Its all about DESTINY (Episode 25)

Hi guys
This is the LAST EPISODE of this ff. As bundle of works r about to crush me ?? I’ll be really busy in coming days….so I’m ending this today itself!!
So guys bear me with this one ?
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Next day
Thapki was arranging the room n was about to open bihaan’s cupboard
Bihaan shouted on her, some insecurity, some fear was seen his eyes
She noticed it n left the room glaring at him
Bihaan(opening his cupboard) – anyone can’t see this…..these r my treasure!! (He closed his eyes, in relief)
Thapki, who was standing out the room….. Listened everything…
Thapki(mindvoice) – what’s he hiding!! …..treasure!!!…. What’s he talking about!!… I don’t know that!! But how!!! (She looked confused…. N worried)
At night
Thapki enters the room n sees bihaan was sitting on the couch, thinking something, might worried!!
“He was not like this before!!” She thought, “why’s he behaving so different!!” , “he must be hiding something!!” Number of questions were storming in her head, when his voice again grabbed her out of her thoughts….
Bihaan – I want to talk to u…..( he said with some rigidness)
Thapki – yeah….say…(she felt some pain in his eyes, she looked him confused)
Bihaan – umm….see vani….I need to be straight forward…. I…I…
Thapki, was looking him, hopefully… That he may say ” I luv u” (she smiled a bit, expecting to listen those magical words)
Bihaan – see…I..I know I did wrong to u…
Thapki looks him stunned, the guilt was clear to her by his voice
Bihaan, continued, “I should not have done this to u…but…”
Thapki – but u wanted to help a girl who was helpless that day
Bihaan looked at her, like she’s only one who will understand him!!
Thapki – I understand bihaan….. U did this for me!! (She said with a smile n tears)
Bihaan looked in her eyes, eyes which were pouring truth!! How could he ignore them!!
Bihaan – u understand…..Really!! (He smiles )
Thapki – yes bihaan…. (She too smiles, seeing his innocent smile)
Bihaan – I wanted to say u…..I’ll…I’ll be with u, n I know u can’t stay with me always….
Thapki, who was dumbfounded, just nodded her head “hmm”
Bihaan – so…will u help me? (Innocent eyes were constantly questioning him)
Thapki – help!! Of course bihaan… (She smiled)
Bihaan – tell me about u….I mean I’ll help u to find u ur way….u will always be freed from me….

Thapki looked on shocked, her bihaan is talking to leave his thapki…. Forever!! What should she say? Her heart n brain were on battle ……when bihaan interrupted….
Bihaan – tell me…I’ll help u…
(His innocent question was hurting her heart badly, which was unknown to him….his innocence was also one, which was also healing her hurts)
Finally after struggling by her thoughts…. She said
Thapki – actually…. I….I’m not a nurse
Bihaan – oh come on!! I know that….tell me about u, ur family, ur life, ur love….
Thapki looks him, hiding her tears
The tune of “Kaun tujhe” plays in BG
Thapki – ….umm..well I’m a girl who stammers…n my name is THAPKI.
She suddenly widens her eyes thinking what she said!!!
Bihaan looks at her saying…”THAPKI”…!!
Bihaan – this name sounds so friendly to me…(he said closing his eyes, a sigh of satisfaction could be noticed)
Thapki looked thankful…
Bihaan – this name is so nice….I like it!! I’ll call u thapki now…(he said with a smile)
Thapki – u like it!! (She said happily…of course she was happy!! After all he called his name after so long…n so comfortably!!)
Bihaan – n what about ur life?
Thapki – my life is just like my name….I always needed a thapki(pat) to move on ….my life my destiny always cheated me…
Bihaan – what!! See thapki….life never gives us what we can’t handle!! God must be thinking…”oh wow…this girl is so nice!! I should bless her” (he said with a joy…to inspire the girl whose tears were about to roll on her cheeks )
Thapki – u r such a dramebaaz!! (She said with a smile)
Bihaan – what about ur luv??
Thapki’s smile was paused….what to answer now!!! “About my love!!”
Bihaan – say…
Thapki – I….I was in in luv….I was very excited for the new life after my marriage…. But…
Bihaan, who was listening quietly, asked “but what thapki?”

