Destiny-Kiara OS part one

Hi guys, do you know who I am? Well, I am Aaru, I was the author of the fanfiction, Kiara-Pyaar. Unfortunately, I wrote that ff in a bad time in between of my finals. I decided to end that ff because I didn’t like the story I had planned.?? However, I would like to thank all of you, who supported me during that ff. I am still in school and my school is going to end in June 8. I still have finals, but I am in my three day break and decided to write this. I will be writing os until my school days, when my summer vacation starts I will write a ff. I won’t be regular for os, but I will try. this is my first os, so please help me.?

One bright morning is shown at a college. It is very hectic and everyone is in their own world. Everyone turn and see a dashing boy entering the college. The sun makes him look like a silhouette and every girl are tempted to see his face. He slowly comes out and his face is shown. His outfit is making him look handsome and dashing. (His outfit – type mens outfit in google, it the one with white t shirt, brown jacket, and black jeans)

His cute expression makes all girls drool. Suddenly a boy comes and hugs/ greets the boy( the boys handshakes and hug)
Second boy: Kartik, I am so glad that you will be going to this college with me, yaar. I am so excited, but you said that you will come three years ago.
Kartik: Arjun, dude, I know that I am three years late, but still I came right and I will tell you why I came late, but first let’s sit.
They go and sit down at a bench.
Kartik: well after finishing high school, I wanted to come here and study but things didn’t go as planned. My grandfather died and I had to stay with my family. I went to college there, but I missed my friends. After convincing my parents for three and half years that let me study here.
Arjun: Dude, sorry bout your dadu, but I am really glad that you came before 4 months before we graduate and I hope you transferred your classes here.
Kartik: I did and I can’t believe that after 4 months we will finish college and get a degree.
Arjun: after all, we are 24 and if we don’t get degree this year then we will be ashamed.? Dude, I heard that you had an affair with a girl, tell me about her.
Kartik: it wasn’t an affair. We talked to each other for a while, but she said she needed time and right now I am currently single and will always be.??
Arjun: Dude, why you worrying even the same thing happened with me and this college has a lot of girls so don’t worry.
Kartik: Arjun, since we are talking about girls tell me about the most different girl in this college.
Arjun: there are a lot of girls in this college so how am I suppose to tell you about the most special girl.

A girl was sitting in a far bench by Kartik and Arjun and she came towards them. She was wearing a short hit pink tight sleeveless dress( tight tube dress) Kartik noticed her and asked Arjun about her.
Arjun: Kartik, mera dost, I will say things only for your good and trust me you don’t want to mingle with this girl. No one likes her.
Kartik: it’s okay, and anyways it doesn’t matter if I just have couple of chats with her.
The girl came towards them.
Girl: I don’t want others listening to my conversation so please leave, she said indicating towards Arjun.
Before Arjun went away he whispered something into Kartik’s ear.(this girl is like girls from movies where the are a diva and have weird voices)
The girl: hey I am Gayu, and I find you really cute, she said while forwarding her hand
Kartik: thx for the compliment p, but why do I feel like your name is not Gayu
Gayu: well you are right my name is actually Gayatri.
Kartik: can I ask something
Gayu thinking that he will ask her out happily said yea.
Kartik: can you tell me about the most special girl in this college, smirking ?
Gayu became really embarrassed.
Gayu: yea sure, tell me who you want to know about, being annoyed
Kartik eyes caught a girl getting out of a classroom and he was amazed by her
Her outfit(type-teenage girls outfit black jeans and black sweater crop top. It the second ine where the hair is curled.)
Her curly black hair came in front of her as she walked away.
Kartik pointing towards that girl said her.
Gayu turned and rolled her eyes when she saw that girl.
Gayu: why her?
Kartik: Please Gayu, he gave her a small hug and Gayu agreed.
They sat down in the bench and started talking
Gayu: her name is Naira, Naira Singhania, she is twenty three and will turn twenty four in a week or so. She is graduating with the degree of journalism and literature. She doesn’t talk to anyone except Arjun, the boy you were talking to. She is the girl with attitude and has her own world. And Kartik don’t even think of proposing her or anything because she will easily reject you.
Kartik: Why is that? What if I make her fall for me?
Gayu scoffed, please she is a girl who hates love.
Kartik: Why is that?

Gayu: I am really sorry, but I have to leave I have my fashion class and I am already late due to talking to you, she gave Kartik and kiss near his lips leaving her lipstick mark. Ths is my love for you, she said and winked.
Kartik got irritated and wiped it off.
Suddenly Gayu fell in mud, Kartik had tripped her knowing but acted like it was an accident.
Kartik: thank you Gayu for telling me about a Naira and this was for talking with my friend rudely.
Kartik ran away winking at Gayu while she boiled in anger, but she knew that she wanted him to be hers.
Guys, this os will have three parts and hoped you like this part. This was kind of like an intro and thank you for bearing a long os.??❤️

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