Its all about DESTINY (Episode 19)


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The episode starts
At midnight
Thapki gets tensed when she doesn’t find bihaan on his bed
She goes to search him…when she suddenly sees bihaan standing at balcony
Thapki – ummm….sir do u wanted anything?
Bihaan – no vani…just wanted to see this moon
Thapki looks at him
Thapki – moon??
Bihaan – yeah….u know vani…it’ll sound silly…but I…
Thapki – but u..

Bihaan – I feel…I’m missing something ….something very precious….. N this moon wants to say me about me…..about that precious thing…
Thapki looks at her hiding her tears…
The tune of “Kaun tujhe” starts in BG
Thapki (smiles hiding her tears) – Sir….u should take rest now!
Bihaan – hmm….u were thinking why I’m talking silly!!(he smiles)
Thapki – no its nothing like that
Bihaan – then what?
Thapki – this moon might wants u to be like before
Bihaan looks confused
Bihaan – be like before?

Thapki – I mean…ur injuries…
Dhruv, who was yet unaware of bihaan’s memory loss, rushes to bihaan
Dhruv hugs bihaan
Dhruv – how r u my brother?? How u got injured!!
Thapki gets tensed n gestures dhruv but he didn’t notices her
Bihaan – I’m better bhai. Don’t worry.
Dhruv – but how..(he was about to speak)
When thapki interrupts
Thapki – dhruv sir… He’s fine now!!
Dhruv – thap(he was about to say thapki)
Thapki again interrupts
Thapki – dhruv sir… Trust me bihaan sir is better
Dhruv – but why r u saying him sir!
Thapki widens her eyes n bihaan looks them confused
Thapki – bihaan sir… Its time to rest now!! (She drags the room)
Dhruv looks thapki confused
In thahaan room
Thapki – bihaan sir…. U take rest… I’ll be right back
Thapki goes to dhruv
Dhruv – thapki …what’s all this?? Did bihaan forced u to call him sir??
Thapki – no
Dhruv – then what? Did he misbehaves to u??
Thapki (gets tears ) – no….worst than that!!
Dhruv – what happen?? Thapki say..
Thapki – he had a memory loss (she cries n tells everything except the truth of marriage)
Dhruv gets shocked n cries
Dhruv – thapki…. I know I’ll sound selfish… But plzz be with him till he gets fine (he joins hand n cries)
Thapki – sir plzz …I’ll be always with him
She leaves.
In thahaan room
Bihaan was in trouble to cover himself with blanket
Thapki comes n does it
Bihaan looks at her
Thapki – now sleep. Its already too late
Bihaan lies on bed n thapki sits beside him patting his head slowly which takes bihaan to deep sleep
Thapki – I’ll never leave u alone. I love u bihaan.
She too sleeps behind him unknowingly
Dhruv was upset in his room
Vasu – dhruv beta….I have to talk to u something
Dhruv – yes maa
Vasu – why r u upset
Dhruv – maa…bihaan…
Vasu – ohh
Dhruv – why didn’t anyone informed me
Vasu – sorry beta I forgot
Dhruv – what!!! U forgot!! Maa he’s ur son
Vasu – I’m sorry beta… I was about to inform u
Dhruv – what u wanted to talk to me?
Vasu – actually…. Shraddha was saying about ur marriage
Dhruv – maa plzz…u r seeing bihaan’s condition…. N u..??
Vasu – dhruv beta… We don’t know when he’ll be fine….that’s why I’m saying
Dhruv – maa…I don’t want to talk all this
Vasu – dhruv…I’m ur mother..n will always think about ur welfare
She goes.
Thahaan room
Bihaan murmurs – no…no…don’t kill me…..leave me….
Thapki wakes up n sees bihaan afraid of something n was murmuring in sleep
She gets worried
Thapki – bihaan… Listen…no one will kill u….bihaan…
Bihaan holds thapki’s hand tightly as he was very much afraid
Thapki gets tears seeing his condition.
She pats his cheeks slowly… to console him…
But he still murmurs
He gets so afraid that he hugs thapki tightly
Thapki too hugs him, consoling him, she gets tears
Bihaan, after sometime, calms down slowly.
Thapki makes him sleep properly n kisses his forehead.
Thapki – bihaan… U r facing all these bcoz of me…I’m sorry bihaan…..I’m sorry….(she gets tears)
#Precap – Shraddha meets bihaan. Thapki gets tensed.
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  1. Love you di
    love u love u so much
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    di episode was very good
    di lek na mat chor na verna m to bimaar ho ja o gi
    so plz try to update soon
    apna dhyen rek na
    because nothing is imt copring than health, so plz take care
    love u
    actually i want to kiss u mmmuuuuaaaaa………..

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much kudrat ❤❤❤
      I’ll really try to upload asap.
      N lots of kisses to u too dea????

  2. Navami

    Nice episode vinni

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  4. Vinni7

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  5. Jacqueline Nicole

    So so cute epi dear … pls na unite thahaan quickly, i mean not the memory loss actually i lve tht track… but vani and bihaan ♥♥ im really very sorrry dear fr nt cmnt to ur previous epi…. love u keep writing … may god bless u darl!!

    1. Vinni7

      Thanx Jacqueline? thahaan will be definitely united…god bless u too dea??

  6. OMG !!!! This is FAB …. Thahaan hug … Thapki is feeling guilty … ??? …. Loved it … Plz upload soon ….And the way u wrote it …? …

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku naitan ? luv u❤

  7. nice episode dear

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  8. Sulbi

    Good one dear… i liked it… waiting for nxt episode…

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  9. Nice episode n sry f4 late comment

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