Thapki – my destiny again grabbed my happiness…. I was cheated…I was cheated with the man whom I hated most….n he too used to hate me….
Bihaan, was again looking her eyes n tears quietly….”then?” He asked….
Thapki , these things r not affecting his mind!! But….
Thapki – then…after seeing his goodness…. His golden heart….my heart melted for him….I was wrong that he’s bad… He always showed the world that he’s a rude man….doesn’t cares for anyone… But in his dark room….he was someone else….his innocent soul was pure…that’s why destiny made me to meet him (she was so lost in telling him about him…her love)
Bihaan – wow…interesting!!so much of twists n turns in ur life!!(he said grabbing her attention towards him)
Thapki, smiles at him….totally thankful as he’s not getting any attack…
Thapki – OK leave it….now its time to sleep
Bihaan – but..wait…. On the day I was in hospital… Preeti bhabhi said “thapki saved me!” It means u saved me that day!! N except me…everyone knows about ur real name!! But how is this possible!! I didn’t know u n u….u saved me!! (He asked fully confused n was hurt….)
Thapki – le..leave all thhiss n sleep now…(she shruged by her rudeness)
But bihaan wanted to know the truth….
Bihaan – n even that day….this was scaring me so much…..the word “thapki” ….but why!! (He looked at her, she was hiding her tears her worries her eyes from him….he was seeking answer n she was seeking love)
Thapki – first take this medicine (she said worriedly)
Bihaan – see…first tell me truth….I’ll then only take this medicine… (His anger was increasing in seconds….but of course ….she should have to handle it, politely, calmly, lovingly )
Thapki – OK I’ll tell u but first take this medicine…
Bihaan grabbed the medicine from her hands n took it without any queries…. The reason was not his love….but his anger
He holds her hands tightly..
Bihaan – now tell…who r u? N why u came here?
She was hurt, by his behavior , by his question, by his query!! She was looking him stunned, her vision was getting blury by tears….

Bihaan – listen u fraud….just tell me who r u…otherwise…(his eyes were burning from anger)
Thapki – otherwise?? (She asked boldly)
He pinned her to the wall
Bihaan – otherwise it’ll not be good for u anymore!!
He looked in her eyes n she looked in his eyes…. He was angry n she was ready for it….
Bihaan felt some dizziness
Thapki helped him to the bed
Bihaan – that…that…medicine was … I’ll not leave u… (He said with the dizziness)
Thapki looked at him… Teary eyes….
Bihaan sleeps
Thapki, cries out louder, “what should I say u bihaan?” “How can I play with ur health!!” “I love u” she cried….
But there was no one to listen her….her bihaan slept…. Without listening her….
She caressed his hairs n covers him with blanket…. “I’ll give ur answers soon” she wipes her tears n kisses his forehead…whose line marks were reducing slowly as he was going to a deep sleep.
Next day
Bihaan wakes n sees his room decorated
He almost forgets whatever happened at night….he smiled seeing everything…he then saw a msg “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. BIHAAN PANDEY” he felt so new….as it was the first time he was experiencing how a b’day boy feels….don’t know about others….but he felt so special!!

