Its all about DESTINY (Episode 21)


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The episode starts
When thapki cries looking at moon
Someone keeps hand on thapki’s shoulder
Thapki turns
It was dadi
Thapki hugs dadi n cries
Thapki – dadi….I can’t do this….I’m unable
Dadi(consoles her) – what happened my child!!!
Thapki – dadi….bihaan wants to get rid off me…..he feels like a prison with me.
Dadi looks at her with sad face
Thapki – dadi…am I so bad?? Will he never be like before??
Dadi – thapki beta….how can u lose hope!! U r my brave child!! N I trust u the most…I know u will not break my trust ever
Thapki – dadi …I want to confess something
Dadi – say beta
Thapki – dadi….he’s like this…bcoz of me. He’s suffering this much….bcoz of me. Yes dadi…I’m the reason. (She tells her everything except their marriage truth) He trusted me the most…n I…what I did to him!! (She cries)
Dadi – thapki beta….vasu always treated bihaan as an outsider…bt u cares for him so much, being an outsider!! I always thought that u both r made for each other…n see…ur destiny even wants the same!!
Thapki – but I can’t face him dadi…. His questions… What should I answer when he shouts on me saying “he’s in prison”…
Dadi – thapki beta…every morning comes with the new ray of hope, u just need to recognise it … U just be strong… N leave everything on God… He’ll find a way for u.
Thapki – yes dadi…I’ll wait for my bihaan…. I’ll wait for him.
Thapki hugs dadi
Dadi – now u too go to sleep.
Thapki agrees n goes.
In morning
Thapki was doing her hair when some water drops touched bihaan’s face, who was sleeping yet
Bihaan wakes up
Thapki didn’t noticed him, n wears earrings
She was wearing yellow sari
Bihaan sees her, mesmerized
The song “bolna” plays in BG
Thapki was about to apply sindoor but stops, bihaan sees her,
Thapki(mindvoice) – I don’t know whether this sindoor is mine or not!! I’ll apply only when bihaan himself will apply it on me(she smiles)
Thapki stands n suddenly sees bihaan
Thapki – biha(she stops) I mean sir…u woke up!! Get ready fast….we all will go to temple today
Bihaan comes to senses
Bihaan – is there anything special today??
Thapki – no just…dadi wanted to..
Bihaan – OK then…I’ll be ready.
Thapki goes downstairs n takes everyone’s blessings
Kiran – oh my God!! My bhabhi is looking like a princess today!!
Thapki blushes
Dadi – why u always irritate her!
Vasu – is everyone ready?? Should we leave?
Kiran – no maa wait otherwise our Bhaiya n bhabhi will be again locked in the house!!
Everyone laughs
Bihaan – who’ll be locked again?
Thapki n kiran widens their eyes hearing bihaan’s voice
Kiran – oh bhai!! I was talking about a movie!! I must say…u r looking hero today!
Thapki sees him
He was wearing orange sherwani
She looks at him lovingly n smilingly
Kiran (slow tone to thapki) – my bhai is hero by birth!!
Thapki sees her n gets embarrassed
Dadi – OK let us leave now!!
Thapki – wait dadi….
Everyone looks at her, confused
Dadi – what happened beta?
Thapki – actually… Bihaan sir has to take a medicine… U all leave to car…we’ll be there soon
Dadi smiles n tells everyone to leave
Bihaan(irked) – how u even thought that I’ll listen to u?
Thapki – I’m sorry sir…but I’m on duty
Bihaan – listen miss vani
Thapki – u listen Mr. Bihaan Pandey. Dadi is outside , they r waiting for us
Bihaan stares her
Thapki – sir wait here…I’ll be back from ur room, with ur medicine
She goes
Bihaan – hell!! Why she doesn’t leaves me alone!!
Thapki (mindvoice) – I’ll never leave u alone, partner (she smiles)
She comes to hall with medicines but didn’t finds him there
Thapki – where’s he now!! He’s like a kid!
Thapki turns n suddenly hears a sound “woah”
She gets scared n was about to fall when bihaan holds her
They have an eyelock,
The song “agar tum sath ho” starts in BG

