Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 04


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Recap : SwaSan WeddingAnniversary Party…SwaSan FlashBack…Swara Aryaan Cute Scn n SwaSan Romance..


Destiny – Its All About Life !!!

Part 04

Evening 4PM

Its Evening Time n its Time fr Aryaan to Come Bak frm Scholl.As Usual like Swara was Chnging Aryaan n was Having A Cute Mother Son Moment..

Swara : ( Smiles n Chngs da Dress ) Toh Mera Baccha tell Me wat did Teacher Taught U Today ??

Aryaan : ( Excited ) Mumma Today Teaxher Taught Us to Respect Elders n to be Obey Elders..n nt tonTrouble Anyone Simply..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Ohh..Good..

Aryaan : Waise Mumma M alrdy Good Boy..( Childishly ) See I Obey U..i take care of U..Help Papa also..n ( Intreprupted )

Swara : Bas..Bas. i knw hw Good U r..nw Go Have ur Meals..I made Ur Fav Chicken Rolls ( Smiles ). . ( Fake Anger ) n Haa Dadi will Feed U So dnt Trouble Her Much n have yr Lunch Properly..Ok ??

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Ohh Wowow..Mumma..U r da Best.. ( Kisses Swara’s Cheeks ) Muuwaaah..Love U..Yaayy ( Runs )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..Bilkul apne Papa pe gaya hai.. ( Giggles )

Soon after Sending Aryaan fr Lunch,She Leaves fr Ragini’s Room n to Chk Her..As She Entered Ragini’s Room,She Noticed Ragini Breathing Heavily wich Made Swara Shocked n Panicked..Seeing Ragini Breathing Heavily Swara Immediately Rushed towards Ragini n Strtd Rubbing Her Palms bt all of a Sudden due to Sudden Panick n Shock Swara too Felt Uneasy n Her Baby Bump felt a Severe Pain making Her to Leave Ragini’s Hands n Clutch Her Baby Bump in Pain..

Swara : ( Feels Pain ) Aahahh..Ssanskaaarrr..Maaa..Aahh ( Cries )

As Swara was Screaming in Pain,AP n Aryaan who was Passing by Ragini’s Room Heard Swara’s Scream n Rushed towards da Room n was Shocked to see Both SwaRagini in Such State n Immediately Called Sanskaar n Informed abt SwaRagini’s State making Sanskaar Shocked n Worried..He immediately Left Police Station n Reached MM n Ran towards Ragini’s Room..As He Entered Ragini’s Room His Full Concentration was On Swara n was Shocked seeing Swara Unconscious Holding Her Baby Bump n Ignored Ragini Unknowingly..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Runs Towards Swara ) Sswaraa.. ( Pats Swara’s Cheeks in Concern ) Swara..Utho..Kya Hua ?? ( Teary Eyes ) Plzz Swara.Utho..Plzz ( Cries to AP ) Maa..Wat Happened ?? Y did Swara fell Unconscious? ? ( Worried )

AP : ( Worried too ) Pata nhi Beta..Me n Aryaan we’re going to My Room after Lunch wen We Heard Swara Screaming in Pain n Thr Ragini was Breathing Heavily..Hume kuch samaj nhi aaya so We Called U.. ( Cries )

Seeing Swara Unconscious,Sanskaar Immediately Picked Swara in His Arms n Left fr Hospital in Tension Ignoring Ragini Unknowingly..

Sanskaar : ( Picks Swara in Arms ) Accha Maa..M taking Swara wid Me to Hospital..N Maa U Call Ragini’s Doctor n Get Her Chkd Haa..Jabtak I will Take Swara to Hospital n get Ur Chkd..Ok ?

AP : ( Agrees ) Haa Ok Beta..Take Care of Swara Haan ..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Fadely ) Haa Maa..I will.. ( Sees Aryaan Crying ) Beta..Dnt Cry..Ur Mumma will be Fine..U be wid Dadi Haa..Ok ?

