Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 20)

Heyy friends…thanq so much for ur support…here i go with my next episode
Recap: dadi and rudra insist anika to work in oberoi mansion…rudra apologises to soumya…gauri and omkara are ready with their plan…omkara drops gauri home

The episode starts with gauri coming home late

Gauri: am sorry…i am late
Anika: gauri? whats the matter? u were busy all day…what were u doing??
Gauri:let’s have dinner first…i will tell u
They have dinner together
Gauri tells them about the NGO and the plan to rescue the kids
Anika: omkara is helping u…that’s great…ofcourse not all oberois are as arrogant as shivaye…bagad billa
Gauri: anika..relax!!
soumya: from tomorrow her bak bak will be only about shivaye…shivaye did this shivaye did that blah blah blah…
Anika: shut up soumya!!
Gauri: I didn’t get…from tomorrow? but what does that mean?
Soumya: yes…she has been appointed as the account manager in oberoi mansion!!
gauri: what???
Anika: i dont know y is this happening!! i wanted to be away from bagad billa…but everything is going wrong…
gauri: everything happens for as reason anika…may be it’s ur destiny
soumya: how boring!!! destiny??
Anika: what destiny!! its just my bad luck
gauri: both of u are impossible!!! come let’s eat
they have dinner together

at oberoi mansion
rudra is happy and relieved as he apologised to soumya..he prepares dinner for shivaye and omkara
shivaye and omkara are discussing about the NGO
shivaye: really good plan…if u need any help just tell me
shivaye: i must tell..gauri is really a very sweet person…just like u…but anika…oh my god!!! very rude and stubborn
omkara: gauri is sweet but anika is also very sweet….dont u remember that day she risked her life to save a girl what was her name …yeah payal
rudra comes there with dinner
rudra; dinner is ready…come on…i am very hungry
shivaye: yes…i am hungry too
omkara; rudra…today u look quite happy
shivaye: oh yes…yesterday u were looking upset?
rudra: because now everything is alright
omkara: what was wrong yesterday?
rudra: actually i apologised to soumya today
shivaye: so that’s the reason!!
omkara: very good rudra…u did a good thing today…see…i told u saying a simple sorry will make u relaxed…
rudra: now it’s bhaiyya’s turn to say sorry to anika dee
omkara: what did he do?
rudra tells omkara how anika dee came to the oberoi mansion and also that anika has been appointed as account manager
omkara: oh my god…shivaye..y? y did u do that…
shivaye: not again…what have i done…it was just a revenge
rudra: revenge?
shivaye: yes a revenge…she said that she hates me and i just showed her that shivaye singh oberoi does this to a person who hates him
omkara: seriously?
shivaye: what?
omkara: as far as i know about u shivaye…u never care about any random person…and if that person hates u…u just dont even bother…but anika? y does she affect ur mind?
shivaye: it’s nothing like that
rudra; true bhaiyya…the shivaye singh oberoi doesnt care…but u r bothered that she hates u…but y?
omkara: whatever u did was wrong shivaye…i think u must feel sorry
shivaye: noo…i dont
omkara: shivaye..ok fine…if u dont want to say sorry then dont tell her…but atleast tell me dont u feel bad for her?
shivaye keeps thinking….everything about anika flashes in his mind..their first fight…second fight…her face…how she risked her life to save a girl…her smile…and the words “i hate u”
shivaye distracts himself
omkara: ok..but dont fight with her at work…thats it
shivaye: what do u think? is it my hobby to fight with her? she herself starts a fight
rudra: both of u behave like kids
omkara: that’s true
they finish the dinner….just then gauri calls omkara
rudra sees that
rudra: o..gauri dee…i think she is missing u
omkara: shut up rudra…
shivaye and rudra tease omkara
omkara: hi
gauri: sorry to disturb u at this hour
omkara: no its ok…tell me
gauri: actually i was little nervous..i didnt want to disturb u but anika and soumya are asleep and i wanted someone to listen to me….plz dont mind
omkara while talking goes out and rudra shivaye see that
shivaye: i think there is something going on between them
rudra: yes bhaiyya…i think u r right…
omkara: plz dont be nervous…we have a perfect plan…the kids will have their home
after talking for a while gauri hangs the call…he returns to the pool area where rudra and shivaye are asleep
omkara: both of u look very cute while sleeping…shivaye i know u get affected by anika…and u dont hate her…u just hate that anika hates u…i hope u will say sorry and both of u will sought out ur differences
omkara also falls asleep

Its morning
anika wakes up early and gets ready…gauri wakes up after anika
gauri: anika? u woke up so early? excited about first day right?
anika: no i am just trying to get prepared for today’s fight
gauir: fight??
anika: yes…mr.kanjee aankhon wala bagad billa…he will be ready to fight with me…so i dont want to hear anything against me by him on the first day
gauri: all the best anika
they hug each other and soumya joins
soumya: u forgot me
anika: never…how can we forget u cutie…
gauri: u too woke up early?
soumya: actually i have decided to get back to work from today…i will be going to meet mr,dev today…i hope i do well in my interview and get selected
anika: ofcourse u will be selected….
gauri: all the best
soumya: all the best to both of u
anika: thanq so much…gauri its a big day for u too…dont worry the kids will get their home
gauri feels happy
anika leaves
she reaches the oberoi mansion
omkara is about to leave…he finds anika
omkara: welcome anika
anika: good morning…all the best
omkara: thanq and all the best to u too…its ur first day right?
anika: yes
omkara: anika…i am sorry on behalf of shivaye
anika: no omkara….u dont have to tell sorry…and dont think much about me…i am fine,,,have a good day
omkara: i know u r strong girl….be like that
anika smiles
omkara: ok,..i need to leave now…byee
anika: byee
omkara leaves…dadi and other family members welcome anika
anika: thanq so much
jhanvi: anika…be comfortable….if u want anything u can ask anyone
dadi: all the best anika.,..have this prashad…ur day will be excellent
anika feels very happy seeing oberoi family’s warm nature
everyone moves…anika is given a diary and a few account books to study…she is even given a room to work…
anika: wow….so beautiful…everyone in the house are so nice…what a beautiful house and friendly family…except shivaye everyone is so kind…shivaye?? noo he is bagad billu…i heard dadi call him billu..his facial expressions reveal that he hates being called billu…kanjee aankhon wala bagad billu
anika laughs on her joke
just then dadi comes

dadi: anika beta…tej was telling that u will need all our bank account details?
anika: yes dadi…i will ask everyone and note them down
in this way the first day in oberoi mansion is nice for anika but soon she is going to face shivaye….stay tuned to know what happens next….

precap: shivika moment….plan execution of gauri and omkara….
drop in ur views and let me know how did u like the episode

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