Kiran(from outside) – bhai be fast. We’re getting late
Thahaan comes to senses
Thapki – u scared me….
Bihaan – u don’t have eyes…!! N u r blaming me!! “The girls”
Thapki – if r u done!! Then have these medicines. Everyone is waiting
She gives him medicine n they leave
In temple
Everyone reaches to temple
Thapki(mindvoice) – God… Be with this family always…n plzz help bihaan in gaining his memory back… me God in facing his questions
Bihaan (mindvoice) – God… Plzz help me in finding my answers…n for that I’m going today to hospital…. To know about me…to find about me. No one will tell anything to me. I myself will find my answers.
Dadi – today bihaan’s bandages will be changed na!!
Thapki- yes dadi…but u don’t worry I’ll go with him.
Dadi – but the hospital is bit far from here
Thapki – u just don’t worry dadi…I’ll manage!
Dadi – OK…but the driver will be with u both
Thapki – OK dadi(she smiles)
Everyone leaves for Pandey nivas
Meanwhile, bihaan n thapki leaves for hospital in other car with driver.
Bihaan(taunting) – see my jailer is with me!!
Thapki (stares) – very funny!!
Bihaan – why don’t u do one thing, keep a jail chain with u!! That will suit u most!!
Thapki – well …I like ur idea!! I’ll try it for sure!!
Bihaan(stares her annoyingly) – yeah sure!!
Thapki turns her face towards the window
Thapki(mindvoice) – thapki is missing her bihaan….their fights …their nok jhoks…. N see…this vani is enjoying nok jhok with u!!(she smiles)
Bihaan turns his face towards window
Bihaan – how’ll I get rid off her!! I want to go hospital to find about myself ….n she’s with me like a ghost!!
He starts listening music by his earphones
After some minutes
Bihaan feels something on his shoulder
He sees, it was thapki who was sleeping n was lying on his shoulder
Bihaan(mindvoice) – why’s she sleeping here!! (He was about to wake her up when he remembers about their last night fight) bihaan pandey…u slept whole night…but she might not!!
He sees her, the car takes a jurk, n thapki’s head was about to slip from bihaan’s shoulder, he suddenly holds her slowly
Bihaan (slow voice) – driver… Drive properly
Driver – sorry sir
Thapki’s hair comes on her face which disturbs her sleep
Bihaan sees this, n removes her hair slowly.
“Na…na…na…” plays in BG
Bihaan (mindvoice) – she looks so innocent in sleep!! N takes a jailer avatar when awake!! She’s unpredictable….!!
They reach the hospital
Driver – sir..we reached
Bihaan – OK..
Bihaan – miss vani…miss vani (he pats her cheeks) wake up
Thapki wakes up
She felt embarrassed
Thapki – I’m sorry… Sir…actually… I…
Bihaan – its OK…see ur office came
Thapki – office??
Bihaan(taunting) – mahan aatmaa…the place where u work is called office.. Ur hospital came!!
Thapki – ohh I’m sorry.
They enters in hospital
Bihaan (mindvoice) – I have to do something!! But she’s keeping an eye on me…how will I..
Thapki – sir let’s go
Bihaan – umm…u go I’ll be there
Thapki – where r u going now?
Bihaan(staring at her) – washroom!! Do u wanna go with me there too!,
Thapki – I’ll be here…be faster
Bihaan goes annoyingly
Thapki sees doctor, she goes to him
Thapki – doctor
Doctor – oh!! Thapki!! Come to my cabin
They goes to cabin
Doctor – so…how’s bihaan now?
Thapki – his injuries r recovering …n his bandages will be changed today
Doctor – ohh yes!!
Thapki – but doctor…. What about his mind? Will he never gain his memory?
Doctor – see thapki…in these type of cases, patients r unpredictable! Some patients gains back their memory, n some
Thapki – n some?
Doctor – n some…never!!
Thapki – doctor plzz…plzz do something
Meanwhile, bihaan comes n didn’t finds thapki there…
Bihaan – this is a good opportunity!! I should start my work
He goes to reception
Receptionist – how may I help u sir
Bihaan – actually I wanted to know about a patient…he was admitted in this hospital… N is missing now
Receptionist – sir can I know his name
Bihaan – his name is Bihaan Pandey
Receptionist searches
Receptionist – yes sir he was admitted here few days before
Bihaan – umm…what had happened to him?
Receptionist – sir…he had fought with some people n they broke the glass bottle on his head…n he was shot by them
Bihaan gets shocked
Bihaan(shocked) – what!!!! But why???
Receptionist – I heard he’s a goon!! N every goon must be punished!!
Bihaan was in shock
In doctor’s cabin
Doctor – u might perform everything happened to him before that incident….
Thapki – but doctor… He’s unable to remember anything!! He wants to know about how he got injuries …what should I tell him!!
Doctor – u have to be careful thapki!! He’ll shout on u, he’ll get flashes of that incident, he’ll behave different n sometimes he may faint!! But he should not get any shocking news… Otherwise …
Thapki – otherwise??
Doctor – otherwise ….even we can’t say what’ll happen to him!! He may get his memory back, or may lose his life!! It’s up to him….how his mind reacts on what!!
Thapki gets tears
Thapki – no doctor….I’ll not let anything happen to him. I’ll be back with him…he has to change him bandages
She comes out of the cabin, with tears in her eyes.
She searches for bihaan
Thapki – bihaan… Bihaan… (She searches n then calls him but his phone is unanswerable)
She gets tensed, n goes to reception