Aryaan : ( Crying ) No.Papa..I too want to come wid U..I want Mumma .Plzz Papa..Plzz ( Cries n Keeps on Insisting )

Sanskaar : ( Agrees Finally ) Accha Ok.Come..Hurry Up.. ( Tensed abt Swara )

Soon Sanskaar n Aryaan Leaves fr Hospital to get Swara Chkd in Full Tension n Fear while on the Other Hand AP Calls Ragini’s Doctor n Gadodia Family n Informs abt Ragini’s Sudden Bad Health making dem Shocked n Scared…


In Hospital

Doctor’s Cabin

As soon Sanskaar n Aryaan Left MM,They Rwached da Near By Hospital n Got Swara Chkd wid da Doctor n was nw Waiting fr the Doctor Impatiently to Reveal Her Health n da Reason of Sudden Pain n Unconsciousness..

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Wat Happened Doctor ?? Is Swara Fine? N Our Baby ?? Y did She Fell Unconscious all of a Sudden ?? Plzz Tell.. ( Really Worried )

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Relax Mr Maheshwari..Thr is nthing to Worry abt..Its Jst Common in Pregnancy .
As Mrs Maheshwari is in Her 7th Month Its all Common..n I guess She saw something Shocking dats Y She Felt Sudden Pain..Dnt Worry..U jst keep Good Care of Her..n give Her Meals n Medicines on Time..dats it..No need to Worry..

Sanskaar n Aryaan : ( Sighs in Relieved ) Uff..Thnk God…

Seeing Both Sanskaar n Aryaan Sighing in Relieved Both Doctor n Swara Laughed n made Sanskaar n Aryaan Realize their Dded n making dem Embarrassed…Soon Sanskaar n Aryaan Along wid Swara Left frm da Hospital after taking Swara’s Medicines frm Pharmacy n Drove Off to MM Happily Unaware of the Upcoming Turn in their Life..


Maheshwari Mansion

As Time Passed Sanskaar n Aryaan along wid Swara Reached MM taking Care of Swara Properly by Holding Her Both Hands by Each Side n Made Her Sit on da Sofa Carefully..While Sanskaar made Swara Sit on da Sofa,He Recieved a Bak Hug of A Girl making Swara n Sanskaar Shocked n Surprised ..Feeling da Hug Sanskaar Turned n saw da Girl n was Shocked to see the Girl while Swara Stood in Shock n Blank wid Tears Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously..

SwaSan : ( Shocked ) RAGINI ???

YES..Guyz Ragini is Finally Bak ???

Ragini : ( Happy n Hugs Sanskaar Tightly ) Yes Sanskaar..M Bak..Finally Bak after 6 Yrs..

Sanskaar : ( Blank n Did nt Hug Bak ) Rrraaggiinnii..U ?? I mean Hw ?? N When ??

Ragini : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Jst Half n Hour Bak..Maa told Me I was Breathing Heavily all of a Sudden..n U Instead of Seeing Me U went fr Some other Imp Wrk Ignoring Me ( Pout Face ) Very Bad Sanskaar.( Sad )

Sanskaar : ( Blank n Remembers da Scn ) Ha..Woh Aacctually..

Ragini : ( Laughs ) Its Ok Sanskaar..I was jst Kidding..I knw U wont Ignore Me Simply.Zarur Kuch Imp Kaam Hoga ryt ?? ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Still in Shock ) Haa..Ryt. ( Fake Smile )

Ragini : ( Happy ) Hmm..Koi Baath nhi..nw m Bak na..I wont let U be in Bzy in any other Wrk other dan Me..I knw U Missed Me Soo Much na..I Missed U too My ( Pulls Sanskaar’s Cheeks ) My Cutiee..( Sees Aryaan wid Teary Eyes ) N U too My Baby ( Hugs Aryaan Tightly ) Maa told Me Wen i went in Coma i.Gave Birth to U..To Myn n Sanskaar’s Child.. ( Teary Eyes )

