Hello everyone.. I knew all are thinking what happened to me.. why I change it like this.. sugan di.. it’s not a dream.. it’s happen in real.. this drama sequence is the main item of cv.. they told me that they don’t allow to take their property without copyright… ????… so let’s back to story..
Pragya goes near abhi.. she sees abhi crying the ten. Pragya sat. Besides abhi.. and place her hands over abhis hand.. abhi look at her..
Pr; abhi.. I don’t like my kadoos.. while crying.. he looks so cute while fighting and I only loved the one who is like that.. not the one standing in front of my eyes.. abhi.. look at me.. abhi look at her.. abhi.. I wish to live as your wife as your lover.. will you accept me as your wife? ( here sang yaara plays )

Ab; fuggi you are impossible..I thought I can understand you very easily… I thought I can read your mind.. but it’s not like that.. fuggi you are really great.. you are too good at heart.. no one can easily accept all this..
Pr; abhi.. when comparing me with you.. you are too good than me.. abhi.. you always. Stand with me.. always support me.. I knew how painful for you to stay away from purab and dadi.. but you did that for me.. when I ignores you.. you doesn’t show any hatred towards me.. you keep on trying to make me happy.. abhi I am sure that I all not get a better half like you.. not only that a best buddy.. a best adios.. if I miss it. It will be greatest loss. Actually I am little bit worried in case of aisu.. that’s why I said it now.. otherwise I will not break this suspense soon.
Ab; so thanks to aisu.. it’s all because of her..
Pr; don’t call her as aisu.. call her aiswarya itself..
Abhi smiles..
Ab; but she looks more cute than you.. and what a figure she is.. when I fall on her.. do you knew the spark.. which I got at that moment.. really drives me crazy.. towards her.. if purab or bulbul.. doesn’t come at that moment may be I will completely lost my control… pragya.. who hear this get up from the bench.. and says then go he’ll with your aisu.. as pragya tries to leave.. abhi holds her hand and pulls her closer.. and made to sit on abhis lap.

Ab; if I go with aisu.. then what will you do fuggi.. my fuggi will be alone na.. how could a husband.. leave such a lovely wife.. aisu.. you find some other one.. I have my fuggi.. and I need her only.. my destiny is to be with you my fuggi.. I love you fuggi.. and place a kiss on her forehead.. abhi hugs pragya.. pragya too huge back.. they broke their hug.. and kissed on his cheek..
Ab; let’s go now. Purbul may be waiting for us..
Abhigya goes.. all gathered leaves.. now purbul and abhigya are alone in their living room..
Bul; so.. now everything is fine.. we all are together… I am really too happy now.. abhi we must really celebrate it..
Ab; done..
Pur; abhi.. you must plan a trip… as we both are new to here.. we are guest to you both.. so it’s your duty to show all places..
Ab; it’s done…
All smiles..
Pr; so bulbul… what’s your plan?
Bul; my plan.. means..
Pr; about your life..
Bul; my life.. what’s there to plan..
Pr; haa.. there’s a lot.. as you both are like Buddha.. who sacrifice your own life for your friend and di..
Ab; fuggi what are you saying..
Pr; haa.. abhi.. they get married for us.. and till now they haven’t start a new life.. still that old bulbul and purab.. not husband and wife..

Pur; pragya…
Bul; di.. you knew that too..
Pr; bulbul.. you are my sis.. and I am your di… I can see everything..
Ab; congrats purab..
Pu; congrats…
Ab; haa.. don’t worry.. our wish is going to be true..
Pu; what wish..
Ab; hey purab.. do you remember.. we always tell na.. that we will both have first night on same day.. so that’s going to be true na..
All shouts abhi… and threw pillow at him..
Ab; hey stop.. stop.. why all are beating me like this.. is I do any crime..
Pragya just give a small slap on his cheek..

Ab; fuggi…
Bul; this abhi bi na.. always talk nonsense… di.. do you knew.. how much I suffer.. to make him understand Everything..
Pu; oh.. then what about u.. you too like him.. pragya do you knew how much I suffered to make your sister understand and make her to do that plan..
Bul; purab.. you are lieing.. na.. it’s all my plan..
Pu; what your plan..
Bul; haa..
Pu; cheater cock..
Bul; some of it were yours… but it’s me who executes nicely…
Pu, what. It’s me who makes you to execute well..
Bul; hello… if I am not there.. then all your plans will be a great flop..
Pu; flop.. mera plans kabhi bi flop nahim hua..
Abhigya started to laugh…
Purbul stare at them..
Bul; why you both are laughing..
Ab; actually every time we fights and you came to end time changes.. you too started to fight..
Pr; this means you too started to love each other.. only fight exist between loved one’s..
Purbul look at each other..
Episode ends..

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