Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SWASAN/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 02


Hello Guyz..Thnks fr the Valuable Comments fr the Part 01..Here is thr Part 02..Hope u will Like it :).m Many Ppl r telling dat they cnt Bear Rag San to them i wud like to say dnt worry even m SWASAN Fan like U all so Jst Calm Down n Read..No need to Panick..Nw Here is da Swcond Part..Hope U will Like it :).

Part 01 :

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Recap : AP,DP,SwaSan n Aryaan Introduction..


Destiny – Its All About Life !!!

Part 02

The Part Strts Swara Sitting Beside da Lifeless Girl n Reminisces the Pasr wid Teary Eyes n Wishing fr the Speedy Recovery of the Lifeless Girl..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) RAGINI…wen will u be Bak Ragini ?? Tumhe pata hai everyone is Missing U..I knw Sanskaar bhale He dnt Show His Pain bt in Real He do Miss U ..Uss Raat Hum Teeno ki Zindagi badalkar rakhdi.Aaj bhi uss din ko yaad karke We all get Scared..We all Miss U Ragini …Plzz Come Bak Ragini..( Cries ) Kash uss din woh sab nhi hua hota ( Remembers Past )


It was A Fine Evening n 7 Months Pregnant Ragini n Sanskaar were Rerurning frm An Official Party Happily in their Car wen All of a Sudden Some Goons in short Enemies of Sanskaar Attacked their Car making Ragini n Sanskaar Shocked..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Ohh God..Wat r they doing Here ??. ( To Ragini ) Jaan ..Plzz Take Care haa..i will be Bak in some minutes..Ok ?

Ragini : ( Shocked n Scared fr Sanskaar ) Bbt Sanskaar..Plzz Take Care of Urself too..No need to show soo much Heropanti..Jst Call ur Team n Handle them Carefully..Ok?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles at Ragini’s Care ) Haa Ok..

Soon Sanskaar came out of the Car n Handled the Goons Smartly n Informed His Team Members too..As Sanskaar was Fighting wid da Goons,His Team Members too Arrived n Arrested da Goons bt One of da Goons b4 getting Arrested Harmed 7 Months Pregnant Ragini n as a Result Her Labour Pain Strtd making Sanskaar Shocked n Worried..

Ragini : ( Labour Pain ) Aaahhhh..Sanskaar… ( Crying in Pain )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) RAGINI!!!

As soon as Ragini Felt Her Labour Pain,Sanskaar Rushed to da Hospital whereas da Goons were Arrested n were Punished Severely..Soon Ragini was Rushed to da Hospital n was Admitted making Sanskaar Hell Worried n Scared..Soon Maheshwari n Gadodia Family along wid Swara ( One of da Bestest Frnd of Ragini )
n Her Family Reached da Hospital Encouraging n Consoling Sanskaar..

Swara : ( Consoled Sanskaar ) Sanskaar..Dnt Worry..Ragini will be Fine..U knw na Our Ragini will Never Leave Us all..She Promised U na.. ( Sanskaar Nods ) den Dnt Worry..Dekhna thodi Time main Ragini n Our Chotu sa Baby both will be Announced Fit n Fine..Hai na ??

As Swara was Consoling Sanskaar,Doctor came out n Announced something wich made SwaSan n other Ppl Present their Shocked n Numb wid Tears Continously Flowing frm their Eyes..

Doctor : ( Sad ) Well Mr Maheshwari..M Sorry to Say ki Among Ur Wife n Baby
.We cn only Save One..Mrs Maheshwari ki Halaat itni Kharaab hai ki We cn Only Safe One..n We need to knw ur Decision..Whom U want to Safe ?? UR WIFE Or UR BABY ??