Aryaan Blank Too …

Ragini : ( Sees Aryaan Blank n Understands ) Aryaan Mera Baccha..Its Me Ur Mumma..i knw U myt nt knw Me as i was nt thr wid U in these Past 6 Trs.Bt Beta m Ur Mumma..Ur Papa’s WIFE….n Ur MUMMA..Come Hug Me Beta Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Hearing Ragini Calling Herself Sanskaar’s Wife n Aryaan’s Mother,Swara who was Seeing da Scn infront of Her Eyes was All Blank n Standing thr Numb Staring Sanskaar n Aryaan Like a Lifless Body wid Tears Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously nt Understanding what to do n hw to React .. To Be Happy to See Her Best Friend Bak or to Be Sad seeing HER SANSKAAR n HER KID Going Away Frm Her all of a Sudden Chnging Her Life Full Upside n Down in Few Seconds..Bt Somehow Seeing Ragini Bak n Seeing Aryaan getting His Real Mother Bak n Sanskaar His Real Life Bak Swara somehow Composed Herself n Smiled Fakely Hiding Her Tears n Pain Behind Her Fake Smile n Happiness making Sanskaar to Realize Swara’s State n Mental State..

Swara : ( Happy n Hugs Ragini wid Pain inside ) Ragini…Hw r u ?? Missed U ( Controls Her Tears ) Soo Much..( Chokes ) Even Ssanskaarr Missed U soo Much.. ( Closed Her Eyes im Pain )

Ragini : ( Happy n Hugs too ) Swara..Missed U too Shona…M soo Happy.. (Sees Swara’s Baby Bump n Shocked ) OMG…Swara !! U Married ?? N U r Expecting too …Wowow..Who is da Lucky Man Yaar..Haa ?? ( Teases )

As Ragini Teased Swara,SwaSan agn Had An Emotional n Painfull Eye Lock wid Tears Flowing frm their Eyes Continously indicating their Helplessness n Sadness making Ragini Observe their Eye Lock n naking Her Confused..

Khushbuon Se Teri Yunhi Takra Gaye
Chalte Chalte Dekho Na, Hum Kahaan Aa Gaye

Jannatein Agar Yahin
Tu Dikhe Kyon Nahin
Chaand Suraj Sabhi Hai Yahaan
Intezar Tera Sadiyon Se Kar Raha
Pyaasi Baithi Hai Kab Se Yahaan

Humari Adhoori Kahaani
Humari Adhoori Kahaani…

Soon SwaSan both Composed Themselves n Swara Made an Excuse Controlling Her Tears n Went to Aryaan’s Room Crying Silently making Sanskaar Worried fr Swara…


Aryaan’s Room

As Swara Entered Aryaan’s Room She Closed da Door n Broke Down Badly Letting Her Heart Out Even after knwing She had to Face this Moment One Day..While Swara was Crying Miserably Sanskaar Rushed to da Room n Saw Swara Crying Bitterly Clutchjng a Pillow Tightly making Him to Hug Swara Tightly n Cry too..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes n Hugs Swara ) Swara..Sshh..Dnt Cry..( Cups Swara’s Face ) See..M thr na..I will make everything ryt..Dnt Cry..U knw na its Harmfull fr U n Our Baby..Toh Plzz Stop Crying..Plzz.. ( Consoles )

Swara : ( Cries n Hugs bak too ) Ssanskaarr..i told u na Wen Ragini will be bak it will be Rough fr both of Us. N see Today da Day has come..Ragini is Bak Sanskaar..She is Bak in yr Life..i knw She is ur First Wife n U Love Her More dan She is ur 1st Ssanskaarr..Y cnt I Control My Tears ?? Y m I Feeling Pain seeing My Best Frnd Bak..I knew She wud be Bak some day n i have to Leave U nnn ( Fumbles ) Aaryaann One Day n Hand U both to Ragini..den Y m i feeling like I cnt do it.. ( Cries Miserably ) Plzz Sanskaarr Do something n make everything Fine … ( Cries ) Plzz..

