Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 14)

Hiii frnds!! Thnq so much for ur comments!! I am so happy that u people are liking my story!! So here I start my next episode!

Recap: soumya in delhi!!…rumya’s fight….shivaye’s offer!!
The episode starts with anika trying hard to free her hand
Anika: leave my hand!!!
Shivaye: first listen to me anika!! 
Anika: I said no!! I don’t want to listen anything and I am not at all interested in ur offer!! U can go now
Shivaye: don’t forget that u r talking to shivaye Singh oberoi!
Anika: u may be the shivaye Singh oberoi!! But u r standing in my house!! I don’t care about any shivaye Singh oberoi!!! 
Shivaye holds anika’s wrist even more tight!!
Anika: what do u want!!? Y are u doing this? 
Shivaye: tell me one thing!! Do u think that u lost ur previous job just because of me? 
Anika: yes! 
Shivaye: that’s y I am giving u an offer to work in my company!! Salary? U decide!! This is ur appointment letter!! 
Anika takes the letter and reads it!!
Anika: Ohh!! So Mr. Shivaye Singh oberoi wants me to work for him just to satisfy his ego!! I know yesterday I troubled u a lot!! And u didn’t like it!! How can a girl threaten such a big business tycoon!!! So ur ego was hurt!! And now u want to take revenge on me!! I know u will give me a job!! and again insult me infromt of everyone!! Do u remember that day when I came for an interview!! 
I will never accept this offer!! Ur plan is failed!! 
U can go now!
Anika tears the appointment letter!!
Shivaye: how dare u talk to me like this! I know u don’t like me!! But it wasn’t my plan!! I thought that
Anika: I don’t need any explanations!! Like u? Noo!! I hate u Mr. Shivaye Singh oberoi!!
Shivaye feels pain when anika speaks in that way!!
Shivaye: anika!!
Anika: please leave!!
Shivaye leaves while gauri and soumya listen everything!!
Gauri: anika!! 
Anika: gauri!! I don’t want to speak anything about that man!! Leave me alone!! 
Anika leaves!!
Soumya: what’s wrong with anika? Why did she speak to him in that way?
Gauri: that’s what I am thinking!! I think these misunderstandings must be cleared soon!! 
Shivaye sits in the car!! Anika’s words echo in his mind!!!
Shivaye: y should I bother about her!! She is nothing to me!! But she will pay for it!! Being rude to me..shivaye Singh oberoi is the biggest mistake of her life!! Till now she just saw my one shade!! Now I will show her my new shade! U hate me right ms.anika!!! Wait and watch!!!
Shivaye leaves!!
Here gauri gets a call from Mary!  
Mary: Hii gauri!! This is Mary!! We met in USA!! Do u remember?
Gauri: oh yes!! Hii Mary!! How r u?
Mary: not good!! As I said my ngo is in danger!! Can u meet me now?
Gauri: now!! Ok!! Where?
Mary tells the place and gauri leaves!!
In oberoi mansion!!
Shivaye comes home …he gets a call!!
Person: sir!! Everything is ready! We just want the salary details so that we can update the employee information of ms. Anika
Shivaye: delete everything!! She is not joining!!!
Person: but y sir?
Shivaye: so now I have to answer u?? Mind ur work ok?? I am shivaye singh oberoi!! I am not here to answer ur questions!!
Saying this shivaye throws his phone!!
Rudra: o!! Bhaiyya is very angry!!
Om: yes!! But who is not joining? And where?
Rudra: let’s ask bhaiyya!!
Om: no rudra! Shivaye is very angry!! I think we must give him some time!!
Rudra: ok!! 
Here gauri reaches the place for mary!
Mary: thanq for coming!!
Gauri: it’s ok!! Something is wrong!! What happened?
Mary: everything is wrong!! As I said our ngo is on a land donated by an old couple!! A family claims that the land is theirs!! They threatened us to leave the place in 7 days!! Now all the children will be abandoned!! We will not have shelter!! No food no education nothing!!! Do something gauri!!
Gauri: let’s go to police station!! They will help us!!
Mary: no use!! An inspector came with them to inform us that we have to leave the place
Gauri: do u have that papers? Land papers?? 
Mary: someone stole them!! Yesterday we left the ngo and handed the keys to watchman!! When we returned today the office was a mess! The papers were lost!!!
Gauri: oh Nooo!!! 
Mary: what can we do??
Gauri: I think we must take help from some one!! 
Mary: priyanka’s brothers!! They can help us!!
Gauri: priyanka?
Mary: priyanka Singh oberoi
Gauri: how can she help us?
Mary: priyanka sometimes visits the ngo!! Oberoi family has donated good amount for the kids!! She can help us in some way!!
Gauri: but who will speak to her brothers?
Mary: plzz!! U can do this!! I know that!!
Mary: yes u!! Plz!! For the kids!! This is priyanka’s number!! This is address of oberoi mansion!!
Gauri: ok!! I will do it!!
Mary: thnq so much gauri!!! I must look for a place for the kids!! Bye!! 
Mary leaves!!
Gauri: I have to do this!! For that innocent kids!!
Gauri reaches home!! soumya calls gauri!
Gauri: yes soumya!! How is anika?
Soumya: she is still in her room!! 
Gauri: this girl is impossible!!! Knock the door!! Ask her to come out!!
Just then anika comes ‎and takes the phone from soumya!
Anika: gauri! I am good!! U don’t worry!! Come home!! Let’s have good time
Gauri: but anika!! R u sure? 
Anika: yes!! come soon!!
Gauri hangs the call!!

Precap: anika decides to look for a job!! Shivaye’s plan!! Gauri meets prinku

That was the episode frnds! Drop in ur views!!

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