Its all about DESTINY (Episode 23)

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The episode starts
In thahaan room
Bihaan was very much scared of whatever happened, he was hugging thapki , not because of love,but, bcoz of fear. He was trembling badly which was pouring guilt in thapki’s heart, a big guilt!!
Thapki – no one will do anything to u bihaan….
(Bihaan felt a comfort, which he was seeking, might from long )
Bihaan – r u sure??(he asked with an innocence, a fear, a lil comfort)
Thapki – yes bihaan…. No one will hurt u… Till I’m with u.
Tears were rolling from thapki’s eyes, a big guilt was seen in her tearful eyes, the tight hug was explaining it all!
She then makes bihaan sit on bed
Thapki – bihaan…. See no one is here….
Bihaan’s scared eyes travelled the whole room,
Thapki’s eyes were following his eyes n tears were following hers
Bihaan’s face expressed some comfort, which brings a slight relaxation on thapki’s expression
Thapki – now take this (she forwards her hand with medicines)
Bihaan, who was speaking anything… Coz of fear…..shock..or he may not wanted to, it was noticeable enough by thapki
Thapki , then gives him water, he takes medicine without any oppose, it made thapki sad.
She then makes him lie, n caresses his hair, he sleeps.
Thapki opens his chain, sees his wounds, she applies gel on it, feeling his pain, she kisses his palm
Thapki – I’m sorry….sorry….bihaan (she cries)
Bihaan slightly moved his head in sleep.
Shraddha (to herself) – how brilliant shraddha!! That thapki was very laughing at me that day!! She was very confident on her sindoor, her mangalsutra!! She said that “the day only if bihaan himself will throw her out the house, she’ll leave the house!!” See thapki… That day came!!
I won n u lose…(she laughs)
Thapki (to moon) – bihaan… I know sorry is a small word for whatever I did to u!! I’m being punished by my destiny!! I’ll always love u bihaan (she said wiping her tears)
Next day
Thapki enters the room
She sees bihaan sleeping, she goes near him n caresses his hairs
Bihaan feels it, it was a good feeling for him, he smiled a bit in sleep, Thapki too smiled seeing his innocent smile
The song “Kaun tujhe” starts in BG
“Meri nazar ka safar, tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya, kehna tha Jo keh chuke”
(English – “The journey of my sight
stops at you only.
Is there anything more to say,
Everything that had to be said is said.”)

“meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
tujhe khabar kya be-khabar”

(English – “My eyes belong to your eyes,
what do you know, O unaware one.”)
Bihaan moves his eye lids, thapki gets up hurriedly seeing it…
Bihaan opens his eyes, slowly.
Thapki – sir….I…was just….
Bihaan – how dare u!!
Thapki (looks on shocked n confused) – Sir….
Bihaan – just shut up n leave this house!!
Thapki was stunned… Did she hearing right!! She was struggling with her thoughts when bihaan shouted….
Bihaan – r u hearing miss vani? I said u to leave the house!!
The confirmation she got was unbearable to her
Thapki – sir…what’s my mistake?
Bihaan – do u still dare to ask this? N yes keep ur chain with u(he throws it , which fells near thapki’s feet
Thapki looked at him n then realises what happened yesterday
Thapki – sir…I’m sorry for that…I didn’t wanted to do…(bihaan shouts interfering in between )
Thapki – but sir listen to me… Once
Bihaan – see vani…I’m very angry…so better do as I say…coz even I don’t know what’ll I do…
Thapki’s tears were unstoppable
Thapki (mindvoice ) – I know what’ll u do. U will throw my clothes in my bag n will drag me outside the room n then outside the house!!
Bihaan – just leave (he shouts)
All his anger is coming out from his eyes… Thapki could easily feel it
He, then, opens the cupboard n throws her clothes in her bag n drags him outside the room
She smiled a bit, even her emotions were confused… How to react!! Somewhere in her heart…she knew this day could come… But she didn’t imagined that all this would happen before he gains his memory!!
She knows she deserve a punishment, by her bihaan… But she didn’t expected punishment by her Sir!!
Bihaan – u r still here!!
(He holds her hands n drags her to the gate , everyone comes there, hurriedly)
Dadi – what r u doing?? Bihaan
Bihaan – I can’t tolerate her
Shraddha n vasundhara looked happy
Vasu – maa…its OK..he may doesn’t like her…we’ll hire another nurse
Dadi – no bihaan… U r doing wrong!!
Bihaan – I don’t want to listen anything…. I just want her to go away
Dadi – but…
Thapki – dadi…. Its OK…I’m leaving
Dadi looks on shocked
Thapki takes her blessings
Dhruv – but bihaan….
Bihaan – no bhai… I don’t want to listen anything
Thapki was in tears n was shattered…
She leaves. All memories were flashing in front of her eyes
How they spent good times…..
Their fights
Their care for each other
Bihaan didn’t even turned to see her, though she wasn’t expecting him to do so…as he’s not her old bihaan… He’s now a guy who just sees her as a nurse.
