Destiny Games…….swaragini……By Zaimal (Episode 1)

A girl is driving car and talking on phone crying vigorously.
“Mom…I don’t know anything I want him….I just want…..”she cried. Before she could have completed her sentence, bright flash came in front of her car….phone dropped from her hand.she tried to turn the car but another car came from other side.Her car strikes with second car and both car inverted with large bang. A scream came out from her mouth when side mirror strikes with her head. The girl was laying in inverted car with bleeding head.

After 6 months

Same girl was laying in hospital bed with closed eyes. Doctors entered inside with her father
“Shona…”her father said,quickly went and sits beside her.
Girls opens her eyes and looked at him confusingly. She tried to get up but woman stop her from doing so.
“don’t…doc said your health is not good”her father said.
“you….”Shona tried to speak but her father stopped him.
“Shona your mother condition is not good….plz come home…we will do everything what you will say” he said in pleading voice.
Girl looks at him worriedly. He didn’t let her speak and took her home with him.

Bose mention

Shona opened a door and stepped inside. Her mother was laying on bed,looking very weak. A lot of medicine were present on her side table. Woman open her eyes slowly and looked at her.
“Shona…”woman in mixture of happiness and disbelief.
She walked towards her,sit besides her on bed and holds her hand.
“mom what is this…..what am I hearing?….u are not taking care of your health”Shona said in light scolding tone.
“where have you gone…..6 months….how can u live without me?….. don’t go again…your mother will die” shomi Cried hugging her tightly.
“I am sorry….I will not go again leaving you” Shona said hugging her back. Shona breaks hug and looks at side table.

“so many medicines…… God”Shona said and beats her palm on forehead.
“my real medicine….just came now” shomi said and kiss on back of her hand.
“now take rest and get fine soon…..there are a lot of things I want to tell you” Shona said and corrects cover on her.
Shona picks her reports from side table and walks out from room.she goes to her room and start reading her mother’s reports. She covered her mouth when she came to know that she got 2 heart attacks in 6 months.
She close the file, keeps it in cupboard and went outside.


“Mom!!!….”Shona said after knocking the room.
“Shona bacha….from when you started knocking?” Shomi said with smile and sign her to come in.
“actually Kaka told me dad is with you……so I thought it’s better to knock than cathing you two in composing situation” Shona said giggling. Shekhar laughed loudly.shomi’s face turned red tomato.
Shona sit besides shomi, hiding her smile.shomi slaps her on shoulder.
“It’s your medicine time….so I made soap for you” Shona said.
Shekhar and shomi looked at her.
“You made soap?”shomi asked

, Not able to believe.
“Why can’t I make soap for you?”Shona said and offers her spoon full of chicken soap.shomi opens her mouth stearing at her flawless face.she made her drink soap with her own hands, talking about light things. Then give her medicines,made her sleep forcefully and left to her room.
“Princess….” Shekhar stopped her in her way to her room.she turned and looked at him.
“Yes Dad…”Shona asked walking back to him.
“Be ready in morning…sanskar is coming to meet you” shekhar said.shona opens her mouth to say something but shekhar cut her.

“You want to him…..he will be yours that’s your father’s promise” shekhar said in firm tone,patting her head.
Shona just stared at his face.shekhar goes to room.shona also went toward her room,thinking continuously.


Sanskar was sitting in garden,waiting for Shona. At that time Shona comes there wearing long white frock and sits opposite to him.
“Morning…” Shona greeted him in soft tone.
Sanskar didn’t reply her. There was silence for few minutes.
“listen miss Shona…..let me clear few things very clearly……I am not interested in marrying you…..I just came here to close this chapter” sanskar said, gets up, closes his coat buttons and left from there,taking firm steps.shona just saw him leaving from there.she sighed heavily and walks inside.

“papa!…can I come in?”Shona asked opening the study door.
“Off course….your meeting finished so soon?” Shekhar asked sitting on sofa.
Shoba nodded with small smile.she went and sits on arm of sofa.
“Look like he agreed…” Shekhar said,seeing her smile.
“Why you thought so?” Shona asked chuckling.
“Because my princess is smiling” shekhar said.

