dressed Him in His Causuals While Having Some Mither Son Moments..

Swara : ( Changing the Dress ) Aryaan ( Fake Anger ) Hw mny Times i told U nt to Play in Mud ..Today U agn went to the Ground na after ur School ?? ( Raises Her Eye Brows Questionably )

Aryaan : ( Innocently ) Haa its nt Fault..Woh Adi hai na..He only Forced Me..I Denied He did nt Listen..He told Me Me dat He is going to Vacation fr 2 Weeks.He was Requesting Me alot.N ( Fake Innocent Inshort Dramaebaaz ? ) U knw i cnt Deny Anyone wen they Request Me soo Much.. ( Giggles Silently )

Swara : ( Shook Her Head Unbelievably ) U r nt gonna Change Aryaan..Srsly U r Dramaebaaz No 1..U n Ur Papa r da Same..Huh…Unbelievable..God Knws Wen U both will Stop ur Dramas.. ( Sighs ) Nw Come lets Have yr Lunch..

Aryaan : ( Giggles ) Ya Mumma Come..

Soon Swara made Aryaan Fresh n Headed towards da Dining Area fr Lunch..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Aagaya Mers Baby..Come made Pasta fr U..

Aryaan : ( Made Faces ) Woh Ragini Mumma i dnt like Pasta..I Love Noodles dat too ( Sees Swara Happily ) made by Swara Aunty..Plzz Swara Aunty make Me Ur Chicken Noodles na..Plzz ( Pleads Innocently )

Seeing Aryaan Denying Her Pasta n Asking fr Swara’s Noddles Ragini Fumed in Anger while Swara Smiled Fakely n Glared Angry Ragini..

Swara : ( Smiles Fakely ) No Beta..U need Pasta Today..Kal i will make Noddles fr U..See ur Mumma Made Pasta fr U na..So be A Good Boy n Eat Ur Lunch ( Signals through Eyes )

As Swara Signals Aryaan to Eat,Raguni sees it n Fumes in Anger n on dat seeing Aryaan Obeying Swara made More Angry n Left frm thr in Anger Leaving Swara Tensed n Worried fr Ragini n Her Health..

Swara : ( Tries to Stop Ragini ) Ragini Suno..Plzz Suno ( Ragini Leaves n Swara sees Aryaan wid Fake Anger ) Aryaan..Yeh Kya Kardiya tumne ?? Ragini ko Naraaz kardiya.. ( Teary Eyes ) Y do U do this Aryaan ?? U knw na She is My Best Frnd..n I cnt see Her Like this .. ( Cries Silently )

Aryaan : ( Sad too ) Sorry wat cn i do ?? I jst Like Ur Hand Made Food..n U knw I dnt Eat wat Dadi Makes too..I Like infact Love ur Hand Made Food only..( Pout Face )

Swara : ( Melts ) Nw m making Noddles fr U bt Promise Me U wont Hurt Ragini anymore frm Nxt Time..Atleast Fr Me.Ok ??

Aryaan : ( Promises ) Ok Mumma..I Promise..Nw Plzz Hurry Up n Make Noddles..M Hungry…( Strts His Drama Agn by Holding His Rummy? )

Swara : ( Shock agn ) Aryaan !! Bas Haa..Agn Strtd Ur Drama..Stop it n Sit here Quitely..Will be bak Soon wid Ur Lunch..( Strictly )

Aryaan : ( Giggles ) Ok Mumma..

After Making Aryaan Understand Swara Leaves frm there n goes to Kitchen fr Making Noddles wid da Help of Servants n Serves it to Aryaan after Making it making Aryaan Super Happy n Hugs Swara’s Baby Bump Cutely Thnking Her making Swara too Laugh at Aryaan’s Innocence n Happiness..


Dinner Time

Time Passed n its Dinner Time where Everyone were Sitting on Dining Table having their Dinner Happily..As all were having their Dinner Sabskaar Secretly Holded Swara’s Hands frm Under da Table n qas having Hands Romance wid a Slight Naughty Smile on His Face making Swara Shocked n Blush Slightly..

