Destiny of hearts (intro 2, 3, and 4)

Hey everyone, I had given all the characters intro but pta ni Tu walo ne sirf KUNJ ka hi post kiya, wo bhi aadha, so I’m giving it again, one by one. ..

Intro 2:

Twinkle: Mom, where r my car keys!!! >_< M getting late! -_-
Leeka: Twinkle, ask ur dad!!
Twinkle: Nw dis is too much! -_- Wht d heck is dad doing wid my keys!! :/
Rt: Wht happened swt hrt y r u soo annoyed?
Twinkle: Dad!! I want my car keys! 🙁
Rt: Ohh yeah! I've kept ur keys in ur upper cupboard… Collect dem frm der!
Twinkle: Ohk!
*She goes into d room n comes back wid a bunch of new keys*
Twinkle: Dad! Dese r nt my car keys! -_-
Rt: Haan,, I knw swt hrt,, Dese r for ur new Audi! 😉
Twinkle: Whhaaattt.. Dad!! Oh myy goshh!!! ^_^ Love u sooo much dad! :* :* U r d best!! :*
Rajveer: Hahaha,, it's all for u princess! Go enjoy urself! 🙂
Twinkle: Here comes d TWINKLE! Hola!! Beware! 😉
"TWINKLE TANEJA "- the only daughter of city's biggest business tycoon 'Rajveer Taneja' n his wife Leela
Twinkle a highly pampered child raised wid unlimited love and care.. ^_^
5’4 inches height, milk cream skin, shining black hair wid little curls, sea green eyes with a tint of blue! She has a figure evry gal craved for n d beauty which can let any guy go head over heels! : )
She is too much fetish about her looks..
She smacked of polished beauty, reeked of money, n smelt of sophistication!
LOVE for her is rubbish, kind of ‘not-her-type’ feeling..!!
She actually also has a phobia of love..! She doesn’t want to fall a puppet in ny1 else hands juz bcz of d so called feeling “Love”..
She rather loves being independent n unrestrictive!
But will d destiny really go as per her desires????

Intro 3:
Yuvraj: Who d hell is blaring d horn ruthlessly! -_- “kaaka!!! Plz dekho na kaun horn baja rha h, Meko sona h yaar,, chhup karao use!”
Kaaka: Yuvi baba, Twinkle memsaab h, aapka intezaar kr rhi h..
Yuvi: Fish!! It’s 8.30 Twinkle is going to kill me! :/ “Kaaka, aap use bol do Yuvi baba nikal gye h!”
Kaaka: Twinkle memsaab, Yuvi baba to kab k ja chuke h..
Twinkle: Kaaka, aap Yuvi ko bolna Twinkle ko pta h wo so rha h.. Use keh dena ki main ja rhi hu aur wo baat b na kre mjhse!! >_<
He tells all dis to Yuvi..
Yuvi grins fr while n gets back to sleep again
YUVRAJ LUTHRA, d son of Surjeet Luthra an enterpreneur n business partner of Rajveer Taneja, father of Twinkle..
Twinkle n Yuvi childhood friends share great memories together as die hard friends..
Yuvraj 6'2 height, perfectly textured white skin, intense gray color eyes, dark copper-colored hair, well-built muscles n breath taking physique..
He is among one of d most elusive, enigmatic n eligible bachelor of d city..
A spoiled brat though, he had a zillions of commitments!
But no1 has reached to his expectations yet, still in search of his *dream-girl*
He is d most admired guy of his college but love..??
Will Yuvraj be able to accomplish his search of *my-type* girl ??

Intro 4:
Rahul: Mom!!! Plz ask Mahi to turn off d musiic! >_<
Mahi: Bhaai! U r soo boring! -_- Music is life..
Rahul: Mahi u r such a freak yr! :/
Mahi: Yr cm'n bro! Wht will u get being so boring -_- Enjoyy! U'll treasure d memories! ^_^
Rahul: Mahi, v r born in a middle class family.. To have luxuries u've to earn! -_- music won't give u money! -_- memories wud haunt u wen u'll b left wid nthng :/
Mahi: Bhaai! Plz stop sermonizing! U dn't need to preach me! Anyways m getting late I'll catch u later! Cyaa! 😉
MAHI AWASTHI, 5'5 height, grey eyes, long curly hair
though she's born in a middle class family bt is raised as a princess, a great music freak, lives in her own dream world!
Life for her is a fairytale..
Cute n adorable, adamant by nature, a non-stop chatterbox, yet her smile gives life! ^_^
She knows hw to make out things by hook or crook..
Yet she is apple of everyone's eyes..
She wants to meet her love of lyk who wud propose her in front of whole wrld, who wud treat her lyk princess!
Bt wait!! Wud she really get d same qualities in her guy??

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  1. Sohi

    Fabulous intro
    Every character is interesting
    Liked twinkles character more
    Waiting for the story to proceed
    Do continue

  2. Nishfd

    Nw this is something unexpected. ..
    Seriously I ws not expecting mahi in the ff….
    Bt all the characters are interesting. …
    So the story would be….

  3. Twinj

    Hey adi
    Finally u r back…was waiting for it since so lobg n yaar plzzz could u give me the links of kunj’s intr

  4. Twinj

    Sorry was typing n mistakely only galf cmt got posted…so I was saying could u plzzz give me the links of kunj’s intro…missed it….but I loved the intri….that was just superb….twinkle a carefree independent girl who doesn’t believes in love n uv searching for his dreamgirl n how can I forget uv searching for his dreamgirl…three different characters with their own style n belifs….loved iy…post the next part asap….

  5. Hey that was amazinb dude…!!!
    Twinkle’s charactee sketch was fab.. so many questions in my mind..! Strange..! She is not interested in love.. ???
    Yuvraj a spoilt brat.. zillions of commitments..! Searching his dream girl..! ‘I M HERE..’ ??? hahhaa…
    Mahi ..! Like me..! She is the music freak..! I m obsessed to music… apple of everyone’s eye.. great.. who would propose her infront of the world.. nd would treat her like princess..?? I think Yuvraj.. nd it should be..! Becuz twinj r made for eo..!
    I loved the character of Mahi nd kunj.. though I liked twinkle nd yuvraj’s but I loved mahi nd kunj…
    Post soon please..
    Can’t wait to read this…

  6. Presha

    Hey …
    Awesome…intresting intro..
    Loved it…
    Post soon…
    Love u…

  7. SidMin23

    Brilliant post soon

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome interesting…eagerly waiting for the epi

  9. fabulous intro
    of the characters
    seems like the
    ff will be the
    hpoe it does
    waiting for the
    next part
    post soon
    lots of love

  10. really nice waiting with infinite patience for your next post

  11. Fatimaa.

    Heya MR RJ….
    This was indeed amazing…..
    U know m just hell excited for this…..
    U better post it soon….
    Loved twinkle uv nd mahi’s characters….
    Kunj is a nerd….hmmm wud b gr8 to imagine our hottie as a nerd….
    Please post soon…..
    M super duper excited……i knoe m sounding mad….hihihi….
    But kya karu cant help it…???..
    Post soon…soon..
    Loads of love

  12. Ramya

    Awesome adi
    Just superb
    It’s an amazing intro
    Want to know how dey will fal for eo
    Pls soon

  13. Baby

    ohhhhh my god rj.sidhant huhmm…
    hhahaa amazing.actually I was thinking twinkle ki only one line intro hahaha……
    but srsly freaking loved it……..
    it was crazy cute wowwaaa….amazing speechless……♥
    n I cant wait…….
    post nxt soon plsssss……
    m hella lol too mch excited……
    post soon……loving it….♥

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