She left with the ocean of thoughts within her
Bihaan, on the other hand, was in room
When thapki was leaving to meet her family, n goes to dadi to ask whatever she’s doing is right or not!! N dadi shows her the right way
Vasu – bihaan….
Bihaan was super happy to hear her voice near him!!
Bihaan – maa…u!! Here!! (An unexpected happiness can be seen on his face n his twinkling eyes)
Vasu(ignoring all this, or may it was unrecognisable to her, or she wanted to just complete her work n then go give love to her son, dhruv) – why r u tied with this bed?
Bihaan,(didn’t cared of his tied hands) – just…. But how u here!! Do u wanted anything? U could have called me!!
Vasu – relax I just came to see u!!
Bihaan – came to see me!! (His happiness was on the peak )
Vasu – this nurse irritates u a lot!! I can see
Bihaan – no….she said its her duty so….
Vasu – she just acts to be nice to u!! She’s not like as she shows!!
Bihaan – how can u say it maa!! Had she said anything to u?
He was tensed, curious, as well his heart knew that he’s thinking wrong about her
Vasu – what to say to u now!!
Bihaan – say maa…I’ll do anything for u
Vasu – I don’t like her….see …this is not the way to treat any patient!! Do any nurse ties their patients?
Bihaan looks her , confused
Vasu – we’ll hire another nurse. I can’t see u in pain.
Bihaan, sees her happily… Her words “I can’t see u in pain” filled his emotions with a huge happiness.
Vasu – but its OK if u will choose her….instead of ur mother’s choice!!
Bihaan – no maa….there’s nothing like choosing between u both!! I’ll do as u want maa.
He didn’t even took a second to answer her, vasu was expecting this only!! She was not surprised!! But was happy what he’s going to do with that thapki.
She left the room
Meanwhile, bihaan was watching her from back…in a hope that after he’ll do what she said…he’ll get her love always …. An unsecured smile passed through his face
**flashback ends**
Bihaan was crying n vasu came to her room
Vasu – thank u bihaan!!
Bihaan – no maa…plzz don’t say this
Vasu – OK now take rest…dhruv is leaving for office…I’m going to him
Bihaan looked at her…with tears, n some expected n unexpected result…
A shattered thapki comes to temple
Thapki – God….. I always believed that one day u will do a good things to me…u even did it to me!! U gave me bihaan… A person with golden heart…n today…u snatched him too….(she beaks down n cries)
A voice – look…who’s here…
Thapki turns to see
It was diwakar, of course!!
Thapki – listen diwakar…just leave me alone
Diwakar – I will !! As everyone did!! “Left u alone!!”
Thapki looks at him, in shock, in pain!!
But it doesn’t mean….that diwakar cared!! He too was like others….just to make fun of her…she needed someone…someone who’s hers. But her eyes didn’t find anyone, who can give answers to diwakar. She was broken
Bihaan was in pain too.
Dadi came to him
Bihaan hides his tears n smiles seeing dadi
Dadi – bihaan…. U know what u did is not right!!
Bihaan removes the eye contact
Bihaan – whatever I did…was right….how can she do this to me!! Which nurse uses a jail chain!!
Dadi – how my child become so selfish!! I can’t believe what u did to tha(she was about to say thapki but stops) …I mean vani….was for the reason u told!! She tied u so u threw her out of the house!!
Bihaan – ummm…..I don’t know…n stop over thinking !!! She’s just a nurse!! N I’m fine now…that nurse’s duty is over.
Dadi – is she only a nurse for u?
(Dadi was expecting something like “no dadi…I love her”. But….)
Bihaan – yes of course!!
Dadi – she’s a nice girl…isn’t she?
Bihaan – I …I don’t know
Dadi – I told her to do that.
Bihaan looks at dadi,shocked!!
Dadi – yes…she tied u yesterday coz I said to her.
Bihaan – whattt!!! But why?
Dadi – coz I care for u!! I told her to tie u so that u can stay at home!!
Bihaan looked at her, tears n guilt at the same time!!
Dadi – go n bring her back…
Bihaan happily was leaving,but wait……what about his mother’s words?
He stopped
Dadi sees him, confused
Dadi – go…what r u waiting for?
Diwakar – what? Ur husband left u!! (He laughs)
Thapki – u don’t need to….worry about my life n my husband!!
Diwakar – oh plz… No one is even interested!! I feel pity on u!! A stammering girl!!!
Bihaan – but dadi…she’s not a nice girl….
Dadi – how do u know? Didn’t she cared u more than a nurse? Didn’t she always bear whatever u did to her?
Bihaan thinks about how that girl was always there for him!!
“How she consoled him always”
“How she didn’t slept at night just to make him comfortable”
Dadi – she’s a nice girl bihaan… N she didn’t need to proof it!
Bihaan’s heart knew that her heart is pure… But…there was some “ifs n buts” were left with him.
