Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 15)

Hellloooo!!! Thnq so much for ur comments!!! I have read them!!! Here I go with my next episode!!! Recap: anika refuses to accept shivaye’s offer…shivaye decides to take revenge!..gauri meets Mary who suggests her to speak to prinku about ngo!…anika gauri and soumya spend some time!

The episode starts with anika soumya and gauri having dinner 
Gauri: anika! Are u ok?
Anika: yeah I am fine!! I have decided!! I will start my job hunt!! 
Soumya: again? 
Anika: yes!!! 
Soumya: but y didn’t u accept shivaye’s offer?
Anika: he is such an arrogant person!! He just wants to make me his servant! That’s it! Or else y such a business tycoon would come to middle class girl to offer a job!?
Gauri: u may be wrong anika!! Unless u completely know his intentions u cannot blame him!
Soumya: I can see he is arrogant but y would he do such things?
Anika: because he has tonnes of ego!! He will go to any extent to satisfy his ego!! 
Gauri: and who said this to u?
Anika: I know it!!
Soumya: anika!! I don’t think this is true!! 
Anika: we r here to celebrate!! Y r we discussing about him?
‎They have dinner together!! Gauri thinks about the ngo kids!!
Gauri: I have to help them at any cost! I will meet priyanka at oberoi mansion tomorrow!! 
They sleep!!

Here in oberoi mansion!
Everyone is having dinner!! Shivaye looks lost!!
Rudra: maa…Cabbage once again!! 
Pinky: it’s ok!! It is good for health!!
Omkara: it will help u in losing the wait!! 
Om signals to pinky
Pinky: yes!! U will stay fit and healthy!!
Jahnavi: look at shivaye!! Is he complaining!! Now common finish it!
Rudra: bhaiyya? Do u like cabbage!! I just hate it!!
Shivaye hears the word hate and remembers anika’s words!! 
Shivaye: I hate u tooo!! How dare u say me that! I will not leave u!!!
Everyone is shocked!
Dadi: billu? Are u ok!!
Jahnavi: who hates u shivaye? 
Omkara: speak shivaye!
Rudra: o!! Bhaiyya was speaking to cabbage!! 
All others excluding shivaye: shut up rudra! 
Shivaye leaves 

Omkara: what’s wrong with shivaye? Who hates him?
Rudra: shivaye bhaiyya is so disturbed now!! We cannot talk to him now!! 
Omkara: but we can keep an eye on him!! 
Rudra and om go to shivaye’s room and observe him!
Shivaye calls someone!
Shivaye: keep an eye on her!! I want to know everything about her!! Every move of her! Where she goes everything!! Ok?
Shivaye hangs the call!! 
Rudra and omkara are surprised!
Om: who is she?
Rudra: it might be something about his business!! I think we must not interfere!! If it was that important bhaiyya would have shared with us!! 
Om: but rudra!
Rudra: o!! Come!! Let’s go!!
Rudra forcefully takes om away!!

Next morning!!
Gauri wakes up early and gets ready!!
Soumya: gauri? Where r u going?
Gauri: oberoi mansion!
Soumya: but y?
Gauri: I will tell u everything!! But let me go now!
Soumya: ok! Good day!!
Gauri leaves!! Here anika too gets ready!
Anika: ok sowmya!! I am leaving!! I will return soon!! Byee
Soumya: but where r u going?
Anika: I got to know that there is a vacancy!! I will return soon!! Byee
Soumya: bye

In oberoi mansion!!
Jahnavi asks shivaye to take her to the temple!!
Shivaye: mom…I have much work to do!! I cannot come!! U can go with the driver!!
Pinky: driver?? Shivaye!! It’s a matter of 30 min!! U can take her to the temple and then go to office!
Shivaye: u know that I don’t believe in all these things!!!
Pinky: shivaye!!
Jahnavi: ok!! Leave it!! I will go by myself!
Pinky: Noo jethani ji!! He is ur son!! He has to listen to u!
Shivaye: choti maa!! I have done a lot for my mom and this family!!! I can do anything!! U people just ask me whatever u want!! And going to a temple with mom will not prove anything!! My love for my mom will always remain the same
Omru and all others stay calm!
Just then gauri comes!!

Gauri: but aunty believes!! U can go with her just to make her happy!! I know I am no one to speak in ur personal matter!! But I can see auntyji really wants u to be there!! Just for her sake…just to make her smile…just to assure her that u r there for her no matter what!! U can go with her!! Ofcourse u have done everything for ur mom’s happiness!! In fact more than a son does!! But the real happiness will be when u will be standing with her while she is praying God!! And thanking Him for giving her a son like u!! Am sorry if u felt bad for my words!!
Shivaye and all others are surprised!! 
Jahnavi: I don’t know who u r!! But thank u so much!! 
Shivaye: gauri!! I think u r right!! My mom deserves all the happiness of this world!! If my presence will make her happy then I will definitely obey my mom!! Thank u so much!
Rudra: gauri dee!! U r awesome!!! Wow!!! Superb!!
Om: thnq gauri!!

Everyone thank gauri!! Shivaye leaves with jahnavi!!
Here anika is walking by the road!! 
Anika: don’t know y I am feeling that something is wrong!! Y am I tensed!! This is not my first interview!! Then y is this strange feeling!
She sees the temple and decides to pray God to give her strength!!
She does puja and folds her hands!!
Just then jahnavi comes with shivaye!! 
Jahnavi: thanq so much shivaye!! 
Shivaye: anything for u mom!
Jahnavi: proud of u shivaye!! 
Shivaye smiles!!
Jahnavi: ok!! Come!! Let’s go!!
Shivaye: yes!! Mom!! Two minutes!! I have to call someone!! 
Jahnavi: come soon!!

Jahnavi goes in! While shivaye calls someone
Person: sir we spoke to that manager and he agreed!!
Shivaye: good job! Update me ok?
Person: sure sir!
Shivaye smirks!!
Anika takes the prashad!! And is about to go when she finds jahnavi feeling dizzy!
Anika holds jahnavi!!
Anika: aunty ji! Are u ok?
Jahnavi: yeah I am fine!! 
Anika: just a min! I will get some water!! 
Jahnavi: no!! It’s my fast today!! 
Anika: auntyji!! It’s ok!! U can have some prashad!! 
Jahnavi: but!!

Panditji: she is right!! U can have prashad!! 
Anika gives prashad to her!! Jahnavi feels better!! 
Jahnavi: thanq so much beta!!
Anika: it’s ok auntyji!
Anika leaves as she gets a call! Shivaye finds jahnavi tired!!
Shivaye: mom!! Are u ok? What happened?
Jahnavi: it was my fast today and due to that I was feeling dizzy!! A girl helped me!!! 
Panditji: u must thank her!! She is there!! In red dress!
Shivaye rushes to her!! 
Anika is on the call!!
Anika: are yaar soumya!! I will come soon!! We will go there together!! Acha ok!! Be careful!! If u have any problem just call me!!
Soumya is feeling bored at home so she decides to visit a nearby book store!!
Shivaye: excuse me?
Anika turns back!! 
The episode ends at shivaye’s face!!

Precap: anika understands shivaye’s plan!! Gauri speaks to prinku! Rumya’s meeting

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