Destiny flow to reach our love raglak long story-OS

Mumbai city seems so busy with hustle bustle in market,horns n honking of cars in traffic. Clouds moving too fast as wind leads it.A man was standing on the tall skyscraper room.He was looking at the people n their hurry to earn money.He says time flows so fast,we can’t even stop it. He looks at the calendar.He saw the date 4 Nov 2017.

He rolls back into his past.

4 Nov 1990

Atmosphere was clean.Road was not crowded by people. All were playing ,when a girl is shown,she is playing nondi.She picks a pebble n throws it.

At the same time a pebble hits another pebble .A group of boys shout heyyy we wonnn

Girl slowly jumps,all cheers ragini ragini

Boys shout Laksh Laksh we won.Boy slowly smiles n waves his hair.His none other than our handsome Laksh.

He dances with his friends…

Here Ragini too wins all twirls around her.Ragini was very happy.

Rain started to pour,when ragini was playing in it.She was enjoying rain drops on her.she sang

Nee varumpothu naan maraivena from mazhai…

She dances with tune of rain drops.Laksh too was dancing in rain.He was also singing same song.

Raglak both were happy.They felt unknown happiness spread through them.

A lady of mid 40 came n pulled ragini.She said how much I told you not to play in rain.Ragini smiled saying maa don’t worry.I’m fine okk.

Ragini sneezed haachuuu ,when Laksh too sneezed.His sister was rubbing his hair.She said chotu why don’t u care about yourself. It’s high time I’m going to get you married .

Laksh said bhabhi what’s the hurry lets wait sometime na.I’m so much young Maa.His sister said my decision is final.

Ragu said maa I’m too young ,u can’t say ur decision is final’s not at all fair.Her mom pinched her cheeks everything us fair in love n war bachu.

Laksh was getting ready .His sister came out with her husband. They decided to move to village near Mumbai,as Laksh mama (sisters husband) got transfer.Laksh said mama did u see us a good house.

His mamu said yes n I’m going to get rid of you by getting you married .Laksh pouted.

They moved to Mumbai village.Their house was beautiful.Laksh mamu asked him to open the door n enter .Laksh picked his niece n opened door.

It was full of all their photos.Laksh was very happy.They were about to enter, when they heard a gunshot.All turned it was deva that areas don.

He blackmailed laksh mamu,as he was newly transferred officer of that village.He threatened him not to take any case regarding him.He went.Laksh was fuming when his sister controlled him n took him in.

Laksh was sitting in the hall.when a beautiful girl came inside.She was jumping n excited to meet mamu.She slipped n was about to fall,when someone caught was our Laksh. He was lost in her.She too lost in him…..

UN varthai pothum bhoomi engum pookal thevaiyillai
Un paarvai pothum bhoomi methu nilavu thevaiyillai.

Anbe Anne en kaannil vizhunthai.

A voice came swara.yes,that girl is our swara.she hugged Laksh sis.She said missed you bhabhi.Laksh said oi rakshasi don’t squeeze out her life .She showed her tongue n chased him.

Both were running,when they reached hay stack.Laksh said stop it rakshasi,swara was running behind him ,she slipped n fell on him.Both fell on hay stack.Laksh said see you spoiled my dress.She punched himn pulled him close.

Swara laksh where are you??

She said Laksh mamu I love you ,I won’t leave you.Say u love me or hate me.Lakah smirked at her playfully n said hate you rakshasi.Tears came in swaras eyes ,when he said I love you rakhshasi,I was just kidding.she hugged him.

Laksh mamu took him here to fix swalaks marriage only as they know,they both love each other.

Day but day atrocities became more.Laksh mamu took action n filed for.when he was shot.Laksh came to him n picked his mamu.His mamu loved him like a son.He saw his ever bubbly sis lifeless.She took Laksh Hand n said babu lets move from here. This area won’t suit us. Laksh saw fear in eyes of his brave sis.Fear of losing her more close one.
That’s when a goon came n caught his sis hand.Laksh pushed him in a fury.

He was fighting with all of them.He sat on a stone with a stick in his hand. He was beating every goon approaching his family.

Ragini was going to temple.She was in a beautiful half saree.She was praying to god,when a flower hit her.she slowly opened her eyes n blinked ,it eas sanskar.Ragini blushed slightly.

She remembered their first meet.Raginj was in temple,when a flower hit her.Shw opened her eyes n saw a boy throwing flowers on her.He was winking at her.she gave him a angry glare…she got prasad n was going to round temple,when he sang

Konjam ullari kottava
Konjam nenjai thiranthu kattava..