Haan Hasi Ban Gaye
Haan Nami Ban Gaye
Tum Mere Aasmaan
Meri Zameen Ban Gaye

Haan Hasi Ban Gaye
Haan Nami Ban Gaye
Tum Mere Aasmaan
Meri Zameen Ban Gaye..

While SwaSan were having their Hands Romance under da Table,Laksh who was Observing Sanskaar’s Slight Naughty Smile n Swara’s Blushness n their Movements Understood n Smiled Naughtily too wid A Naughty Teasing Plan in His Mind..

Laksh : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Swara Bhabhi ( Unknowingly )

Hearing Bhabi Word frm Laksh’s Mouth Swara who was Having Her Food Choked Suddenly n Looked Laksh Shockingly while others Especially Ragini Stared Laksh in Confusion n Shock making Laksh to Realize His Foolisness in Excitements of Teasing..

Ragini : ( Shocked ) Laksh ?? Wat did U Say ?? BHABHI ?? n dat too to Swara ?? Y ??

Laksh : ( Fumbles ) Wwwoohh.. ( Gets an Idea ) Haa Woh kya hai na Ragini Bhabhi ..Swara is My Frnd’s Wife who is More Like a Brother to Me ( Sees Sanskaar wid a Naughty Smile ) So dats Y incalled Swara as Bhabhi..Hai na Swara Bhabhi ??

Swara : ( Shocked bt Composes ) Haa..Haa..Ragini.Laksh is ryt.. ( Strts Eating agn )

Ragini : Bt Laksh hw do U abt Swara Married Ur Frnd ?? I mean as Per Swara’s Saying Her Husband Left Her soon after Marriage of around 2 to 3 Weeks..dddenn hw .. ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Diverts the Topic ) Rehne do na Ragini..Y r U Dragging da Matter ?? Leave It.

Ragini : ( Fake Smile ) Hmm

Hearing Laksh n Swara,n Seeing Sanskaar’s Behaviour Ragini Felt some wat Strange n Confusion Strtd taking Place in Her Mind..Soon Everyone Finished their Dinner n as they Finished their Lunch everyone Left fr their Respective Rooms Leaving SwaSanRag Alone..As Everyone Left fr their Rooms SwaRagini were Winding Up da Kitchen while Sanskaar Sat wid Aryaan on da Sofa having Fun..

Ragini : ( Tries to Taunt ) Waise Swara cn I Ask U One thing If U dnt Mind ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa ask na ..

Ragini : ( Smiles Evilly ) Y did Ur Husband Leave U ?? I mean Did u both had any Fights? ? OR HE had Someone more Beautiful dan U ?? Dnt mind haa bt as U knw U r a bit Black n Simple Girl..So i thot Ur Husband Left U coz of Ur Blavkness n Simple Nature..( Smiles Evilly )

Hearing Ragini’s Words Swara who was Smiling till nw Stopped Her Wrk n Tears Strtd Roling frm Her Eyes making Sanskaar n Aryaan Shocked n Angry on Ragini n Her Rude Behaviour while Ragini Smirked More Evilly n Enjoyed Swara’s Tears n Continued Her Indirectly Taunting..

Ragini : N Swara..Frm hw Long r u Staying in My HOUSE ?? I mean since da Day i went in Coma or Since Recently ?

Swara : ( Controlling Her Tears ) Wwoh..Ragini since da Day U Slipped into Coma Fr Aryaan..

Ragini : means since 6 Yrs..den Swara dnt U think U shud Leave nw..As m bak nw fr MY ARYAAN n fr MY SANSKAAR..I mean to Say jst coz of Me U Stayed Here to take care of MY FAMILY..n did nt think abt ur Life to Strt it agn..So nw wen m Bak I think U shud think of REMARRYING Agn..n Strt a New Life..after all U r going to Carrying A Baby Soon..n Once Baby is Born na its Quite Tough to Stay Alone.. ( To Sanskaar wid An Evil Smirk ) Hai na Sanskaar JAAN ??