Sanskaar : Sshh..Swara..Listen..Dnt Cry..n Dnt Worry..Jst give Me some time..i will set everything fine..i need some time to tell Ragini da Truth..wen i feel She is Able to Handle da Truth..i will tell Her abt U n Me..Dnt Worry Haa.. ( Hugs Agn ) bt Plzz U dnt Cry Princess..U knw U r My Life..n I cnt Ser U Crying..So Plzz Stop Crying..I will SetEverything Right..Trust Me.. ( Caresses Swara’s Bak Concernly )

Swara : ( Cries n Realizes n Brks da Hug ) No..No..Sanskaar..u cnt tell Ragini anything..She is ur First Wife Sanskaar..n More Importantly She is Aryaan’s Real Mother..U cnt Snatch Her Happoness..She came bak after 6 Ys frm Coma n all these Yrs She was Carving fr Ur n Aryaan’s Love..U cnt make Her Lifeless Agn.. ( Cries ) No..Plz..She needs Aryaan’s Love..After all She is His Real Mother na ( Controls Her Tears )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Bbt Swara.. ( Intreprupted )

Swara : No Sanskaar..Tumhe Meri Kasam..Plzz Dnt Make My Best Frnd Lifeless Agn..She needs U nw..Plzz Go to Her Plzz ( Crying n wid Heavy Heart )

As SwaSan were Having their Emotional Talks,Aryaan who was Standing their n Listenjng their Talks wid Teary Eyes Runs n Hugs Swara Tightly n Cries Bitterly Making Swara More Weak n Pale..

Aryaan : ( Fake Anger ) No..Mumma..M only Ur Son..I dnt knw Ragini Mumma..I knw Only U as My Mumma..I Love U Mumma ( Cries ) U were da One in all these 6 Yrs who took Care of Me..n Of Papa too..I cnt let anyone take ur Place in My n Papa’s Heart..Ragini Mumma myt be My Real Mumma bt U r More than Real to Me.. Plzz ( Hugs More Tightly ) Dnt Tell Me to Leave U Plzz ( Chokes )

Swara : ( Cries n Hugs too ) Per Beta..Its da Fact..M nt ur Real Mumma..Ragini is ur Real Mumma na..She needs U Beta..She was Carving fr Ur Love Beta..n Beta She went in Coma fr U na.. ( Cries n Composed Herself ) Promise Ke Beta U wont Let Ragini Mumma feel Hurt n U will take care of Her da same way u take of Mine..Promise Me Mera Baccha Plzz ( Heavy Heart )

Aryaan : ( Cries n Promised Forcefully ) Ok Mumma I Promise..i wont Hurt Ragini Mumma n will take care of u cnt stop me frm Taking Care of U too..Ok ??

Swara : ( Smiles in Teary Eyes ) Ok Baba..U cn .n I Love U too Mera Bsccha .( Hugs Aryaan Agn n Cries )

Seeing Aryaan n Swara’s Bond,Sanskaar felt Overwhelmed n He too Hugged them wid Teary Eyes Leading da Hug into a Cute n Emotional Family Hug indicating The Pain n Emotional Bond of SwaSan n Aryaan..

Pyaas Ka Ye Safar Khatam Ho Jayega
Kuch Adhura Sa Jo Tha, Poora Ho Jayega

Jhuk Gaya Aasmaan
Mill Gaye Do Jahaan
Har Taraf Hai Milan Ka Sama
Doliya Hain Saji, Khushbuein Har Kahin
Padhne Aaya Khuda Khud Yahaan..

Hamari Adhuri Kahani
Hamari Adhuri Kahani….

Soon The Trio Composed Themselves n Aryaan Left the Room Sadly wid Tears in His Eyes to Meet Ragini Unwillingly as Per Swara’s Order where as SwaSan Stayed in da Room Spending Some Emotional n Painful Time Together wid Pain n Fear of Loosing Eachother in Their Heart..

