Its all about DESTINY (Episode 20)


Thank u for so much support guys…
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The episode starts
In morning
Thapki was doing aarti
Everyone was there….except bihaan
Dadi – thapki beta…’s bihaan now? Why he didn’t came in aarti?
Thapki – dadi…actually…. He’s still sleeping
Dadi – ohh….how’s he beta?
Shraddha – how will he be fine dadi…when his own wife cursed him so bad
Thapki widens her eyes
Dadi – what do u mean?
Shraddha(smiles) – nothing dadi….just wanted to say ….thapki is also suffering with bihaan (she changes the topic)
Thapki sees her
Dadi – yes my thapki is also suffering with him…..without any mistake….. She has a golden heart
A voice – who has a golden heart dadi?
Everyone looks upstairs
He was bihaan
Dadi – oh my son….how u came here? Go to room
Bihaan – dadi…I’m tired of taking rest. I’m coming downstairs
Thapki rushes to him
Everyone looks at her
Thapki holds bihaan n helps him coming downstairs
Thapki – sir….come I’ll take u downstairs
Everyone smiles, except vasu n shraddha
Dadi(mindvoice) – may u always stay together. God bless u both
Shraddha(mindvoice) – this thapki is romancing even after betraying his husband!! N no one knows about it!! But I don’t care…I only want bihaan to know it….. See thapki….what’ll I do to ur marriage!!
Thapki helps bihaan coming downstairs slowly
Bihaan – thanx vani
Thapki – it’s OK sir(she smiles)
Shraddha (mindvoice) – it’ll not be ok anymore miss tha…tha…thapki
The evil tune plays in BG
Dadi – bihaan beta….u r fine only bcoz of God… Come n do aarti
Bihaan – yes dadi
He comes n holds aarti thaal, his hands trembles, which makes bihaan uncomfortable
Thapki comes n holds aarti thaal
Bihaan sees her
Dadi smiles
N thahaan does aarti
The song “mangalam bhagwan Vishnu” plays in BG
Meanwhile, everyone does prayer
Dadi(mindvoice) – even God wants…to unite them…
After sometime
In thahaan room
Bihaan was playing video game
Thapki – sir…its time for medicine….
Bihaan (curiously) – wait I’m about to achieve next level
Thapki smiles seeing his innocence
Thapki – sir….first take ur medicines
Bihaan – wait chuk chuk gadi (highlighted voice)
Thapki looks at him in shock n hope
The tune of “Kaun tujhe” plays in BG…in slow motion
Thapki – what u said
Bihaan – I said wait…can’t u listen??
Thapki – no…I mean…can u repeat what u just said!!
Bihaan(irritated) – ohh shut up….I lost this level bcoz of u.
Thapki(staring) – n I said to take u medicine
Bihaan – u r my nurse not my wife
Thapki – I’m ur nurse that’s I’m saying u to take medicine
Bihaan – u know what…talking to u is useless
Thapki – u know what…. I feel the same
(Bihaan’s funny tune plays in BG)
Bihaan(in tashan) – I’ll not take medicine…. What will u do?
Thapki – I will….I will….
Bihaan – what?
Thapki(in tashan) – Dadi(she pretends to shout)
Bihaan suddenly shuts her mouth with his hands, warning her with gestures, thapki gestures him back as “now what? Scared!!”
They have an eyelock, intense one
The song “bolna” plays in BG
They both come in senses after hearing dadi’s voice
Dadi(from Hall room) – bihaan beta….had u taken ur medicine?
Thapki – yes dadi… He’s about to….
Bihaan – u want me to get scolded by dadi!!
Thapki – hmmm…may be…
Bihaan – fine…give my medicine now.
Thapki smiles at their stupidity, hiding from bihaan, n gives him medicine
Bihaan coughs n thapki gives him water
She then cleans his face (near his lips) while she feels awkward n bihaan just wanted to get rid of his nurse….anyhow.
Thapki smiles n leaves
While bihaan again gets busy with his video game.
After sometime
Shraddha – dhruv what about our marriage?
