Its all about DESTINY (Episode 24)

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Thapki, in shock n pain, rubs his palm, she tries to wake him up
But nothing happens
Thapki takes him to hospital
In hospital
Thapki – “doctor…. What happened to him? Why isn’t he opening eyes n talking to me!!!”
(She presses her eyelids to release her tears)
Doctor – thapki ….he’s fine now!!
Thapki – but what had happened to him??
Doctor – see thapki…I think he was getting some flashbacks… Had he done something which is connected to his past?
Thapki remembers about
“How he filled his hairline”
“How he heard the word “a stammering girl”
She then remembers how that word might was disturbing his mind
“He even came to hospital n found other vani instead of his vani”
Thapki explains everything to doctor
Doctor – ohh!!! I see….(thinking something….) Call me when he’s awake… I need to check him
Thapki nods, hopefully n in tension
Doctor leaves

All the things were flashing before thapki when she hears a voice
Her eyes ran towards bihaan, who was lying on bed holding her hand
Thapki – yes bihaan….
Bihaan (staring, by uplifting his one eyebrow) – oh bihaan!!!
Thapki – I…I…mean Sir…. (She smiles covering her mistake n pain)
Bihaan – no vani…u can call me bihaan now!! N I’m sorry….I…did so wrong to u…(realized his mistake…. But didn’t knew is he really wrong!!)
Thapki(ignoring everything, just showed her concern to bihaan) – it’s time to go home now…how r u feeling now?
Bihaan – much better…. Can we leave now plzz….I feel suffocated here (he said with a smile, innocent one!!)
Thapki – yeah we’ll leave (she smiles on his innocence)
Doctor enters the room
Doctor – how r u feeling Mr. Bihaan?
Bihaan – fine doctor…just want to leave this hospital as soon as possible!! (He said with a mischievous smile)
Doctor(smiles at him) – yes of course!! Mr. Pandey ….just some formalities left!!
Thapki looks everyone, silently…. Might thinking everything gets fine with bihaan…
Doctor – umm… By the way Mr. Pandey … Did u saw something, something like blurry images or….
Bihaan – yes….I’ve seen something ,
“A girl in a bridal attire”
(The girl was thapki on her wedding day)
(When bihaan filled thapki’s hairline on their marriage)
“Crying girl”
(She was thapki who was crying as she got married to bihaan)
Thapki gets shocked n hopeful at the same time, on hearing bihaan is remembering about their marriage
Bihaan again gets an headache,which kicks out thapki’s every hope but she was thankful that bihaan is fine! doctor interferes
Doctor – it’s OK Mr. Pandey…no need to think this much!!
Thapki looks worriedly, she caresses his shoulder which makes him feel relaxed
Doctor – u r absolutely fine!! Mr. Pandey …don’t think about them…they may r just ur bad dream….better ignore it!!
He says with a smile…bihaan trusts him
Thapki – now we can go home…(she smiles seeing his curious face to go home)
Doctor – yes sure
He leaves
Thapki – bihaan…. I’ll be back after filling some formalities (she smiles n leaves )
Bihaan looks confused….n thinks about his mother’s words…which he hadn’t followed for the first time in his life….”I deserve a punishment” he said to himself
Thapki – doctor’s he?(she sounded so hopeful)
Doctor – see his physical injuries almost recovered!! But…
Thapki – but??…(this “but” might hurted her “hope”)
Doctor – he’s getting flashbacks as I already told u….but don’t let him think too much…be with him as much as u can…support him….spend some good times…make him feel stress free…
Thapki – yes sure doctor… I’ll do anything… (She smiles with tears)
Bihaan – vani…what will u do??
Thapki widens her eyes in fear,
Doctor – nothing Mr. Pandey …she just needs to pay the bill of medicines
Bihaan – oh…so no worry miss vani!! I’ll pay them!
Thapki – no… I…I paid (she smiles n covers her tears)
Bihaan – u r just impossible!! Anyway let’s leave now!!
(He said with a right on thapki, which makes thapki glad from inside, as she was thirsty for these small things)