He went downstairs
Whole house was decorated …
With the name of “Bihaan”
It was so different!! The feeling was so new…
He touches every part of decoration n feels them from his soul
“Wow” said he, to himself .
He called out “Maa” “Bauji” thank u so much….its so beautiful… I loved it…but where r u all? I need ur blessings…
A voice – u liked it!!
Bihaan looks at the person, ….of course …she was thapki
Bihaan was stunned
Thapki – so b’day boy… How r u feeling?
Bihaan – how dare u…
Thapki – sshhhh…
Bihaan was mesmerized over her beauty, her beautiful eyes, her beautiful lips…n beautiful finger she kept on her lips gesturing him to be silent….
Thapki – come with me…(she said softly)
Bihaan followed her without saying anything, her blue sari’s pallu was dancing in the air…she turned n was about to fall when bihaan holds her….they have an eyelock
He was seeing her eyes so passionately…. “So beautiful” he thought… Her eyelids where moving in slow motion which mesmerized him…even more…
They comes to senses
Bihaan – listen…u r a cheater…n I don’t want….
“Ssshhhh” she interrupted …..
Thapki – u want go get rid off me right? Even I want the same….I’ll go tonight itself…but I’ll give ur answers first (her tone was so soft that he had to listen her)
Bihaan – but why did u……(he was again interrupted by her eyes…. those who were looking so beautiful that no one could even think to deny the request)
Thapki – u will get all answers today….just bear me for today…(she laughed a bit)
They both comes to a room
Thapki enters n bihaan too….
He saw a beautiful suit towards him….
Thapki – wear this…
Bihaan – but…
Thapki – ssshhhh….(she looks at him…. Which mesmerizes him again) just for today… (She said softly n goes out)
After sometimes
Bihaan comes out the room n sees thapki lightening candles
Thapki looks at him…..”smart” she said to herself
Bihaan – see I told u…these suits r not for me….this tie is irritating me…
Thapki smiles n comes near him….she takes tie n turns it around his neck …bihaan looks her eyes…. while she’s busy in explaining him “how to wear a tie”
He was now ready…wearing the black suit…with tie…
Now come eat something… We’ll make today very special
He was just looking at her, she present a cake in front of him
He gets happy, enough to be seemed by thapki
She smiles n they both cut the cake together
Bihaan – u knew my birthday!! Maa told u?
Thapki(smiles) – yeah…she told me…
They both feeds cake to each other
The song “ranjana” plays in BG
She holds his hands n they both came to the car
Bihaan – wait….where r the family members? Did u gave them the medicine which u gave me at night?
Thapki (laughs) – no Mr. they r gone to neighbor’s house…to attend some ritual…
Bihaan – but wait…I don’t wanna go with u anywhere…
Thapki – plzz only today….(her eyes again caught him to follow her)
They goes to the park
(Where bihaan usually used to go when he’s upset from his life, his maa, his situation or anything…)
Bihaan sees the park n some flashbacks come before him
“He’s hugging a girl n crying hard”
“She’s consoling him”
“He’s hitting his hand on the tree”
Bihaan just sees the park…..silently
Thapki sees him…smilingly
Bihaan – this…this place is…
Thapki – this is the place where u used to come, to hide ur tears from everyone…. Do u remember?
Bihaan(stunned) – yeah….but ….but who’s that girl with me…..there see (he points finger towards the tree where he was crying n she was consoling him)
Thapki, of course, wasn’t able to see anything… As it was his illusion…. But she smiled…
Bihaan – who is she?(he says worriedly)
He hears some voice
“Bihaan, its OK…we’ll find another way…don’t cry”
Bihaan (shouts at the voice) – but who r u?? Who r u….???
Thapki – bihaan… Let’s leave….I don’t know whom u r talking about…(she said pulling his arms to the car)
Bihaan just moved to the car, silently, thinking something
Thapki (to driver) – now on other place
Bihaan – what was that images!! I…I don’t understand…
Thapki – relax bihaan… N just close ur eyes…u will feel better….
He closes his eyes… N unknowingly, his head falls on hers shoulder…
Thapki sees n smiles…
Bihaan wakes up suddenly….
(As he gets the flashback of lying his head on thapki’s shoulder when thapki took him hospital when he was injured after kidnapping, while rescuing bauji)
Bihaan – she…she was there….she is in car….she …..who’s she??
Thapki – bihaan relax…..u saw a bad dream…nothing else…!! (She smiles)
Bihaan – but….
Driver – ma’am we’re stuck in traffic!!
Thapki – no worry just drive safe…
Bihaan – I’m not feeling well ….I need to go home….
Thapki – but we’re stuck in traffic!!(she said calmly)
Bihaan – give my medicine…. I….I…need them
Thapki – what!! But they r at home….not here….(she again sounded calm)
Bihaan – why r u so calm!! Can’t u see my situation…. U always ran after me to take medicine n bla bla…now what!! (He yelled at her)
Thapki (smiles) – sir….u don’t wanted to take medicines so…I threw them!!
Bihaan – r u mad!! U threw them!! Idiot!!
Thapki – well I have an option!! U will feel better!!
