Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for your love and support so let’s move on to story..
Ab; no nothing like that.. why I want to convince aisu..
Pragya smiles..
Ab; why are you smiling fuggi..
Pr; when someone is trying to hide something.. but fails to tell as his face can’t hide anything..
Abhi holds pragyas hand and pulled her closer to him..
Ab; why can’t I hide my feelings when you are in front of me.. why you always drive me crazy..why you tired to be close with me.. when I stay away from you…
Pragya get speechless with abhis questions.. but she can feel out his feelings…
Ab; fuggi.. please try to stay away from me.. because your closeness will affects me… and it will be difficult for me to go away from you.. abhi pushes her away and goes.. pragya look at abhi in teary eyed….
Pr:( abhi.. I don’t want to hurt you… I just want to make you happy.. )
Abhigya get back in their works.. it’s lunch time..
Pr; abhi.. I am taking half day leave Now.. as I need to arrange for the party..
Ab; wait fuggi.. I am too coming.. and will help you..
They both leaves..from office and walking through road..
Ab; fuggi.. sorry..
Pr; for what?
Ab; for what I said at that time.. actually I don’t knew what is really happening around me… I don’t knew what my heart is saying to me..
Pr; there is no need of this sorry.. pragya stops.. and hold abhis hand..
Abhi… you can tell everything to me.. what you feel.. abhi… I just want to see my old abhi back.. who always fights with me.. share everything with me..
Ab; fuggi… now it’s not easy for me to back as old abhi.. just Like you said in case of purab..
Pr; who told you that.. I can mingle with purab as just like as we are..
Ab; it’s you who tell me.. you can’t..
Pr; no.. abhi.. I can.. you too..
Ab; k.. let’s do a challenge.. I will be back as old abhi.. when I get my old chashmish back..
Pr; k your challenge accepted.. both smiles..
Ab (in mind).. so my plan get success…( actually abhi talk emotionally to pragya.. just to make her cool with purab… )
Abhigya reach their flat…
Bul:di… you both at noon…
Ab; haa.. bulbul.. actually there is a party here at evening.
Pu; party??
Ab; ya.. our marriage party..
Pu; now??
Pr; vo actually we don’t get time to you both are here. I thought we can celebrate it in together..
Bul; yes di.. we can do it in grand..
Ab; I will order food from outside.. but arrangements..
Suddenly they hear a sound.. we are here na.. it was john and siya…
Ab; tum..
Jo: abhi don’t worry about the arrangement we will do it.. as my friend is a event manager…
Pr; thanks john..
Si; no need of your thanks keep it in your side.. I am doing this for my darling.. holds abhis hand…
All arrangements are done by john and siya… both couples are getting ready in their rooms..
Abhi is getting ready in white and violets suits..
Ab; fuggi are you ready..
Pr; no abhi…
Ab; its been an hour you go inside the dressing room and til now not yet completed.. hello madam.. do less makeup.. as whatever you Did… you can’t look like aiswarya rai..
Pr; abhi… if I was there then..
Ab; come fast pragya he goes out..
Scene shifted to purbul..
Purab is getting ready in yellow and white suit… and bulbous in yellow.. as purab comes out dressing room.. he sees bulbul trying to close her back zip… purab who sees this.. come closer to her…
Bulbul sees purab..
Bulbul turns..
Bul; purab tum..
Purab place his fingers on her lips.. which stops her from further.. purab turns her.. now both are looking at mirror.. purab closes her zip looking at mirror.. ( itni so bhath Hein plays)
Pu; now.. it’s k right..
Bulbul smiles..
Pur; bulbul.. you look nice in this outfit..
Bu: thank you…
Purab goes out..
Bulbul smiles thinking about the scene just happened before..
Guest… abhis office staff started to come..
Abhi purbul welcomes them..
Bul; abhi where is di?
Ab; wait let me check it out..
Abhi enters room.. and knocks on the dressing room..
Ab; fuggi come fast na..All have reached here.. and started to ask you…
Pr; abhi just a minute.. abhi waits for some more time.. but didn’t see her coming outside… abhi opens the dressing room.. and smiles…
Pr; why are you smiling?
Ab; fuggi.. in morning itself I Told you if you don’t knew how to wear Saree then don’t wear it… then why are you struggling with this..
Pr; abhi.. it’s my right to choose what should I wear..
Ab; k then come soon..
As abhi tries to leave..
Pragya calls abhi and shows her Saree..
Ab; this fuggi bi na.. abhi helps her in wearing saree it was during this time aisu enters sees them in anger..
Pragya who sees aisu..
Pr; sorry aiswarya… it was this time abhi sees her..
Pr; aiswarya.. can you just wait outside for sometime… we both we will be there soon.. she goes.
Ab; fuggi.. look because of you na.. she get anger..
Pr; do you feel bad for her..
Ab; haa.. she is so nice girl hey na..
Pr; oh really..
Ab; she look so cute too..
Pr; then why don’t you accept her proposal.. pragya said in anger..
Ab; actually you are right.. I can choose her.. she has no problem whether I am married or not.. but I thought to understand her fully and give an answer..
Pragya get in peak of anger.. and our abhi is enjoying her antics..
Ab; my work finished..
Pragya goes from there.. but she get slipped… but out abhi holds her..
They both share an eyelock.. ( Allah warriyan plays )
Abhigya came into sense.. and both comes out of the room.. all staffs started to congratulate them.. and gives present… bouquet.. it was during this time their M.D. rv reached there.. he gives present to both.
Ab; thank you sir for coming here.
Pr; sir this is my sister bulbul and this is his husband purab…
They both shake hands with rv..
Rv:abhi..pragya.. I am leaving now.. my brother is coming.. I need pick him. Sorry I knew its not good to leave soon.
Pr; it’s k sir..
Rv goes..
Pr; bulbul can you help me..
Bu; help for what di..
Pr:look that is aiswarya.. she likes abhi a lot.. she even confess her love to him..
Bu; is abhi accept it.. pragya look at angry.
Bu; k tell me.. what help you need.. pragya tell something as that conversation is muted..
Bul; k I will do that.. but di I have a doubt.. why do you want to do so? Why you feel tensed in thinking will abhi accept it.. you don’t have no feelings for him na..
Pr; no… but she doesnt suits him..
Bu; is it the real reason.. or anything else.. bulbul goes smilingly.. pragya lost in her thought…
Episode ends..

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