What is it in our destiny???? Episode 2

Hey guys, its sammie once again. First of all i am really very very sorry as i am just so so late in uploading the chaps but what to do asi had to prepare for my exams. Guys, am really very very busy these days i guess till feb so it’s possible that i could be late am sorry for that. But i would try my best to update asap.
Now enough of my blabbering its time for the episode. First of all as it’s so late that you might have forgot my ff so here is the link of the previous…

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Episode 1

Here we go:—

As the time passes the friendship bond of swara and laksh become more stronger. Now swara blindly trusts laksh and same happened with laksh also. Now there wasn’t any day when both of them haven’t talked. They love to talk with eo. And in all their talks laksh keep suggesting swara not to marry so soon. But as its too late to deny swara hadn’t any choice left.
As the time passes relatives started coming in swara’s house.
One morning swara woke up at 4 a.m
And she thought to trouble someone to wake so early and that too in winters. So, she called laksh, her close frnd.
Laksh picked the call on the first ring only.
Laksh( still sleeping) :- heelllllooo, whoo is this??
Swara (chuckled) :- Woho.. great mr. Topper you picked my call on first ring. Am impressed..

Laksh (slightly annoyed) :- ahh swaraaa what the hell man what happened to you why are you calling me in night. Dont you get sleep. Go and sleep baby its very cold outside.
Swara :- hey..hey..hey. topper first of all its not ni8 its morning.. a beautiful cold morning…. second am in my room only so not to worry about cold …. and the last but not least I.AM.NOT.A.BABY. do you get that???
Laksh:- wohhh angry young lady hold on. Okk okk i got that. Now tell me what do you want.?
Swara :- Not like this laksh,, first of all wake up..
Lak :- I woke up.

Swa :- sit.
Lak(annoyed):- ahhh
Swa :- okk okk dont sit. So tell me something what are you doing these days.
Lak :- These days…. let me remember.. i am talking to a mad gal who is snatching my sleep frmo me.
Swa :-????? you are sooo funny
Lak :- And am not joking
Swa (emotionally):- do i really trouble you?? If its so i will not do this again.
Lak :- hey wait.
And swara cut the call.
Laksh called her back in a moment.
Lak :- hey swara am sorry
Swa ??:- its okk.
Lak :- i really didnt mean that.
Swa :- its okk topper.. i got that.
Lak :- now tell me what happened.
Swa :- am not feeling well lak… really

Lak :- what happened??
Swa :- its only 4 days left now. Am just feeling like……ahh i just cant express it in words.
Lak :- Its okk swara i can understand. Dont worry everything will be fine.
Swa :- hmm
Suddenly someone knocks at swara’s door.
Swa :- topper i think someone is there . Yougo back to ur sleep i will talk to you later.
Lak :- okk bye tc.

Swa :- you too. Bye.
And she pretend to sleep.
Her papa came in her room and saw her sleeping. And then he left.
On the other side laksh was thinking about swara. He looks at the clock. It was 5 am.
Laksh (in his mind) smiling :- ohh this girl is just mad. But i like her childness and cute talks .. oh god plz make her life pleasureable.
And he slept.
Swara also slept thinking about her family and laksh.

So guys this is it for today am feeling so sleepy ?? now. Will update soon and you have any complain or suggestion about the ff please let me know..
Yours sammie ???
Good night..?????

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