Ragini angrily stared him

He sang konjam vaiyyai moodava..she smiled.

She completed rounds n went to river to dip.Sanskar was standing there,he was not letting ragini go,she pushed him

Innoru janmam kondal
Un kanmun thornri imsai pannuvan plays…

She went home n slept with his thoughts.Slowly,she fell for him.when sanskar proposed she accepted.

She picked rose n kept on her head.She saw her fathers guards.she went silently.

Here Laksh was fighting with goons ,when devas brother came.He hit laksh with a rod,blood was oozing from Lakahs head.Laksh gave him a punch.

Ragini went near tree with many threads,she has to tie a thread .Pandit said beti tie this thread ,so your future husband will have a long life.He can’t be defeated by anyone.

A goon was at the back of Laksh holding a knife,he was about to stab him.

Here ragini ties the thread.Lakah beats the goon n puts him forward.

Rain started to pour.Laksh was sitting in the road with blood stained sword.
Umbrellas opened all kept it for ragini.

Raginis appa came.she hugged her appa.she was about to tell him about sanskar,but stopped as many people were there

Ragini was praying krishna.All people cheered for Laksh.Laksh sister tried to drag him.when he told her that he’s going to be here to remove all dirts.all cheered.They took aarti for Laksh.
Here ragini was taking aarti.she kept tilak.People kept tilak on laksh forehead.He took kumkum but mistakenly fell,when ragini bowed down nn kumkum from aarthi thaal fell on her parting .she didn’t notice n went.

Here ,Laksh was in his room,when swara came.She sat beside him .Laksh said pls swara leave me.swara asked how to leave you,when I love you so much…

Here raginis father wanted to marry her to a don.He knew she loved sanskar but what to do power .

Laksh was helping all people.all respected him.

Ragini and her family came to village where laksh was living,not knowing how it will change their life.Deva n raginis father were enemies.

He kidnapped ragini.

Here all people wanted swara n Laksh to marry soon.They wanted their son to be happy. They thought they were perfect pair.

Here ragini was tied in a chair.she opened her eyes to see someone approaching her with a mangalasutra.she was in a temple. She shouted help,none came.

Here Laksh n swara marriage preparations were going on.swara was very happy.

Raginis appa asked laksh to help as he did not know where his daughter was.

Lakah was searching her, when he reached temple.He saw deva trying to force ragini.Laksh fought with him.His goons were fighting with Laksh. Deva was approaching ragini ,when laksh pushed goons, she rushed near maa idol,hr took thalli.He prayed god.He ran near her n tied 3 knots. He said don’t worry, after saving you I’ll divorce you n you can live ur life happily.

Laksh said now she’s my wife,dare to lay hands on her.They tried to attack when Laksh Bet them all..

He freed ragini.Ragini was too shocked to react.She looked at the thalli n at laksh.He did this to save her,but this has ruined her dreams.

Swara was waiting eagerly for Laksh. When he arrived with ragini.Ragini was wearing a simple anarkali with thalli around her neck.Laksh was holding her hand.all were shocked.swara was hurt.He wanted to explain when she ran away.

Ragini appa went away .it was his plan to get raglak married.

Laksh sister took aarthi n welcomed them.Ragini was walking lifelessly.

Laksh was about to explain to people.When they said we know you will do right only babu.

Ragini was staring at the moon.Tears were flowing from her eyes due to the sudden change of events.

She saw lakshs sister who came near her n consoled her.She hugged his sis n cried.

Laksh was looking at this from far.His eyes were teary.

Swara was sitting near well.she was reminiscing how she loved laksh.She was about to jump when someone caught her.It was ..

Laksh came near Ragini. His sis went.He sat near her n said I’m sorry ,I even don’t know ur name.I’m sorry for making ur life miserable by marrying you.Ragini she whispered .

What ??what asked Laksh.

Ragini ,my name is ragini.he was about to say I’m ..Laksh said ragini.Laksh hey na. Both talked some n slept there itself.

Ragini woke up n saw Laksh. She then saw sacred thread round her neck.She smiled some things can’t be changed.she stood up n went to bath.

Laksh sis guided her to laksh room.She took a shirt n tracks from his wardrobe.

She bathed n put on his dress.she was waiting for her dress to dry. Laksh entered into his room.He was shocked to see ragini wearing his dress.

He came near, when she shouted ahhhhh.He shut her mouth. He was so close to her,she lost in his eyes n he too

Ennai saithalle
Uyir theithalle
INI vazhveno ithamaga….

She said mmm,he asked what mm.she took his hands from her mouth n said actually my dress is wet, so only…

He said be ready afternoon I’ll take you shopping. She nodded.

