Destiny Games…….swaragini……By Zaimal (Episode 4)


Swara was sleeping in her room peacefully when someone put hand on her mouth.swara eyes gets open with jerk and she starts struggling in dark.
“sheeee…..shona its me sanskar”sanskar’s whispered touched her ears.swara opens her eyes completely and try to see in dark but it was too dark to see anything.she taps on sanskar’s hand,which was on her mouth.
“don’t shout…”sanskar said and removes hand from her mouth.swara lit the table lamp and looks at sanskar angrily.
“what are y…”swara asked in angry loud voice but her sentence left incomplete as sanskar again put hand on her mouth.
“i told you not to shout…your kahdoos father will come”sanskar said, looking toward room’s door.swara bites on his hand.sanskar winced a little,removes his hand again.
“i told you na…not to call him that still you”swara said angrily but this time in low voice.
“okay fine i am sorry……now come with me”sanskar said holding her hand.
“where?” swara asked, walking after him toward balcony.
“no questions….just come”sanskar said and climbs down from balcony with help of stairs.swara looked down at him worriedly.after reaching down,sanskar signs swara to come down.swara shook her her head vigorously.sanskar takes out his phone and calls her.swara runs inside the room,picks up mobile and again goes to balcony.
“come down…”sanskar said,putting phone on ear.
“its so high…i will fall down”swar said in scared voice.
“don’t worry. i will catch you….i am very good in catching girls”sanskar said in one go,without noticing what he said.
“whattt…”swara asked angrily.
“ didn’t mean that…i just said to reduce your tension.”sanskar quickly said before she cut the call. swara murmured something under her breath.
“swear to God….i am not casanova…plz come down”sanskar said in sweet pleading voice.
swara cuts the call, takes deep breath and starts climbing down.stair was moving continuously, making her heart beat fast.
“thank you…”sanskar said and walks toward his bike.
“where are we going…’swara asked walking behind him.
“date….which your father tried to cancel”sanskar said and sit on bike.
“what….sit”sanskar said,seeing swara standing there with crossed arms and narrowed eyes,
“just an outing… date”swara said in serious tone.
“only outing…..”sanskar said, taking deep breath.swara smiles and sits besides him, keeping small distance between them.she didn’t keep hand on his shoulder instead of that she holds the stand of bike on her back.
“unbelievable girl”sanskar muttered,starts the bike and drove away.
“why didn’t you bring car?…”swara asked, throwing daggers at his back of head.she again makes distance between them which was reduced because of sudden jerks.
“long drives looks good on bikes not on cars….”sanskar said, just then sanskar stopped bike with jerk.swara falls on sanskar’s shoulder.Both shares a romantic eye lock.swara moves back after composing herself.
swara was about to scold him for doing this purposely but sanskar interrupt her.
“you are finding ways for coming close to me?…”sanskar asked with narrowed eyes.
swara’s mouth gets half open.what is he?
“if you trying then no need of that….just tell me i will do it myself”sanskar said, puts hand on her waist and makes her walk toward ice cream parlor.
swara looks at his hand with wide eyes then at his face.
“i know i am very handsome…don’t look at me like this”sanskar said, opening door for her.
swara walks inside,removing hand from her waist.sanskar hides his smile.
sanskar ordered ice creams, sits beside swara and holds her hand.
“don’t tell me i can’t even hold your hand”sanskar said,seeing her glare.
“no…you can’t”swara said and pulls her hand back.
Meanwhile their order came.both start eating their ice cram silently.after sometime sanskar exchanged their ice creams.
“we should our likes or dislikes….if i will only tell you that i like will forget it later…but if you will eat it then it will stay in your mind whole life”sanskar said and puts spoon full of swara’s ice cream.swara starts laughing, hearing his logic.
“do you know…you are half mad”swara said still chuckling and starts eating his ice cream.
“was not before….just became now and these weird ideas only comes in my mind when you are in front of me”sanskar said and pulls her cheek.swara slaps him on shoulder for pulling her cheek.
Sanskar stopped bike in front of bose’s house.swara steps down from bike and was about to walk toward her room when sanskar holds her hand.swara looks at him.
“usually boyfriend gets a kiss after such sweet dates and you are leaving without saying goodbye…very bad”sanskar said and pulls her toward him.
swara strikes with his chest and her hair comes on her face.sanskar removes her hair from her face,brushing his fingers on her face.swara’s heart rate increased to maximum level.
Both stared at each other face for very long time.sanskar leans close to kiss her but swara hugs him quickly.sanskar chuckled and hugs her back.
“i am not the person to whom you should kiss…..this is our last meeting sanskar.tomorrow real shona will takes her place and i will go in my world…none will come to know anything”swara thoughts in her brain.a single tear falls down from her eyes.she wipes it and breaks hug.
“bye sanskar…”swara said and kiss him on cheek.
“bye..’sanskar said, caressing her cheek.swara quickly runs toward her room’s balconly, hiding her tears from him.
sanskar also left from there.swara falls down on bad after climbing the stair and starts crying,hugging her pillow.
“i wish we should have not meet like this”swara said crying bitterly.