Thapki – do u know a man was standing here…where’s he?
Receptionist -sorry ma’am I don’t know about whom u r talking
Thapki shows bihaan’s pic to receptionist
Receptionist – oh yes he was here only…he asked me about a patient
Thapki – patient??
Receptionist – yes a patient named bihaan pandey!! Who’s a goon!!
Thapki(tensed) – what u told to him?
Receptionist tells everything
Thapki gets shocked n tensed.
Thapki(shouts) – r u….. Why u told him all that!! Is this ur hospital’s policy?
A ward boy comes there n says – sorry ma’am she’s new here….she don’t knows about our policies
Thapki (shouts) – where is he now?
Receptionist – he has gone outside the hospital… N turned to the left side
Thapki(mindvoice) – left side!! Oh my god!! That restaurant is on left side!! I have to search him any how!!
She rushes
On road
Bihaan, who was shocked, was walking still thinking about the words of receptionist, “bihaan pandey is a goon, n every goon must be treated like this”, “he was shot bcoz he did fight with someone”,
Bihaan – but why don’t I remember anything!! How can it be possible!! Am I a that bad person, that I should be treated like this? But why don’t I’m able to memorize anything!!
He feels an headache , but ignores it
Thapki – hope bihaan is safe….bihaan plzz pick my call
Bihaan enters to the same restaurant (at which the incident took place) unknowingly
He was just walking, flashes n sounds of that incident were playing before his eyes
“So do u wanna go to restaurant?”
“Yes plzz”
“Thapki n bihaan’s laugh”
“Oye miss beauty”
“Don’t dare to touch her”
Thapki – oh no…bihaan is going in this restaurant!! I have to stop him
Thapki (calls from behind) – bihaan ….bihaan…. Listen
But he was just walking
Bihaan was seeing blurry images of a girl who is laughing
Suddenly he saw the girl standing with her eyes closed in fear
He hears a sound of a shoot
Bihaan(shouts) – thaaaappppkkkkkiiiii
Thapki looks at him n rushes to him
Thapki(shouts) – bihaaaaannnnn
Thapki hugs bihaan, tightly
“Tu Jo mujhe aa mila, sapne huye sarfire
Kehne ko Baki hai kya,kehna tha Jo keh chuke”
Meanwhile he faints hugging her
Thapki (who was unknown that he’s fainted, cries hugging him) – bihaan… U called my name!! Ur thapki’s name!! Bihaan… Bihaan… (She realises he’s fainted)
She makes him lie down n calls doctor
Thapki – doctor. Bihaan reached on incident’s place…n is fainted…what should I do?
Doctor – thapki relax. Its normal. U take him home n take care
In car
Thapki lies bihaan’s head on her lap
Thapki – bihaan…. Wake up…u called my name today….it was like a dream to me….(she rubs his hair lovingly)
The tune of “Kaun tujhe” plays
At home
Bihaan(murmurs) – no…don’t kill me……
Thapki – bihaan…. no one will kill u….bihaan…. Wake up…
She thinks to give him water, but the jug was empty, she rushes to bring water
Bihaan – thaappppkkkiiii(he wakes up holding his head)
On hearing this thapki gets hopeful n rushes towards his room
Meanwhile , bihaan finds his hands tied with the bed by jail chain
Thapki – bihaan… U woke up!!(happily)
Bihaan (annoyingly) – what is this now?? I was joking n u tied me with jail chain!!
Thapki – biha(she realises that he yet didn’t gained his memory n stops) sir….how r feeling now?
Bihaan – r u mad or what?? U tied me with this…n asking how am I feeling!!
Thapki – sir…after today’s incident, u actually need it
Bihaan thinks about whatever happened in hospital
Bihaan ahh…my head
Thapki – sir I’ll do ur head massage… U will feel better
She massages his head
Bihaan – wow!! Not bad!! It is very relaxing… I’m impressed!!
Thapki smiles
“Meri nigahe hain teri nigaho pe,
Tujhe khabar kya bekhabar”
Thapki – btw now its time to take dinner
Bihaan – but I wanted the head massage
Thapki – I’ll do after u will complete ur dinner
She feeds him ,
Bihaan – u too didn’t ate anything since morning!! U too eat
Thapki smiles seeing his concern
She too eats,
She caughs n bihaan makes her drink water
Thapki looks at him, lovingly
“Mai tujhse hi chup chup kar, Teri aankhe padhti hu
Kaun tujhe yu pyar karega, jaise mai karti hu”
#Precap – thapki does bihaan’s dressing, lovingly.

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  1. Navami

    Awesome epi my dear…when thapki..starts to call him bihan stops at middle and calls him sir… was beautifully created..nice…pls continue like this..???

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      Thank u so much navami ?

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    Their nok jhoks are awesome.
    Waiting for the next. Thanks for writing.

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      1. Vinni7

        N actually u will find next part easier.. I translated it…???

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      Thanks dear❤ next part will be uploaded soon ?? keep commenting ??

  4. This is so lovely and romantic Di …. How Bihaan remembers his past … How Thapki ties him with a chain … Everything …Di u r an amazing writer …. This ff is MARVELOUS Di …. Just FAB …. OUTSTANDING …. Di plz upload next before new year … Love u di and take care

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      Thank u dear ??? u r such a bae… Luv u ..keep commenting ?❤❤

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