Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 13)

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Recap: gauri and anika feel relieved when om conveys soumya’s msg!! Shivaye thinks about om’s words!!
The episode starts with gauri waking up with om’s call!!
Om: Hii good morning
Gauri: omkara!! Yeah good morning
Om: sorry if my call disturbed u!
Gauri: no not at all!! But is everything all right? 
Om: yes!! I wanted to meet ur frnd!! 
Gauri: anika?
Om: Noo!! Soumya!! 
Gauri: (confused) yeah ok!! 
Om: actually I have met anika and u!! So I thought soumya is also ur frnd so meeting her will be good!! I mean…
Gauri: it’s OK!! U can meet her once she arrives!! 
Om: yeah! I will be reaching the station on time!! Ok bye see u at station!! 
Om hangs the call!!
Om: I know it’s weird that I am doing this!! But I want rudra to apologise her!! Rudra first time felt sorry for a girl!! Don’t know y I feel that they have to meet again and sought out their differences!! 
Gauri: what happened to omkara!! Strange!!
Here shivaye calls his manager!
Shivaye: I don’t know!! I need complete information about anika in 10 min at any cost! Do u understand?
He hangs the call!!

Shivaye: I have to know the reason behind her rude behaviour!!
Here anika is still sleeping!! Gauri wakes her up!!
Gauri: anika!! Get up!! See its 9
Anika: 9!! Omg!!! Soumya!!! 
Gauri: yes! Go n get ready!! We have to reach on time!! 
Anika hurriedly gets ready!! 
Oberoi mansion!
Rudra: o!! What’s the matter? Why do u want me to come with u? 
Om: shut up!! I don’t know anything!! U r coming with me that’s it!
Rudra finds shivaye 
Rudra: bhaiyya!! Save me!! O is kidnapping me!!
Shivaye: kidnap??
Om: rudra!! Shut up!! I want him to come with me!! 
shivaye: rudra!! May be he wants some help from u! Right om?
Om: yeah!
Rudra: let me have some protein shake first!
Shivaye gets a call from his manager!! 
Shivaye learns that it was because of their fight that anika lost her job!! And the insult during interview has made her hate shivaye!!
Shivaye: so this is the reason!! Ok!! Now I will make everything fine!!
Here om and rudra reach railway station!! 
Rudra: railway station?? But y?
Om: because I want to introduce u to a friend!!
Rudra: I know gauri dee!!
Om: shut up!! Am not talking about her! Just wait!!
Rudra: ok!!

Om gets a call!! And he goes to answer the call asking rudra to stay!!
Just then soumya gets down from the train! 
She asks a coolie to help her!! He helps her in placing the luggage!
Coolie: 50 rs mam!
Soumya: what??? 50?? Noo!! It’s just 20
Coolie : no ma’am!! It’s 50!! Who will carry ur luggage in 20? 
Soumya: any coolie here can do this job for 20rs
Coolie: ok I will put all ur luggage in train and u can call any coolie for 20!!
Saying this the coolie carries the luggage! Soumya tries to stop him and pulls her luggage!! She fails and is about to fall!! She falls on rudra who is standing behind her!! 
Rudra and soumya see each other and get surprised!!
Rudra: u?
Soumya: u here? 
Rudra: get up! Omg!! U r so heavy!!
Soumya: don’t u dare talk anything about my weight!! Understand!
Rudra: get up!
Soumya: just wait!! 
She gets up and again scolds the coolie!! 
Coolie: madam!! I want my 50 rs!!! Or else I will put ur luggage in the train!! 
Soumya: this is too much!! Ok fine!! Put it there and here is ur 50
The luggage is kept aside!! Soumya waits for gauri and anika! Rudra waits for om!! 
Soumya asks a passer by a phone!!
Lady: no I don’t have a phone!! U can ask this person!! He has a phone!!
The lady points to rudra!
Soumya: Noo!! I don’t want phone from a person like him!
Rudra hears that!!
Rudra: what do u mean by person like me?
Soumya: cheap person!! Who takes photos without permission! 
Rudra: cheap?? How dare u call me cheap!!
Soumya: the person who does the things like u do has that special name!!
Om comes just then!! He finds soumya and rudra fighting!!
Om: y r they fighting??
He rushes to rudra!
Om: Hii soumya!
Soumya: do I know u?
Anika and gauri reach there! 
Gauri: soumya!!! 
Soumya anika and gauri hug each other!! Om smiles seeing them
Om: rudra? Y were supposed to apologise to her!! 
Rudra: for what?
Om: after ur banglore trip u said that u fought with soumya for that photo issue! And u know that was ur fault! And u also said that u will say sorry to her when u meet again!! Do u remembe
Rudra: yes I remember!! Tell me one thing!! U knew that she was coming here! And that is why u wanted me to come with u?
Om: yes!! 
Rudra: but y?
Om: that doesn’t matter!! 
Gauri: soumya how r u? 
Soumya: I am good!! I was missing both of u madly!!
Soumya observes a bandage on anika’s forehead!
Soumya: omg!! Anika? What happened? 
Anika: no nothing!! That’s a long story!! I will tell later!! 
Anika and gauri notice omru!
Anika: omkara..rudra!! U here!
Rudra: anika dee!! Are u ok now?
Omkara: yes!! How is ur health?
Anika: I am fine!! Thanq so much!! See!! She is my friend soumya!! 
Omkara: Hii soumya!! It was me whom u spoke in phone!! When gauri’s phone was with me!
Soumya: Ohh!! Hii!! 
Gauri: he is rudra!! Omkara’s brother! 
Soumya: he is ur brother???
Om: yes!! And he is not bad!! That day there was a small misunderstanding!!
Anika: which day?

Gauri: yeah!! Am confused!! How do u know soumya?
Omkara narrates the incident!!
Omkara: that day he didn’t knew that he captured ur photo!! Am I right rudra!
Rudra: yes!! 
Anika: it’s OK!! Soumya rudra is very good!! He can never do such things!! 
Gauri: yes!! And where is ur shivaye bhaiyya?
Rudra: he is in the office!! I will inform bhaiyya that anika dee is well now!!
All others smile while anika is silent!! Soumya is confused as she doesn’t know about shivaye!!
Anika: ok!! Soumya I think u r very tired! 
Soumya: yeah!!
Gauri: I think we need to go!!
Omkara: but!!
Rudra: o!! Let’s go!! I have some work with u!!
Rudra takes om with him!! Anika soumya and gauri leave!! 
They reach anika’s house and find a car waiting near the main gate!
Anika: whose car is this!! And y is it parked here!!
She knocks the car door! She is shocked to see shivaye in the car
Shivaye: so u r back!!
Anika: what r u doing here!! This is not ur parking area…This is my house!! 
Shivaye: so what?? I don’t want to start an argument with u!! I came here with an offer
Anika: I don’t need ur offer!!  
Gauri: anika!! First let him come in!! 
Shivaye comes in! Gauri gives him a cup of coffee!! 
Anika: I said that I don’t need ur offer!!
Shivaye: first listen to me!! Shivaye Singh oberoi doesn’t like to listen no! Understand!! 
Anika: make it a habit then!! I am not going to listen!!
Gauri and soumya leave!! Shivaye comes close to anika and holds her hand tightly!!
Shivaye: I said first listen to me!! 
Anika is tensed!!! She is sweating!
The episode ends at anika’s face

Precap: anika gets furious on shivaye!!

That was the episode frnds! I will try to make it more entertaining in the next episode!! Drop in ur views!! Thnq

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