Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 1)

Heyyy!! Thnq so much!!! I am on cloud nine!!! Ur cmnts mean a lot to me!!! So without much delay I am going to start the episode!! The first episode of DESTINY!!!
The episode starts with anika’s mom waking up Anika
Anika’s mom: anika!! Wake up!! U will be late for office and ur boss will not spare u!! It’s 9:30 already!!
Anika: Ohh Noo!! 9:30…I am gone!! He will kick me out!! Mom!! U should have woken me up early!!
Mom: what?? I am waking u up since 8!! Can’t u just resign the job!!
Anika: resign the job and do what?
Mom: get married that’s it!!!

Anika: that’s what I don’t want to!! Now let me get ready mom!!
Mom: no one is even bothered about what I want!!! Do whatever u want to!!! But think about it!!
Anika ignores and goes to freshen up!!
On the other side shivaye is very punctual!! He is never late!! He wakes up early in the morning!! Goes for a walk!! Returns home!! Freshens up and contacts his secretary..knows about meetings and goes to office after breakfast!!!
He comes and joins other family members at the dining table!! Omakara and rudra make breakfast for the family while others wait for them!!

Jahnavi: shivaye!! Look at u!! U r always concerned about the business!! Think about ur life too!! 
Shivaye: mom if ur point is to get married then no!! I am not interested!!
Jahnavi: but y shivaye!! Don’t u want to get settled? 
Shivaye: mom!! My only priority is business!! Let me concentrate on that!! And please don’t ever talk about marriage!! 
Rudra and omkara join them with the breakfast!!
Omkara: mom!! See!! Here is the special dish by me!!

Rudra: excuse me!! 
Omkara: I mean made by us!! Come on let’s have it!!
Jahnavi: u people have it!! I am done with shivaye’s words! I am full!!
Everyone leaves the room!! Dadi, priyanka and shivaye are still in the dining room!!
Rudra: none of them even tasted my new dish!! 
Dadi: we r here rudra!! We will taste ur dish!! It’s too hot!! Like shivaye!!
Shivaye: Dadi!! 
Dadi: ok ok!! Let’s have this
Omkara: but bhai!! Why don’t u just obey mom’s words and get married
Rudra: u want only us to bear ur anger? ( hum hi kyun aapka gussa jhele?)
Priyanka: yeah!! True!!
Shivaye: stop pulling my leg!! If u r that interested then u can get married!! I don’t have any objection!!
Priyanka: bhai what type of girl will be ur life partner??

Shivaye: I am getting late for the office!! U people carry on!!
Shivaye leaves!! 
Priyanka: Om bhai!! U tell me!!
Omkara: I don’t know what destiny has planned!! So no comments!!!
Priyanka: oh my God!! How boring!! Rudra bhai!! What do u say?
Rudra: I don’t want to get married!! I just don’t trust girls..i have lot of work to do!! Excuse me!!!
Om too leaves…
Priyanka: uff Dadi!! When will they find their love?
Dadi: at the right time!! When the right girl enters then no excuses no reasons!! They will just fall in love!!!
Anika starts having breakfast but suddenly receives a call from her boss!!
Anika: yes sir!! No sir!! I will be reaching on time!! Sorry sir!! Bye sir!!
Anika starts hurrying up!!
Mom: where r u going!! Finish ur breakfast!!
Anika: sorry mom! I am late and I have to hurry up!! Byee
Mom: what’s wrong with this girl? I am just fed up of all this!!! 
Anika leaves in a cab…
Anika: plz drive fast!! I need to reach soon!!
Cab driver: ok ma’am!!
‎Here shivaye too asks the driver to drive soon!! The driver without noticing the traffic signal hits a cab…

The cab driver gets out of the cab and starts shouting on the driver
Cab driver: can’t u just see the traffic signal? Is this the way you drive?
‎Driver: ok am sorry!! That was my fault!!
Cab driver: a sorry won’t do!! Pay me so that I can repair the cab!! See the dents!! What will I answer to my owner?
Driver: money?? Noo I don’t have money!! We r sorry!! That’s it!!
Anika gets frustrated and comes out of the car
Anika: what the hell?? What’s happening?? Why don’t u pay for the loss?

Driver: ma’am!! How can I pay?? I am just a driver!!
Anika: where is ur boss?
Driver: ma’am he is in!! He is busy!! Plz don’t disturb him!!
Anika: Ohh really?? And we are just passing our time right? How irresponsible!! 
Anika opens the car door and finds shivaye talking to someone in a call!!
Shivaye: what nonsense!!
The episode ends at their angry faces!!

Precap: shivika’s fight….

Soo frnds!! Did u like it?? Plz let me know!!! Drop in ur views in the comment box!!!

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