Bose family including swara were doing breakfast.
“sonal…what am i hearing?”shekhar suddenly asked in serious tone
“wha…what dad?”sonal said, scared from his anger.
“you have boyfriend?”shekhar said in same tone
sonal breath got stuck in lungs.she looks at swara.
“how can she tell dad about it?”sonal thought in her brain.
‘i didn’t expect this from you?…”shekhar said in disbelief voice.
sonal’s eyes gets fill;ed with tears.she bends her head.
“and i thought she is nice person?”sonal thoughts.
Suddenly Bose house echoed with laughter.sonal quickly raises her head and looked at them.shekhar,shomi and swara were laughing loudly.
“look at her face….she is so scared,as if i am going to eat her”shekhar said laughing.
shomi and swara were still laughing.sonal looks at them with confused dumb face.
“we were just pulling your leg…shona told us everything and we don’t have problem only if his family will accept you open-heartedly.” shekhar said after composing himself.
sonal’s face beamed up immediately, hearing that.
“really dad…”sonal yelled in excitement, jumps from her place,hugs shekhar and kiss him on cheek.
“thank you so much dad…love you”sonal said hugging him tightly.
all again laughed seeing her antics.
“love you too…”shekhar said patting her head.
“ma’am…we have traced the location….its sky blue hotel,room no.234″cop informed swara on call.
“okay thank you officer”swara said and cut the call.
“look like its my last day in this house”swara thought sadly.
she picks her bag and walks out from their.
“mom…”swara called shomi who was in kitchen.
“yes…”shomi said,putting some dish in fridge.
“i am going out for some work…..take your medicine at time and don’t skip your food and go for check up”swara said in ordering tone.
“i am feeling like i am not your mother…you are my mother”shomi said chuckling.
“mom…’swara said in scolding tone.
“okay baba….i will do as you are saying”shomi said.
“bye…”swara said and hugged her.shomi hugged her back and smile.swara wipes tear from corner of eye and breaks.
“pagal….behaving as you are going and will not return”shomi said and slap on her face with full love.swar gives her fake smile and leaves from their.
Sky Blue Hotel

swara takes deep breath and ring the bell of room 234.SHONA opens the door and gets extreme shock seeing her there.
“same face…’swara muttered under her breath.
“you…”shona said in shocked voice.
“will not let me in?”swara asked with smile.
shona moves to side.swara enters inside4.shona closes the door, behind her.
“you will be shocked seeing me…trust me i was also shocked when i saw my face in mirror”swara said while looking around the apartment.
“what are you doing here?”shona asked in disbelief voice.
“i am here so that you can go back to your house….your father took me their mistakenly”swara said turning toward her.
shona opens her mouth to say something but swara cuts her.
“look shona…when he took me their your mother’s condition was really bad therefore i stayed their…..i think we should just change our places no one will come to know anything”swara said
“have you lost it…..if i wanted to go there why would have i sent you there”shona said in angry voice.
“what do you mean?… are here with your own choice?”swara asked with shocked face.
“off course…who wants to go there?….when no one cares for me there”shona said in hatred filled voice.
“your family loves you a lot…..your mother…”swara tried to tell her,shomi’s condition but shona cut her.
“they don’t love me…..i just asked one thing from them and they didn’t even give me that”shona asked in disgust.
“sanskar????”swara asked in low voice,not wanting to hear what she was thinking.
“just because of dad…..he rejected me in front of everyone.”shona said clenching her fist.
“all my friends were laughing at me….i just asked for one little thing…and they can’t even give me that….then why should i care for them….i am really happy without them”shona said arrogantly.
swara slaps her hard.
“your mother got two heart attacks…….only because your parents were not able to convince sanskar for marriage……you sent me there”swara said, almost shouting at her.
shona just stared at her with one hand on cheek.
“and i thought something happened to you but here story is something else…..God”swara holds her head from left hand, not able to believe what she just heard.
“you middle b*t*h…..”shona said and raised her hand to slap swara.
swara holds her hand and twist her arm on her back.shona winced in pain.
“don’t you dare….”swara said in steely voice.she pushed her forward,leaving her twisted arm.shona rubbed her wrist.
“you b*t*h because of me you are spending princess like life…you would have not even seen such big house in your dreams”shona said angrily.
“what you want…i should stay there with your name?” swara asked narrowed eyes.
“yes and transfer money in my account every month…..let everything go the way it is going” shona said with smirk.
“you know i just never saw selfish person like you”swara said in taunting way.shona’s smirk vanished.
“you must be thinking that i am middle class girl PIYA KHANNA but let me clear your misunderstanding……that night mine(swara) and piya’s bodies got exchanged….we both were burnt badly……and i hope you know DNA test of burnt bodies are not possible….everyone thought i am piya and other girl is swara….so doctor saved me and let piya die…….destiny play so many games with us,don’t you think?”swara asked in calm voice.
“you are right destiny play games and see you lost your identity because of its games…….how will you proof yourself as swara….no one will believe you”shona said crossing her arms over chest.
swara laughed lightly.shoa narrowed her eyes at her.she didn’t like her attitude.
“why will i tell anyone you are there na…….three days….after three days you will tell whole world that you are shona boseand i am swara gadodia.its my challenge to you……and believe me Swara Gadodia always win challenges”swara said and walks out from there, wearing sunglasses.
“and i never experienced any defeat”shona muttered under her breath.
Hello guys thank you so much for such good response.i tried to explain confusion in this part and if still there is any problem then i will explain it again in next part.
i hope u all will like this part.

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