Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 2)

Heyyy frnds!! Thnq so much!!! I am very happy to know that u people have liked my story!! So here I go with the next episode

Recap: shivaye gets annoyed as jahnavi asks him to get married!! He starts off to office but his driver hits a cab in which anika is seated!! The cab driver and shivaye’s driver gets into argument as shivaye’s driver refuses to pay for the loss!! Anika opens the car door and shivaye gets annoyed with her action
The episode starts 
Shivaye: what the hell? What do u want?
Anika; come out of the car!! Pay money for the loss and make us free!! I am already late!!!
Shivaye: money? For what?

Anika: because ur driver has hit a cab and damaged it!! It was all ur driver’s fault!! So pay for the loss
Shivaye: who r u to pass orders?? Y should I obey u?
Anika: shut up mr.whatever!! I am already late!! Plz don’t waste my time!! U can ask anyone present here!! That was completely ur driver’s fault!!! 
Shivaye: so u want money right? Take it then!!
Shivaye throws money on cab driver’s face!! Anika gets even more annoyed and starts shouting
Anika: how dare u? What do u think of urself? U may be rich by money but u r very poor by values, manners!!! Disgusting!!! I will show u what u deserve!!
She takes a rod and damages his car’s headlights…picks up the money thrown by shivaye and places in his hands

Shivaye: do u know who am I? 
Anika: I am least interested in u!! U may be some rich spoilt businessman with zero manners!! U deserve this!! Take this money and repair ur car!! 
She heads towards the cab driver leaving shivaye angry!!
Anika: OK bhaiyya let’s go!! We r already late!! 
Cab driver opens the door for anika out of respect and anika leaves
Shivaye is super angry as no one has spoke to him in that way!!! He shouts at the driver!!

Shivaye: what are u seeing? Let’s get the he’ll out of here!! And that girl will pay for this!!! Let’s go
Shivaye leaves angrily!!!
Here anika reaches the office but doesn’t find her boss!! She gets happy!!
Anika: thank God!! He is not here!! 
Anika slowly gets into her cabin and gets shocked seeing her boss in her cabin
Boss: welcome miss anika!! Would u like to have some coffee?
Anika: sir am sorry!! I was late because..
Boss: u were late because ur dictionary has no word called punctuality!! Right miss anika?

Anika: no sir actually there was a small accident…hence..
Boss: Ohh accident?? Wow!! Nice excuse!! Carry on!!
Anika: sir!! This will be the last time!! Am sorry
Boss: no no!! U need not be sorry!! I feel sorry!! 

Anika is surprised!!
Boss: yes!! U heard right!! I am sorry!! I am sorry because hiring u was my biggest mistake!! Miss anika u work here for me!! I don’t work under u!! Do u understand!?? If u cannot come on time then better stay at home!!! The company needs hardworking staff not late comers!!! Is this the way u work in an organisation!! U r least bothered about the rules and regulations of the company!!! How irresponsible!!!
Anika: sir I know it’s my fault!! But please give me a chance!! Sir u know it very well that all of us have worked for ur company day n night!! Yesterday due to some extra long working hours I was very tired!! And so I was late!!! 
Boss: I can’t believe this!!! U r very spontaneous!! This is ur special talent!! U can come up with more and more excuses within a fraction of seconds!! 
Anika who was already in a bad mood gets even more irritated and decides to answer
Anika: enough is enough!! I am done! My patience have answered!! If u think that u r sorry for hiring me!! It was ur biggest mistake then u can thank me as I am rectifying ur biggest mistake!!

Boss: what?
Anika: sir I have decided to quit the job!! I can’t work at a place where all my hardwork is just taken for granted and not even valued!!! What kind of an organisation it is!! Here staff and employees have no respect!!! I cannot work at such place!! So am leaving
Boss: u will regret this decision later!!

Anika: I will not!! Because I value my self respect!!! 
After a few minutes anika places her resume in front of her boss and leaves without giving him a chance to speak!!!
Shivaye too reaches the office..his secretary comes to him
Secretary: sir!!! We have lost the contract!! 
Shivaye: what?? How did this happen!!! Can’t u manage for a few minutes?? What were u doing?

Secretary: sir I have tried a lot but they said that they prefer punctuality rather than excuses!!
Shivaye: that stupid girl!! She wasted my time!! For the first time I, shivaye Singh oberoi is late!!! I cannot ruin my reputation for a petty reason!! Okay fine!! Arrange a video call now!!!
Secretary agrees and rushes to obey his orders!!
Shivaye speaks to them and they agree for meeting but in banglore!! 
Secretary: sir? Banglore? 

Shivaye: I want this contract at any cost!! I can do any thing for it!!!
Here soumya searches for job!! She suddenly gets a call
Soumya: hello?
Person: am I speaking to soumya shetty?
Soumya: yes!! Whoz this?
Person: ma’am.. u have dropped in ur resume and now we have contacted u to inform u about the interview!! 
Soumya: interview!! 
Person: yes ma’am!! U can visit our office tomorrow at 12!! Thnq
Soumya: sure!! Thnq so much!!
Soumya gets super excited and nervous at the same time as she has never gone for an interview!!! ‎US:
Here gauri is feeling very lonely in the office!! She becomes sad as she misses her family!! 
John who is her boss call her
Gauri: excuse me sir!!
John: yes gauri!! Come in!!

Gauri: thnq sir
John: I need ur help gauri!! Today my daughter is coming here after 6 months!! We have decided to go home together!! But I have an urgent meeting now!! Can u please make her comfortable in the office till I finish my work!?
Gauri: sure sir!! I will!!
John: thanq!! 
Gauri leaves and waits for her!! She finds a foreigner dressed in Indian outfit!!
Girl: hello!! 
Gauri: Hii!! U look beautiful in Indian wear!!

Girl: thnq so much!! Actually I have come to meet my father!! Is he busy?
Gauri: so u r John sir’s daughter?
Girl: yes!! I am Mary!! Nice to meet u!!
Gauri: I am gauri sharma!! Same here
Mary: so u stay here!! Don’t u miss ur people!! I live in India and work for an NGO there!! In Delhi!! 
Gauri: interesting!! People go abroad from India to work but u left ur country to work in our India? 
Mary: hmm yes!! I love ur country!! But whenever I miss my people I come here!! I visit my family once in 6 months!!
Gauri: good!!

Mary: what about u? Don’t u miss ur people!!?
Gauri: I do!! I came here 4 years back!! After my higher studies I joined this company and have not visited my country since then!!! I badly miss my family
‎Mary: why is that so?? U can visit them!! Don’t u feel lonely? I know!! Everybody is very busy here!! No one has time for oneself!! It’s better to visit ur country then u might feel better!! 
Gauri: I think u r right!! I have to visit my country!! I have to come out of this loneliness forever!!! I think it’s the time to leave this country!!
Mary: do something which will give u satisfaction!! 
John: are the ladies busy?
Mary hugs her dad and leaves bidding bye to gauri!! 

Precap: soumya’s interview…a new character…gauri’s decision!!!

So frnds!! This was the episode!! Did u like it!! Plz let me know by dropping ur views in the comment box!! Thnqqqq! Keep supporting

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