Destiny (ishqbaaz) intro+ prologue

Omkara- would be husband of anika loves her so much

Anika- would be wife om loves him

Shivaay- would be husband of ishana loves anika but left her for om

Ishana- would be wife of shivaay loves om. sister of anika

All charcters are same rest


One place is seen decorated with flowers a person is saying fast fast do work today is om and shivaays engagement. It is none another than dadi.

Then it shows anika and ishana getting ready
Aniak wears golden salwar ishana wears baby pink salwar. With very simple make up. Anika tells to ishana im very happy today is my best day in my life as today is my enagement with om. Ishana does fake smile. Anika says u say something about shivaay also
Ishana dosent reply

Anika pushes her

Ishana say_hmm hmm

Then in evening during engagement

Anika gets down om gets mesmerized seeing anika .

Shivaay sees that and gets sad

Ishana sees om looking at anik and feels sad

Rudra comes and teases om shivaay

The end

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  1. Plzz don’t break the pairs:'(

  2. Nithu

    Oh my god its different storyline pls continue…ill bbwaiting for ua nxt part

  3. Amazing

  4. Ya plz dont break the pairs as ishkara and shivika are made for each other
    U can write as ishkara and shivika loving each other but due to some circumstances they are married as u have said in the episode
    But afterall its ur choice and plz post the next episode very soon

  5. wow amazing seeing im with anika and Shiva with ishaana it is different from the show i like it om+anika-omika and shivay+ishana- shivana interesting thank u lovely

  6. Interesting….

  7. Aarya

    Plzz yaar anikara…..i jst love shivikaa….plzz yaar plzz font break the pairs( puppy eyes???)

  8. Akshaya

    It’s different and interesting

  9. Ishqkum

    No plz don’t separate the pairs its my request

  10. Ketaki19

    i liked the concept a lot but my problem is me shivaayko ishanake sath dekh nahi sakti don’t know why but still i liked the concept so i m waiting for update 🙂

  11. dont break the pairs. it sounds worse.

  12. Sorry I don’t like plz don’t break pairs plzzzzzzz

  13. Ananya7044

    It’s interesting and different…but anika loves om and om loves anika….I didn’t like it…but it good.. different from all other story completely

  14. Awesome pairing I too feel that anika pairing with om is far better than shivaay as she deserves a good person like om not haughty person like shivaay who disrespect her please update asap

  15. Superb pairing they look awesome om and anika are my favourite characters and it’s my heartly wish that they should be paired they show awesome chemistry anika deserves such a beautiful person from heart not haughty shivaay who always disrespect her please update asap

  16. silent reader

    Nice keep going…

  17. Hi !! I am excited to watch next one don’t stop as seeing disliked its difficult to imaging that pairs but it gonna be interesting …. I thought the same idea first but dropped so u presented it for me I guess as a friendship gift….
    R v friends huh ????

    1. Ya ofcourse

  18. Vincy

    Nice Bt don’t Pls break the pairss

  19. Shaza

    Hey ..I’m confused with ur prologue it OmIka ? ..and Shivaye And Ishana , can’t even make their couple name …no way !! So Anika and Om love each other ? …and Ishana and shiavye don’t love each other ….it’s so damn confusing .but I think u have paired shivika and ishkara only ..idk …but it’s interesting …I can accept somehow Om Anika …but Shivaye and Ishana ?

  20. I like u concept alot
    silent reader

  21. Sat

    Hey lovely first of all I am sorry for the late comment
    And yar shivika is good to look in. And if shivika and ishara love each other and they are getting separated due to circumstances or reasons, that would be very good.
    Mouka, please don’t make that it is a humble request to you
    Anyways please continue, hoping that omika and shivana won’t become a pair

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