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The episode starts with abhi and pragya… they both are entering to office… suddenly a girl comes and hugs abhi… ya it’s abhis aisu.. pragyas aiswarya..
Ais; abhi…. abhi… do you knew how much I miss you… I was waiting for you for your return..
Pamps (rv’s secratory) abhi… my handsome.. and hugs him.. it was pamps.. who noticed pragya.. standing near to abhi..
Pam; chashmish.. you…
Aisu:pragya.. with kumkum and mangalsutra..
Pragya smiles..

Ai: wow.. you get married that’s why.. may be you took leave.. but you… you not even call us.. oh may be its happen at your place right..
Wow congrats abhi… tell who is that lucky charm.. pragya holds abhis hand…
Pr; he is my husband.. it was a great shock to all office staff… but little more for aisu and pamps..
Ai; what abhi?
Pr; yes.. we both got married..
Ai:abhi.. what’s all this.. you married to her..
Pr:why are you asking him.. look we both are perfect jodi right..
All comes and congratulate both..
Pam; guys.. sir is coming… (rv).. all goes to their respective place..

Pragya sees aisu.. and pamp looking at abhi..
Actually abhigya are sitting next to next..
Pr; abhi…
Ab; haa.. fuggi bolo..
Pr; actually I was confused..
Ab; confused for what?
Pr; actually I don’t get whom confess you love..
Ab; what? Is this your confusion??
Pr; ha..
Ab; fuggi.. you just concentrate in your works.. as there are lot of pending works…
Pr; but abhi..

Ab; just shut up and do your work.. pragya make puppy face..
Abhi smiles… after sometime..
Pr; abhi.. I doubt your aisu more look at the way she is staring you.. abhi moves his chair backward and turns to pragyas side.. and turn pragyas chair to his side…
Ab; fuggi.. are you feel jealous.. or uncomfortable..
Pr; jealous and uncomfortable.. me.?? I am just helping you..
Ab; helping..??
Pr; haa.. look the person disturbs you will not do it now.. as because of our marriage news..
Ab; haa.. then why you need to knew the person..
Pr; just..
Ab; just..

Pr; let’s do our work.. pragya starts to do her work..
Pr (in mind ) what abhi said is right? Why I feel to knew person.. why on that day abhi tells that to me.. it’s hurts me.. is I am jealous or uncomfortable.. no pragya.. not like that.. just a curiosity… you did the same at the time of college na.. no.. but this not like that before.. its something different..
As abhi goes from his seat.. pragyas thinking process stops.. pragya noted aisu too going following abhi… she thought to follow the both..
Abhi is drinking coffee.. aisu comes near abhi..
Ab; aisu.. do you need of coffee..
Ai; no.. but I need an answer..
Ab; answer..
Ai; haa.. abhi what’s all this.. I knew you are doing drama..
Ab; drama.
Ai; abhi.. if you want to avoid me.. or your answer is no.. you can tell directly..
Ab; aisu… I tell you that day itself..
As I can’t accept it because I love someone..
Ai; is pragya your love..
Ab; yes…

Ai; abhi.. don’t make me fool.. I knew.. pragya well she.. is so cheap.. that she make you fall in trap.. abhi you are innocent.. you don’t knew that charac..
Abhi raised his hands… shouting aisu..
Aisu get shocked…
Ab; don’t speak a word against my pragya.. you don’t have right for that.. and you can’t estimate her character…. you don’t knew how true is her.. how much pure is her soul..
Ai; abhi.. you are..
Ab; don’t talk anything to me now.. I don’t knew how will I react….
Ai; abhi.. you are talking to me like this for that bhahanji..
Ab; no… I am telling this because she is my love.. my soul.. my life.. and my wife too..
Ai; abhi… how can you do this to me.. you betray me for that girl.. you knew how much I love you…
Ab; actually you don’t love me aisu… if you love me then you wish my happiness.. you will be happy in my happiness…
Ai; abhi..

Ab; aisu.. till now I considered you as my friend… and I wish to maintain that relationship too.. and one thing.. do you one thing.. I am not worth for Getting pragya in my life…. I am not suitable for her… you can’t see her innocence.. selfless love.. her care… she is everything for me.. I wish to end my life in her lap… I wish to see her.. in front of my eyes.. till my last breath..
Pragya who hear all this get emotional and leaves from there.. abhi come back to his seat…
Abhi look at pragya and smiles..

Pamps comes there..
Pam; hey handsome.. chashmish.. sir is calling you both…
They both goes near rvs cabin..
Pamp; chashmish.. you are lucky to have this handsome.. so now onwards you are lucky chashmish..
She leaves..
Pr: abhi.. if she called me again chashmish.. then I will kill her.. abhi smiles at her antics..
Pr; abhi.. I don’t like anyone.. calling me by that name..
Ab; me too…
Pr; no.. as you are my kadoos.. na..
Abhi looks at pragya childishly..
Pr: lets go..

Both enters rvs cabin..
Rv; welcome newly wedded couples.. congrats.. abhi.. congrats pragya.. m
Ab; thank you sir..
Rv; but it will not end by thanks.. actually you both don’t call us for marriage… we all need party..
Ab; of course sir.. actually we both are planning for a party at evening in our house.. hey na pragya..
Pr; haa.. haa.. abhi is right.. (look in irked face)
Rv; I will surely join With you..
Pr; k sir.. and leaves..
Both comes out of cabin..
Pr; abhi.. why all this.. party at home..
Ab; sorry fuggi… as to convince everyone..
Pr; convince everyone or aisu..
Abhi looks at pragya..

Episode ends.

Sorry I don’t knew how is this episode.. I feel as bad.. I will make it interesting in next part…

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