Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 24)

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Recap: dev calls rudra to help soumya…rudra and soumya are unaware that they r going to work together…shivaye practises smiling…goons set ngo on fire…omkara is unconscious

the episode starts with and gauri’s loud cry
gauri: omkaraaa….
one of the goons comes to gauri and holds her hair when she tries to wake up omkara…she screams again….the kids get panic and the whole ngo is on fire….
gauri: omkara….plzz get up..
she frees herself and takes the same rod with which omkara was hit…she beats the goons and the other kids too help gauri
a goon stops her and is about to slap her when omkara holds his hand
omkara: dont u dare…
saying this he beats the goons…gauri one by one saves the kids…the goons leave the ngo out of fear…
mary counts the number of kids
omkara: all r safe right?
mary: 2 kids are missing
omkara and gauri get panic and go into the burning ngo to save the kids

the door falls infront of them but they still go in and save the kids….due to heavy smoke the kids, gauri and omkara get unconscious
mary calls ambulance
gauri opens her eyes and finds anika n soumya
gauri: anika soumya? both of u here?
anika: are u mad? cant u make a simple call and tell us that u r struck in some problem…
gauri: anika…are the kids safe?
soumya: the kids are safe….u dont worry…but look at u
gauri: what about omkara? is he fine?
just then shivaye om rudra come
omkara: yeah i am fine
shivaye: both of u are mad…om…we r still alive…u would have asked me for help
omkara: shivaye…relax…i thought that we can solve this problem..that’s y
gauri: yes…we thought that a proper plan would be enough to save the ngo
anika: shut up…they tried to kill the kids…they had set the ngo on fire…and u think a proper plan is enough?
rudra: u would have asked me o…u know i am so intelligent genius and smart
shivaye om: shut up rudra
gauri: thank god..the kids are safe…but the ngo? we did all this so that the kids will have a roof on their top…but the ngo is all gone
shivaye: dont worry…we shifted the kids in a safe place…
omkara: but we have to punish that gurpreeth…how can he do this!!
anika: i have a plan
shivaye: no thanks…i am ready with a plan
anika: no thanks…u r plans will be like u…i know that…they will be flop
shivaye: what do u mean…i am flop
anika: i said ur plans are flop
shivaye: but u said that my plans are like me?
omkara gauri: shhhhhhh!!!
rudra: bhaiyya!! why r u fighting like kids
soumya: anika…stop it
gauri: we will do one thing…we will listen to both of u..and select one which is best
shivaye: so mine will be the final plan
omkara: shivaye!!!
shivaye: ok so here is the plan

they all discuss and after shivaye anika too tells her plan
gauri omkara rudra and soumya think for a while
soumya: i think both of u have good ideas
rudra: lets do one thing
gauri and omkara: combine the plans
everyone smile and give a thumbs up
they all discuss about the plan so loudly that the nurse and doctor enter and ask them to stay calm
doctor: let her rest for a while…
shivaye rudra anika soumya omkara come out
its morning already…shivaye rudra and omkara fall asleep on the chairs…anika and soumya fall asleep on gauri’s bed beside her..their heads resting on the bed…
somya’s phone rings and she wakes up
dev: soumya…where r u?
soumya: i am so sorry sir…my friend has been admitted in a i am late…
dev: anything serious?
soumya: no sir…everything is fine now…
dev: rudra too didnt reach office…
soumya: rudra?
dev: yes..rudra sigh oberoi …actually he is the one who is going to help u
soumya: sir if u dont mind…we will be meeting at some other place
dev: ok as u wish…i will ask him to call u…take care
soumya hangs the call and waits for rudra’s phone to ring…
rudra wakes up and answers the call
dev: rudra…soumya wants to meet u at some other place…so here is her number…u can call her
rudra (confused) : ok sir
he hangs the call and thinks
rudra: soumya? did he just say soumya? i will call her
rudra calls her and soumya comes to him and shows her mobile
rudra: dev sir was talking about u?
soumya: yes
rudra: so u need my help?
soumya: yes…but before that lets be friends
rudra: friends? but y?
soumya: what do u mean by y? ok come with me… i will tell u

she calls everyone in the hospital cantene
anika: whats the matter soumya?
gauri: anything serious?
soumya: listen to me first…there is a small change in the plan
shivaye: change? but u liked my idea
anika: she liked my idea too…why do u take the credit for the things which i do
omkara and gauri hit their heads and rudra stops them
rudra: do u people have on off buttons…stop it…let her speak
soumya: thnx rudra
soumya tells her plan and everyone agrees on it
the episode ends with all the 6 holding their hands
everyone: mission save ngo on..

precap: surprise

this was the episode friends…i hope u liked it…plz do let me know how did u like it

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