Swara : ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly wid Teary n Closed Eyes feeling His Warm Embrace ) Sanskaar..wat will Happen Nw wen Ragini comes to knw abt Our Relationship ?? She still Thinks ki U r Single n did nt Move Ahead in Life..Hw will We Manage to Hide da Truth frm Her.i cnt see Her in Pain anymore..She has Alrdy Suffered alot in these Past 6 Yrs..Bhale She was in Coma..Lifeless bt She have Suffered alot.. ( Cries Silently Hugging Sanskaar )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Bak wid Teary Eyes ) I dnt knw Swara..Its all Difficult fr Me to Handle Ragini nw..In these 6 Yrs Everything got Chngd..Me n Aryaan r Closed to U … Mera Chodo..Think abt Aryaan..Frm da Day He was Born He saw U as His Mother..U took Care of Him Like His Real Mother..U Did everything wich a Mother does Her Kid..Aryaan is Attached to U nw..I dnt knw hw long He will Hide da Truth frm Ragini ( Worried )

Swara : ( Blank n Release da Hug Immediately ) Bt Sanskaar..We cnt Let Aryaan Spit da Truth. .U knw Ragini has Come Out of Coma Jst Nw n all of a Sudden giving Her a Shock by telling da Truth of Our Relationship will be like Risking Her Life agn..No ..No We cnt take Risk ( Worried fr Ragini ) Plzz Sanskaar go to Ragini nw..She needs U nw ..Go ( Heavy Heart )

Sanskaar : ( Irritated ) Enough Swara..Nw also u r thinking abt Ragini instead of Urself..6 Yrs ago also U took a . Decision fr Aryaan’s Happiness n Married Me jst fr Aryaam widout any Expections n nw also U r Thinking abt Ragini instead of Urself..Hw cn U be soo Mahaan Swara.Hw ?? ( Cries ) Did U think abt Me ?? Hw will i be able to stay wiodut U ?? In these 6 Yrs u became MY LIFE..MY WORLD. .MY EVERYTHING..Hw cn I Leave U all of a Sudden n that too in ( Sees Swara’s Baby Bump )this State..Wen U r Expexting wid My Child..Wid OUR CHILD..Hw cn i ?? ( Cries )

Swara : ( Hugs Agn n Cries agn ) Even i Cnt Live widout U Sanskaar..I LOVE U..U n Aryaan r My Everything nw.. ( Cries )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs too n Pats Her Bak Lovingly ) Sshh..Dnt Cry..Calm Down..U Trust Me na..Hain ?? ( Swara Nods ) den dnt worry i will set everything Fine..Dnt Worry..U take Rest n Sleep.. ( Caresses Swara’s Bak Lovingly )

Soon Sanskaar too Hugs Swara Bak seeing Her State n Made Her Calm by Patting Her Bak Lovingly n made Swara Sleep Wid Tears in Her Eyes Still making Sanskaar to Stare His Princess Wid Same Pain n Fear in His Heart n wid Tears in His Eyes too Flowing Continously..

Sanskaar : ( Sees Swara Sleeping wid Teary Eyes ) Dnt Worry Princess..I will Set everything Fine..Nw Sanskaar is Only Urs..In these 6 Yrs H Chngd Me alot n Made Me all Urs..I wont go to anyone nw..M all urs Nw Princess..Trust Me..I will Make Ragini Understand dat I have Moved On n nw i Vnt come bak to Her..n I wont let Aryaan too go to away frm U..I Promise Princess ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly wid Teary Eyes )

Pyaas Ka Ye Safar Khatam Ho Jayega
Kuch Adhura Sa Jo Tha, Poora Ho Jayega

Jhuk Gaya Aasmaan
Mill Gaye Do Jahaan
Har Taraf Hai Milan Ka Sama
Doliya Hain Saji, Khushbuein Har Kahin
Padhne Aaya Khuda Khud Yahaan..

Hamari Adhuri Kahani
Hamari Adhuri Kahani….

Soon Sanskaar made Swara Sleep on Bed n Coveted Her wid Blanket n Went towards His Study Lost in Deep Thots of Sudden Turn in His Life wid Blank n No Emotions making AP n DP Worry fr Sanskaar n His Health..


Precap : SwaSan’s Care towards Eachother n Ragini Feeling Uncomfortable Seeing SwaSan Strange Behaviour..


Finally Done wid 4th Chapter of this SS..So Ragini is Bak Finally..So Lets See wats Stored fr SwaSan in Further Episodes..Surely Mny Hurdles r Thr ??..Keep Reading n Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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