Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for all your support and love.. I thought to reply everyone.. but because of less time.. it’s not happening.. I am reading every comment and happy to see your love and support… let’s move on to story…
Pr: yaa… what bulbul said is right.. why I am like this.. why I feel bit jealous and tensed.. in his case…

Abhi came at this time near to her.
Ab; hey chashmish.. where are you lost..???
Pr; kuch nahi..
Ab: are you sure…
Pr; haa….
Ab; I forget to tell you one thing…
Pr; what?
Ab; you look beautiful in this costume… just like chipkali..
Pr: what chipkali.. you… they both ran… while running abhi falls on aisu… both fall on floor.. abhi is lying above aisu.. pragya get anger… abhi lyingly look at pragya… bulbul and purab help abhi to get up..

Ab; sorry aisu.. I don’t see actually..
Aisu; it’s k.. ( smilingly )
Abhi leaves from there..
Ab; bulbul where is your di…
Bul; abhi… I think di is jealous..
Ab; I too feels so..
Bul; what?
Pur; abhi.. I think aisus presence is affecting her a lot..
Bul; ya… actually not aisus presence… she is tensed that may you attach with her..
Ab; is she say so..
Pur; there is no need of telling that..
Abhi smiles..

Bul; purab.. I think someone is blushing there.. a new love story started to play in front of our eyes..
Pu; I too feel so.. abhi pragyaa is in her home…
Abhi leaves to room… abhi opens the door.. pragya look at abhi.
Ab; fuggi why you came here..
Pr; actually my phone rings.. it’s an important call.. because of noise there… I came here..
Ab; are you telling true…
Pr; haa. Pragya tried to move.. abhi pulls her close to him.. now abhigya is too close to each other..
Ab; is that the real reason.. or are you affected by aisus closeness with me..
Pr; abhi.. it’s not like that.. I just.. pragya look at abhis eyes.. both Share an eyelock.. (itni mohabath karonga plays )
Pragya goes…

All are now at hall..
Bul; hello everyone… as we are celebrating our abhigyas marriage reception.. so let’s welcome them here…
Abhigya came near to bulbul… now spotlight is on abhigya..
Bul; actually.. jiju.. sorry I knew you like to call as abhi… and my di.. I am here to give you both a small task..
Pr; task…
Bul; haa.. as you both must convey what you feel for each other.. abhigya look at each other..
Siya; first pragya…
Mike is handover to pragya…
Pragya look at abhi…

Pr;abhi… actually my kadoos.. I don’t knew who is he for me… because from the day we both met to till now.. he is always with me… as my fighting friend.. my loving friend.. he supports me every time.. even when the time when I doubt him.. he is with me… abhi… at this moment I wish to tell you one thing…. abhi look at pragya… (actually at this time.. only lights are focused on abhigya.. and all others are in darkness)
Abhi…. I have done a great mistake in my life…I get mistaken in finding the right person.. I thought that.. if we get the one we loved as our partner.. then only life will completed.. but it’s not like that.we must choose the one who love us.. than the one who haven’t… abhi.. now I realize everything.. I knew because of me.. you want to face a lot.. but from nowonwards.. abhi… I will not make you in pain.. abhi.. I wish to have a new start… abhi… I love you…. ( tears are running out all the while).. abhigya shares an eyelock… abhi wipes pragyas tear.. pragya hugs him… abhi too hugs back..

Pr; I love you abhi… I really don’t knew that what I have for you is not friendship its something more than that..
Abhi is smiling all the while.. they broke the hug..
Pr:abhi… sorr… abhi place his fingers on her lips…
They both look at each other..
Abhi kissed on her forehead.. love you fuggi…
All claps.. and lights on….

Abhigya get shy…
Bul; wow di… I don’t expect this from you.. so you are trying to make a chance to convey your love with my help..
Pr; haa… what you both think that.. only you knew to plan..
Bul; plan…???
Pr; Bulbul… what you thought about me.. I am I looking a fool for you trio.. I knew all your plans.. purbuls sudden marriage.. purab creation of hatred towards abhi…
Bul; what???
Ab; you knew that..
Pur; how..
Pr; I came to knew everything the day you both came here..

Fb shows..
On that.. while abhi is talking with purbul.. pragya passes through that room.. and hear everything
Fb ends..

Bul; di then why you hide everything..
Pr; I am waiting for your further plan..
Ab; what..
Pr; abhi… what you thought about me.. abhi I can knew you very clearly.. when you make a condition that.. I must talk with purab as before.. I knew that… it’s your planning.. you thought that it’s because of your plan I agree to talk with purab.. it’s not Like that.. you all thought that.. I must anger when I came to knew your play.. purab broke my heart purposefully.. so I will attached with abhi.. but you all are wrong.. bulbul… purab.. you both are doing all this for us.. for me and abhi… purab when you do so.. it make your image not fall in front of my eyes… it make a respect in me for you.. the selfless love that you for abhi… bulbul when you sacrifice your love for us.. it create more live in me towards you.. abhi when you say that.. you will be ready to get divorced if I don’t like… abhi… till now you behave with me as before whenever you felt I am said you always try to change my mood.. abhi.. how can I couldn’t accept your live… when you are living me this much.. I knew no one can love me like this.. love me this extend.. so I thought to change myself..
Bulbul hugs pragya…
Pur; sorry pragya…
Pr; hey purab.. no need of this sorry.. its me who must tell sorry and thanks for everything Did for me… and hugs..
Pragya turns to look at abhi… but she couldn’t find him… there..
She search him all the while.. and sees him sitting on the bench at the lawn..

Episode ends…

Guys what you all think about this track.. now I knew all are surprised by this sudden action.. but what to do I feel so.. it’s needed now.. as I told you na. My stories are not pre planned one.. what I feel I write it out… and I saw some of your doubt about rvs brother… ani.. good catch..

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