Hearing the Words of Doctor Sanskaar who was Alrdy Worried fr Ragini was even more Shocked n Numb wid Tears Continously Rolling frm His Eyes..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Ddocttorr is thr any other Way ?? Plzz Find Out na ?? ( Pleading )

Doctor : ( Helpless ) M Afraid No Mr Maheshwari..Thr is No other Way..Bt Trust Us we will Surely Try Our Best to Safe Both Ur Wife n in case we want to Safe One..Whom Ubwant ?? Plz Hurry Up We cnt Take More Time warna We may Loose both ur Wife n Baby..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Wat ?? Ookm Den U Save Ragini Doctor..She is More Imp to Me dan Anyone Else..

Doctor : Hmm..Ok den We will Strt the Operation..U Complete the Formalities frm da Reception..

Soon Sanskaar Rushed to the Reception n Completed da Formalities n thr on the Other Hand Operation Beginned n da Process of Saving both Baby n Ragini Strtd..As Time Passed the Red Light of the OT was Turned Off n Doctor came Out wid da Baby Boy making Sanskaar n others Happy n Exicted bt their Happiness were Blown Away Hearing Doctor’s Words..

Doctor : Congratulations Mr Maheshwari Ur Wife n Ur Baby both r Fine..n (.Hands da Baby ) U got a Baby Boy..Congratulations..

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Thnk U Soo Much Doctor ..Widout U My Wife n Baby wudnt Be Safe Today..Thnk U soo Much…

Doctor: ( Agn Sad ) Hmm Well Mr Maheshwari Ur Wife is Fine bt… ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Bt Wat Doctor ??

Doctor : ( Takes A Deep Breath ) Mrs Maheshwari is gone into Deep COMA..n is in Sleep..She cn Hear n Feel U but cnt Respond..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) COMA ?? bt Doctor hw it Happened ? N Wen will Ragini be Out of Coma ?

Doctor: Maybe 1 Day..Or 1 Week..Or 1 Month..or U cn Say Yrs Too..Thr is No Particular Time fr Coma all Depends on their Treatment Speed n Prayers..All u cn do is nw Jst Pray n Continue Her Treatment..

Hearing this Sanskaar n Swara who were More Close to Ragini were in Deep Shock n was nt able tonReact l to the Truth they Heard Few Seconds Ago..All they cn do was Stand All Numb..


1 Month Later

Dyz Passed n Ragini was Shifted to MM n was taken Good Care..As Time Passed Ragini n Sanskaar’s Baby Turned into 1 Month Old n was Missing His Mother..Seeing da Baby Missing His Mother Maheshwari, Gadodia n Bose Family took a Decision making Both Swara n Sanskaar Shocked n Surprised.

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) No Maa..hw cn u all even think dat i will Marry Agn ?? No Way … Ragini is My Life n will alwyz Be..Hw cn i Cheat Her.( Worried )

AP : Beta..who is telling ki u r Cheating Ragini ?? No u r nt..U r jst Thinking abt ur Son who is jst 1 Month Old n is Carving fr Mother’s Love..dnt u think dat Little n Innocent Life need a Love of a Mother ??

Sanskaar : Haa toh Maa..M thr na..I will give Him Love of both Mother n Father..i will Take Care of Him as both Mother n A Father..

DP : Ok Beta..We Agree U cn take da Responsibility of both Mother n a Beta hw Long ?? U have Plenty of other wrk too …U cnt jst Ignore them..U have Ur Own Duty..n Ur Duty is of Such Type ki may have to Leave fr ur Duty at any time..sometime at Mid Night too..that time wat will.u do ?? Tell Me..Cn U Ignore Ur Duty fr Ur Son ?? Tell Me..Both r Imp fr U..So dnt U think Our Decision is Ryt ??

Shomi : n Beta we r jst telling u to Marry fr Ur Son who has No Name till nw as Baby’s Name is kept by His Mother Only..N Our Chotu cn get His Name.only wen U Marry Agn..We r nt telling U to give Husband’s Rights to Ur Second Wife..

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Bt Maa..Wich Girl will Agree to Marry A Man fr His Son..No Girl will want to Spoil Her Life jst fr Stranger..

AP : ( Smiles ) Dnt Worry Beta..We have a Girl in Our Mind..n We have Talked to Her..She is Ready to Marry U fr Our Chottu..Nw U jst Go n Select Ur Wedding Dress Leave Rest On Ur Elders..Ok ??