Sanskaar : ( Fumed in Anger ) RAGINI !! ( Goes Near Swara n Holds Her Shoulder in Support ) Wat Rubbish are U talking haa ?? R u in ur Senses ?? Is this da Way to Talk to Swara? ? Come on Say Sorry to Swara..n Moreover its Swara’s Life to Decide Whether She Wants to Marry or nt..Its Her Decision..Who r u to Tell Her all these n dat too in this such a Bad Way.. ( Screams in Anger ) SUNS TUMNE U HAVE NO RIGHT TO INTERFERE IN SWARA’S LIFE..Say Sorry.. ( Screams agn ) I Said SAY SORRY Right Nw.. ( Glares Angrily )

Ragini : ( Teary Eyes ) Bbt Sanskaar..wat Wrong did I Say ?? I was Jsst ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Points His Finger ) Jst Shut Up Ragini..I dnt wanna Hear anything..Jst Say Sorry to Swara.. ( Screams ) Jst Say RAGINI.. ( Sees Angrily )

Seeing n Hearing Sanskaar’s Anger n Care fr Swara,Ragini Jumped in Fear n Tears Strtd Roling frm Her Eyes Making No Effect on Sanskaar n His Anger..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Ragini..I said Say Sorry RIGHT NOW..Cnt u Hear..Come Speak it Up Ragini..

Ragini : ( Teary Eyes ) Sorry…

Sanskaar : ( Still Angry ) Kya Kaha ?? I did nt Hear it..Little Louder Plzz.. ( Stern Look )

Ragini : ( Shocked n Lil Louder ) Sorry..

Sanskaar : ( Still Angry ) More Louder Ragini…

Ragini : ( Helpless n More Louder ) M SORRY SWARA…Plzz Maaf kardo Mujhe..I did nt Mean da Way U all thot..Plzz Forgive Me..

As Ragini was Apolozing Swara,AP n DP too Comes n Stands fr Swara making Ragini More Shocked n Surprised..

AP : ( Angry ) Ragini !!! Wats all this Haa ?? Y r u Behaving Soo Strange Nw Dyz ?? U were Nt Like this B4..den hw come Suddenly..Wats Wrong wid U ?? Hw cn u behave in such a Way wid Swara ? ( Angry )

DP : ( Angry too ) n Ragini More Over this Is MY HOUSE N M still Alive to Decide The Matters of this House..I cn only Decide who cn Stay Here n Who can nt.. ( Goes to Swara n Holds Her Shoulder in Support ) n Swara is MY DAUGHTER..n She cn Here Till She wants..OK ??

Ragini : ( Shocked n Teary Eyes ) Haa..Papa..M Sorry fr Making U all Sad..Bt I really did nt Mean to Hurt Swara nor U all..i was jst thinking ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Still Angry ) Wat ever U were Thinking..i really dnt care..bas all i knw is U Hurted Swara alot..

Ragini : ( Blank ) M SORRY Sanskaar..M really Sorry ( Teary Eyes n Runs )

Seeing Everyone Supporting Swara,Ragini Ran frm their After Saying Sorry to Swara in Teary Eyes Filled with Anger n Revenge towards Swara fr Snatching Her Husband n Son n Family frm Her..While Ragini Left frm There Swara who was Crying Silently till nw Bursted n Cried Bitterly while Hugging Sanskaar Tightly making Sanskaar to Hug Bak n Console Her..

