Destiny Games…….swaragini……By Zaimal (Episode 3)

“where is shona bose?” shona asked.
“what type of joke is this ma’am…shona bose asking herself…..where is shona bose?” doctor said chuckling.
“Let me rephrase that…..where is swara gadodia?” shona asked crossing her legs.
doctor’s face expressions changed a little but he hide it well.
“she died 6 months before with the hit of your car…”doctor said with small smirk.
Shona laughed a little at that.
“look doctor……you don’t have much time.i have informed cops that if i don’t call them then come and arrest you… open your mouth”shona said in her usual calm voice.
“are you threatening me?”doctor said in loud voice,getting angry.
“pitch low doctor….”shona said in cold voice.
Doctor felt like electric current passed from his spine.
“i…i didn’t do anything….i was ordered to kill her….in returned they give me money?” doctor said stammering a little.
“what exactly happened that night?” shona asked.
“three girls were brought to hospital…..trio were in bad condition… was….”doctor said but was cut by shona.
“who were they?”shona asked and on recording in her phone witht doctors notice.
“Swara gadodia….Shona bose and YOU…”doctor said and wiped sweat from his forehead.
shona just stared at him without changing face expression.
“trio were alive but you and swara gadodia were badly burnt…..we had no other choice but to do your surgery and…..’doctor was again cut
“why you didn’t did swara’s surgery?…..she was also alive right?”shona asked with narrowed eyes.
“don’t you dare to lie doctor?”shona said in threatening vice
“ma’am me and my companions were ordered to let her die in that condition……otherwise they would have kill us”doctor said and again wiped sweat.
“who gave money?” she asked controlling her heart beat.
“Ram gadodia…”doctor said.
“why i was given shona bose face?”she asked after a pause
“we had very less time therefore we gave you her face”
“when pap….i mean shekhar bose came to take his daughter why i was sent with him….where is shona bose?”she asked and closed her shivering hands.
“she herself said to send you instead of her”doctor said
“what…’shona gets shock.
“yes ma’am…”
shona rubbed her forehead.
“do you know where is she?”shona asked
“i have her number….”doctor said and gives her number.
“if i find out you lied to me then you just don’t know what can i do”she said in icy cold voice.
“why are you?…..piya khana was middle class girl… can’t be piya khana”doctor asked
“unfortunately doctor….the girl who died that night was not swara gadodia….”her sentence was completed just when door gets open and few cops entered inside.
doctor gets extreme shock, seeing the cops there.
“arrest him…..”swara said and stands up from her place.cops arrest doctor and takes him out.
“No one should know about this matter until i don’t say…”swara said to one cop.
“yes ma’am…don’t worry…no one will come to know”cop said.
“i want location of this number in 6 hours”swara said, wears her sunglasses and left from there.
Ranveer and sonal comes out from mention when all cops left from their.
“i told you na….she is not my sister… can a person can change this much?”sonal said crossing her arms
ranveer hold his ears and bends his head.
“you win….”
sonal laughed seeing his antics.
“now let’s go before someone comes here.sonal nodded and both left from there carefully.
“u know i feel sorry her…..she is so nice…why someone will try to kill her?”sonal said sadly.
“Wealth…”ranveer said
they were sitting in their usual love spot(cafe).
sonal looked at him confusingly.
“don’t tell me…you don’t know who is she?”ranveer said in extreme shock
sonal shook her head with pout.
“she is MD of gaddodia industary…one of top businesswoman.”ranveer said and slap her on head.
“don’t you read newspaper…’ranveer said throwing daggers at her.
“reading newspaper is so boring”sonal said making face.
ranveer beats his palm on forehead.
Swara stopped car in front of a temple,gets down and walked inside the temple.
she jons hands in front of God and closes her eyes.Tears fell down from her eyes.
“Thank you for saving me…..i promise whoever was involved in my accident they will get punishment.How can chacha ji do this with me….i gave her dad’s place and he tried to kill me…..i am worried about my family.if he can try to kill me then don’t know what he had done with MAA and sunny…plz keep them safe and be with me in this hard time” swara prayed from God in her brain,opens her eyes,wipes her tears and left from there.

Swara reached home after half an hour driving and walks inside home but was pulled back harshly. swara looks at sanskar who was looking dam angry.She didn’t saw him as she was in her own world.
“why are you avoiding me…’sanskar asked in angry voice.
“i am sorry…i didn’t see you”swara said.she tried to free herself from his strong grip but sanskar tightened his grip.
‘why are you not picking my calls?” sanskar asked another question in same tone.
“i was busy sanskar….plz leave me”swara said, feeling helpless in front of him.
“sorry…’sanskar said and left her.
“i asked something from you last night….you didn’t answer”sanskar asked putting his hands in jeans pocket.
“don’t you think you always do harry in taking decisions……first you did harry in saying you are doing harry againanf after few days you will again do hurry in breaking relationship….relations are not made like this….they needs their time”swara said, avoiding eyes from him.
“okay i got it….are you free tonight”saskar said shrugging.
“huhh….’swara asked not getting him.
“for any relationship we need to understand each other and for that we should spend maximum time together….therefore asking are you free tonight?”sanskar asked, making innocent face.
swara put hand on mouth and laughed little at his acting.
“its means yes…be ready at night i will pick you”sanskar said and walks out from there.
“sanskar…’swara called his name but saskar waves his hand without turning back.
“pagal…’swara said laughing quietly and went inside.

swara was talking with cops when sonal BOW! her from behind.swara gets scared and turned quickly with fast beating heart.
sonal laughed loudly seeing her scared face.swara slaps her on shoulder.
“i will talk later…’swara said on phone and cut the call.
“you were scared as you are hiding something”sonal said laughing.
“why will i hide something”swara said putting hands on her waist.sonal shrugged.
“wo i came to tell that sanskar came to pick you but unfortunately dad took him in his study.”sonal said laughing. swara holds her head hearing that.sonal laughed seeing her face expression.
“you should go there…daad must be taking his good class”sonal said.
“why should i…..its good if papa is taking his class….such a immature person he is”swara said while smile was playing on her lips.
sonal looks at her smile and clears her throat.swara comes back to her senses and looks at her.
“what’s wrong….do you have sore throat?”swara asked innocently.
sonal beats her palm on forehead.
“you get ready….i am leaving”sonal said and left from there without listening anything.
“you dad is kaahdoos…”sanskar said making face.
“don’t saw that…..he did right”swara said slapping on his shoulder.
“you were already finding ways for not coming with me…..happy now”sanskar said and walks toward exit door.
swara giggled.
“at least walk with me till my car”sanskar said turning back toward swara.swara nodes and walks with him.
“budha kahdoos…’sanskar muttered under his breath.swara throw daggers at him.
“if you said another word against papa then i will not come with you…”swara said in threatening voice.
“don’t you father and daughter know anything else then warnings….father gives warning to stay away from daughter and daughter give warning not to say anything about her kahdoos father”sanskar said whining like child.
“you will not listen like this…’swara said and start beating him with his hand.
“arra…arra…what wrong i said…’sanskar said trying to safe himself from her rapid attacks.
sanskar holds her both hands and throw daggers at her.then smiles thinking about something.
“look your kahdoos father came…’sanskar said pointing at her back.
swara looks back quickly.sanskar kisses her on cheeks
“Bye…’sanskar whispered, leaves her arms,sit inside the car and leave.
swara was standing there like statue.her cheeks were completely red.
Thank you so much guys for lovely and overwhelming comments.And there is one thing.this story is based on few shots.TU had mistakenly posted it as FF.i hope you all liked this part.

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