Destiny of hearts (chapter 1)

Twinkle was driving her newly bought black shining Audi.. She was in no hurry.. After all it was AUDI, for her too! 😉
She was covering d long distance in a couple of mins, gauging evry route, listening to thumping hollywood music..
After a long contented drive she reached her clg “INSTITUE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES”
She got down from her car n handed d keys to guard to park it..
It ws 1 of d top MBA institutes amongst d country..
Yet she easily got an admission being her father “Rajveer Taneja” an ex-student as well as d trustee of d institute..

Dressed in white n blue valentino waist length top wid a perfect narrow fit pair of Levi’s..
Louis vuitton clutch n black Gucci aviators contrasting wid her fair skin.. Her hair falling perfectly onto her shoulders.. A petite height of 5’4 she strolled wid ease in her 3 inches accented heels..
As she walked in, gazes were turned to her as usual..
Guys admiring her beauty n gals being jealous of her..

Vry soon a mercedes bustling towards her wid loud music scurries beside!!
Twinkle turned around..
N a guy in black burberry shirt n blue diesel jeans, unruly hair got off..
He ws non other than Yuvraj!
Yuvraj winked at her! 😉

Yuvi: Twinkle!! So, miss gorgeous, finally got an Audi huhh!
Twinkle: Dn’t u dare talk to me! -_- hush..
Yuvi: Cm’n babes! U knw m too lazy to get up early mrng! :p
Twinkle: I juz rushed to u thn duffer.. N nw u juz go to hell!! >_<
Yuvi: Hehehe,, okay,, bt den I'll take u also wid u.. :p
Twinkle: Y me?? :/
Yuvi: I'll get bore noo! 😉
Twinkle: U r juz incredible! Go take 1 of ur gf's wid u..

Yuvi: Dey r juz temporary sweet heart.. U r my permanent gal ! 😉
Twinkle: Oh pleaase! Go flirt wid sm1 else..
Yuvraj: 🙁 Arre I ws juz kidding naa.. Gushsha? 🙁
Twinkle: Nw plz stop making puppy faces.. U r nt so innocent Yuvi!

Yuvi: Hahaha, yr ab cm'n.. Okay let's have a resolve.. U forgive me n in turn I'll do whatever u wants me to do! Ryt?
Twinkle: U silly Yuvi,, u dn't knw u mess wid d wrong 1! 😀 *Devil grin*
Yuvraj: Since u r my childhood frnd.. I believe u won't ask me to get off a cliff atleast! :p Rest I cn manage! 😉
Twinkle: Ok den.. Wait lemme tell u ur task!

Twinkle turned her eyes, looked around, carefully examined each n evry1 n then pointed towards sm1 n said "I want u to make dat gal propose u in frnt of whole clg, take ur tym,, ummm I give u fortnight tym n yes! Dn't let her knw u r doing nythng out of a silly resolve"
Yuvi: Hahaha, Twinkle.. U r going to lose it.. Evry gal dies to b wid me.. I cn do it in a couple of mins only! 😀
Twinkle: Okay, v'l c dat! 😉
Yuvraj goes to d gal,, she was lost in her own thoughts, writing smthng in a pink diary shaking her head in synchronisation to d loud music playing in her headfones.. Yuvraj stood astounded gazing at her innocent face

Realising sm1 is standing in frnt of her, she cocked up her head n looking d YUVRAJ near her.. She got up awefully.. And hell! She lose her balance stumbled in Yuvraj arms..
Yuvraj helpd her standing at ease again
Yuvraj: R u alryt??
Mmm yeah,, m fyn.. I juz tripped.. She replied

Yuvraj: Ohh, hi.. M Yuvraj.. N what did u tell ur name b'ful?
Mmmmmm I m Mahi, Mahi Avasthi.. She replied staggerly..

*To b contd*

P.S: Dis is all imaginary, m no writer, if der's ny mistake plz feel free to correct..
And yeah, anyone angry with kunj entry, then I'm sorry, but abhi to start hua h, abhi to puri kahani baki h ??

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  1. SidMin23

    Brilliant waiting for kunj entry and twinj meeting.

  2. also waiting for kunj’s entry
    like twiraj’s moments
    nice and interesting ff
    post soon
    lots of love

  3. Presha

    Loved it…
    Waiting for twinj meet nd hero’s entry..
    Post soon..

  4. Nishfd

    Love the friendship of yuvle ….
    Nxt episode mei plz kunj ki entry…

  5. Fatimaa.

    Heyy MR. RJ….
    It was as usual fantastic…
    I loved twinkle nd yuvi’s bond…
    Hmm twinkle’s challenge seems interesting..
    Loved it to core…
    Post soon..
    Lots of love?????

  6. Amazing episode looking forward to read more??

  7. Twinj

    Hey adi
    Loved the epi asusal….twiraj friendship bond was just awesome….challenge hah…seems pretty interesting n please post the next part asap…can’t wait for kunj’s entry….post asap plzzzz…

  8. Ramya

    Awesome adi
    Amazing superb just amazing
    N I think u r a perfect writer
    Waiting for kunj entry
    Post soon

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting awesome

  10. Baby

    loved it……♥
    jeez its cool cant wait…… 🙂
    post soon….. 🙂

  11. Sohi

    I’m really very sorry for commenting this late ????
    Episode was amazing
    Loved friendship of twiraj
    And liked convo between yuhi
    Do continue and post soon

  12. Kruti

    Nice Epi…..crazy friends
    Do continue asap

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