Destiny-Kaira OS Last part

Guys, this is the last part to this os. I realized that I spelt Kaira incorrectly in the first part so forgive em.

It was April, 5 Saturday and it was Naira’s birthday. Naira was sleeping in her room and woke up by a text.
Kartik: Happy Birthdya Naira, I hope you have an amazing one and amazing life ahead. Your annoying friend Kartik❤️???

Naira smile and saw that he had texted her at midnight, the time she was born.
She replied “Awww, thank you Kartik, ❤️”
She saw a message from Arjun it was also midnight, Arjun always wished her at midnight and so did Jhanvi so it wasn’t a surprise.
She replied “thank you to my friends who always make my birthday better and always support me I love you both a lot.❤️❤️??”
Naira heard a knock and her door and went to open it. Nakash and Tara hugged Naira and kissed her.
Tara: we came at midnight but went back as you were sleeping peacefully
Nakash: Happy birthday to my first child❤️
Suddenly a boy came running and hugged Naira.
Sameer: happy birthday bauha, my Naira aunty.

Naira picked him up and kissed his cheeks
Naira: thank you my baby and you are getting older like me, you will turn five in couple weeks, right
Sameer: yes
Suddenly Naira felt three people hug her. She turned and saw Arjun, Kartik, and Jhanvi, they all yelled happy birthday Naira.
Naira: how you guys came?
Arjun: through the window, and at least say thank you.
Naira: thank you

Jhanvi-Tara: we also have cake hurry up and get ready

Naira went and came after brushing her teeth.
The friends and siblings made her wear party hats. For six years she has been celebrating her birthday in this room with her siblings, sameer, and her friends, but today Kartik was added.
Rest of the family members came towards her room hearing noise. It was just 9 in the morning so everyone was still sleepy. Gayu came and saw Kartik and smiled and winked at him. Kartik ignored her and Gayu burned in jealousy
Natik: what is happening in here and what is the boy doing here.
Nakash: today is my sister’s birthday and the people in this room are the people who love her and people who are inside this room can’t enter.

Naira had tears in her eyes when she heard her dad, yelling for celebrating her birthday.
Natik: if you are forgetting Nakash that is my house and what this boy this to your sister.
Tara: sameer, go to your room, and make a card for your bauha,
Sameer: ok mamma and went away.
Nakash: which sister are you talking about? I only have one sister and that is Naira and talking about your other daughter, I am not related to her, and Arjun is like my brother and I trust him.
Akshara: Duggu, is this the way to talk to your father
Nakash: I told you not to call me by that name and I am related to anyone outside this room. The relation broke six years ago when you all abandoned my sister to cry alone.

Naira: whispering softly: bhai, please this happens every year please let it go pleas.
Nakash wiped Naira’s tears and hugged her
Nakash: our Naira would have forgotten everything if you were with her, but you made her suffer alone. Even a dog would support her more than this family.
Natik left in rage and everyone left expect Gayu.

Nakash: I said everyone leave.
Gayu: Kartik I am waiting for you please come and talk to me, she said and walked away.
Naira broke down and Nakash went to his room after kissing Naira.
Tara and Jhanvi- Naira, why are you crying we all are with you.
Kartik: Bhabhi today is Naira’s birthday so can we take her out
Tara: of course, Jhanvi can you help Naira getting ready and Arjun And Kartik you guys can stay in Sameer’s room and play video games.

Kartik: we are not of sameer’s age to play video game and if someone sees us it will be embarrassing, Kartik said to make Naira laugh
Naira started laughing hearing this and hugged everyone
While Kartik and Arjun were going to Sameer’s room, Gayu stopped Kartik

Kartik: Arjun, you go I will be right there.
Gayu: Kartik I need to tell you something
Kartik: go ahead
Gayu: whatever Nakash bhaiya said there is all a lie. I am a good person I don’t want bad for anyone. They all misunderstand me, Kartik, but I know that you will help him, she said hugging Kartik
Kartik shoved her away: I know the truth, don’t worry, I know the truth about your dirty face, and I don’t care about you so don’t you dare come close to me, he said while shoving her away.
After 30 minutes Naira and Jhanvi came to Sameer’s room
Kartik was blown away by her

Naira: Let’s go
All: yea
Naira: sameer, not you baby, you know that you get scared if you got without your mommy and I will be back really fast. I love you
Sameer: bye then

They all left and went to watch movies, shopping.
The three friends had planned something for Naira. It was 6:30 pm
Jhanvi: Naira, we have a surprise for you for your last gift so close your eyes.
Naira: no please no
Kartik: you have to
Arjun: chup, shut up, monkey
Naira: you calling me monkey, you raccoon

Kartik: chup, everyone and close your eyes.
After thirty minutes they got to the park. It was beautifully decorated with fairy lights all over.
Three: slowly open your eyes, they said when they got out of the car
Naira got so happy, she smiled at the beautiful park that had been decorated.
They cut the cake and talked all night long about childhood moments.
Naira got up and said something .