Dhruv(shouting at shraddha) – r u mad or what!! U r seeing my brother’s condition right!! N how could u even think of…
Shraddha – I understand dhruv…
Dhruv(reacts suddenly) – u don’t!! U r a selfish woman
Dhruv leaves
Shraddha – oh really!! I’m selfish!! Yes I’m….n being selfish is not a crime…I’ll see how u will postpone our marriage!!
In evening
Thahaan room
Bihaan was relaxing on his bed with his eyes closed.
Suddenly he feels someone entering his room
He opens his eyes n sees
It was Paan, who was trying to hide his tears
Bihaan – what a surprise!! Paan!!!
(He gets glad n they both hugs each other)
Paan – bihaan bhai….how r u now??
Bihaan – oh Paan stop all these questions. I’ll become mad answering this question to everyone!!
Paan (smiles) – everyone cares for u bhai…that’s why!!
Bihaan – leave all this…I wanted to ask u something
Paan – yes bhai..plz
Bihaan – I feel like…..
Paan – like?
Bihaan – like something’s missing from my life….something very special…
Paan looks at him in tension
Bihaan – what?
Paan(pretends to smile) – aahhh….nothing…actually I too…feel the same….sometimes!!
Bihaan – really!!
Paan – yes…..may because we didn’t met so far!!
Bihaan laughs – yeah u r right!!
Paan – umm….I’m having some work bhai…I’ll meet u later
Bihaan looks him with sadness, but Paan doesn’t notices it n goes
Paan, while walking collides with shraddha
Shraddha – r u blind!!! Can’t u see me!!
Paan (who was crying) – sorry
N goes
Thapki meets Paan , on the way
Thapki – Paan….u r here!! U met bihaan?
Paan – yes bhabhi….but I can’t see my bhai like this!!(he cries)…u r very brave bhabhi….I can’t do this
Thapki – Paan…..stop crying… He needs us the most this time….we can’t fall week in front of him
Paan – I’m falling week in front of him bhabhi….I …can’t do this…I met him today…. N his innocent questions….I don’t know…what to say….
Thapki – Paan…. no… We can’t lose hope!!
Paan – bhabhi…u r very brave.. I must say….I’m falling week in front of him… But u….thank u bhabhi…be with him like this… Always..
Thahaan room
Bihaan was sitting in room, thinking something
A voice – how r u bihaan ji??
Bihaan sees there
The face revealed, she was shraddha
Bihaan – who r u?
Shraddha – oh…,I’m dhruv’s to be wiife
Bihaan – dhruv is going to marry!! But he didn’t told me anything…!!
Shraddha – Oops I’m sorry…he might wanted to surprise u!!
Bihaan – oh…may be…congratulations …I’m his brother
Shraddha – I know..!! He told me about u…
Bihaan – about me!! Nice… Can I call u bhabhi ??
Shraddha – yes of course!!
Bihaan – can I ask u something??
Shraddha – yes
Bihaan – how n when u met??
Shraddha – we met at dhruv’s office….it was love at first sight….n its going to be more than a month
Bihaan – wow!! But he didn’t told me…. N going to be more than a month!!
Shraddha – but I’m in trouble (she gets sad)
Bihaan – why bhabhiji…what happened??
Shraddha – actually…. He don’t wants to marry me(she pretends as she’s crying)
Bihaan – why??
Shraddha – he’s worried bcoz of u….he don’t wants to celebrate as his brother is injured!
Bihaan – ohh this dhruv bhai!! Actually he cares very much for me….that’s why he’s worried.
Thapki – Paan…how’s his mood now?
Paan – he’s OK…but how can u tolerate that shraddha!! I know I must not say like that but…
Thapki – paan…I know how she is!! N…I n bihaan were in team to reveal her truth…but….
Paan – I don’t know what this shraddha wants to talk to bihaan bhai!!
Thapki gets shocked
Thapki – shraddha !!! With bihaan!!! Oh no!!
She rushes to thahaan room
Shraddha – but what about me!! I want to marry him…its my dream
Bihaan – I’ll talk to bhai about this.
