Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 12)

Hellooo!! I am back!! Finally my exams are done!! So now I can update regularly!!
Recap: shivaye takes anika to the hospital!! Gauri and om reach the hospital!! Shivaye drops gauri n anika home!! Oberoi family gets worried for shivaye and praise anika for her brave step
The episode starts with anika and gauri having dinner together!!
Gauri: anika!! Is ur head paining? Shivaye asked me to give tablets if u r in pain!
Anika: it’s OK! I am fine!
Gauri: oh!! Shivaye said to take care of u!! So if u have any problem just say it!!
Anika: (giving a serious look) OK! 
Gauri: if u need anything just say it to me!! Shivaye said to take care of u!!
Anika: (frustrated) shut up!! It’s like I am nothing to u!! Don’t u want me to be fine!! And I don’t want to hear his name!!
Gauri: (controls her laughter) y anika!! He saved u!! He cares for u!! He carried u in his arms when u were about to fall!! I think he likes u!!
Anika: no way!!! And I don’t care if he likes me or dislikes me!! He has done lot of mess in my life!! My job my interview everything was ruined just because of him!! 
Gauri: OK!! Calm down!! N make a call to soumya!! She is coming tomorrow right?
Anika: oh yes!! I just forgot!! Let me call her!!
Anika calls her but her phone is switched off!! 
Anika: switched off!!
Gauri: what? She didn’t talk to us since she started for delhi
Anika: let me try!! 

Here shivaye is in his room!! And thinking about anika!! The way she helped payal and knocked down the goons flashes in his mind!!
Shivaye:  Why are u so confusing!! Sometimes u are very rude!! No!! Not some times!! Most of the time!! Most of the time?? Noo!! All the time!! Especially to me!! U could risk ur life for a girl whom u don’t even know?? How can a person be so selfless!! 
Om and rudra come near shivaye 
Rudra: who is so confusing bhaiyya?
Shivaye: that girl!! Anika!! 
Shivaye comes to senses!!
Rudra: ohho!! Anika dee!! She is very sweet!! And u were thinking about her!! Not bad huh!!
Om: she may be rude at times but she has a beautiful soul shivaye!! Stop fighting with her!! U can be friends too
Shivaye: no!! am not interested!! Y should I forward my hand first!! She didn’t even thank me!! 
Om: so u r expecting thanq from her!!
Rudra: but bhaiyya!! U generally don’t expect anything!! That means kuch toh gadbad hai (something’s wrong)
Shivaye: shut up rudra!! I don’t care!! 
Om: OK!! Let’s have dinner!!  
Rudra: o call Anika dee!! I want to ask her whether she is fine or not!! 
Om: but rudra!! I don’t have her number!!
Shivaye gives his phone 
Shivaye: u can call her with my phone!! I have her number!
Omru: Ohho!! Not bad!!
Rudra: bhaiyya is really very caring about anika dee
Shivaye: shut up rudra!! 
Om: rudra!! Call her

They call Anika and shivaye tries to hear her!! Om observes him and asks the rudra to turn on speaker mode!! 
The phone rings and anika answers the call!!
Anika: hello?
Rudra: anika dee!! 
Anika: dee? Who’s this?
Omkara: anika it’s omkara n rudra
Anika: Ohh hi omkara!! Hi rudra
Rudra: anika dee how r u? Are u well now?
Anika: yes am fine!! How r u?
Omkara: we r good!! We wanted to know about ur health!! 
Anika: how come u know my number?
Rudra: shivaye bhaiyya!!! He gave ur phone!!! Infact this is his phone!!
Anika: Ohh Mr ganji aankhen!!! 
Shivaye is shocked!! So are omru
Anika: what happened!! 
Om: ganji aankhen?
Anika: yes!! He is ganji aakhon wala bagad billa!!
Gauri comes to anika!! 
Gauri: what is she saying? 
Anika: she? Who? 
Gauri: soumya!! Who is on the line?
Anika: it’s omkara and rudra!! 
Gauri: oh sorry!! I thought it was soumya!! I am trying her number!! It’s switched off
Om suddenly remembers about soumya’s call and message!!
Om: hey listen!! Soumya called ur number when gauri’s phone was with me!!! And she said that her battery is dead!! She said that she wi be reaching at sharp 10 tomorrow!! I forgot to convey her messaage!! Sorry
Anika: thank God!! We were so worried for her!!! Thnq so much
Rudra: it’s ok anika dee!! Now as u r tension free u can have some rest!! Take rest!!
Omkara: yes he is right!! Have some food and then take rest!!
Shivaye: tablets too
Shivaye realises what he just said and bites his tongue!! Anika om ru are surprised!!
Anika: bagad billa?? I mean shivaye? Ok ok!! Bye good night!!
Anika hangs the call 
Anika: he heard me calling ganji aankhon wala bagad billa!! But he didn’t speak a word!! I think he likes his new name!! lol!!
Anika informs gauri about soumya’s call to omkara
Gauri: thank God!! So she will be coming tomorrow!! I am so happy that we r together again!!
Anika: yeah!! Now let’s sleep!! I am so tired!!
Gauri: here are ur tablets!! Take them now!! Or else I have to answer shivaye!!
Anika: shut up!! Don’t talk about that bagad billa
Gauri: what’s that? He is so good!! Don’t call him that!! He has a good name! Shivaye Singh oberoi 
Anika: let’s sleep now!!! Enough of ur bak bak
They sleep!! 

Oberoi mansion
Here shivaye om ru are near pool side
Rudra: o how’s ur new frnd?
Shivaye: new frnd?
Om: he means gauri!!! 
Rudra: oh wow!! So smart!!
Om: don’t u have any other work!! We r just frnds!!
Shivaye: yeah!! But he too said frnd!!
Rudra: may be she is more than a friend!! Right o?
Om: no! Nothing like that!! U tell me shivaye!? Will u be a good friend to anika?
Shivaye: anika? I don’t know anything about her!! All I know is she is very rude to me!! 
Rudra: bhaiyya!! Anika dee is very sweet!
Om: shivaye!! Think!! May be unknowingly u must have done something wrong to her! She is a good person!! A girl who has a good heart cannot be rude unless there is a reason for it!!
Rudra: bhaiyya am sleepy!! Let’s go now!!
Shivaye: yeah let’s go!! 
Om: shivaye!! Think about it!!
They go to their rooms and fall asleep!! But shivaye is still thinking about om’s words!!!
The episode ends at shivay’s face!!

Precap: soumya in Delhi!! Rumya’s fight!! Shivaye’s decision!! (surprise)

So this is the episode!! Am so sorry for late update!! I will be posting regularly!! Drop in ur views about today’s episode

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