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Wat ?? U all have Choosen too ds Girl? N did nt Inform Me also ?? Who is da Girl ?? N Is She Full Heartedly Accepted this Proposal even after knwing ki I cnt Give Her Rights of a Wife wich Every Girl Wants ??

Shekhar : Haa Beta.Dnt Worry..She has No Prblm..Even She is Marrying fr Our Chottu..coz She too.Loves Chottu in da same Way U Love Chottu..

Sanskaar : ( Surprised ) bt Who is She ??

AP : ( Smiles ) She is SWARA !!

Hearing Swara’s Name Sanskaar was all Shocked n was Nt able to Believe His Ears,bt Soon SwaSan had a Talk n both Agreed fr the Marriage Full Heartedly bt Only fr the Sake of Chottu..Soon Marriage Date was Fixed making Everyone Happy n Relieved fr Sanskaar n Chottu..

AP : ( Blesses Swara ) God Bless U Beta..No One cn do wat U r doing fr Us..( Teary Eyes )

DP : ( Overwhelmed ) Haa Beta..In Todyz World No One does a Favour to others widout any Demands or U..U r Marrying Sanskaar jst fr Our Chottu Even after knwing Sanskaar cnt give U da Rights of A Wife..Thnks alot..God Bless U.

Swara : Its Ok Uncle ..Aunty..Ragini is My Best Frnd n More dan a Sister..n fr Her i cn do this..Her Son is My Son..So this is nt a Favour Aunty..M Happy in doing all these n ( Sees Sanskaar ) rahi Wife ke Rights ki Baath toh I dnt have any Prblm if I dnt get it..My Main Aim is to Give Mother’s Love to Chottu..Sanskaar is My Frnd n Will Alwyz Be.. ( Sees Sanskaar who is in Tears )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes bt Ignores ) Maa..m Getting Late fr My Duty..Bye..n Chottu ka Khayal rakhna..will be Bak Soon..

AP : ( Understands ) Haa Ok Beta..

Time Passed n Soon it was da Marriage Day fr SwaSan..Both Swara n Sanskaar were Sitting in Mandap wid Teary Eyes..Pandit Strtd the Mantras n SwaSan Strtd Taking 7 Pehras around da Agni Promising Eachother to be wid One Another in all Circumstances No Matter What..Soon Sanskaar Filled Swara’s Maang wid A Pinch of Sindoor ( Vermilion ) Bringing Tears of Joy in Swara’s Eyes Unknowingly..den Made Swara Wear A Nuptial Necklace ( Mangalsutra ) around Her Neck Marking n Completing all da Rituals of Wedding in a Simple n A Decent Way Widout any Extra Expenses n Celebrations..

**********FlashBack Ends**********

As Swara was Lost in Her Own Thots wid Teary Eyes,A Cute Little Voice of Aryaan Brought Swara frm Her Deep Thots n Made Her Snile Happily Forgetting abt Her Pain n Past.She Immediately Wiped Her Tears n Hugged Aryaan Slowly widout Disturbing Her Baby Bump Happily..

Aryaan : ( Happy n Hugs Swara Slowly ) Mumma..Mummaa..See I came frm School..n dekho aate hi I took Chocolates frm Dadu n Dadi ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Happy n Hugs too ) Aww..So Bad Aryaan..Hw mnu Time i told U nt to Trouble ur Dadu n Dadi fr Chocolates..U cn tell Me or Ur Paap No..U wont Listen to Ur Mumma na..Very Bad..

Aryaan : Arrey Mumma..Chill..Wen Dadu n Dadi themselves gives Me Chocolates den hw cn I Deny them haa ( Giggles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Shakes Her Head ) U wont Chng Aryaan.U r Becoming Naughty Day by Day..Huh..Anywyz..Come Lets Change Ur Dress..

Aryaan : Haa Come.( Walks towards SwaSan’s Room wid Swara ) .Waise Mumma Whr is Papa ?? He told He will Spend da whole Day wid Us na ??