Shraddha – well…how u got so much injured??
Bihaan – actually….
Thapki – bihaan sir….
Bihaan n shraddha looks at her
Shraddha – u??
Thapki – yes ma’am
Bihaan – vani…she’s my to be bhabhi
Thapki smiles
Thapki – sir…its time to take rest now!!
Bihaan looks her irked
Thapki – umm….ma’am it’s his time to take rest…. So…
Shraddha – yes of course…I just came to meet him
She leaves
Thapki closes the door n breathes relieved
She goes to bihaan
Bihaan (shouts angrily) – what is ur problem?? Can’t u see me happy??
Thapki looks him shocked
Bihaan(who was very angry) – u r treating me like a prisoner!! Where no one can meet me…. U know what… Everyone asks me the same question everyday…”how u feeling now!!” Paan….who is my true friend….for the first time he left me saying he’s having some work!! Why??? Why??
Thap’s tears came out in shock
Bihaan – bhabhi asked me….how u became injured!! I don’t know!! (He hits his hand to the wall in anger) even I ask the same question to myself…that how I got so much injuries that I became a prisoner!!
Thapki(cries) – it’s nothing like that….
Bihaan(shouts) – it is like that only Miss Vani!! My brother is not marrying with his love…bcoz of me!! Everyone is sacrificing bcoz of me!!! I don’t understand why???
Thapki – sir bcoz everyone cares for u!!
Bihaan – I don’t want this type of care…. U must be knowing how I got injured(he shakes her) u know na…say something
Thapki was in shock seeing her care is a prison for him
The tune of sad version “Kaun tujhe” starts in BG
Bihaan – say something vani…say na….plzz (he cries n sits on floor)
Thapki cries seeing his codition n goes out the room
Thapki goes to balcony
Thapki – I can’t see u like bihaan…. I’m always the reason who betrayed u…even when I don’t wanted to…. (She cries) what should I do bihaan….. I’m falling week….I want to support u….but I always….. Everyone is expecting that I’m the one who can cure u!! But here….I’m the reason whom u want to get rid off…
Thahaan room
Bihaan was crying n was trying to remember about how he got injured.
Bihaan holds his head
In balcony
Thapki wipes her tears
Thapki – u r in this condition… Bcoz of me…yes bcoz of me….n I’ll….I’ll never leave u alone, unless u r cured fully.(she leaves to her room)
In thahaan room
Thapki comes n sees bihaan holding his head tightly….. as he had an headache.
Thapki (gets tensed seeing him) – bihaaannn(she shouts n rushes towards him)
She holds bihaan’s when he removes her hands harshly
Thapki – bihaan… U need to take rest…. Come
Bihaan(angrily) – leave me
Thapki gets tensed n angry
She drags him to his bed, meanwhile bihaan looks at her angrily, holding his head
Bihaan was about to say something
Thapki(shouts) – just shut up n listen to me
Bihaan looks at her
Thapki – what u think of urself?? U want to know how u got injured?? How do I know?? I’m a nurse…not ur wife!! How would I know about ur injuries?? N u r strange!!! Everyone is caring for u…is that ur problem??seriously!!
(While talking all these, she makes him lie on bed, covers him with blanket, gives him the medicine…..When bihaan looks at her continuously)
Thapki was about to go when bihaan holds her hand
Thapki turns to him
Bihaan(sleepy voice) – vani…..u must not knowing about how I got injured…. But plzz can u tell me who must be knowing about it? I jz want to know about myself.. I don’t want to be in prison….(he sleeps)
Thapki wipes her tears
Thapki – I gave u the medicine which will help u to sleep peacefully …..u needed it today…but till when!! (She weeps n covers bihaan properly with the blanket)
Thapki goes to balcony
Thapki(to moon) – bihaan…. What should I answer to ur innocent questions!!
She cries
Someone keeps hand on thapki’s shoulder.
Thapki turns to see the person
#Precap – thahaan visit to temple
I tried to write lengthier…as its the 20th episode…
Hope u like it
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