The Destiny Express (Episode 2) : By Anisha

“Damn it!” Sanskar banged his fist on the airport counter, frustratedly.

“Sir it’s okay! We will manage” Sanskar’s PA Aryan said, trying to calm him down.

“How will we manage?” he pressed his fingers on his temples “It’s urgent!”

“Calm down, Sir. You sit here will talk with the ground staff to make arrangements for another flight” Sanskar simply nodded, a little pleased by his answer and Aryan moved towards the staff.

After enquiring everything, Aryan returned to Sanskar, with him a bottle of water.

“Sir, I have checked everything. The supervisor says the next flight is after two hours but it is to Vishakhapatanam from there you have to take another mode to Otty”

“When will we reach Vishakhapatanam?” Sanskar asked.

“Umm.. Approximately ”

“So you mean we’ll reach Vishakhapatanam by 12 at night?” Aryan nodes positively “Then check the flight that will take off from Vishakhapatanam at 12 or after 12”

“Okay Sir” Aryan nodded and browsed on internet but there he found nothing “Sir the flight from Vishakhapatanam to Otty will take off at 3 pm tomorrow”

“And I can’t wait for one more day. Isn’t there another mode of transportation?”

“Sir there’s a train at 1 from Vishakhapatanam to Otty. But it’s…” Aryan hesitated.

“For me, my sister is most important. So book the tickets” Sanskar speaks in a cold tone and Aryan nodes.

At 12:30 AM, Sanskar reaches train station. He sits on a bench and recalls their childhood.

Sanskar’s pov

Losing a sibling is like losing our part of a body. I am still unable to think that Gini is no more with us. The girl who cheers me up, plays with me, annoys me, would rather disappear all of a sudden like this!!..

Living a life without her seems impossible but we have to go on. After dad and mom left us, she was my only support and family I had. She was my shield, my support until Swara came into my life. Both are very dear to me and I can’t live without them.

A sister is for telling secrets and making promises that will never be broken. Gini was the sweetest little thing! Words can hardly describe my love for her, she was my best friend. In the cookies of life, she is my chocolate chips. But she is no more!!..

Siblings are like streetlights along the road. They don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.

The train sound brought me back to reality, wiping my tears, I boarded the train. I looked onto the ticket, it stated THE DESTINY EXPRESS, D11, seat 666.

Sanskar’s pov ends.

Sanskar adjusted his luggage and himself into his seat. Tired, he leaned against the window pane and closed his eyes as the train started. Tears flowed again and he wiped them as the train ticket collector(TTC) approached him. Sanskar handed his ticket to him as he came closer. He looked all around but found no one. The compartment was all empty.

“Sir? The compartment is so empty?” he questioned and stared the TTC.

“This route has many trains so people are less here!” the TTC smiled and left but something pricked him, this isn’t correct!!..

“Why is it so strange?” Sanskar murmurs looking around the deserted compartment “Rare” sighing, he gets up and leaves for washroom as the train enters a tunnel. The train looks terrible with the wind blowing every time, making it harsh for him to move.

“From where did this wind come from?” he tries moving but it’s getting harder to move ahead and he stops suddenly hearing some commotion. He takes slow and steady steps towards the sound he is hearing and stops abruptly seeing some shadow.

“Who’s there?” he utters, fear building up in his heart “Who’s there?” he utters again, gulping. He hears little sobs coming from the sleeper above. There’s a girl crying and sitting hugging her knees.

“Who…who are you?” he utters terrified but the girl doesn’t stop her sobs. He notices the girl from top to bottom and the fear arouses more. The clothes she is wearing are entirely shabby with blood coated in each and every part of her body. Her arms show nail marks as if someone has forced her. Sanskar goes terrified, when she lifts her face up, having only the eye sockets and no balls. Her face covered with messy hair falling on her face. A lump forms in his throat as he gulps.

“You will meet your destiny in this route” the spirit whispers and disappears abruptly, leaving a shocked and terrified Sanskar. Sanskar faints sooner after that.

The sun rises again and the birds chirping around indicating a new day. Sanskar opens his eyes feeling warmth in his body. As soon as he opens his eyes, the first thing he sees is his beautiful wife, cuddling with him. He smiles and places a kiss on her forehead. The mere touch brings a sleepy Swara back into life.

“Good morning, love” she murmurs close to his ear.

“Good morning” he wishes back but he soon regains his senses “The last thing I remember I was in train. How come I’m here?” he asks dazed.

“Ramu kaka found you, today morning. You were unconscious laying on the platform.

“Ah!” he holds his head “I don’t remember”

“Leave it, Sanskar! It’s okay. Maybe you were stressed so you don’t remember” she tapped his shoulder.

“Hmm.. Maybe”

“Now go freshen up, fast!” she pushes him out of the bed.

“Swara beta, Sanskar….” Ramu kaka shouts from downstairs. SwaSan stare each other horrified. SwaSan climb down the stairs quickly, panicked.

As SwaSan reach down, they see the entire drawing room destroyed. The couch displaced, lamps broken, lights broken and everything messy. Swara hugs Sanskar in fear.


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