Bihaan – now what?(irked)
Thapki – I can do ur head massage!! What say!!
Bihaan – oh…yes of course!! Thanks (he smiles n lies his head on her lap)
Thapki does his head massage n smiles seeing his childishness….
Head massage always was an easy way to control his anger…she knew it after she became “vani”. She stares him lovingly n the song “Kaun tujhe” starts in BG
Bihaan goes to a sleep.
When she calls someone
Thapki (in a low voice) – hello..
Dadi – how’s the situation?
Thapki – I…I…can’t do this…he’s in pain…
Dadi – no beta….don’t lose hope….he’ll be fine…u have to do this…
Doctor – thapki relax….don’t get panic….n do as we’ve decided…. Don’t panic otherwise it’ll not be good for him!!
Thapki – OK Dr. I’ll do it…
Dadi – good beta….
Doctor – how’s he behaving?
Thapki – Dr he’s getting flashbacks of our moments…. He’s s also having a slight headache …but I didn’t gave him medicines ….n he wants to go home….as u said…but thankfully we’re stuck in traffic …
Doctor – relax…don’t worry…open ur window
Thapki opens n sees a car behind hers in which dadi n Dr were seated
Doctor – see…we’re here only….if anything would happen then we’ll look after….u just don’t panic n do as it’s planned
Dadi – thapki beta…I know u can do it…if not today then he’ll never be like before….he’ll throw u out the house n we can’t will able to do anything….
Thapki – yes dadi…I’ll do everything for him…(she says while caressing his hair n teary, hopeful eyes)
Dadi – OK beta now traffic is clearing n u have to continue ur task …..all the best…(dadi cuts the call)
Thapki’ s tears touches bihaan’s cheek which disturbs him from sleep…
Thapki gets worried…
Bihaan opens his eyes n sees thapki
Thapki was holding water bottle
Thapki – what now? Had a good sleep?(she asked smilingly)
Bihaan – how dare u!! U were drinking water n spoiled my sleep throwing this water to me!! (He gets up yelling at her)
Thapki – oh I’m sorry…I didn’t noticed…(she said calmly)
Bihaan – u….. I want to go home…see there’s no traffic now!! We can leave
Thapki – bihaan sir…plzz for today only…I want to make ur b’day special…
Bihaan – why should I listen to u!! I mean u betrayed me!! U changed ur name ! U r not giving my answers….n even then see…how stupid of me!! I’m doing as u r saying!! U r not even nurse !! N wow!! I even don’t know who r u …n u r giving b’day surprises to me…..I mean seriously!! Either I’m fool or u r smart!! (He fumes)
Thapki – sir…u told the answers!! See….u don’t know me…n even then… U helped me….u saved me….n for that sake….I’m giving u the gifts that “u truly deserve” (she smiled n said so softly… He looked at her…)
Bihaan – well if u will leave after today…maa will be really happy!!
Thapki looks at him, questioned face
Bihaan – I..I mean u r leaving today that’s why I’m telling u….maa didn’t liked u….she will be happy when u will leave (he said with a sad smile )
Thapki looks in his eyes, “n u?” She asked
The song “ranjana” plays in BG
Bihaan was speechless, he just looked at the depth in her eyes
Driver – ma’am we’ve reached…
They both comes to senses
Come bihaan… We’ll go for a walk
Bihaan – no I’m not in mood to…
Thapki (innocently) – plzz
Bihaan – OK…it’s only for today!! (He looked thankful)
Thapki smiles n they proceed
(This was the place behind mata rani temple where goons kept thapki n bihaan after kidnapping)
Bihaan,again, feels something …..some flashbacks were before him
Bihaan – really!! In the whole city, u found only this place for walk!!
Thapki – this place is very close to my heart(she smiles n sees bihaan)
Bihaan – how can this place be close to ur heart!! U r such a mysterious person!!(he says irritatingly)
Thapki – it’ll be revealed soon (she smiled)
They both continued the walk
Bihaan – this…this place…..I …I had came here…
Thapki looks him, hopefully
Bihaan – run….they’ll catch us….come on
Thapki understood that he’s getting flashback when they were escaped from the kidnapping…she smiles
Bihaan – no no no…run fast…..otherwise they’ll ….they’ll…. N
(he feels dizzy)
Thapki, gets worried, “r u OK….bihaan…. See no one is behind us…we’re safe see…” She said.
“No see there I’m hiding with her n they’re searching for us, they’ll find us” he screams n sits on his knees
Thapki, consoles him, keeps his head near hers, n says “see bihaan no one can do anything to u…see…”
His fearful eyes opened on listening her words…he felt a comfort, he might seeking from so long….
Thapki – see u r safe…
“But she was again with me” he screamed
Thapki – who’s she?? Whom r u talking about?? Tell….(she asked worriedly n hopefully…. She knew of course the girl is she…herself!!)
Bihaan – I don’t know…. But she’s there…see there hiding with me (he again pointed where they were hidden after escaping from goons)
Thapki gets tears seeing his condition…
He feels dizzy…
She calls the driver n makes bihaan sit in the car
Thapki – r u fine?? Take this water (she makes him drink water)
She was so sad after seeing his condition