He leaves n thapki follows him
They reached Pandey nivas
Everyone gets glad seeing them
Preeti – omg vani!! U r here again!!
Suman – but vani…this vermilion!!
Dadi rushes to them happily
Dadi – beta….this vermilion!!!(she asks happily)
Bihaan – dadi…I filled vermilion in her hairline
Everyone looks on shocked
Bihaan was just looking at vasu, hopefully….might seeking a smile from his mother…but he didn’t get it
Dadi – it means u r married now!!(she says happily)
Vasu Bahu…come n do their aarti
Vasu does so, n stares at bihaan, angrily
It was only noticeable to bihaan… Not even thapki noticed it!!
“Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu” plays in BG, when thahaan enters the house.
Dadi (to vasu,in a low n happy tone) – see vasu bahu…even their destiny wants them to be together!!
Vasu pretends to smile
In dadi’s room
Dadi – thapki beta…I’m so happy for u today!!
Thapki – but dadi…its not right..
Dadi – what’s not right thapki!!
Thapki(tensed) – umm….he married me without knowing the truth!!
Dadi(smiles) – but its also a truth that bihaan is ur husband!!
Thapki blushes
Dadi – thapki beta….everything is happening as it is written!! No need to worry he’ll be fine soon…n everything will be fine!!
Thapki – I hope dadi…(she smiles)
Dadi – now go n take rest u must be tired today!!
In bihaan’s room
Bihaan was thinking about his maa
When she entered the room….
It was vasu
Bihaan – maa…(he was happy n guilty at the same time)
Vasu – after doing this u r calling me maa!!
Bihaan – maa listen me once…plzz
Vasu – there’s nothing left to listen bihaan….. U showed today how much I value to u!!(she says angrily n tauntingly)
Bihaan, was unable to bear her words,
“No maa plzz”
“I’m ur son”
He cries
Vasu(rudely) – my son!! Really! I’m sorry for what I did!!
Bihaan looks at her with tears
Vasu – yes bihaan… I did a big mistake by trusting u…today …I just gave a small work….to throw that girl out of this house… N what u did!! U married her!!
Bihaan(in tears n in a painful voice) – maa…I know I did a big mistake…. But it doesn’t mean u r not valued to me….everyone knows ur value in my life….u r before God for me….(he cries)
Vasu – oh plzz….now just stop this drama!! U r not my real son that’s why u did this to me….(vasu stares at him angrily n leaves)
Bihaan sits n cries.
Thapki enters the room
Bihaan suddenly wipes his tears
Thapki looks him, confused
Bihaan – listen I’m sorry for whatever I did to u…but…
Thapki – no need…(she smiles slightly)
Bihaan looks her, his confused eyes makes thapki change his words,
Thapki – umm…I mean …very nice bihaan pandey!! First do a big mistake n then say “sorry” !! Do u think even what others think?(she said as doesn’t wanted bihaan to know how happy she is!!)
But her words after his maa’s word hurted him more.
Thapki – now…take ur medicines n sleep
Bihaan – I’m not in mood to……(thapki interferes)
Thapki – listen…I’m not ur nurse now!! I’m ur wife!! U have to listen my orders….(she said in ordered tone)
Bihaan – fine!! Give medicines n leave me!! Jailer(he irked)
Bihaan stares her angrily, n thapki controls her smile
Thapki went to sleep on couch n bihaan on bed
Thapki (mindvoice) – u don’t even have any idea about how much I love u bihaan…. I wish I could tell u..I know bihaan ur pure heart made u help a girl unknowingly, she’s ur wife…n I’ll behave like that normal girl to whom u did this!! I’ll tease u now partner!!… (Smile passed from her repairing heart)
Bihaan (mindvoice) – maa…I did it for a reason…I wish I could tell u!!… But what can I do!! Even vani is getting me wrong!!(tears passed by his broken heart)
Next day
Thapki wakes up n sees bihaan sleeping
She smiles n makes his blanket properly
The song “Kaun tujhe” starts in BG

“tu jo mujhe aa mila
sapne hue sirphire
haathon mein aate nahi
uDte hain lamhe mere”

(English – when you came and met me,
my dreams went crazy.
I’m not able to hold them in my hands,
my moments now fly..)