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Bak ) Swara..My Princess..( Caresses Swara’s Bak while Consoling ) Sshh..Dnt Cry..Dnt Take Ragini’s Words soo Seriously..U knw Her na..Wen She is Upset or Frustrated wid Something She Unknowingly Blabbers Rubbish ..So Stop Crying Princess..( Consoles Swara )

Swara : ( Hugs More Tightly n Cries ) Bbt Sanskaar,Ragini is Right..Its HER FAMILY..U n Aryaan are HERS..U r Her Husband n Aryaan is Her REAL MOTHER..M toh jst A Aaya Type ( Maid ) who came in this House fr.Taking Care of Aryaan wen He was Small n wen Ragini was in Coma..Bt nw.Wen She is bak i shud Leave frm All of Ur Life.. ( Cries Bitterly ) n Moreover M nt Suitable fr U..M Abit Black n Simple fr U Sanskaar n fr Ur Status..M nt at all Good fr U..Ragini is Suitable fr U..She is Exactly Ur Status Type.. ( Cries ) Nt Me..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Release da Hug ) Swara ?. What Rubbish r u Talking Haa ?? N frm wen did U Strt Thinking abt Colour n Status ha..Jaha tak I Knew MY SWARA..She never Gave Importance to such Cheap Thinkings..den wat Happened nw ?? Jst Listen to Me Swara.. ( Cups Swara’s Face Lovingly ) Fr Me U r da MOST BEAUTIFUL THING HAPPENED TO ME..n I Dnt Care abt Ur Colour or Ur Status Haa..n If Ragini is My Wife n M Her Husband den U R ALSO MY WIFE n M UR HUSBAND TOO..I MARRIED U TOO.. Samjhi ? ( Angry )

Swara : ( Still Crying ) Bbt She is UR FIRST WIFE n First Wife r mmorree ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : So wat if She is My First Wife ?? Swara Being Someone’s First Wifr does nt Mean She is more Close to Husband ..U come Close to Someone by Showing Care..Love towards Others..n U r da One who gave Me Love n Took Care of Me n Aryaan even after being 2nd Wife Most Importantly widout any Hopes n Expectations.So Plzz Dnt Think such Rubbish things agn n Dnt Stress Urself..Its nt Good fr U n fr OUR BABY..Ok ??

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) Hmm..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Dats Like My Good Princess..Nw Come lets go to Sleep..Today ( Sees Aryaan ) We THREE will Sleep Together..Hai Na Aryaan ?? ( Happy )

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Haa.Mumma..We will Sleep Together ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) n Plzz Mumma dnt Take Ragini Mumma soo Srsly..Watever She Me U r My REAL MUMMA ONLY..Ok ?

Swara : ( Overwhelmed Agn n Hugs Aryaan ) Thnk U Mera Baccha.. ( Sees Sanskaar wid Teary Eyes ) U TWO r da Most Important Ppl in My Life.. ( Signals Sanskaar too to Join da Hug ) Thnk U fr Coming in My Life..Love U Two ( Kisses Sanskaar n Aryaan’s Cheeks )

Sanskaar/Aryaan : ( Smiles n Kisses Bak ) LOVE U TOO ..

Soon The Trio agn had A Family Cute Hug Emotionally n Left towards Aryaan’s Room to Sleep Peacefully making AP n DP who were Watching frm A Distance were Happy n Overwhelmed seeing The Trio Happy n Blessed wid Eachother..

Haan Hum Badalne Lage
Girne Sambhalne Lage
Jab Se Hai Jaana Tumhein
Teri Ore Chalne Lage

Haan Hum Badalne Lage
Girne Sambhalne Lage
Jab Se Hai Jaana Tumhein
Teri Ore Chalne Lage

Har Safar Har Jagah
Har Kahin Ban Gaye
Maante Thhe Khuda
Aur Haan Wahi Ban Gaye

Haan Hansi Ban Gaye
Haan Nami Ban Gaye
Tum Mere Aasmaan
Meri Zameen Ban Gaye…


Precap : Ragini Planning Swara’s Remarriage..


Phew!! Done wid da 5th Part of da SS..I knw thr was alots of Drama in this Part..Hope U all Liked it..Bt all these Drama was Necessary to Move ahead..So Jopefully U Will Like it…Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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