“He refused to marry me….” Shona said.
” What….how dare he?……even after my warning….” Shekhar said in angry voice, getting up from his seat.shona also gets up.
“Papa calm down…….he has his own rights to choose his life partner….we can’t force him to marry me and suppose if we get married then…..divorce in 1 to 2 years” Shona said, coming in front of him.
” But you wanted to marry him and left home also just because he refused” shekhar said.
” I know papa!…..I wanted to marry him but not now and instead of making me understand you tried to force him.” Shona said putting hands on waist.

” I just wanted to fulfill your wish” shekhar said,patting her cheek.
“It’s okay but promise me when I will ask for such type of stupid wishes you will make me understand the right thing…. promise” Shona asked forwarding her palm.
Shekhar put hand on her palm and smiled.
After few days

” Princess….mishti….maa!…sonal…….where are you all?…we are getting late for party” shekhar yelled, standing in Hall.
” Cominggg…..” All yelled from different rooms.
” Women….” Shekhar murmured under his breath.
Shona comes out from her room, wearing black dress with silver work on chest and hair tied in bun.sonal( her 1 year younger sister) came out from her own room wearing pink dress.sharmishta and Parvati also comes out.

Shekhar thanked God for that and walked out.they settled in the car.
” Mom…did you take your medicine?” Shona asked during their journey.
” Yes…”

” Drink you drink juice before coming?” Shona asked another question.
” Yes my mother…” Shomi said in irritated voice.all smiled.
” Shona di is hanged a lot….I like these changes a lot” sonal thought in her mind happily.
Event Vanue

Shona and sonal were talking when sonal gaze fell on sanskar.
” Shona di…..sanskar” sonal said,pointing at her back.she turned and looked at him at the same time sanskar also looked at her unintentionally.shona turned and looked at sonal with raised eye brow.she holds her ear and twist it.

” Trying to put salt on my wounds..” Shona asked with smile.
” Aaa…di” sonal cried lightly.shona left her ear.sonal looked at her with stranged look in her eyes, rubbing her ear.

“Sanskar…..she is Shona Bose…. isn’t she?” One friend asked from sanskar.
” Hmm….” Sanskar said, taking sip from his drink, looking at Shona.he was observing her from long time.her way of talk,her delightful laugh and graceful walk.
” We should meet her…” He said

” Why?…” Sanskar asked turning his gaze toward lucky.
” Arra yar….you refused to marry her…. let’s put some salt on wounds” lucky said winking at him.
Sanskar shook his head but they dragged him with them.
They greeted Shona and sonal.sonal twist her nose but greeted them with lines on forehead.shona greeted them in her usual soft tone.
They all talked about different things.shona behaved normally with them.their conversation stopped when Hall turned dark and all lights gathered on dance floor.sanskar’s friends went toward dance floor with different partners.sonal also left, leaving sanskar and Shona alone.sanskar clears his throat.

“If u don’t mind can we dance?….”sanskar asked trying to reduce akwardness between them.
Both went to dance floor and start dancing silently.
“I am sorry Shona.i was rude that day” sanskar aid breaking the silence between them.
“It’s okay….” Shona said with smile.
“No…I really mean it….” His sentence was not completed when Shona cut him.
“Sanskar…I said it’s fine…..forget it” swara said

“How can be so normal with me?..” sanskar asked in deep voice.
“Seems like you never tried to understand Shona?…”she said looking straight in his eyes.both shared short eye lock which was broken by shekhar.
“Can I dance with my daughter” shekhar said through gritted teeth.both came back in their senses.
Sanskar nodded and moved back a little but didn’t left Shona’s hand.she looks at her hand then at him.

“When I was putting her hand on his then didn’t hold it now not leaving” shekhar murmured angrily.
“Handd…” Shekhar said in angry voice.
“I am sorry…. excuse me plz” sanskar said leaving Shona’s hand quickly and left from their.
Shona laughed at his antics.shekhar shook his head.

“Sanskar….I can’t believe it you refused to marry such girl” his friend said in annoyed voice.
Before sanskar could have replied another friend interrupted.
“Even after you refused to marry her…she behaved so nice with us…it’s quite impressive”
“Will you all shut up and listen to me?” Sanskar asked in annoyed voice.all looked at him.they all were outside the party Hall in garden.

“We just met once in London and I didn’t like her attitude that time but when I returned India her father sent proposal… not proposal ordered me to marry her…… therefore I refused simple as that” sanskar said and looked at their open mouths.
“You r dam idiot…..” They all said in Union and left from there.

“What…..” Sanskar asked from himself confusingly.

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