“His innocent soul is getting punished, he’s bearing so much pain….just bcoz of me!!” She said to herself
Thapki sits in n sees bihaan unconscious
Thapki – bihaan… Wake up…bihaan…
Doctor n dadi’s car arrives there
Thapki explains them everything….
Doctor checks him
“I can’t do this anymore” she cries n hugs dadi
Dadi consoles her
“I can’t be so selfish…. I can’t snatch his life….I can’t ” she said.
Doctor – he’s fainted bcoz of shock….no worry he’ll be fine soon
Thapki looked satisfied
Dadi – see thapki if he’ll not gain his memory today….he may will never be able!! He’ll throw u out of his house n his life…
Thapki thinks of “how shraddha scared him in her absence” , “how his mother always betrayed him”
Dadi – he needs u thapki ….he’s alone…
She wipes her tears
“Yes dadi…u r right…he needs me” she said with a sparkle in her eyes.
Dadi hugs her “all my blessings is with u” she said.
Doctor – next area is very risky….u should have to be careful n behave normally
Thapki – I’ll take care
Thapki touches dadi’s feet
Bihaan slowly opens his eyes n finds his head on her lap
He sees her, she too slept keeping her hand on his head n other hand on his chest.
He sees her n gets up slowly , keeping her hands safe on her lap
He sees her mesmerized, her hair was disturbing her sleep ….
He then turns to see out the window
Her head falls on his shoulder
Bihaan sees her n remembers how she always helped him in every tough situation… How she consoled him always n how he felt safest with her…
He smiles…na…..plays in BG
Thapki opens her eyes n gets up awkwardly
Thapki – I…I’m sorry…..I…
Bihaan – its OK
She smiles n he too smiles, awkwardly
Bihaan – by the way r u done? I mean the day is about to over
Thapki – no…the day is about to over….not yet overed!! Well do u want to go to restaurant?
Bihaan – yes…I’m hungry.
Thapki – OK so let’s go in the restaurant
In restaurant
Thapki – see this place is also very close to my heart…. (She smiled staring bihaan)
Bihaan, who was again getting flashbacks, as it is the same restaurant he injured.
Thapki – what happened? U r fine na!!
“Hmm” nodded he.
Thapki gets tensed n looks at doctor, doctor gestures him to stay calm.
They both gets seated at the same table, where the incident happened.
Bihaan sees around the restaurant with his fearful eyes….he was getting flashbacks…. But calms himself anyhow….
Thapki was easily recognizing it
Thapki – what r u thinking?
“He hears a girl’s laughing”
“He, then, hears a sound -please leave bihaan… She cries”
Bihaan( shouts) – no….no…who r u!! Come before me…
He shuts his ears tightly
Thapki gets worried
Everyone present there laughs at bihaan
Bihaan sees this n gets more uncomfortable
Thapki sees this n gets angry
“Shut up u all” she shouts
Everyone looks at her, including bihaan, who was holding his head.
Doctor n dadi looks at her.
Thapki (shouts) – how dare u all laughing at him!! He’s not well these days it doesn’t mean u will make fun of him…n yes let me tell u ….u all r responsible for this…yes u all. If that day anyone of u even tried to help us …then today he should also be like u all. But I’m thankful… My husband is not like u all…u all r a coward… But not he… So don’t ever dare to laugh at him or anyone like him…
Bihaan (looks her with his dizzy eyes) – thap…thapki…
She looked at him, worried.
Thapki – bihaan… Let’s go home…come
Bihaan holds her hand, trembling.
“No” he said.
Thapki – no bihaan…we should leave from here
Bihaan, who was lying on the ground , half consciously
Thapki – don’t act stubborn, let’s leave (she said harshly , but the concern could be easily measured)
Bihaan – who r u?
Thapki – we’ll talk later about it
Bihaan – no…u said u r my wife …n what were u talking about “that day”
Doctor n dadi rushes to him
Bihaan – tell me…I..I wanna know..
Doctor – see Mr. Pandey u r not well now!! U have to take rest
Thapki’s tears were uncontrollable
Bihaan – no…I just need my answers today..say thapki
Thapki – I’ll tell u bihaan… I’ll tell u everything
Bihaan faints
Everyone takes him to car
Thapki – doctor plzz check him…
Doctor checks him…..
Doctor – thapki ….it was our last step…but it doesn’t happened as per plan.
Thapki – I’m sorry …I’m sorry dadi….I failed in my mission…. How could I do this!! (She cries harder n hugs dadi)
Doctor – take him home n let him rest. Now I don’t know what to do…I’m sorry
Thapki – no I can’t do this to him…I …I have to do something… I’ll not leave him like this(she says wiping her tears)
Dadi sees her.
At Pandey nivas
Bihaan opens his eyes slowly n sees the blurred vision
The room is dark, all curtains dancing bcoz of wind..
He gets up from the bed slowly…. He walks trembling
A light glows slowly on a photo frame of “thapki-bihaan” in the family photo
Bihaan gets shocked seeing it…
He again moves a step forward a light again glows
He sees thapki n his picture, of doing pooja,he takes a step back in shock
He collides with another photo frame, it falls n “bihaan filling thapki’s hairline by vermilion” it was their marriage pic
Bihaan was stunned
The song “darmiyaan” plays in BG

