Destiny- A fan fiction (Intro)

hiii frnds!! I am Akanksha..after reading ur fan fiction I have decided that I too will be writing a fiction on Ishqbaaz!!! I have already written a fan fiction on krpkab!! but unfortunately i had to stop it in the middle!! but this time it will not happen! i am going to write it till the end!!! I need ur best wishes frnds!!! i hope u will support me!!!

The story line will be completely different and will not at all be related to the current story track in the serial!! 
I will be posting the updates every day!! But at the time of exams I will need time!!! So here I go with the intro
The story is about 3 couples who have no idea what the destiny has decided!! Here comes the character introduction
Dadi : the senior most member of the oberoi family who wants all the family members united!! Loves her three grandsons who r ready to do anything for the sake of the oberoi family

Tej singh oberoi : elder son of Dadi who has done a lot of hard work for the family business…has two sons Shivaye and Omkara…a proud father and always wants the family to be happy
Jahnavi singh oberoi : wife of tej… a sweet mother!! wants her elder son shivaye to get married and settle in his life
Shivaye singh oberoi: the eldest son in the family…focussed on business..loves his family a lot…very much concerned about his responsibilities towards the family…short tempered and very punctual

Omkara singh oberoi : younger son of tej and jahnavi…least interested about family business….an artist…loves poetry and philosophy…loved by everyone…kind hearted person…
Shakthi singh oberoi : younger son of Dadi…brother of tej…has equally worked hard for the business…loves and respects his brother a lot…sweet person and a proud father of Rudra and Priyanka

Pinky singh oberoi : wife of shakthi…very innocent…loves the family a lot…
Rudra singh oberoi : elder son of pinky and shakthi…loves cooking and photography…sometimes helps shivaye in his business…respects and loves the brothers…hates girls…has some past bitter experience…short tempered
Priyanka singh oberoi : youngest child in the family…pampered one…loved by all and is a college student…also works in an NGO in free time
This is the intro for oberoi family… let’s know the background for female leads in the story

Anika sen: a bengali girl who lives with her parents in delhi…works in a private company with an arrogant and irritating boss… the company had gone through serious loss a few months ago!! All the employees worked very hard to help the company in rebuilding it’s reputation…but the boss still behaves very rudely…anika’s mother doesn’t want anika to work anymore and wants her to be settled by getting married!! While father supports her a lot
Gouri sharma : very innocent and kind hearted girl who lives in US and works in a reputed company…her family lives in delhi…she has never been happy since the day she has joined the company..she feels lonely…it’s been 4 years that she hasn’t visited her motherland…

Soumya shetty : a girl from banglore who wants to become a reputed journalist..searching for a job…lives with her family and loved by all…
Anika Gouri and Soumya were clsmates in their School days… later the families transferred to different cities but they still speak and share everything through a video call!! The best part of the day will be the time spent chatting with each other….

This is the intro for the characters in the story…I know it’s a little bit confusing but I assure you…you will definitely like my story….please drop in ur views in the comment box…thnqqqq

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  1. Hi Dimple! To start off with i will definitely appreciate your confidence. I really really loved how you ended by saying “i assure you… you will definitely like my story”. I have seen all the other writers saying things like “i know my story is boring” or “you can throw tomatoes at me” but i really loved how you had confidence and assured that we will love your story! Your confidence makes me attracted towards this story and i can’t wait to see where it goes!

    Waiting for the next update!


    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much!!! The first cmnt is so overwhelming…I need ur support!! And will post the next part today itself!! Thnq so so much!!

  2. Nice story… waiting for ur next update…

  3. Seems interesting

    1. Dimple

      U will find it interesting!! Thnqq

  4. Shivika


  5. Waiting for the next update.

    1. Dimple

      I will post it soon!!

  6. nice concept

  7. Awesome

  8. Superbbbbbbb

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much!

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Hi, Dimple. I read ur ff in krpkab page. I am a silent reader of that page.
    Welcome to IB family! I liked ur confident Dimple. Ur ff is different from others… Its a surprising intro….especially for Rudy and Pinky!!!
    Its amazing Dimple….I LOVED IT! Post next part soon dear….

    1. Dimple

      Thnqq very much!!! :*

  10. Shrutika

    Interesting. Awestruck. And yes,welcome to the family dimple!?

  11. Vincy

    Seems interesting ..all the bestv

  12. Hey dimple !! You got a gr8 talent ,fell in love with ur intro . I hope u continue the same tempo till the end . Eagerly waiting for ur next episode??

  13. Mrunal

    hey dear….
    this is fabulous start…
    really very different intro…
    let’s see what’s in store for readers…
    I’m sure it’ll be amazing…
    eagerly waiting for exploring ur story(FF)…

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