Hello everyone.. I knew now too I am late.. sorry for that.. now back to story..
Ab; tum…
It was rishab…
Pragya is in shock to see him here..
Ri: so Mrs.. pragya.. what’s all this.. why you cheat our company…
Ab; rishab.. what are you talking..
Ri:call me sir…
Ali; you are right Bhai…
Pr; aliya tum…
Ri; yes.. she is here… and she is my sister too..
Ranveer comes there..

Ran; she is my sister and this is my brother which I talk about yesterday.. so whats this.. how this variation in account comes up…
Ab; how can we knew..
Ri; what?? As you both are dealing with our accounts.. so it’s your fault.. look we have proof that.. there happens a transaction about tax from company account.. but it’s not seen as paid for tax…
Pr: I knew its all your game plan..
Ali; game..???
Ri; if you need money then you can ask us.. is there any need of looting money from us.. now look abhi is going to pay for this..
Pragya look at abhi.. police arrest abhi.. and take him with them.. pragya shouts abhi and cries…
Ali; poor pragya…
Ri: pragya… now what are you going to do..
Ali; you think you are too over smart right..
Ra: sorry Mrs. Pragya abhishek mehra.. I knew you both are innocent.. didnt do anything.. but what to do.. iam so selfish in case of sister and brother.. as you and abhi came in their way what to do.. I have to do this telling this he leaves..

Ri; pragya.. go and tell to purbul.. as your hus got arrested…
Aliya and rishab smiles at her and goes..
Pragya goes to flat..
Bul; di.. where you both go? Where is abhi…
Pur; haa.. where is abhi…
Bul: di.. why are looking so sad. Do you cry..
Pur; pragya is there any issue.. tell to us.. where is abhi.. it was that time rishab came with abhi…
Actually abhi is not in conscious.. as because of police treatment…
Pragya rushed to abhi.. she holds him.. and make him lies on bed.. she started to cry… calling abhi…
Bulbul take first aid box and give to abhi.. all are tensed..
Pur; rishab… what really happened… purab and rishab goes out of the room..
Pur; rishab.. what happened…
Ri; actually.. I saw Antigya leaving from theaters in tension. So I too follow them… they went to office.. as there
Some issues about account.. there is fraud play take place they arrest abhi.. as M.D. of that company is my family friend… with his help.. I make him release.. but here the treatment of police towards culprit is so bad..
Pur; thanks rishab.. if you not there then…
Ri; what is this purab.. what is the need of such formalities between us.. let’s call some doctor..
Doctor come and check abhi..
Do; it’s k.. wounds are not too deep.. but he need perfect rest for one week.. I have given injection… to reduce pain.. because of that may be he will sleep long.. don’t worry about that..
Pur; thanks doctor..
Doctor leaves.. pragya is with abhi.. holding his hands..
Bul; di.. don’t be sad.. doctor told na.. it’s k..
Pur; bulbul.. they all leaves.. leaving abhigya alone..
Pragya is sobbing continuously… she kissed on his forehead… pragya slowly moves her fingers around his wound on his body.. she kissed on his hand.. and cries…

Scene shifted to outside the room..
Pur; bulbul.. leave pragya alone for sometime..
Ri; yes you are right
Bul; but purab.. what was happen in office.. who will do it purposefully..
Ri; is there is some enemy to abhi there..
Bul; no.. may be aiswarya..
Pur; no.she is innocent.she isn’t..
Ri; let’s find out.. k now I am leaving..
Purbul come back to abhigyas room and sees pragya too slept.. in sitting position without disturbing them they goes out…
Screen shifted to alishab..
Ali; rishab. What happened there..
Ri: all happened as we planned..
Ali; but abhigya knew na we are behind this play.. I told you na.. there is no need of our direct entry there.. we can make all this happened by Bhai… but it’s your decision na.. if abhigya tell our truth to purbul then..
Ri; aliya.. nothing will happen.. already they knew that. We are against them and play inBetween.. if they don’t knew that.. then abhigya will not join.. and now it will be great fun to play between prabul and abhigya… abhigya did a great fault by don’t telling the truth behind the marriage… prabul.. believe us.. and in this case too they believe us.. they can’t make any evidence against us..
Ali; rishab.. but abhigya is not like we think…
Ri; we too are not like them.. aliya you don’t take tension.. you will get your purab and I will get my bulbul.. now our play is direct.. and it is split and play..
Aliya smiles…

Ranveer comes there..
Ran; rishab.. aliya… I don’t think what you are right.. for the first time I did cheating in my business.. that’s for you both…
Ali; bhaiyya.. I knew that… you did it because of your love towards us.. like wise bhaiyya we loves them too..
Ri; bhaiyya.. please try to understand…
He goes..
Ali; rishab.. bhaiyya is in dilemma..
Ri; yes.. we can’t take more advantage of him..
Episode ends..

I knew guys you have doubt.. why pragya is silent.. why all of this happened… let’s wait and watch..

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