Here Laksh took ragini to textile store.He took her to saree section n selected some saries .Ragini was looking disturbed. He asked what??she said I don’t know how to tie saree.Laksh then took her to chudi sec n brought her some suits n dresses.

Ragini fb

She said sanskar I break up with you now.u spoke ill about my love chee.I break up all relations with you.after that only she came to village to get peace of mind.

Raglak went to home.Laksh went out with a gun.Ragini followed him, she came out n saw Laksh was about to shoot someone.She went n plucked gun from him.Laksh was shocked.She asked him what problem bhaiya. They explained her n she solved it.She said to laksh use ur brain. Not gun always.

Laksh smiled.she has this much dare to correct him.all people were awestruck. She’s a rani to their raja.

Days passed

Ragini started to love Laksh ,even Laksh started loving ragini.

It was pongal,

Ragini n Laksh know each others past.They thought to move on.

She was trying to tie saree.she left door open.Laksh who passed came in, he quietly came in n locked door. He was admiring his wife.She was not able to tie it. She saw laksh standing there .She said instead of standing there n staring u can help me na.Laksh was shocked .He said so my queen has this much dare.She said yes,because ur my slave na.Laksh pulled her closer .He lined his fingers on her angelic face. She closed her eyes..

Laksh pulled her more close n took saree in his hand.
He first kept it on her skirt n twirled her bringing her closer. He then took pleats by placing wet kisses over her neck.Ragini pulled him over him n kissed him .

She stood up n adjusted saree.Laksh pulled her by saree n made her sit on his lap.He made her wear bangles,jhumkas n then kumkum.she looked breathtakingly beautiful in her simple marroon saree .

Laksh remembered their was karvachauth as ragini was north,they celebrated it.

On the day,a girl was behaving close to laksh.Lakah was irritated by her.when he saw raginis jealous expression.He played along.She came n pushed that girl n pulled him by his shirt.She kissed him on his lips.she pulled him closer.all closed their eyes.Ragini said I love you Laksh..

All said we didn’t see anything or hear anything. Ragini was shy n ran down with Laksh following her.


Ragini said Laksh today I want to be with you.Even if today something happens let’s face it together.I love you.

Someone knocked raglak door. Ragini stood up,when Laksh pulled her.He was placing wet kisses on her neck.Ragini was lost in him,when knock was heard.she managed to run near door.She opened it slightly,when she saw laksh sis standing out.Laksh slowly pulled ragini pallu n came near her.Ragini was managing .when Laksh pulled her.Swara came n said bhabhi choti is calling you ,I’ll explain n help ragini. Laksh slowly slid his hands over raginis waist.a chill ran down her spine.swara was explaining ragini,when ragini was lost in his acts. Swara saw her lost,she saw a mans hand over ragini.she saw in mirror Laksh close to her. she smiled n went .

Ragini closed he door n said Laksh what if they see us like this.Laksh sweetheart let them see what’s wrong.She said nothing is wrong I don’t want them to see my romance with my husband Maa.

Swara was seen in tears.She saw sanskar .sanskar was one who saved her from dying.she hides her tears n did preparations.

Deva called someone n asked whether everything was ready.the voice said ready sir.

Ragini was doing preparations when Laksh was following her,he was following her like a lost puppy.She smiled. All were happy seeing couples.Ragini entered kitchen ,when laksh was about to enter someone stopped was his sis.He said akka leave me na.she smiled n let him.Laksh entered kitchen .He back hugged ragini.Ragini said so what brings my baby here. He said our baby. How many babies you want.she said at least 20 ..all were shocked. People were in laksh house n they were outside kitchen.

She said All like you n me na.He asked why only 20 sweetheart its so less na…she said hubby its a competition.That I’ll have more babies than this village granny .He smiled n Nuzzled her neck.

She said laksh help me na.He too cooked .both came out when all teased 20 is enough no no why only 20??raglak ran n all laughed.

They went to temple. Laksh was carrying ragini.He said my princess I’ll carry you to top.They both were staring each other. They reached temple top.Laksh kept kumkum on her maang.

They were destined to be …one

Someone hit laksh it was deva.He fought with all.when one tried to stab him,ragini came in front.the knife stabbed her.Laksh killed deva.

Ragini was breathing heavily.she said I love u Laksh n she died in his arms. Laksh too died there with his ragini.She was his soul.

The man who was looking at city was sanskar,he was thinking all these things when he saw his wife swara entering in with their son Laksh, who looks like a exact copy of laksh.

He thought let him meet his ragini in his life n have a peaceful life…..

Long story na guys .hope u like it.if so hit star button.

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