Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 23)

helloo frnds…..this is Akanksha….i am back with another episode….thanq so much for ur support ….keep supporting….here i go with my next episode
Recap: shivika’s nokjhok..omkara and gauri’s stay at NGO….dadi asking shivaye to drop anika home
the episode starts with rudra getting a call
rudra; hello sir..
dev: hello rudra…how r u?
rudra: am fine sir….

dev: actually i have a small job for u…its just a matter of some 5-6 days
rudra: job?
dev: yeah…there is a girl who is super talented…i want to hire her as journalist in my channel but u know i cannot hire her unless i see her talent….i want u to help her out….i hope u will not say no
rudra: never sir…how can i say no to u…..i am happy that u chose me for this….i will definitely help her out….
dev: very gud….so will u come to my office tomorrow…i will introduce her to u
rudra: ok sir…i will be thered night sir
he hangs the call…..just then jhanvi comes there

jhanvi: rudra…omkara has not reached home yet….will u call him and ask about his whereabouts?
rudra: sure badi ma
rudra calls omkara
omkara: yes rudra
rudra: o…where r u? its too late…when will u reach home?
omkara: mm…rudra…actually i am going to stay in the NGO all night….u know the kids are in danger…
rudra: ok…but take care

omkara: sure…inform maa about this…ok bye
rudra: bye
rudra hangs the call
jhanvi: what was he saying?
rudra: badi maa…he said that he will be staying at the NGO tonight
jhanvi: but y? are the kids safe?
rudra: yes…he is the kids will be safe

jhanvi: ask him to have dinner on time
rudra: ok…now u also have dinner…
jhanvi: yes…and come soon at the dinner table
rudra: ok badi maa
jhanvi leaves…here dadi forcibly sends shivaye to drop anika
shivaye: now u r happy right?

anika: happy for what?
shivaye: because the shivaye singh oberoi becomes ur driver
anika laughs
shivaye: stop laughing
anika: this is really a big problem…a disease…since how many days is this disease troubling u?
shivaye: are u mad? what disease?
anika: dont u know being serious all the time is a disease…because normal people smile
shivaye: shut up anika…how senseless!!!
anika: keep smiling it is the only medicine…i will show u how to smile….see and observe ok?
shivaye: anika…we reached!!!

anika: ok fine…but practise smiling…ok bye
anika leaves while shivaye still watches her
shivaye: i dont have any disease…its rubbish
he says to himself and leaves
here omkara and gauri are having dinner with the NGO kids
boy 1: dee we r bored…lets do something

gauri: finish ur dinner and then we will play a game ok?
the kids become excited and finish their dinner
gauri gets a ball and makes the kids sit in the form of a circle…she plays the music and asks the kids to pass the ball…the kid who has the ball when the music stops shall dance or sing a song…the kids do as gauri says….the game starts and omkara gauri mary watch the kids having fun
boy1: dee and bhaiyya…u too play with us…please

omkara and gauri look at each other and agree
the game starts its omkara’s turn…he says he cannot dance or sing a song alone
boy 1: then u can dance with gauri dee
gauri: me?
boy 1: yes u…
everyone cheers for gauri and omkara so they finally dance

sathiyaa….plays in the background
omkara and gauri look at each other’s eyes and are lost in dancing
the kids clap and they come to senses
gauri : ok now all of u go to bed…its too late
the kids agree and go to bed

here soumya and anika have dinner together
anika: so soumya…how was ur interview?
soumya: they had given me a task…i need to capture a news and work on it…if they find it good and they will hire me
anika: so r u working on it?
soumya: i have been searching but i didnt find anything so far…they said that a guy will be me…i have to meet him tomorrow at office
anika: all the best

soumya: thanq…and how was ur day?
anika: i must say…oberoi family is such a cool family…dadi, jhanvi aunty,pinky aunty,shakthi uncle,tej uncle,rudra,priyanka,omkara..everyone helped me out
soumya: and shivaye?

anika: he is not well
soumya: what happened?
anika: he forgot smiling…he is always serious…i asked him to practise smiling…if he practises regularly he will be okay…
soumya: anika!!! u r really wierd

here shivaye is in his room…he looks at the mirror and tries to smile
shivaye: was she right? dont i act like a normal person? i look strange when i smile
rudra comes there
rudra: bhaiyya? come lets have dinner…we were waiting for u
shivaye: yeah i am coming…
here gauri omkara and mary are talking about their plan when suddenly 3-4 goons come and throw kerosene on the walls of ngo
omkara sewnses something and goes to find…a goon comes and hits him from the back
omkara falls down and shouts gauri/…gauri comes and finds omkara laying on the ground and goons setting ngo on fire
the episode ends at gauri’s face

precap: omkara and gauri in hospital…

sorry friends i know i am late this time…so sorry..i was ill….i will post the next episode soon,….sorry once again

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