Dadi – don’t think bihaan…. Do what ur heart says
Bihaan’s heart was searching for thapki
He left to find her, unknowingly.
He reaches to the hospital
He goes to reception
Bihaan – plzz call ur nurse named vani
Receptionist – OK sir wait
That wait was for a long…for bihaan
A voice – yes sir..
Bihaan turned , impatiently, in a hope.
Bihaan – who r u? I’m asking for vani
Nurse – sir I’m vani
Bihaan gets shocked
Bihaan – there’s other nurse whose name is vani…call her
Nurse – sir I’m only vani here…
Bihaan walked out of the hospital, confused n thinking that his maa was right….she’s a cheater….she’s not any nurse
He remembers
“How her hands trmbles when she was doing his dressing”
“When he said – ur office came…n her reaction was surprising n confusing”
Bihaan was confused…
“Who was she then??”
“Where should I find her!!”
His headache started but he ignored it.
He walks unknowingly
She betrayed me….
But why!!
(He cries)
He reached to the temple, not to pray, just to find some peace
He listens something n rushes to it.
Diwakar – what r u doing now!! Ur husband left u… U can’t even talk properly… He must couldn’t handle ur stammering!!
Thapki – he hadn’t left me….I left him….we r divorced now!! (It was a lie but what could she do!! She didn’t wanted to listen anything about her relation n her marriage)
Diwakar – u r divorced!! That illiterate even was unable to tolerant u!! See ur position miss tha..tha..(he was about to say thapki when someone interfered )
Thapki n diwakar looked at the person
It was bihaan
Thapki looks at her, worried, tears , shocked n somewhere happily.
Diwakar (was unaware of bihaan’s memory loss) – bihaan pandey!!
Bihaan – yes!! But how do u know!! Of course u must be knowing…. I’m so popular after all!!
Diwakar gets confused… But ignores
Thapki (scared if diwakar will say something ….he can get attack again!!) – why u came here? Go back
Diwakar – oh wow!! See this!!
Thapki – diwakar just shut up n leave (worriedly)
Bihaan – no vani… How can he talk any girl like this!!
Diwakar – vani!!
Thapki widened her eyes in fear
Thapki – nothing diwakar …n leave us
Bihaan – hlo Mr. Short height…..u r taunting him without knowing even her name!! She’s vani my….(thapki interrupts)
Thapki – ummm…no need to talk all that
Diwakar – wait a sec…. U r not ur husband anymore n she’s not ur wife anymore!!
Bihaan looks at her, trying to understand what diwakar wanted to say!
Thapki – diwakar stop…n stay away. My husband left me bcoz I stammer. (Her tone showed some anger n concern)
Diwakar – I told u every time that ur stammering is intolerable!! For anyone!! Even for any illiterate villager (he looks at bihaan saying this)
It confuses bihaan
Thapki (tensed) – fine!! I’m a girl who doesn’t deserves anyone!! I’m a girl who doesn’t deserve a love. (She cries) yes I stammer… I stammer… N that’s my biggest fault!!
Bihaan looks her, it seems he was feeling something, something painful
Diwakar (laughs) – now what will u do!! In this world…alone? I’m only one who is questioning u today…but what will u do when the world will taunt u?
Thapki cries silently
Bihaan holds her hand n drags her to near the idol of goddess
Thapki looks at him, without thinking anything, she just looks at him.
“Bihaan takes the vermilion n fills thapki’s hairline”
“Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu” plays in BG
All three were shocked
Bihaan, was confident on what he did
Thapki, cries happily, n looked shockingly at the same time!!
Diwakar looked shocked
Bihaan – now she’s married!! Will anyone question her now? And u Mr. u can go now
Diwakar leaves
Bihaan – see…no one will question u now!!
Thapki , who was happy n equally angry, was lost in her thoughts ploughing out the words to react on the situation, she finally founded it!
Thapki – what u even think of urself!! U will fill my hairline n everything will be sorted!! No Bihaan Pandey!!
Bihaan looks at her, shocked
Thapki – yes I do stammer… It doesn’t mean u will marry me like this!!
Bihaan, who was standing still,was hurted by her words n specially the word “stammer”. He was feeling something with this word, might any connection!!
Thapki didn’t noticed it n continued shouting at him n turns her face away
Bihaan was blank, he knew he did wrong with his mother’s words but didn’t thought he did wrong with vani too!! The feeling of guilt threw the water by his eyes…
Thapki – this world didn’t accepts me as I’m a stammering girl!! That’s why they given me the name (she cries n was about to say thapki)
When she heard a “thud” sound….she was quite thankful as she didn’t said “thapki”. She turned to see…it was bihaan lying unconsciously.
She rushed towards him.
Thapki – bihaan… Open ur eyes…bihaan (she pats his cheeks but nothing happens )
She was worried, whatever happened, n then this!! She can guess what we had gone through!… It was unexplainable!…
The feeling of guilt, sorrow, sadness were hidden under her shout “BIHAAN” !!!
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