Destiny!! Episode 2

Recap: ( intro of the guyz and girls… shopping plans… n veer n anu meet accidentally..)
Its Monday morning…. Ria and Anu are getting ready… Baby comes running out and hugs Anu n thanks her for the dress.. Ria tells the girls to wait and calls her parents..
Parents: good morng sweeties…
Girls: Good morng mama n papa.. (in chorus) HAPPY FATHERS DAY Papa..
Father: thnx children soo sweet of you..
Mama: beta did u all hav your breakfast….??
Baby: almost mama.. abhi todi bakhi hai..
Father: Baby, be careful tc of urslf, make good frnds aur apna kayal rakhna..
Ria: papa not fair… u r talking as if only baby is goin to college fr the first day..
Father: arrey ria… c both you and anu are goin to the same college and ik u are mature enough to handle stuff..
Baby: papa kya aap yeh kehana chate hai ki am nt mature enough to take care of myslf??
Mama: ab bas karo… both father and daughters are the perfect duo
(sarcasticly wants to point out that they keep on pulling each other’s legs)
Anu: k dad v ll tc of ourslf…. Nw its tym fr u to go n sleep both of go nw..( the girls parents stay abroad)
Girls: gn papa n mama… v ll ping wen v r back home in the eveng..
After speaking to the parents they leave… Baby takes her two wheeler and goes to the school of dance.. n Anu tells Ria that dey shd go in the bike.. at first Ria doesn’t agree but then she tells ohk on a condition that while coming back ria ll ride te bike..
The sce ne shifts to the guyz place…
K: Veer where are my shoes v purchased sterday?
Mak: (laughs) wah! K sterday u dint want to go shopping n u were the one who purchased the most sterday..
Veer: ( brings his ipad; and signs to K and Mak)
All the three together: HAPPY FATHER”S DAY papa…
The guyz father: Thnks bacho…
Mother: are you all ready… aww Veer tum bauhat ache lag rahi ho..
Mak: ma?? Kya sirf veer acha lag raha hai??
K: (giggles) tik mama.. nw mak is getting late for college.. n v r getting late too…
Parents: ohk boyz tc of urslf byeee.. aftr comin back frm college call us
Veer : ohk papa.
The guyz K and Veer leave in their resp. bikes… n Mike takes the car..
On the way mike notices an accident… he immediately helps the girl and takes her to the hospital…..he looks at his watch and see’s that he has got 30 mins left.. he takes the purse from the girls hand and sees it.. he notices the id card from the school of dance.. n the name says Nethra….
He admits her pays the bill n leaves a note for her….n leaves
He rushes to the college and n he is late on the first day…he runs towards his class.. he notices the students introducing themselves…
He see’s a girl introducing herself
Baby: hello guyz am Niharikha.. I want to become a choreographer and dance is the soul of my life…
Mak looks at her n is lost in thoughts he is impressed with her …. And suddenly feels something special about baby..
Mak: excuse me mam can I come in??
Teacher: s you can but then y r u late?
Mak: a student of this college met with an accident so I jus helped on my way.. am sorry mam..
Teacher: its fyn come on and introduce yourself..
Mak: am Mikahail … hello everyone.. I love dance n dance is my passion and I can do anything for dance…….
Baby looks at him she feels something but ignores it.. suddenly girl taps on her shoulder she turns n see’s a girl
Sonam: hello am sonam ( she pulls Amar) and this is amar my cousin… so u love dance nice.. awesome.. FRNDS??
Baby: yeah sure sonam amar..
Sonam and amar: nyc to meet u niharika
Baby: no u can call me baby for frnds n family am baby…
The scene shifts to Stephen’s……….
K, Veer, Anu and Ria are in the same class…
Ria and Anaita come into the class and look for a nyc place to sit and they see a girl sitting alone.. they walk to her
Ria: excuse me can we sit here…
Diya: yeah sure.. am Diya ( shakes hand s with anu and ria)
Anu: new in the city??
Diya: yes how do u knw… am basically frm Goa..
All the three of them become good frnds and tell eachother about themselves…Ria and Anu comes to knw dat Diya loves to write and also dance.. but she chose writing over dance… they mingle well..
Anu: diya y don’t u stay wid us??
Ria: yeah diya u can join us..
Diya: but then u tld u r 3 sisters.. is it fyn??
Ria : so wat u can join us v hav no problem
Anu: so u shift today itslf…
Diya : done… am glad that I got such amazing frnds on the 1st day itslf..
K and Veer are walking into the college a guy from nowhere jumps in front of them and introduces himself..
Jiggs: hey guyz am Jignesh.. can v b frnds..
Veer: hmm ( and looks at K)
K: ( shakes hand and looks back at veer) hey jignesh..
Jiggs: u guyz can call me jigs.. and are u both brothers??
Veer: hw do u knw dat??
Jiggs: I heard you guyz speakin..
Jiggs is very good at studies, but he wants to be cool like others but peple don’t treat him normal, like he doesn’t hav a gf either..
Veer K and Jiggs walk towards the classroom.. they walk in and sit parallel to the girls…
K looks around he notices Ria Anu and Diya…
K: (to Veer, pointing at Anu) Veer isn’t she looking good…
Veer looks at both Ria and Anu and asks K about whom he is speaking.. By the tym their lecturer comes in with the dean…..

Precap: Mike , Harry and Tara become friends…. Diya shifts with Ria and Anu… Nethra’s entry…….. There’s a project announced in Stephen’s

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  2. what’s this sonam n amar….. this is not good

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      ohk so u want them to be frnds?? n anuu do u hav any sugeestions for d pairing if so tell me before i write d nxt epi i ll take into consideration..

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    Akansha dear ….AWESOME
    Your plot and story is great .. But I want to see the bond between sis to be shown in more occasion like hang out or something.

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      k mayuri hav strtd to write d 3rd epi so ll c to it… n thnx fr the support mayuri

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