Destiny Games…….swaragini……By Zaimal (Episode 2)

Next day

shomi entered inside shona’s room and smiled seeing her sleeping peacefully.she opened the curtains.sun Ray’s fell on shona’s face, making her open her eyes.
Shona blinked twice, recognize the surrounding and get up with jerk.
“Mom….what r u doing….I told you not to step down from bed…” Shona said in scolding tone, steps down from bed and make shomi sit.
“I am fine now….doc also said my condition is lot better” shomi said making her sit beside her.
Shona murmured something under her breath.
” Arra you made me forgot…” Shomi said beating her palm on forehead.
“What…”Shona asked
“Sanskar came to meet you… come fast” shomi said getting up.
” Why he came now?….” Shona asked making face.
Shomi chuckled.
“Only he can tell why he came?….” Shomi said and left.

Shona also went to get fresh.

“Morning….” Shona greeted sanskar as usual but for her surprise sanskar greeted her back.
“Will you take something?…”Shona asked
They were sitting in lawn
“Coffee…” Sanskar said without taking another second
Shona nodded and tell Kaka to bring two cups of coffee.
“Everything fine sanskar?… came so early”Shona asked

“You only said I didn’t try to understand you… I thought why not give it try” sanskar said with meaningful smile.
Shona looked at him with one raised eye brow.meanwhile Kaka bring their coffee and left.
Both pick their coffee cups.
” Someone is repenting for his mistake…” Shona said taking a sip from her coffee. Sanskar coughed a little.shona pressed her lips to hide smile. Sanskar looks at her deeply.
“May be….” Sanskar thought in his mind, looking at her.
“Sanskar….” Shona called his name, getting nervous from his constant stare.
“What are doing in evening?…” Sanskar asked coming back on Earth.

“I am going for party with sonal…..” Shona said giggling.
“Tomorrow evening???” Sanskar asked with same tone.
“Weekend looks good when we spent it with family” Shona said putting empty cup on table.
Sanskar looks at empty cup with narrowed eyes.
“It finished so soon…” Sanskar thought in mind.
“I am dam hungry….breakfast?…” Shona asked

“Thanks but I had it already…..” Sa skar said and gets up.
Shona also gets up.sanskar greeted her and left.
Shoa makes bad bad faces after his leave,put cups in dish but startled a little, seeing his cup untouched.
She shrugged and takes them inside.

“Di she is ragini,Kavita and kavya……and guys this is my Shona di” sonal introduce them to Shona.
“Hey…”sonal friends shake hands with her.
“It’s my favorite song…”sonal screamed excitedly and dragged her friends with her.shona refused to go and sonal didn’t force her.
“Nice party…. isn’t it?”

Shona quickly turned hearing sanskar’s voice.her eyes widened seeing him there.
Before Shona would have asked anything sanskar interrupted her.
“Don’t u feel shame following a boy?” Sanskar asked in annoyed voice(acting)
Shona laughed loudly keeping hand on mouth.sanskar was mesmerized, seeing her angelic laugh.
“That should be my words?…” Shona asked in between her laugh. Sanskar smiled
Shona controlled her laugh after some time and crossed her arms over chest.
“Just a long drive….”sanskar said in pleading voice.

Shona nodded with smile and went out with him after informing sonal.
Sanskar stopped car after half an hour drive.
Shona came out and looked around.
“Forest???..” shona whispered confusingly.
Sanskar sign her to walk on small path.shona sighed heavily and walked where he gastured, while sanskar was behind her.That small path was opened into a round cleared area which was sarrounded with cheery trees in circle.

Shona was amazed to see a small wooden table in mid of circle and few dishes were on it and a small lantern was hanging above the table.two stools were placed around table. Shona’s heart fluttered seeing all this.
She looked back at sanskar.he just holds her hand and make her walk with him.Both sit opposite to each other and started dinner.
“What you do except following girls….” Shona asked giggling.
“I have my own business ma’am” sanskar replied with smile
“How many family members you have?….”

“Just mom and me….dad died in childhood”sanskar replied.
Shona kept silent hearing that. Sanskar observed it and looked at her sad face deeply.
” Isn’t it funny… know nothing about me and still you sent proposal” sanskar said to light the environment.