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh to tha tere mere darmiyaan
Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh ab tod doon
Ya phir yoon hi chhod doon, darmiyaaan
Benaam rishta wo..
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho na sake jo bayaan, darmiyan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh to tha tere-mere darmiyaan..

(English – that, which was beyond words,
which filled the emptiness,
something was there between you and me..
what turn should I give to this relation,
should I break this relation,
or should I leave it, in between-
that nameless relationship,
which makes (you and me) restless,
which cannot be described (in words),
in between, in between..
there was something in between you and me..)
Bihaan walks looking at shadow of the girl removing the curtains , desperately…
The girl walks n he follows her
Meanwhile, the song plays in BG
He tries to clear his vision n follows her, trembling
The girl disappears
He searches her, confused
The lights r off, suddenly
He stands still at his place
When he hears a voice
Voice – “I’ll never waste ur tears”
“U r my chuk chuk gadi”
“Look at the moon”
“It’s as beautiful as mine”
Bihaan listens all the statements, n becomes restless
Voice – do u remember anything? Our promises? Our relationship?
Bihaan searches behind the curtains…restlessly.. He wanted to know from where the voice is coming!! So friendly to him!!
The light sparkles slowly n he sees her in the middle of the darkness, curiously…. But was unable to see anything clear…
He comes to her n removes the curtains hurriedly…. but again she disappears
Voice – someone made promises to me…..n then left me in the darkness…
Voice – someone taught me how to live….n then left me in the darkness…
“Nooooo” he screams.
Voice – someone taught me how to love….n then forgot me…in this darkness…
Bihaan was all confused!!
Voice – someone supported me every time…..n then left me in the darkness…
All the flashbacks were dancing in front of bihaan
“The laughing girl”
“Chuk chuk gadi”
“Talking to moon, about moon”
“Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey ”
Bihaan – who r u….tell me …who r u(he screams in fear n curiosity)
Voice – u forgot me bihaan…. How could u…leave me in the darkness… Come bihaan… Save me…help me…I need u…
A light sparkles slowly on her face…
She was thapki
His chuk chuk gadi
She was staring him….her face was asking too many questions
He sees the blurred vision of the girl
Voice – u said me to leave u…how can I leave u bihaan…u left me… Alone… All alone…
Bihaan (shouts) – noooo….thapki….I’ll….I’ll….never leave u alone…my chuk chuk gadi
He bends on his knees…
Bihaan – I’ll never leave u …..never….(he cries n all pain could be felt in his words)
Voice – but I’m leaving bihaan…. Forever
“Noooo” he cries….all his heart out
“I love u chuk chuk gadi”, “come back ….plzz”
Someone keeps hand on his shoulder
He turns to see…it was thapki….only n only his thapki
He hugs her tight n says “I can’t live without u…u know na!!….never ever leave me thapki…I’m urs n only urs… My chuk chuk gadi”
Thapki too hugs him n cries saying “never bihaan… We’ll always be one”
They both shared a passionate hug
DESTINY forced them to stay TOGETHER
TOGETHER they understood the meaning of “TOGETHERNESS”
DESTINY even played tricks to THEM!!
but EVERY TIME…. HE was with SHE n SHE was with HE….
now they r strong enough to FIGHT WITH THEIR DESTINY…..”TOGETHER”
TOGETHER is now a BIG WORD n WHOLE WORLD for them….
DESTINY joined the two souls
DESTINY then , even spared the two souls
DESTINY did everything …to make their BOND stronger
It’s all about DESTINY.
THE END ~~~~~~