“meri hansi tujhse
meri khushi tujhse
tujhe khabar kya beqadar”

(English – my smiles are from you,
my happiness is from you,
but you don’t have an idea, O careless one.)
After sometimes
Thapki gets ready before the dressing table
She was wearing orange saree
She does her hairs when water droplets disturbed bihaan’s sleep
He wakes up, irritatingly,
N sees her, mesmerized
She wears earrings
She wears bindi
She wears bangles
N then her hands goes to the vermilion box
She stops n smiles happily
(She thinks about the day she was here as a nurse n was very thirsty for this vermilion)
Thapki(mindvoice) – see bihaan… This vani is wearing the vermilion of thapki ….plzz come back n give thapki’s right back to her !! (She smiles with tears)
Bihaan was imagining her in slow motion.
Thapki sees him, with a smile
Thapki – bihaan… U wake up!!
Bihaan, who was lost, comes to his senses
Bihaan – umm….
Dadi’s voice enters to their room, “bihaan thapki beta come downstairs we’ll do Pooja”
Thapki – I’m going …u be ready n come fast
Bihaan nods
Thapki again comes in room
Bihaan – what?
Thapki – don’t forget to take ur medicines
Bihaan gets irked, n stares her
She goes
Bihaan – this girl!!
Thapki again comes in
Bihaan – now what?
Thapki – u have to take that red n white tablets
Bihaan (irked) – OK mahan aatmaa
She leaves
Bihaan – irritating!!
Thapki again comes in
Bihaan(irked) – now what!!!
Thapki – u must not knowing where’s ur medicine… I’ll give
Bihaan – wait….u r doing this to irritate me right!!
Thapki – no I just came to give u medicine
Bihaan – shut up…I know where my medicines r!!
Thapki(folds her hands) – oh really!! Where r they Mr. Bihaan Pandey!!(she taunts him)
Bihaan, was irked , n was searching his medicines
Thapki – err..(clears her throat) did u find it!!
Bihaan – no…I know…u kept it at place where I couldn’t find n u can win the argument easily!!
Thapki controls her laughter n bihaan hides his failure, innocently
Thapki finds his medicine n gives him in his hand
Bihaan stares at her, annoyingly
Thapki leaves, smiling silently
Someone again enters the room
Bihaan – now what vani!!
He turns n sees it was vasu
Bihaan (happily) – maa…u!!
Vasu – u r even unable to recognise ur maa….u only remember of that vani!! Nice (she says tauntingly)
Bihaan – no maa…I was just….(worriedly)
Vasu – enough bihaan…. I’m not here to listen ur explanations!! Just call ur wife I’ll give her this saree
Bihaan – but she’s ready n is downstairs
Vasu – great!! U r seeing this na!! She’s insulting me on her first day of marriage!!
Bihaan – its nothing like that…..
Vasu – leave it now….
She leaves
Bihaan gets sad
Everyone was doing aarti
When dadi asks bihaan n thapki to do aarti together
Thapki gets happy
Bihaan sees vasu, she gives him annoying look, which makes him sad
They both does aarti n takes everyone’s blessings
Thapki(mindvoice) – thank u God for this new beginning of my life…plzz make bihaan regain his memory.
Bihaan(mindvoice) – God.. I know I didn’t did right with this girl n even with my maa….help vani to find her way fast…n I can’t see maa talking me like this God….I wish she could forgive me…(his eyes gets teary)
#Precap – bihaan n thapki spent some good times

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