Shona throw daggers at him. Sanskar chuckled seeing her cute angry face.they finished their dinner and were talking randomly when music started from somewhere. Shona looked around confusingly.
“From where music sound is coming?”Shona asked from him in confused voice.
“Magic….”sanskar winked at her,offering his hand for dance.
Shona laughed again and gives him hand.

Sanskar holds her hands softly and put another hand on her waist.everything turned magical for them. trees were dancing on magical music as they were celebrating their love.both were lost in each other eyes.
“Your father spoiled everything” sanskar said in low deep voice and slide her naughty hair strand from her cheek,brusing his fingers on her sof cheeks.
Goosebumps raised on her skin when his warm fingers touched her cold cheeks.
“What…what do you mean?”Shona asked with fast heart beat.
“Your father warned me if I didn’t marry you. he will destroy my company”sanskar said in normal tone with small hint of anger.

“He did that because he loves his daughter”Shona said lowering her eyes.
“You was right in morning…..I am repenting for my mistake” sanskar whispered near her ear as their cheeks touched a little.
Shona stepped back at that.

“I…I think we should leave” she said and almost run toward small path, trying to escape from his magic. Sanskar smiled
they didn’t talk during their journey.sanskar dropped her home. Shona left without saying goodbye to him.
Sanskar sighed heavily and left from their.
After few days.

Shona was laying down on bed,staring at ceiling constantly and was thinking about sanskar.
“I should not have go with him..” Shona murmured under her breath.
She gets up and looked at her side table for water.
She makes face seeing empty jug.she stepped down from bed,pick up hug and went out.
She was filling the jug when she heard sound of steps.
“Who is awake at this time” she thought worriedly and walks out from kitchen.
She was startled seeing sonal escaping with a bag.
“Sonal…” She called her from back.

Sonal got shock and turned quickly.
“Where are going with this bag?” Shona asked walking toward her.
” Shona di….I…I…am running….I really love him….dad will never agree for him….he belongs from middle class family…plz don’t tell Dad” sonal said in pleading voice.
“Did u talk with papa?” Shona asked in serious tone
“I know dad….there is no use of it…..his family is also not agree therefore we planned to run away” sonal said cryingly.

“Running is not solution……think about mom,dad” Shona said trying to make her understand.
“Oh stop it….you are saying this who herself run away when a boy refused to marry her… yourself never cared about them and saying to me” sonal said angrily.
Shona bites her lower lip, hearing her taunt.but them holds her from shoulder.
“Look at me…..sonal???” Shona said calmly
Sonal looked at her.

“I really love him…” Sonal said with teary eyes.
“He loves you?…does he know you are running for him?”
“He loves me a lot……and…and I didn’t tell him I am running….he will never agree for it but once I will go their he will manage everything….I trust him”sonal said and wipes her tears.
“If he really loves you then tell him to send his parents and about papa….I promise he will agree”Shona said
“And if dad didn’t agree?…” Sonal asked in scared voice.
“Then I will help you to run away….now go to your room and sleep” Shona said and wipes tears from corner of his eyes.
Sonal nodded and walked toward her room.

“Di…di….” Sonal called Shona after entering her room.
She comes out from washroom. Sonal looked at her and make her sit on bad, gives her phone and sign her to talk.
“Hello….” Shona said in confused tone,keeping phone on ear.
“You are sonal’s sister?…”a boy’s voice came out from receiver.
“Yes….who is this?” Shona asked

“I am ranveer Singh….thank you so much di for stopping sonal from doing such mistake” ranveer said in thankful voice.
“That was my duty”Shona said with smile.
“Di I really love sonal….I can do anything for her but right now my family is not agreeing because of class difference but I am sure when I will get job they will agree”
” I am glad you love her this much…..”
Shona talked with him few more minutes then give phone to sonal.

Sonal hugged her tightly.
“Thank you so much di….I am really sorry for behaving rude with you.”sonal said hugging her more tightly.
“It’s okay….”