Naira: I ave known Arjun and Jhanvi for such a long time, we been through our ups and downs. You guys have always been by side guiding me and lifting me up as I fall down. You are the sunshine and the ray of light in my life. Kartik you only came couple months ago but you connected with me so well. You helped out like you knew me since ages. With you all I am nothing.❤️???? I love you all verryyyyyyy veryyyyy much. And I hope when we grow up and may marry someday that our kids become best friends. That they will have the same friendship bond like we did. Thank you for being more that my family, thank you for being my life my DESTINY.
Tears rolled down her eyes and she wiped them away. All the friends came and hugged her. Background music played, yaaro dosti from the song that used to play in KYY.
Jhanvi: I can’t believe that this is the last birthday we are celebrating from our group before we part away. I love you All

After two weeks it was their graduation.??‍???‍?
Naira graduating in journalism and literature
Kartik graduating in computer science
Jhanvi graduating in account
Arjun graduating in software science

Gayu graduating in fashion
Nakash, Tara, and Sameer congratulated the four while the rest of the family congratulated Gayu.
Naira eyes filled with tears as she watched them
The friends decided to have a party before leaving.
At the park all were drinking
Arjun: I can’t believe it, we did it we graduated. We are about to do something without each other .
Kartik: I will miss each and every moment spent with you guys.
Jhanvi: life will be so different for us

Naira: will we be able to live without each other, without each other’s support?
Arjun: what’s the plan of life, for Naira what is the plan of DESTINY?
Kartik: I am going to go to a village and help out there before joining a company. My dadu had asked me to spend a month there to try something new, he said before dying.
Jhanvi: I am going to Sri Lanka and live there with my family
Kartik: you at Sri Lanka? Then what about Arjun?
Arjun: I am going to be where we are today and continue my career here. We both decided that we will visit each other often, but decided to wait for marriage until we are finically ready. We are already engaged so we will always we together.

Arjun: Monkey, what is in your destiny?
Naira: I am leaving to New York after five days. I will continue my career there. Maybe going to date someone or not. However, we will all FaceTime and Skype each other everyday and visit each other as much as possible.
Jhanvi: Naira, are you ready?
Naira: I have to be, right, thanks to you all I learned how to live life again.
Jhanvi and Arjun went to talk leaving Kartik and Naira alone.
Kartik: Naira when I talked to you the first time I said I loved you. I still love you and will always love you. I know that you want to live life for yourself, but I can’t let you leave before telling you about how I feel. I love you Naira I love you

Naira hugged Kartik tightly and tears rolled down her right eyes. She broke apart.
Naira: I know Kartik I know that you love me and I am not drunk this is really me, I love you also. Through out these months I learned and realized my feelings for you. Do you know what tears from the right eyes mean? Tears from right eyes means sadness, and left means happiness. My first tear came from the right because I don’t want my heart to break again. It has been six years, Kartik, six years. I am healed and I know that because I don’t cry when I talk about him. I am crying right now because I know that being in love will just kill me again.

I also have happiness in my tears because I am happy seeing someone care about me so much. I am truly happy. I love you, but I can’t fall for you now. I don’t want to break my heart again. My heart is still together by band aids and tape, but if I love quickly again, I will die by having a broken heart. Last time I had Arjun, Jhanvi, bhai, bhabhi to cure me, but this time I might nit have anyone.
Naira cried and sobbed on Kartik’s shoulders. He hugged her tight to tell her that he was here for her.

He wiped her tears away and made Naira look at him. He leaned in and so did she. They shared a long kiss. Naira was doing something that she thought she will never do after that accident, but she was here doing it. They forgot about their pain when kissing. They broke it due to lack of air. Their foreheads was together. Kartik finally spoke up
Kartik: now what?

Naira: we wait. We both love each other and if our love is true, DESTINY will bring us together. Today we might be happy, but if we really want to have a future together we will wait.
Arjun and Jhanvi also came and said we heard everything.
Arjun: we will meet each other right here in the same place in two years at 9 pm and talk about life.
All: I love you

Two years later
They all ran and hugged each other. The couples each shared kiss with their loves.
Kaira: we love each other other and are going to marry each other.
Jharu: us too.
Naira: I told you that if DESTINY wanted to together that it will bring us together.
Kartik: I love you
Naira: I love you too.
Nakash and Tara did the kyanyadhan of the couples. Naira and Jhanvi both shifted to India.

After four years Naira and Kartik were sitting at the park.
Naira: Aayush, Aayusha, be careful, you will get hurt.
Kartik: this is our life we made it.?‍?‍?‍?
Naira: no, DESTINY did, we are here because of destiny.

Kartik kissed Naira’s forehead and Naira leaned on Kartik’s shoulder. They smiled as they saw their kids playing.

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