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  1. ???? Last Episode !!!!????
    Di why …. I thought to congratulate you for completion of 25 episodes … But Di u completed it …. The way u depicted all the scenes …. First by Kaun Tujhe and then by Darmiyaan ….. Di outstanding …??? … Can’t describe it … Di I am literally like why did u do this … This episode was as usual indescribable … Can’t describe it in mere words ..? … Di Plz Plz write another ff on Thahaan soon … Di u r so talented … Plz di … I will miss it ff very much ???

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u naira ❤
      Ur comments r really precious to me ?
      I’m so sorry dear but I had to do this ?
      I’ll definitely come back with an OS or TS asap dea❤
      I’ll miss u too ???
      N glad u liked my ff this much!! ❤❤
      Luv u ❤
      Stay blessed ?

  2. Vinni dear…last epi… i thought it would be still more to come.. but it’s ok, i understand you’re bussy. After all, it’s been a great ff. Your ff reminds me that in tpk dadi always believe that thahaan is destinied to be together. And in your ff dadi always supports thapki. I like that.
    Wish you success in everything that you do. And if you have time please comeback with another ff. Thank you and take care. 🙂

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks for liking my ff dea❤
      N other thanks for ur best wishes to me ❤
      I’ll come back soon ?
      Tc ?

  3. Jacqueline Nicole

    What .. !!! What happnd !!?!? Y r u ending this dear…? U knw we love it right.? Then y !? Noooo! One of my fav is ending tdy ! I never expect ths… whatever who never fail to impress me wth ur stories sooo sweet ending darlg. Awsm ff ever!! The last part was mrvls ! Seriously u gt grt talents dear… im gonna miss ur updates.. but pls na come back with anthr ff of thahaan. I wll always there waiting for ur next ff. Love u soooo much and ur ff ! U burnd it dear! I really really love ths ff… amazing ending! Hope u come back… im gonna miss u dear.. :'( :'(

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much Jacqueline for always being there for me ???
      I’m so sorry dear but I had to do it ? hope u understand?
      I just luv u dear ?
      I’ll be back soon with an OS or TS for sure ?
      N yes I’m going to miss u n ur comments very much ?
      Will definitely come back n wait for ur comment ❤❤❤
      Luv u ?

  4. Beautiful display their emotions. Loved every bit of your story.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks mala ??

