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Next morning.. pragya gets up… and get freshen up and comes out… she is now getting ready… it was during this time abhi wakes up… abhi sees pragya getting ready… abhi started to laugh.. pragya look at him in anger..
Pr; why are you laughing like this kadoos..
Ab; fuggi.. what are you doing? If you don’t knew then why are you trying for.. you can choose any other na..
Pr; no.. abhi. I wear this only..
Ab; fuggi.. in this year’s.. I don’t see you in this costume..
Pr; so what.. I don’t have any right to wear Saree..
Ab; ya.. sprees are specially made for women.. not for you…
Pr; kadoos… what you mean that… I am not a women uhh…
Ab; actually what I meant was my fuggi has her own style.. then why are you doing this..
Pr; abhi… now I want to wear this Saree.. and I am not interested to fight with you.. can you help me..
Ab; oh my god… what I hear.. you have no interest to fight with me.. actually in this year’s.. it’s fight time I am hearing this..
Pr; kadoos.. don’t play with my patience.. if you can’t help me so.. don’t disturb me.. as I am really tried with this..
Abhi smiles and come towards her..

Ab; this girl na.. who don’t even knew to wear saree..
Pr; abhi.. I knew to wear it.. but don’t knew to take the pleet…
Abhi k… I will help you.. abhi takes pleet by standing close to her.. and give it to pragya..
Ab; pragya just raise it in some height.. abhi sits in floor and started to arrange it properly.. pragya is just admiring him.. (Allah warriyan plays )
Ab; now it’s done.. you just put in down like this… ( he shows the way to do so )
Pragya is still lost somewhere..
Abhi waves his hand… pragya came to sense…
Ab; hey can’t you hear what I say.. just do it like this..
Pragya did.. as he says..
Pr; now how I am looking..
Ab; just a minute… abhi just adjust that munthani portion too. Now looks perfect and gorgeous in this red and white combination…
Pragya smiles..
Pr; if anyone sees me like this.. what will they feel..
Ab; they will just lost in you.. can’t take their eyes from you… ( abhigya shares an eyelock )
Abhi came to sense..
Ab; fuggi.. but why all this..
Pr; I will tell you.. now go and fresh up…
Abhi leaves.. as abhi comes out.. he sees his dress on bed..
Ab; why this one.. as he goes to take another one.. pragya came..
Pr; abhi… can’t you see your dress here..
Ab; I have no problem with my eyes like you.. I can see it..
Pr; then why are you choosing another one..
Ab: fuggi I am going to office right..
Pr; yes.. so..
Ab; so it must be simple na..
Pr; abhi.. we are going to office after our marriage right..
Ab; yes.. so..
Pr; hey dumboo.. don’t you forget what I said.. we are going to tell everyone that we are married.. so we both must look perfect couple na..
Ab; so.. is for that.. you wear all this..
Pr; yes..
Ab; you are just like typical Indian women..
Pr; why? Is that bad..
Ab; no nothing like that.. abhi smiles..
Pr; I knew you are smartly escaping from next fight right.. abhi giggles..
Abhi come fast.. I have prepared break fast..
Ab; k.. pragya leaves..

Pragya is arranging food on table..
Bul; good morning di.. wow looking gorgeous.. bulbul sees abhi.. wow.. perfect jodi… kajol is here.. sharukh khan is coming…
Ab; I knew bulbul I am too handsome and dashing that no one can take off their eyes..
Bul; who say so?
Ab; there is no need of saying it’s a None fact to all.. and you will not say.. because of your jealousy..
Bul; hey.. hello I am jealous at you.. ha.. ha.. ha… I am not that much cheap to jealous.. that too for you..
Ab; oh meri maa.. you are lokh matha na..
Pr; abhi.. stop this fight.. we need to go to office..
Bul: what di? You are not taking any leave… leaving me alone..
Pr; you are not alone.. there is your husband na..
Purab came there at that time..
Pu; good morning everyone…
Ab; good morning purab
Bu; purab sit here…
They all have breakfast..
Pr: bulbul we are going to Office will try to came soon.. and call me if you need anything.. and you can go out as there are so many good places to visit..
Bul; di.. don’t worry.. I will manage everything myself..
Ab; ya we knew that.. but.. I want to see this flat like this.. when we return back..
Bu; look di.. your husband is playing more with me.. tell him stay in his limit..
Pr; abhi.. what is this yaar.
Abhi goes and hugs bulbul..
Ab; k we are going.. purab take care.. no need to think of anything..
They leaves..

Abhi and pragya are walking to office..
Ab; fuggi. Can I tell you one thing..
Pr; haa..
Ab; I don’t knew I have a right for that..
Pr; abhi.. you can tell me everything na.. what is the need of this intro..
Ab; yes.. fuggi.. I think you must forgive purab… pragya just stop from walking.. abhi turns and look at her..
Pr; abhi.. may be its not a big deal to both of you to solve out problems between you both.. as I knew you both love and respect each other a lot.. and can’t stay away… as there is inner connection that exists in you till you both are not in good terms.. but for me it’s not like that… but I will be not like this always.. he is my sisters husband.. ie a brother for me… it will take time.. and abhi.. I can’t hate him fully.. because once he was something for me..
Abhigya remain silent and look at each other..
Ab; sorry I spoil your good mood..
Pr:no abhi… it’s k.. actually I am just thrilled to knew the reaction of our staffs (pragya in mind… actually I want to knew who loves you… )
Abhi smiles…

Episode ends…

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