Sonal and ranveer were present in cafe.ranveer was scolding sonal from 15 minutes.
“When I told you there is no need to run then why you took that step….thanks to your di she saw you otherwise don’t know what would have happened”ranveer said worriedly
“You don’t love me na….you are scared therefore you are saying all this…I am only mad after you”sonal said and starts crying.
“Sonal try to understand…..I have no job…if we will run like this then where we will go…from where we will get food…. I am trying to get job….and when I will get good job I will ask your hand from your father without any fear…..running is cowardly act and I am not coward.”

Sonal nodded.ranveer wipes her tears, kiss on her head and hug her.sonal keeps her head on his shoulder.
“You ranveer…..there is something wrong… really wrong with Shona di”sonal said lost in deep thoughts.
“Just because she stopped you from running….she turned wrong”ranveer said laughing.
Sonal breaks hug and slap on his chest angrily.
“Will you stop making fun of me”sonal said angrily.
“Okay baba fine….tell me what is wrong”ranveer said hiding his smile.

“Shona di is changed a lot….before whenever I used to call her di she always used to scold me saying it’s old fashioned and now if I don’t call her di….she twists my ear….”
“It’s a matter of time….likes and dislikes changes”ranveer said shrugging.
“She never cared about anyone but now she is handling whole house…. mom’s medicine…dad’s business and even takes mom to hospital for regular check up”sonal said and scratches her head.
Ranveer laughed loudly seeing her face.

“If she had understand her responsibilities then what is problem….it’s good na”ranveer said still laughing.
“She is too good as compare to old Shona… are not believing but their is something wrong”sonal thought in her brain.
Shona walked inside city hospital and was talking with nurse when her phone started ringing.
She looked at screen.
“Sanskar Calling.” Was displayed on screen.she cuts the call, scolding her heart angrily.
“I want some information about an accident which happened 25th July at night”Shona asked from her
“Sorry ma’am we can’t give information like this?….”nurse excused herself.

Shona sighed, takes out some money and put it on desk.
Nurse looked at bundle of money then at her face.she quickly keeps money in her bag.
“I want details about that accident”Shona said in firm tone.
“One second ma’am……kanwal I have some work will you plz do my work a little”nurse called another nurse and went out with Shona in same restaurant in which sonal and ranveer were present.
Sonal hides her face behind ranveer quickly seeing Shona coming their.but Shona was in her own world and sit just opposite to her.
“A terrible accident happened that night……three cars were completely destroyed and the girls which were inside those were completely burned… girl died at spot and from other two girls only one girl was in good condition second girl was completely burned…..their were less chances for her to survive because of successful surgery she didn’t die but unfortunately she was slipped into coma…..”Shona cut the nurse

“One second……few days before doctor told me that only one girl was survived…”Shona asked confusingly
“No ma’am two girls were survived that night… was completely burned and other was just injured….”nurse said removing her confusion.
“Which doctor was on duty that night?”Shona asked
“I don’t remember correctly…”nurse said in meaningful way.
Shona cursed under her breath and give her money.
Nursed smiled and give her doctor’s information.

Nurse gets up to leave but stopped and looked at shona.
“There is one thing confirmed ma’am…..after that night this doctor’s life was completely changed….”nurse said and left.

Shona rubbed her forehead worriedly, looks at page then gets up and leave.
Sonal hit ranveer on shoulder.
“I told you na there is something wrong….but no you never trust me”sonal said crossing her arms over chest.
“Sonal… complain latter but first we should follow your sister I guess she is in big trouble”ranveer said picks up his bike keys and went out followed by sonal.
Swara stopped car in front of mension, comes out from car and looked at house.
She removed her glasses and walked inside.ranveer climed wall and gives hand to sonal.she holds his hand and hardly climbes wall.

“It’s so dangerous…”sonal said in scared voice.its was first experience.
“Don’t worry I am here… let’s go”ranveer said and both went inside the house.
Shona and doctor greeted each other and settled on opposite couches.
“How may I help you…”doc said with professional smile.
“I have no time for your drama…..tell me where is Shona Bose?”Shona said in firm tone.
Ranveer and sonal looked at each other with shocked faces.

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