  5. Sulbi

    Vinni… i cant believe it… u finished this… am really upst yaar… but the episode was outstanding… u r brilliant girl…. fantastic writer…. u portrayed the part very well… the way u express bihaan n thapki feeling was awsme… i loved it… u nailed it dear… try to come with another ff… will be waiting for it… love you… all the best for ur future… tc dear… 🙂 will be missing ur ff… 🙁

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Sulbi ?
      I’m sorry dear but trust me I’ll be back soon ?
      Luv u too❤
      N thanks for ur wishes ?
      Tc ❤


    I hate you
    Don’t dare to talk to me
    If u stand front of me….
    Nehi nehi…

    Di really sorry
    Talk to you like this
    But you no na
    That I love ur ff very much
    How v talk to each other
    I really miss you

    Di I understant ur problem very well
    Because I m also a student..
    Di if u really have a lot of work
    So take ur time
    And then cntinue
    plz don’t say
    That it is last

    Sorry di
    now offically

    Mindblowing fan fic…

    Plz come back with another ff

    Or deke last m BHAV
    Ka lea na
    Who said to u that
    Or how dare to think
    That ur not a good author..
    And v r betrayed u

    Di u cant belive
    But i m weeping

    Plz come back
    Lots of hugs,loves,kisses
    Love you so much

    I really miss you…
    Plz come back
    You know ur the one
    In tellyupdates
    Jis se m itna jyeda friendly hu

    Plz foegive me
    If I hurt u…

    1. Vinni7

      Oh my God!! Kudrat!! I’m so sorry I hurted u ?
      But dear what can I do!! I’m going to be super busy in coming days ….so I thought to end it
      Hope u understand
      N yes I’ll be back soon with an OS or TS, I promise ?
      Don’t get sad dear ?
      I’ll miss u too ?
      N mmai bhaav ni kha rhi thi , writing n romance is actually not my cup of tea ??? BUT IM REALLY GLAD U LIKED MY FF SO MUCH N SUPPORTED ME THIS MUCH!!

  7. Nice episode

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Aanchal ❤

  8. are yaar why you end soo abruptly your story was going great

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks ayaan …..but I had to…

  9. Nice episode.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks rifa ?

  10. Manish ki deewani

    oh vinni u end this ff sooooooooo soon u give me shock but u write that u will write os ansd ts so dear wait 4 u loved ur ff best of luck 4 ur studies take care love u come back

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much dear ❤
      N yeah I’ll write an OS soon ?
      Luv u ❤

  11. cong for 25 epi….but sad its end now….nut u create a very great scenes….yr u are fab….i wil waight for ur nxt ff….

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks sadia ? I’ll try to be back soon with an OS ?

  12. U left so many questions behind with this last episode. It is nice by the way but yet not complete. I think u needed to write 3 or 3 more episode to clear everything but it’s understandable that you’re busy . I wish I could read more episode with great ending from u cause ur story was one of the great ones and I really really liked it .
    Anyhow good luck and try to write more if u get time .

    1. Vinni7

      Yeah Sarah I thought to write 2 3 episodes but I’m busy so…..
      N thanks for liking it this much ? will write something else soon ?

  13. Vinni darling tumhe khud nhi pata tumne kiya kya hai… It was a last episode but in itself a blockbuster…. the full episode was beautifully written but the last part bihaan searching for those illusions was so emotional… lekin rock toh tumne last lines me kiya “It’s all about destiny… ” This part touched my heart the most.. It was beautifully written dear… your ending was superb.. I hope you will be back with something new…. all the best dearie… And please do keep reading my ff too….love you

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much Ritz ❤
      I’m glad u liked it this much?
      N yes I do read ur ff n I luv it so much ?

      1. Yes I really loved the ending, those lines how it matched with your ff title….awesome

  14. Sorry di
    But I really miss u
    Lts of love sussces,hugs,blessings,kisses
    love u
    Love u so much

    Plz qpna dhyen rekna

    Oe ager mera man kere to m kya aap ko msge ker sakti hu..

    1. Vinni7

      Yes plzz anytime u can msg me dear !
      In fact i will be waiting for it ?
      Luv u ❤
      Tc ?

  15. Alm.Abi

    dont hve words.. my God… touches my soul.. i was feeling that i am actually present at the location… seriously marvelous…. hope to see you back with new creation.. stay blessed..

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u dear for so much for appreciation dear ?
      Will be back soon❤

  16. Lu di
    Apna dhyen rekna..
    Good night,
    Sweet dreams..

    Jaldi jaldi aa jao
    Hum sab aap ka intzaar krege..

    1. Vinni7

      ??? I posted an OS ? do read it dear

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