The Destiny Express (Prologue) : By Anisha


Character Sketch:

Sanskar Maheshwari: A business man by profession. He is a good natured and kind man with all the qualities of being gentle.

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari: Sanskar’s wife and a psychiatrist by profession. She loves Sanskar truly.

Ragini Laksh Gadodia: Sanskar’s only sister and he loves her very much. She is married to Laksh about a year ago.

Laksh Gadodia: Husband of Ragini and a business man by profession. He loves Ragini a lot.


Scene 1:
“Why is it so strange?” Sanskar murmurs looking around the deserted compartment “Rare” sighing, he gets up and leaves for washroom as the train enters a tunnel. The train looks terrible with the wind blowing every time, making it harsh for him to move.

“From where did this wind come from?” he tries moving but it’s getting harder to move ahead and he stops suddenly hearing some commotion. He takes slow and steady steps towards the sound he is hearing and stops abruptly seeing some shadow.

“Who’s there?” he utters, fear building up in his heart “Who’s there?” he utters again, gulping. He hears little sobs coming from the sleeper above. There’s a girl crying and sitting hugging her knees.

“Who…who are you?” he utters terrified but the girl doesn’t stop her sobs. He notices the girl from top to bottom and the fear arouses more. The clothes she is wearing are entirely shabby with blood coated in each and every part of her body. Her arms show nail marks as if someone has forced her. Sanskar goes terrified, when she lifts her face up, having only the eye sockets and no balls. Her face covered with messy hair falling on her face. A lump forms in his throat as he gulps.

“You will meet your destiny in this route” the spirit whispers and disappears abruptly, leaving a shocked and terrified Sanskar.

Scene 2:
“Sanskarr..” Swara gets up from sleep, sweating profusely.

“Swara” Sanskar gets up shocked, watching her terrified “Swara, what happened?” he strokes her hairs and hugs her gently.

“Rag..Rag…Ragini” she trembles in fear.

“What Ragini, Swara? She is no more” Sanskar hugs her tighter.

“Sanskar, Ragini is in pain she needs us. She .. she needs me” Swara cries.

“Swara, how many times do I need to tell you that Ragini is no more? She is no more, Swara” Sanskar comforts her.

“I know Sanskar but.. but I can hear her. She comes to me. She wants to tell me something” Swara speaks and sobs.

“It’s just a dream, Swara. Lets sleep!” he makes her lay down.

“But Sanskar, Ragini” Swara retorts.

“I said na..we will talk later. Now sleep it’s quite late” Sanskar says and lies down holding her close to him. He strokes her hairs and kisses her temples, making her fall into deep sleep.

“What is it that you want to tell us, Gini?” he wonders.


The story is mainly on our beloved couple SwaSan. Swara and Sanskar are married for nearly two years now and are very happy. What will happen when the pages of life turns around? What happens to Ragini? Is the spirit Ragini or someone else? So many questions and no answer….
Turn on to ‘THE DESTINY EXPRESS’ to know more about the story.

The story is offered to me by #Ishanita_Gupta_Di.. I’m just penning it down. Thank you Di for keeping the belief on me that I can write this story. I hope the cover pic is up-to the mark.. ?

I’ll post the other ff’s after I complete this. This is a short story of almost 20 episodes. I’ll post this on alternate days only. I’ll be regular if I don’t have anymore accidents to face.

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