Swara : ( Bites Her Tongue ) Woh Beta Actually..( Sits on Bed ) Papa ko na Imp Kaam aagaya..So He Went to Police Station…He was really Sad fr nt Fullfilling His Promise..

Aryaan : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Mumma.I understand..After all M His Smart Beta na ( Winks Naughtily )

Swara : ( Proud ) Haaye..Mera Baccha ( Kisses Aryaan’s Forehead ) Proud of U..Nw come Lets get U Bath.. ( Tries to Get Up )

Aryaan : ( Stops Swara ) No Mumma..U Sit..I will Take Bath n Come..Papa told Me U n My ( Touches Swara’s Baby Bump ) Lil Sister/Brother needs Rest na..So U Sit n Take Rest..I will have Bath n Come..

Swara : ( Smiles in Teary Eyes ) Aww..Ok Mera Baccha..M soo Lucky to get U My Baccha..Love U ( Kisses Aryaan’s Forehead n Cheeks )

Soon Aryaan Left fr Bath n Swara called Servant to give Bath to Aryaan..While Aryaan was Having A Bath Swara Called Sanskaar to Chk abt His Health n Meals..

Swara : ( Calls Sanskaar ) Hello..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Picks Up da Call ) Haa Hello Princess..Kaise Yaad kiya ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Woh kya hai na Prince..Princess ka hi kaam hai na apne Prince ka Khayal rakhna..

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Haa woh toh hai..den in dat Case..Its Prince Duty too to take care of His Princess. Right ??

Swara : ( Blushes ) Haa..Accha Tell Me did u have ur Vitimin Tablets n Meals on Time ?

Sanskaar Haa Baba..Khaliya..Nw U tell did u have ur Medicines? ?

Swara : Haa..Khaliya maine bhi..Waise U knw ( Sees Washroom ) Ur Son is Really Smart n Caring..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa woh toh hai..after all He is Gone His Mumma na ( Aryaan Calls Ragini as Ragini Mumma bt Swara as MUmma as Swara is More Close to Swara )..Hai Na ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Shy ) Haa..Haa..Bas..I knw wat U mean..Bas..Nw let me Keep da Phone..Aryaan will be Out of Washroom any Moment..Need to get Him Ready fr thr Function..

Sanskaar : Ok Madam..Take Care..n Love U..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Love U too n Come Bak Soon..Will be Waiting..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Baba..will be thr on Time..Bye..( Cuts da Call )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Bye..( Cuts da Call too )

As SwaSan Hung the Call,Aryaan came frm Washroom n Swara made Him Ready in a Black Cute Little 3 Piece suit n White Shirt giving da Cute Little.Aryaan A Super Cute Look..Seeing Aryaan in such a Super Cute Look Swara was Mesmerized n Adored Her Little Son n Kissed Him making Aryaan feel Swara’s Love n Affection ..

Swara : ( Smiles n Puts A Kala Tikka ) Haaye Mera Baccha Looking soo Cute in this..Lagta hai Papa ko Takkar dene ka Iraada hai ryt ??

Aryaan : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Yes Mumma..Off Course..After all M Aryaan Sanskaar Maheshwari na..So thoda Challenging Look i too have to Have na ( Winks )

Swara : ( Laughs too ) Haa woh toh hai..Accha go nw Badmaash..Go n Play wid Yr Laksh Chachu..He is waiting fr U since Morning..

Aryaan : ( Runs ) Ok Mumma..Bye..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Bye..

Soon Aryaan Left n went towards Laksh’s Room while Swara Strtd Preparing fr the Function n Chkd Her’s n Sanskaar’s Dress while Thinking abt the Past Yet Agn wid Broad n A Blushing Smile on Her Face..

N The Screen Freezes on Swara’s Blushing Face n Lifeless Ragini..


Precap : SwaSan Romance n Party Time..


Done wid da Part 02 of Destiny – Its All About Life..Hope U will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :). .


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